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Mega Sale: Russian cutting-edge fighter jets going global

OWON: Russia is about to become the world's largest production seller for cutting edge military planes. And there are no reluctant buyers, all who will pay in whatever currency required. Kiss goodbye to the Cabal complex.

Mega Sale: Russian cutting-edge fighter jets going global

Many Middle Eastern countries have repeatedly expressed their desire to purchase large shipments of Russian T-90 tanks

8 February 2016

If not a direct opposition from Washington, this machine possibly would have become indispensable in Arab East and in Iran.

But tanks aside, Russian fighter jets are taking on a large niche in the markets of many countries of the world. The fighter jets image considerably strengthened when analysts studied and estimated the impact of Russia’s air campaign in Syria.

Recently, a major stir was caused when the newest Su-35 fighter jets were dispatched to Syria. To date, this is the best multipurpose heavy fighter aircraft of the fourth generation in the world.

Russian technology is in high demand in the Asia-Pacific region. China signed a contract with Russia for the supply of twenty-four Su-35 fighter jets worth about two billion dollars. Beijing became the first foreign customer of the Su-35. The delivery of the jets will begin this year.

A year ago, a contract was signed for the supply of four battalions of S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems totaling around 1.9 billion dollars. The negotiations had begun in 2010-2011 and by 2014 many contentious issues had been resolved.

For Russia, the successful delivery of the fighter jets to China will further improve its position in foreign markets. It is expected that the next buyer of the Russian Su-35 may be Indonesia.

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