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Lavrov demands explanation for Obama administration's support of Szubin's "Personification of corruption" line

OWON: Too funny ... Like the DC ship of fools is not corrupt.

Lap Dogs of the CFR Cabal Meisters. Government long ago stopped acting in the public interest. The CFR has no interest in the Public. It acts for either an oligarchy as a proxy or to stay in power at the expense of public. When did anyone in government admit they were wrong or that they need to remove themselves from public interference?

As for the media, the truth disappeared long ago under Zio Hymie lies, and they sold out their ability to be checks and balance on Government.

Churchill warned of the Nazis and no one listened until too late.

The Zio plague is worse. Who fails to see it? They want it all, at any price and you Goyims are all disposable.

Is everyone asleep on planet Moronia? Russia is not.

Lavrov demands explanation for Obama administration's support of Szubin's "Personification of corruption" line

Fort Russ
By Южный федералниый
30 January 2016

Translated from Russian by Tom Winter

The Kremlin has replied to Washington's unprecedented attack directed at the president of the Russian Federation, demanding a clarification from Washington. Dmitry Peskov, press secretary of the Russian president, called it offensive that White House spokesman Josh Ernest said the Obama administration supports the position of Adam Szubin,* who called Vladimir Putin "the personification of corruption."

According to Peskov, at the Kremlin they consider this "an unprecedented statement" of the White House aimed at the Russian leader, timed for the presidential elections of 2018. Moscow demands that Washington provide an explanation for this accusation against the Russian head of state.

"We insist on further statements (from the US -- edd) because a statement like this is absolutely without precedent," said the press secretary.

In the Foreign Ministry they characterized the allegations against the Russian head of state as "frivolous and shameless." The Foreign minister Sergei Lavrov expressed his outrage about it in a phone conversation with his US counterpart John Kerry. According to the TV channel REN TV, the State Department initiated the call. In the Russian Foreign Ministry they laid full blame on Washington for deliberately stirring up tensions between Russia and the US.

*(Szubin is Acting Under Secretary of the US Department of the Treasury)

Translator note:

In the wake of the British probably-probably-probably Putin fingerpointing in the ten-year-old Litvinenko affair January 21, the BBC followed up with a half-hour show January 25 quoting people, principally Adam Szubin, supposing that Putin was secretly fabulously rich, through corruption. Actually the White House spokesman, when he revealed January 28 that Szubin was "reflecting the administration's view," just connects the dots for us.


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