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The collapse of commodities in one simple chart

OWON: Now you can hopefully understand the Great unwinding of markets that is occurring and will continue for some time taking out both companies and nations. Just imagine those parties with Derivatives on Commodities who are under water by vast leveraged bets all gone wrong. A loss of one dollar on a commodity without leverage is one dollar of loss while a leverage in derives of say 10x means a loss of 11. One on the commodity and ten on derivatives. The question is where the money will come from. Unless YOU it's game over.

The toilet flush is on. Time to invest in toilet paper, Tylenol, and Valium.

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  1. I notice this is in USD terms. Try it again in say CAD or AUD or Gold or whatever and the picture will change. What about SDR?

    It makes no sense to see 'whats going on' using a yardstick that is highly manipulated.

    There is the rest of the world outside of the US.


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