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Confessions of a Former Swiss Banker

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OWON: Once in a while something comes along that totally blindsides you. This curve ball comes from a Canadian Jesuit faction. Whether used for ulterior  motives or not, what is said here is worth a listen. Rare is it a Banker of conscience. Although unable to shed a dogma of a fairy tale, his willingness and sacrifice to bring about a change that is needed is commendable.

What a truly rotten few walk among us.....


  1. Thank you for sharing Canauzzie. He does a good job of detailing those that John works with so much and how they they think and act, so different than the many human beings around the globe. The explanations of usury interest and our debt based society are done well.Like what they are working on with the dividends for Swiss citizens and possibility of it happening here in the US.

  2. Wow, this is one to share to help folks understand. I would like to see the next video with the rest of his interview.

  3. Love to see this video go viral with millions of views!

  4. What a brave and honourable man! A true Christian. Thank you for posting this interview.


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