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Litvinenko claimed Putin was caught on film having sex with boys

OWON: It seems maybe Putin and O Bumma have something in common after all. If true Putin will roast for this in the UK.

Murdered spy claimed Putin was caught on film having sex with boys in same Moscow flat where Russian prosecutor was secretly taped cavorting with two prostitutes

  • Litvinenko inquiry report describes sensational claims made by the spy
  • He said that Putin was filmed abusing underage boys in a Moscow flat
  • The same flat was where another politician had threesome with prostitutes
  • Litvinenko wrote blog post after Putin kissed the stomach of a five-year-old during a walkabout in the Kremlin

Mail Online
By Hugo Gye
22 January 2016

Alexander Litvinenko claimed that Vladimir Putin had been caught on camera having sex with young boys, according to the inquiry into the spy's murder.

When the future Russian president was a student, he was filmed abusing children in a flat where another top politician had a threesome with prostitutes, Litvinenko wrote in a sensational web post.

The wild claim is recorded in Sir Robert Owen's inquiry report as part of a long list of allegations made by the assassinated spy against Mr Putin after he fled Russia and settled in Britain.Litvinenko made the accusation after the president was pictured kissing the stomach of a five-year-old boy during a walkabout in the Kremlin in June 2006.

The inquiry report describes how the dissident claimed Mr Putin was a 'paedophile', adding that videos existed of him 'making sex with some underage boys'.

Litvinenko said that Mr Putin destroyed the footage, which allegedly saw him sent away from Russia for a while when he was a student, after becoming head of the FSB secret service.

Sir Robert quotes Litvinenko's blog in response to the Kremlin incident, which made the inflammatory allegations in broken English.

Litvinenko wrote: 'The world public is shocked. Nobody can understand why the Russian president did such a strange thing as kissing the stomach of an unfamiliar small boy.

'The explanation may be found if we look carefully at the so-called "blank spots" in Putin's biography.

'After graduating from the Andropov Institute, which prepares officers for the KGB intelligence service, Putin was not accepted into the foreign intelligence. Instead, he was sent to a junior position in KGB Leningrad Directorate.

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  1. This is absolute rubbish, not worthy of OWoN - just another attempt by the Ziomedia to demonise President Putin. How about exposing the real high-ranking paedophiles in the British and EU establishments? There is no evidence that Putin ordered the assassination of Livinenko but even if he had, as a matter of national security, how does that make it any worse than David Cameron ordering the extrajudicial murder of two British citizens by drone strikes in Syria? Hypocrisy, pure lies and hypocrisy. The Mail is capable of good journalism - it's a shame it should sink to the level of the gutter press.

    Until Today, I Assumed Putin’s Russia Killed Litvinenko … Then I Looked for Myself

  2. Valdi, have to agree. Putin is direct in what he does, there is nothing messy in his chess playing. This looks more like an exiting of an agency operator that was held in contempt.

    With the ease of finding doppelgangers for each one of us and the likenesses being often very close it is easy to make a film of an event. It is the scars, the various old injuries that vary between people that separate the actors from the real players.

    We must not forget about the advances in the digital world, photo shopping and even image rendering as part of a scene or scenes. How many movies in the last few years include dead actors as main or supporting actors?


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