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Proferet Occulta Veritas | Report #1 | Who leads, Who leaves and Confusion rules

One World of Nations
Proferet Occulta Veritas Series
22 December 2015

We are approaching a new Epoch of emerging civilizations. Who leads, who leaves.

Right now, confusion rules, as the world is lead ever more by a Ship of Fools. We live in a world of poorly educated Sheeple where History is a Mystery. Where His-Story is what they are told and believe. Naïve and gullible. Truth was misplaced. Empires rise, and always fall, as costs surpass income, and economic reality comes to collect. None see it coming. None see now, that all most of us know, is over.

Eurasia is emerging and the future. But for a sadly miss tracking nation that today is America, many good, committed and patriotic Americans ask ever more and challenge, what happened to our Constitution? Our nation was founded on rights, a Right to Be, a Right to Bear Arms, a Right to Justice, and the Rights of a Free Man. Now, a scheming and duplicitous Cabal has corrupted all in its path, replaced the Constitutional Rights and values of all and for all, and focused the destiny of a nation, and world, upon a New World Order with Orwellian consequences. One composed of an unelected Elite, returning Feudal Order, and imposed Slavery upon the masses with technological controls like never before. An era where a Patriot will become an enemy of the State. But an era where the State will become the enemy of Democracy, Family values, and the freedom of all. What becomes of the Sheeple?

What has gone so dreadfully wrong, and what may the future hold if not stopped, contemplated and new rights established or recovered. New voices are emerging seeking a platform for truth, or to debate the woes of what faces us now, and where it all went so badly wrong. Sometimes to establish truth, you need to define and expose the lies.

America is now ruled by a parasitical Cabal, a vortex of unscrupulous Military Industrial Agencies, and a scurrilous Zionist Banking Elite of man’s worst Shysters and deviants. Judge Anna seeks her own voice to be heard, and to challenge the fundamentals of the dysfunctional state we are now facing. And to ask, where now? Examine first the real scale of the problem.


The fundamental problem — an urgent message for all Americans, all Jews, all Muslims from Judge Anna

Recorded history begins at Sumer — the most ancient advanced civilization of the Fertile Crescent — and the history of Sumer begins with the history of a goddess, a beautiful woman named Semiramis.

Semiramis is depicted in stone carvings found throughout the Mideast as a woman with rays of light coming from her head, just like the Statue of Liberty. She is known by many names: Semiramis, Astarte, Ashtoreth, Cybele, or the Egyptian version — Isis, and she is described in the Bible and elsewhere as “The Mother of Harlots and all Abominations of the Earth” and as the “Mother of Idolatry”.

She was – and is – worshiped along with a pantheon of gods that include her husband, known as Poseidon to the Greeks, Satan to the Hebrews, and plain old Devil to Americans. He is described as “the Father of All Lies”.

The worship of these profane deities spread from Babylon to ancient Canaan, and from there, was carried by the Phoenicians to Carthage and throughout the known world at that time. After the Punic Wars, the religion associated with Semiramis came to Rome from Carthage and again, in the second century BC, from Asia Minor, when the cult of Cybele — another name for Semiramis — became popular in Rome.

The priests of Cybele wore black robes and bleached their hair white; they castrated themselves in honor of their goddess, and collected taxes for the Roman government. Please note that British Barristers (lawyers) still wear black robes, white wigs, and collect taxes for the government.

One of the Tribes of Israel, Dan — the only seafaring tribe — whose banner carries the emblem of the serpent, was seduced by this ancient religion practiced by the Cain-anites. The Tribe of Dan popularized the worship of Semiramis and Satan in every port city of the ancient Mediterranean. They also wrote the Talmud, one of the most vicious and profane works in human history, which became — together with the Law of Hammurabi — the basis of the Law of the Sea and international commerce.

So the Tribe of Dan is “Jewish” in a sense, but they haven’t worshiped their Creator in a hundred generations. They’ve worshiped Satan and Semiramis, instead, and given all the other Tribes of Israel a bad name because of it.

They present themselves in the modern world as “Jews” but they are literally the “Synagogue of Satan” spoken of by Jesus, and again, we find the link to the Pharisees and Scribes — the lawyers and money-changers of His day. They were the ones who accused Him of being a Necromancer before the Sanhedrin because He raised Lazarus from the dead.

They did this in direct retaliation for being driven from the Temple, then having falsely accused Him of their own sins before the Sanhedrin, they turned around and lied to the Romans and presented Jesus as a political leader in competition with Roman rule, so that Pilate tried him as “the King of the Jews” and crucified Him.

This ancient and secretive religion is known as Satanism throughout much of the world and as Druidism in the British Isles. It has always been associated with snakes, the Sea, the use of sex as a sacrament, vampirism, infanticide — especially burning babies alive, sacred groves, astrology, prostitution, the use of mind-altering and aphrodisiac drugs, either/or thinking patterns, the use of two "goads" — right and left, black and white, Republican and Democrat, Muslim and Jew — to control people, elitism and the enslavement of people to serve the elites, and most of all, lies, fraud, and what is called “mirroring”.

The followers of Satan and Semiramis deliberately pretend to be their enemies.

They run about doing all sorts of hideous things “in the name of” their enemies, wear their enemies clothes, take up their enemies religious emblems and holy books, and to the whole world appear to be their enemies as they carry on their ancient atrocities.

So ask yourselves why a supposedly “Muslim Terrorist Group” is named
after “Isis” — the Egyptian form of Semiramis?

Do you know any followers of Islam in their right minds who would join a group named after an ancient Egyptian fertility goddess — in blatant disrespect of Allah? A goddess who predates Father Abraham by at least 2,000 years?

This is a message to all followers of Islam — you are being given a bad rap by Satanists pretending to be Muslim. Isis, obviously, isn’t a Muslim organization. Oh, there may be some deluded Muslims involved who think they are serving Allah, but no, the truth is plain to see. If you don’t speak up and start tracking down these false brothers and exposing them for what they are, who will?

This message is also to all Jews who worship your Creator — you have been given a bad rap by the Tribe of Dan for over 2000 years. Isn’t it time for an open repudiation of these false brothers, these “Sons of Cain”, who have caused so much misery and destruction for the Jewish people and the rest of the world? What have they ever done for you, except give the Nazis a good excuse?

This message is to all Americans and to the rest of the world — the government of the District of Columbia has been taken over by these criminals. A Satanic Cult known as the “Roman Cult” has long been part of the Roman Catholic Church and also part of the Freemason movement — and as you can see, we have Semiramis standing in New York Harbor, disguised as the “Statue of Liberty” — complete with rays of light coming out of her head.

Let there now be rays of light coming out of your heads.

Ask yourselves — what is liberty? It has the same root word as “libertine”. It’s what British sailors get in ports of call. It’s the worship of Semiramis. It has nothing to do with freedom. It has nothing to do with America.

It is an evil that has been imported to our shores by French Freemasons and the British Crown Corporation and the British Monarch who is supposed to be the Trustee of Americans and American shipping on the “High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways” and who has instead allowed these attacks against us and all that we stand for.

This is the true “Enemy Within” and this evil religion has been the chosen religion of elitists, bankers, and lawyers since history began. Why? Because Semiramis invented idolatry — money — the use of graven images to “stand for” and “represent” other things.

In addition to the Statue of Liberty honoring Semiramis, we have the Washington Monument — a giant stone penis, also donated by Freemasons, and we have the idol Moloch — a giant effigy of an owl, which in the bad old days used to be heated up red hot and served a lunch of innocent crying babies — squatting in the Bohemian Grove in California.

It’s the emblem of the Bohemian Club, whose members are all elite bankers, corporate CEO’s, lawyers, and even members of the clergy. If you look very closely you can find Moloch's owl emblem perched in the corner of every Federal Reserve Note.

The worldwide center of this ancient and profane religion is the Crown Temple in the Inner City of London, where bankers and lawyers worship their evil goddess to this day.

We can only hope that they continue to castrate themselves in her honor.

Just as these followers of the Devil, the Father of All Lies, have misrepresented themselves as Jews and as Muslims, they have misrepresented themselves as Americans, too. The Federal United States has presented itself to the rest of the world as if it were the Continental United States and it is well past time for everyone to know that it is not.

These evil, scheming, licentious, duplicitous, greedy, dishonorable men who dominate the District of Columbia have nothing in common with Americans, do not represent us, and are not authorized to act in our names, control our nation, issue our laws, or interfere with us in any way.

We have been asleep, lulled by a false sense of security, believing that men of wisdom and integrity would safeguard our nation in perpetuity; instead, a horde of pirates and vermin in nice suits — international bankers and members of the Bar Associations — have compromised our borders, pretended to be us and to “represent” us, as an actor represents a character on the stage — and have worked iniquity in our names throughout the world.

It is time for this to be recognized for what it is and stopped. Anyone who wishes to remain asleep, anyone who refuses to help clean up this mess, is part of the problem.

The worship of Semiramis and Satan has plagued mankind for eight thousand years. It is time for the worship of idols — be they rock stars or bank notes — to end.

Money must be put back in its place as a simple tool to expedite trade, for like a gun, money is just that — a simple tool which has been abused and misused by evil and deluded men for destructive purposes.

* images were added and may or may not reflect the view of the author.


These are the views, frustrations and aspirations of a Patriotic American, asking only to serve, a better nation.

One where, with values restored, a new 21st century society can re-emerge, fit for purpose, cognizant of the needs to serve society, not sequestrate it. One where values have value, and rights once again can be enshrined in a new Constitution, but a new Order where respect for all can become a fundamental ethos of a world in which all can be free, nature and ecology can be nurtured, and the principles of life enshrined into a standard and code of living ordained for all. We need to rethink money, rewards and the fundamental purpose of life, our own Cosmic Souls and the reason for our Carbon Life Form journey, what came before, and what we take with us. This is a New Age offering an opportunity to Enlightenment and to reshape a world fit for purpose and being. Life is not for Sequestration, nor to own the Souls of any nation. To be able to think, all I am, and want or can ever be, is the chance to make the best of Ethereal Me.



  1. A whole new visual presentation for all thinking Americans and Global readers. Truth the media deny you. Waking up America and a whole load of American Palestinian Zionists thinking they are Jews. So why kill your Palestinian ancestors? Why be a Zionist at all? Is this the Soul you want to take forward? Won't being a Zionist be bad enough?

    This article is just to help the hard work of Judge Anna getting truth out to you. Nothing is hidden and no soft approach for the UK where due criticism is merited its published. OWON is a world we are all in together, so lets work together at ridding the world of this Cabal and Vatican deviants.

  2. The idolism and purpose of the entertainment industry were on show last night per the MTV Music Awards for 2015.

    What a truly grotesque debauched parade of uber-cashed flagellating the flashy bling of facades and caricatures of human art. Anyone can be a 'star' given multi millions and hoards of brainless screamers hanging off every word, action like trained circus performers. Cyrus's act was especially empty and ugly.

    1. This is the meaningless chatter that has become the modern religion and serves as the great distraction of thought, introspection and self reflection that is the fuel for an awake and conscious person.

  3. The article needs all your help to distribute.


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