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Let ministers speak out on Europe, Cameron is told as his gag on Cabinet Eurosceptics triggers backbench revolt

OWON: Now this is Democracy at real work.

Irrespective of Cabal efforts stop the UK leaving this rats nest in Europe, the Prime Minster is now in Catch 22. On one hand he is trying to Gag Ministers and force a Stay vote. For most against their better knowledge and conscience. It won't fly.

If Cameron leads this by trying to block a free vote, many will resign. The Lords will probably block it.

If Cameron Leads with a Stay vote and fails, he will have to resign. We will oust him if not.

If Osborne votes to stay, and we have Cameron out , he will not be the next Leader as his judgment then is shown to be poor. Both are caught now in a political vice. Career ending risks.

They either have a free vote, or it will become a Free for All with major resignations and chaos.

Irrespective of Bankers inducements, Cameron needs to wake up fast. Either allow a free Vote as is merited or have mass resignations and backbench revolt. Then his head will still follow on a loss of a vote of confidence.

Right now, this is not looking good for the Slush Meisters and Shithouse Rats of the EU, because if we pull out, 3M of theirs are going back and a huge, worthless contribution to the EUs fat cats will be lost. Almost certainly it will lead to a real crisis in the EU. No bad thing!

So, caught in a trap of his own making, what now? Brazen it out in blind hope, or go into the night with Blair?

Does it affect you? For sure, it will suck most major banks down with it and with that, the nations economies. This could create a 1920's mass depression to follow. Then, where will you be? This is seismic for the EU and US.

Let ministers speak out on Europe, Cameron is told as his gag on Cabinet Eurosceptics triggers backbench revolt

  • David Cameron told he must let Cabinet ministers speak freely on Europe
  • Eight of Prime Minister's top team ready to campaign for Britain to quit EU
  • Tory peer raised pressure on him to let them do so without needing to quit
  • Lord Lawson urged Cameron to follow Harold Wilson’s precedent of 1975
  • For more on Cameron's EU proposals visit

Mail Online
By Jason Groves
and James Slack
22 December 2015

David Cameron must let his Cabinet ministers speak freely on Europe, Nigel Lawson warned last night.

With eight of the Prime Minister’s top team ready to campaign for Britain to quit the EU, the Tory peer raised the pressure on him to let them do so without them needing to quit.

Lord Lawson urged Mr Cameron to follow Harold Wilson’s precedent set during the EU referendum of 1975. The Labour premier suspended Cabinet collective responsibility to prevent civil war in the Labour Party.

‘It would clearly be sensible in terms of party management to allow Cabinet ministers to speak out on both sides – once the date for the referendum is set – not least to enable the Conservative party to reunite easily once the referendum is over, whatever the result,’ Lord Lawson told the Mail.

‘That is what Wilson decided in 1975 and he was right. He may have been a bad prime minister, but he knew about party management.’

The former chancellor’s intervention came amid growing anger at Mr Cameron’s gag on ministers speaking out. John Redwood said yesterday that Cabinet members would be ‘placed in an impossible position if they were forced to keep quiet on such an important issue’.

The Tory former minister said Mr Cameron would have to quit if UK voters defied him and decided to leave the EU.

He suggested the Prime Minister’s support for EU membership meant he would be the wrong man to negotiate Britain’s exit terms. ‘We know Mr Cameron wishes to retire from the job of prime minister before the next general election anyway,’ he said. ‘After the referendum I am sure we would choose a new leader who believed in (wanting to) leave and would get us a good deal.

‘I don’t think Mr Cameron would want to stay. We would need someone who believed in leaving who could go to France and Germany and sort it out in an amicable way.’

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