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David Cameron to make final push on EU migrant benefit restrictions

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David Cameron with the European council president, Donald Tusk.

David Cameron to make final push on EU migrant benefit restrictions

Cameron to ‘eyeball’ fellow leaders at talks before deciding whether to compromise over his demand for four-year ban on claiming in-work benefits

The Guardian
By Nicholas Watt
7 December 2015

David Cameron is to make a final push at an EU summit next week to win agreement for a four-year ban on EU migrants claiming in-work benefits, in the hope that fellow leaders show more flexibility than officials who have dismissed the proposal. As the European council president, Donald Tusk, warned that uncertainty over the UK’s future in the EU is destabilising Europe, UK government sources said Cameron wants to “eyeball” EU leaders before making a final decision on whether to compromise.

The prime minister will insist at the two-day summit in Brussels that the four-year ban lies at the heart of his plan to win round UK voters before his proposed EU referendum, which is due before the end of 2017.

Cameron is hoping that EU leaders, most of whom are keen to ensure the UK remains in the EU, will show more flexibility than their “sherpa” officials, who have rejected his proposed restrictions on in-work benefits.

If leaders still resist the plan at the summit next week, he will have to decide whether to water down the proposal when Tusk seeks to finalise the negotiations at a second summit in February. Under one compromise plan being examed in No 10, Cameron could avoid charges that he discriminating against EU citizens by imposing the four-year ban on young people in the UK as well.

Tusk said the ban proposal was proving to be the most difficult element in the prime minister’s renegotiation plan, which has led the Polish politician to conclude that a final deal cannot be agreed next week. In a letter to the EU’s 28 leaders, Tusk said the UK’s demands are difficult, though he expressed confidence that a concrete proposal could be adopted at the next summit in February.

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