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Brussels chief Donald Tusk delivers his verdict on Cameron's EU plans

OWON: Good news, anything more this EU rat-pack can do to sour the UK works for us all. We now have a 61% leave vote and climbing.

The sooner we leave the better. Then you Poles, Albanians, Romanians and all the rest of the EU flotsam can go back. Our Welfare budgets can breath. We can house British in need, crime will drop, so will drugs, and Oh, the Scots will still want to stay if YOU keep them? Please?

David Cameron awaits the verdict of European Council President Donald Tusk (right) on his demands to change Britain's relationship with the EU

'Dear Dave, we can't agree to four-year migrant benefit ban': Brussels chief delivers blow to Cameron's plans for EU reform

  • European Council President sets out progress on Britain's negotiation
  • Cameron hoped to seal an agreement at Brussels summit next week
  • But four-year ban on migrants claiming benefits is major stumbling block

Mail Online
By Matt Chorley
7 December 2015

European Union leaders have refused to agree to David Cameron's plan to ban migrants claiming benefits for up to four years.

The welfare curb is a central demand of the Prime Minister's renegotiation of Britain's membership of the EU.

But European Council president Donald Tusk today warned that while some progress has been made on uncontentious issues, there is 'presently no consensus' on barring migrants from in-work benefits and social housing.

With Tory Eurosceptic MPs dismissing the Prime Minister's 'very lame renegotiation', Mr Cameron has struggled to reach a deal ahead of a major Brussels summit next week.

Mr Cameron used a letter to Mr Tusk to set out his demands as the price for keeping Britain in the EU, ahead of his promised referendum to be held before the end of 2017.

His shopping list of changes included protection for Britain from a 'United States of Europe' and a block on Brussels diktats was a 'big task' but not 'Mission Impossible'.

But he was accused of being in retreat on a pledge to get a deal on banning benefits for migrants for four years, as he admitted he was 'open to different ways of dealing with this issue'.

The European Commission immediately said the plan amounted to 'direct discrimination between EU citizens' and was 'highly problematic'.

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  1. This Tusk guy is no different to the US President, but it seems that countries in the EU have even less sovereignty than the US states. At least in the US Constitution the States have sovereignty, or so I thought, and I'm talking the Constitution of the continental united states, not the admiralty law one.

    So who allowed some buffoon from Europe to walk roughshod all over UK sovereignty? And why??

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