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Russia deploys S-400 in Syria (UPDATED)

OWoN: We knew this was coming a week ago, but it is now confirmed. Russia has in essence declared Syria a NO FLY zone when it so chooses. Anyone now entering without Russian or Assad's permission, does so at immense risk. The game of chicken in Syria now advances by warning American, Israe-hell and Saudi proxy sponsors to stay out. Or else! The situation now is at a new level of risk if anyone chooses to transgress. One thing is clear, Russia does not threaten, it acts, and it does so in concrete steps of escalation playing a defensive strategy. With Iran now also getting the S-300 system, the whole of the Middle East map goes into play.

One thing is now for sure, the past just became the past and the future has yet to be written. The geopolitical and financial consequences are yet to be seen, but for America it is a loss on all corners. Coupled with certain financial implosions already under way courtesy of China and BRICS, the next few weeks will be anything but boring. It's all cranking up.

S-400 at the Russian base of Khmeimim

The Saker
13 November 2015

Yup. I heard the rumor earlier today but I wanted a wait a little to get a confirmation. Cassad (whom I trust) has just confirmed: Russia has deployed S-400s in Syria.

The western “response”? Total panic:



Let them panic.

The Saker

UPDATE: The Russians are now denying these reports. I go with Cassad.


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