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Russia annihilated militants where Su-24 was shot down - Turkish air force grounded

OWoN: Has Erdogan over played his hand or just got duped and sacrificed by the US? The Russian response was predictable. Now Russia will simply make Syria a NO FLY zone. Much of Turkey is covered by Russian missile capability so parking the jets is wise as no doubt the missile locks were lighting up their planes scaring the hell out of them. The S-400 is quite capable at 150 miles to take out any plane. No doubt the American jets will be wary as anytime they cross into Syrian air space they will automatically be lit up and locked on.

Meanwhile, whatever bases they had on the border will be turned into dust at Russia's command now. Another dumb tactical mistake.

Russian air force annihilated militants in area where Su-24 was shot down - Erdogan ordered Turkish air force planes be grounded

South Front
25 November 2015

Originally appeared at, translated by Caraptho-Russian exclusively for SouthFront

The source reported that most likely nothing remains of the militants who shot down the Russian MI-8.

No detailed information has arrived yet.

Meanwhile, there has appeared information that the Turks are not putting their fighters in the air after the majority of them were lit up by Russian radar (the S-300 and, according to early reports, possibly the S-400). After the statement of the Ministry of Defense of Russia, Turkey is afraid that their planes can be destroyed when approaching the border.

In this regard the Syrians reported that the Russia air-space forces can begin the full-scale destruction of camps in the border territory, and also annihilate the retreating militants and the fuel trucks which are moving towards Turkey.

Erdogan did not receive the hoped-for support from NATO. Erdogan has acknowledged that if the Russian plane even violated the border of Turkey, this was for only for 17 seconds, which means that the Turkish Air Force, on purely physical grounds, could not have reacted to it if the provocation was not prepared in advance. This figure of 17 seconds appears in NATO reports.

Members of NATO have been ambiguously treating Erdogan’s action. At present it is difficult to judge how the situation will develop. While it is obvious that Erdogan is attempting to back off, it is already too late, as Vladimir Putin gave to understand at a meeting with the king of Jordan.

Most likely Turkey did not expect such a severe reaction from Russia.


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