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New U.S.-Turkish Bluster For Open War On Syria

OWoN: When a whole nation's political establishment is built on lies, this is what happens when truth dies.

This is too funny and more than sad. America is claiming to do what the Russians are doing. How can a country get so lost and low? We all are sad for the America that once was, as it affects all of us living in the West. Is it not high time to to say NO more to this Poxed Washington establishment, work together as nations to bring down the vile Cabal, and rebuild America from the bottom up, and from the top down for the good people and world's sake? The Cabal is the world's real #1 enemy. They are the ones America needs to be hunting down, arresting and executing for treason! The Cabal are SCUM!

New U.S.-Turkish Bluster For Open War On Syria

Moon of Alabama
22 November 2015

The U.S. media, especially cable TV, seems to create full hysteria over the Islamic State and Muslim in general. I assume that this campaign is supposed to prepare the U.S. public for war on Syria.

The way thereto has its own logic. Tom Toles catches the salami slicing drift into it. It is exactly how the open U.S. involvement in war on Syria unfolded so far.

The neocons, here Robert Kagan who wants Hillary Clinton as next president, are already salivating. He claims there is a "crisis of world order", which is something that never really existed, and he wants U.S. troops to invade Syria and Iraq:

What would such an effort look like? First, it would require establishing a safe zone in Syria, providing the millions of would-be refugees still in the country a place to stay and the hundreds of thousands who have fled to Europe a place to which to return. To establish such a zone, American military officials estimate, would require not only U.S. air power but ground forces numbering up to 30,000. Once the safe zone was established, many of those troops could be replaced by forces from Europe, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and other Arab states, but the initial force would have to be largely American.

The heretofore immovable Mr. Assad would face an entirely new set of military facts on the ground, with the Syrian opposition now backed by U.S. forces and air power, the Syrian air force grounded and Russian bombing halted.

But why would Russia and Syria allow this? Why would they halt their bombing of the anti-Syrian insurgents? Kagan does not say. The last quoted sentence is the only mentioning of Russia in the whole lame op-ed. By what means does he want to convince the Russian to agree to that plan? He does not say.

Kagan also wants another 20,000 U.S. troops to directly fight the Islamic State guerrilla. Such an effort alone would need trice that number and would likely escalate further. Kagan is a certified lunatic but for whatever reasons his views are taking seriously in U.S. policy circles.

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