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High Alert | Glencore stock blowing up on London stock exchange

One World of Nations
Special Report
13 November 2015

So, Nat Rothschild and his cohort Master(Bators) of the Universe have just been 'London High Alert' flagged over Glencore and this will hit Deutsche big time. Derivatives could start bubbling soon. The greed of the Scam Meisters is coming home. RottenChilds Again!

Glencore stock blowing up on London stock exchange. This will blow up their entire derivatives in oil and copper.

Please, please remember that Glencore's counter-party is none other than Deutsche bank. This will blow up Germany's number one bank and no doubt will blow up Germany. Then the rest of the financial world.

It is easy to see how involved Nat Rothschild is, explained by the Financial Times:

From Nat Rothschild’s investment in Glencore’s convertible bonds to his friendship with chairman Simon Murray, the Rothschild link to Glencore is well documented. But the ties do not end there.

Mr Rothschild is close to Oleg Deripaska – whose aluminium group Rusal has Ivan Glasenberg as a director due to Glencore’s 8 per cent stake – and has had discussions with Tony Hayward, Glencore’s senior director, about a natural resources investment fund.

Meanwhile, Lenny Fischer, a fellow Glencore board member and chief of RHJ International, knows another Rothschild well. Lord Rothschild sat on the board of Brussels-based RHJ until 2009 and his RIT Capital is a RHJ investor.

Deutsche Bank and Glencore start their spin using the same terminology as Lehmans did shortly before they filed for bankruptcy as pointed out by Business Insider:

This week, the embattled British mining company has been in the headlines as its stock has crashed and management was forced to come out and say the last thing anybody wanted to hear: "Our business remains operationally and financially robust — we have positive cash flow, good liquidity, and absolutely no solvency issues."

Back in 2008, "ample liquidity" is a phrase that was used by analysts to describe Lehman's financial condition just months before the investment bank filed for bankruptcy. And so anything approaching this language is likely to give investors jitters.(emphasis added)


The basic outline of how the Lehman meme related to Glencore broke out is that the price of its credit default swaps soared, meaning it was more expensive for holders of Glencore debt to insure against losses in the event of a default. (emphasis added)

And while the firm has said its balance sheet is "pitched for Armageddon," the company simply has an intimidating amount of debt relative to recent cash flows. (emphasis added)

Here is a screenshot of the LSE website:


Also listed as a stockholder, the vile Vanguard Group. Notorious front of the Bushes et al.


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