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Giant Russian bombers pound ISIS into oblivion

OWoN: Be assured, unlike America, Russia does not sit on its Butt doughnut munching and coffee guzzling. It went straight in and results are clear. This is also their warning to America. Cross our lines and we will come for you.

The firepower is awesome and quite clear they are not waiting. Nor should the world as American Leadership under Obumma is a colossal Poo pile. All those wasted years and lives for nothing. As Eurasia builds, it will be game over.

Coming ISIS's way - Russia's TU22M3

Giant Russian bombers pound ISIS into oblivion

Russia deploys some of the most powerful aircraft on earth against the Islamic State

Russia Insider
By Daniel Fielding
19 November 2015

On Tuesday Russia’s military briefed Putin on the further escalation of the air campaign in Syria.

The new air forces deployed are of a power beyond anything seen before.

They all operate from bases deep inside Russia.

There is no plan apparently to send more aircraft to Syria itself.

The air base at Latakia is full to capacity. There is no room for more aircraft there.

Apparently there are no plans for the moment to establish another base in Syria. The Russians continue to rule out sending a ground force.

The plan is that the aircraft flying to Syria from Russia will maintain the attack on the jihadis’ logistics and infrastructure - the main target of the Russian strike force at Latakia up to now.

The strike group in Latakia is now free to provide close air support to the Syrian army as it continues its offensive.

This suggests the new deployment was planned well in advance.

The additional aircraft now deployed come in three groups:

TU160 and TU95 strategic bombers flying from Engels, an airbase near Saratov in southern Russia

TU22M3 medium bomber flying from Mozdok, a giant airbase in northern Ossetia in the northern Caucasus

SU27 and SU34s tactical fighters and fighter bombers, flying from an unidentified airbase, possibly Mozdok but more probably Budyonnovsk in Stavropol Region just north of the Caucasus

All aircraft types have the range to reach targets in Syria from their bases in Russia, though the SU27s and SU34s may have to use extra fuel tanks and fly with lighter loads.

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