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Change your view | Mallence | TEDx Berlin

Scroll down for video

OWoN: Please make time to watch such a Soulful, sensitive and inspiring video. It exposes the raw, and WRONG imbalance between nations, and the so, so wrong exploitation of fellow man, and loss of hope.

This video will change your perspective and is another step to help us all change our world, and with hope, for the better.

So how about we all create One World, for all?


  1. Great video, Thank you for sharing OWoN team.

  2. Thank you for posting this... She makes good/practical sense.

    And hearing it, one has to question how they have gotten away with it for so long...

    Or, more importantly, how could anyone think or believe otherwise?

    ~ Get Real

  3. That was really beautiful and inspiring. No matter what hard knocks you get in life, there is always a way. I like that...SHARITY!!


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