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The Critical Post | Chicago Report | Taxes - Socialism and the CAFR's

OWoN: More CAFR exposures as Chicago has a run at it.
Slowly America is waking up to how badly the citizens are being conned.

Allow for the long lead in, it needs work to tighten it up. But the CAFR message is key and needs debating. Why is your money not working for you? Who has been getting rich from it?


  1. The Washington DC corporation claims ownership of all corporations residing in America and thus considers it legitimate to tax everyone and everything as it considers everything a corporation (people, cities, counties, states) and it is true in a way as they created a corporate copy of everything. Corporations can set any policies for the entities within them overseen by its policy officers or police officers as the government would like to call them as opposed to peace officers who are subject to land based jurisdiction. The debt that was created by these corporations belongs to these corporations and not to living women and men. The assets that it holds rightfully belong to the living women and men of America as it was taken from them by fraud. This combination could easily make a positive difference of $80 trillion....and possibly much more than this. If all living men and women revert back to land based jurisdiction as part of the Continental United States as opposed to the Federal United States and the Washington DC which fall under the jurisdiction of the sea (just like the United Nations) and take their corporate assets along with them, there is nothing left to tax. All that is left is these corporations with their debts....that is if the Continental United States seizes back the CAFR accounts assets and it has every right to take back what has been stolen from it and its people.

    Now something interesting could happen....if the debt of entities such as the Federal Reserve, the Washington DC corporation and the Federal United States are reverted back to these entities themselves, they might be in need of saving financially. It would seem that the Vatican as its ultimate creator (and the shareholder(s) of the Holy See), should also be responsible for all liabilities arising from it. In a way it would be possible to consider the Vatican its lender of last resort and the entity that can be held liable for all damage caused by its nefarious intent. Better than that...the true shareholder(s) of the Holy See can likely be held liable and the assets of the true owner(s) liquidated as compensation.

    Something similar could be done if all funds held in the Cestui Que Vie Trusts were to be reclaimed by its corresponding living women and men. The system would collapse. As enticing as that prospect might seem, merely collapsing the system without an alternative in place might only make matters worse.

    What has been done to the Continental United States, has been done to most nations across the world. Many fall under this jurisdiction of the sea. The heir to entities such as the Washington DC corporation is considered to be the United Nations as it can consolidate assets internationally....IF their fraud goes undetected. As such odds are that the reversal of this international fraud is able to return vastly more funds to the people of this world than any other manoeuvre.

    As such there are great possibilities, even without the funds of the Chinese elders, but a certain level of knowledge and real power are still needed to start this process. All in all it would work best if it is initiated in a very small country by controlling key institutions. Its success could then be copied to constantly larger nations. The problem is that control would need to be wrested from select controllers, but 99% of the people part of this system do not even know that they are part of it and as such could easily be made to switch sides if exposed to quality media. An economic and financial blockade would probably ensue once initiated by larger such alternatives would need to be in place. Perhaps this could be combined with the momentum of the BRICS alliance.

  2. This was an interesting video. It's amazing what has been spun off something that was to be rescinded, but never was.Maybe have this wrong, but after reading so many ag based judicial decisions based not on our Constitution, but the Articles of Confederation, this CAFR looks to be one more spin off. 84,000 government corporations all the way down to local towns and 60 T in combined assets a few years back. All designed for a few people to benefit and the rest pay for.

    We need the Constitution we never had and for the Articles of Confederation to be correctly put to bonfire for all the Nation to see.

    This may seem ignorant, but those corporations need to be opened up and the funds dispersed to the communities they have been gleaned from. That alone could rebuild this country.

  3. Correct P but also remember they are NOT Government Corporations but Cabal and Zio Counting houses to skim and scam.
    America needs its Constitution back, Zionists OUT of the Treasury, the Fed taken back by the US, the end of the Jewish Oligopoly of Banking and close HS as the Kazakh Nazi operation it is. Americas people need to damn well organise and Governors to Govern for the people.

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  5. Thank you John, with these not being government entities, but well tied into government a way needs to be found to decouple from them, at least at local levels to begin. Will see what can find at Critical Post and if possible query the editor. May seem backwards but with still much control over "big government" still, it seems to be the option available.

  6. Links to Critical Post Chicago report. They have a very good article on the Child Sex Trade and about the US being #1 in child trafficking at their website.


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