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Lew to Congress: Debt limit now exhausted Tuesday, November 3

OWoN: Has he ever heard of cutbacks for a start? How about CLOSING 500 of their World bases killing humanity? How about sacking 50% of all of Washington Agencies and STOP asking for more debt its an addictive habit that brings no benefit to Americans? Since rates are in effect zero, maybe he should print money not debt. But then again you cannot have that when the Fed is there to slurp on their piece of the pie with Zionist interest greed. How about closing the Fed and throwing out Rothschild's debts? They have reneged on the world , why not the Zionists? THEY screwed up let THEM pay for it. Stop funding this Cabal monstrosity! Bring them home, put them on Border duty and supporting mass crime and drug arrests. Starting with the Zio Bankers. Take back all Bush and Zionist crime thefts.

Lew to Congress: Debt limit now exhausted Tuesday, November 3

By Fred Lambert
15 October 2015

Treasury Secretary Jack Lew said Thursday the U.S. debt limit will be exhausted Nov. 3, two days before previously estimated.

"At that point, we expect Treasury would be left with less than $30 billion to meet all of the nation's commitments — an amount far short of net expenditures on certain days, which can be as high as $60 billion," Lew said in a letter.

"Operating the United States government with no borrowing authority, and with only the cash on hand on a given day, would be profoundly irresponsible. As I wrote previously, we anticipate that a remaining cash balance of less than $30 billion would be depleted quickly," he said.

Lew also said the U.S. government would not be able to meet most of its obligations without a higher debt ceiling and thus urged Congress to raise it.

"We have learned from the past that failing to act until the last minute can cause serious harm to business and consumer confidence, raise short-term borrowing costs for taxpayers, and negatively impact the credit rating of the United States," he said.

Last Friday, Lew made similar remarks at an International Monetary Fund meeting in Peru, saying: "Congress needs to act or we could be faced with a crisis."



  1. Didn't Jim Willie say that the official debt number had been frozen since some months back?

    1. It's magic...or slight of hand!

      "March 13, the first day the debt closed at $18,112,975,000,000, was the day Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew sent a letter to House Speaker John Boehner and other congressional leaders informing them that he was planning to declare a “debt issuance suspension period.”

      So they suspend the debt as if it's not happening...then we have no idea how much the debt is climbing! As I said previously, just tear up the IOUs to Federal a start on their debt to us!

    2. Thanks Texian. My God. If I lied act acted like this in my job I'd be sacked and rightly so.

      I recall Drew Carey quipped about us throwing out our Prime Minister Tony Abbott: Australia, where viting is compulsory and the results don't matter.

      WE threw out our dysfunctional PM through our elected members. My member is now pur PM and I had written to him a number of times asking them to throw Abbott out.

      Democracy in action.


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