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China media praise 'reddest of carpets' welcome for Xi Jinping visit

OWoN: How to do it with real style. What is this question of if the US will allow deeper ties? Hah, like we give a dam about DC wishes? That has as much impact as the yelping of a mongrel dog in the backyard. Culture, DC can't even spell it right.

Xi Jinping's visit is being heralded as a "breakthrough" in the way China is viewed in the West

China media praise 'reddest of carpets' welcome for Xi Jinping visit

Closer China-British relations are welcomed by Chinese media as President Xi Jinping visits, although question asked if the US will allow deeper ties... (LOL!!!!)

The Telegraph
By Neil Conner
20 October 2015

Chinese state media praised closer relations between London and Beijing as President Xi Jinping begin the first full day of his state visit to the UK Tuesday, but questions were raised if Britain would be allowed by Washington to forge deeper relations with China.

“London rolls out the reddest of carpets to welcome Xi Jinping,” the front page of the Chinese edition of the nationalist Global Times newspaper said on Tuesday, joining a common theme among Chinese media fascinated with the pomp and ceremony of a British state visit.

The front page of Global Times shows The Mall in London being prepared for the Chinese president's visit

The Chinese language edition carried a front page picture of The Mall decorated with British and Chinese flags, with Buckingham Palace in the background.

“Chinese-British relations have never been this good,” beamed the newspaper, which is known as being fiercely pro-Government.

Both the English and Chinese language editions of the Global Times carried an editorial saying the visit would mark a “breakthrough” for the way China is viewed in the West.

The front page of the People's Daily shows Mr Xi arriving in London

The attitude of the British Government “exceeds the past boundaries of China's diplomatic relations with the West”, the editorial said, adding that it indicates, “a new political norm between China and the West is about to be kicked off.”

But it aired a word of caution on whether Britain’s close relationship with the United States would be a barrier to closer ties.

“How far China and the UK can go beyond their ideological divergences and how much freedom London can get from Washington in terms of maintaining a friendly relationship with Beijing, will become the focus of attention with strategic values in future Sino-British ties,” the editorial said.

The front page of China Daily shows preparations for Xi Jinping's arrival in London

The China Daily struck a more sober tone over what British Prime Minster David Cameron said would be a “golden era” of relations between the two countries.

“This visit is more about diplomatic realism. It is too early to talk about a UK-China ‘love story’,” the newspaper said in an editorial on Monday.

It was also cautious over a series of deals that are expected to be signed during President Xi’s visit.

Downing Street said the deals would be worth £30 billion, but the China Daily described them as only “low-hanging fruits”.

“An enduring constructive atmosphere will prove more rewarding for both parties in the long run,” the newspaper said.

Additional reporting by Ailin Tang



  1. Ee by 'eck, President Xi is cummin' up North. Well done, George: Manchester is classier than Birmingham and has its own China Old Trafford, home to the world's best football team. Don't forget the bag of fish 'n chips 'n mushy peas and a jar of Dobbins Ale - brewed by me ol' mate Brendan Dobbin, the best brewer on the planet.

    George Osborne 'persuaded Chinese President to visit Manchester instead of Birmingham'

    1. PS Chuck, could you please stop the chemtrailing for just one day so the President doesn't get soaked to the skin. He's not a duck....a Pekin' Duck!

  2. Valdi

    The cultural and trade gains are very promising. Its a key first step we will build on. A welcome one. As long as we keep Corbyn in place we can turn around Britain. The pressure is building on Chilcott and if he even tries to cover Blair we will have him. His performance as been abysmal. A total Dweeb.
    The real key now is the Elders. Unknown territory. If that works a new Tai Pan will arise.

  3. John,

    Thank you for interrupting the geoengineering: the weather here is perfect for President Xi's visit.

    Chinese Ambassador: Manchester and China entering a 'golden era'

    All very positive and encouraging.

    Would it be possible to extend the new high-speed rail link to Manchester, Glasgow and Edinburgh? Who'd want to have to stop at Birmingham? The Midlands don't have to miss out: President Obama could visit the Black Country next time he's in England. :-)

    Will we be joining the BRICS Alliance, Eurasian Trade Zone and New Silk Road? Will we unite with Russia, China, Syria, Iraq and Iran to eradicate terrorism and bring peace and stability to the Middle East and North Africa, so that immigrants and refugees can safely return to rebuild their homes and their lives?

    We don't want TTIP, sanctions and uncontrolled mass immigation. We don't want Europe to turn into a NWO fascist superstate ruled by a Zionist oligarchy of Satanists, paedophiles and criminal banksters. We don't want our national cultures, identities and Christian ways of life destroyed by degenerate, ageing psychopaths out to rule the world.


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