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Paladin: An open letter to the Elders

OWoN: It's a fair case and has some real issues. It's a battle we all need to win. We do not agree with all, but he has the right to be heard.

An open letter to the Elders:

Paladin's Blog
Project Camelot
By Paladin
5 August 2015

Over the past few weeks and months, information has emerged from one of our esteemed colleagues at One World of Nations across the pond regarding a new group of Asian 'Elders' who wish to have an impact in our ever changing world going forward. This new group will be attempting to establish a new financial power base with humanitarian objectives and a leadership position strong enough to affect change.

Information has been anything but specific with the exception of a few instances where a glimpse of the new system is explained. But before I get into that, I want to voice my thoughts and feelings about bloodlines and royalty and the US in general.

America, the demon spawn

As the rest of the world starts to wake up, it seems a fall guy, a patsy (haven’t we seen this movie rerun a thousand times?) must be identified to bear responsibility for all that’s wrong in the world, including and especially the financial system. It’s all due to the US fiat dollar starting to collapse and taking the whole world with it so something must be done to avoid this, hence the “Elders” appear on the scene to save the day.

The citizens of the US of course, have allowed this to happen and so will rightly be punished when the dollar collapses and the new system emerges. Yes, that’s right, the demon spawn of the European bloodlines will get their just due and we’ll switch control from the West to the East and disguise it as change for the good. The scapegoats will be the American citizens who’ve sat by and given the cabal the green light to destroy this planet in their name.

Yeah, right.

This country was founded by many who escaped European bloodline tyranny, risked their lives travelling for weeks by ship across the ocean to get here and create a foundation for freedom that the rest of the world envies. The European bloodlines followed the freedom seekers across the Atlantic, attempting to establish the new world as one of their “subjects”. They were eventually defeated and a new, free country on a planet with a history of tyranny and slavery emerged. People from all over the world gave up their homes and lives in their own country because they knew NOTHING of value could be achieved unless first you have freedom. That alone, is priceless. Once you have that, you are rich beyond your wildest hopes and dreams for you can achieve anything as nothing can hold you back. Not man-made laws, not royal “bloodlines” and not invading armies. Being free is the epitome of wealth. Only a slave can understand this. For every single day they spend in shackles, the only thing on their mind is freedom. This dream, this hope is what keeps them from giving up.

Here in the US, we don’t understand royalty or bloodlines. We don’t understand that you get to be King or Queen and rule over people or have a seat at the table or get preferential treatment JUST BECAUSE YOU WERE BORN. This concept escapes us entirely and always will. After all, this is exactly the tyranny our forefathers escaped Europe to avoid. We have this crazy idea that you need to earn a leadership role with honor and integrity and a humanitarian heart. To be a good steward over your kingdom or your country or your state or your city or your home, you need to be compassionate, honest and respectful to your fellow humans. You need to protect your global community, preserve and respect Mother Earth and leave this planet in better shape than when you appeared on the scene. THAT… how you lead. You lead by example and the rest of the world WILL follow. Set the example of the decadent lifestyle the European bloodlines lead and the current state of the world is what you get.

Near as I can tell, the European bloodlines started making progress infiltrating this country by the Civil War and the icing on the cake was in 1913 when they established control of the US financial system. Then the final nail in the coffin was when the US dollar was made the reserve currency after WWII. The bloodlines established NATO, the UN, the IMF, the WB, the BIS and all the rest of these NWO entities and then entered into pacts, agreements and treaties that their agents in America agreed to WITHOUT THE CONSENT OF THE US CITIZENS.

And who has been buying our Treasuries and loaning us money all these years? The Chinese, Japanese, Middle East and any other country with the bankroll to do it. It would seem they are the enablers for this mess more than the American people. Yes, maybe they stole your money and won’t pay you back but they steal ours on a daily basis. Our LABOR is what created the big banks war chest. The people of the world have been used to create wealth for centuries.

You have a chance to break that endless cycle of tyranny and slavery.

And what about the foreign bases and troop deployments allowed by these foreign countries? Looking the other way while NATO forces go in and rape, pillage and plunder a Third World country’s assets is also the responsibility of the rest of the world who abetted these atrocities by assisting the cabal’s military force. And let’s stop right here and be clear. The US is just one leg of three of the tripod. We can’t forget the City of London (financial) and Vatican City (spiritual) as they’re just as big a part of the cabal and NWO as is DC. The Roman Empire (Vatican) and the British Empire were around long before America was even discovered. So to solely blame the US for a slave model society that has been around for thousands of years is just……disingenuous. And you’ll have to excuse us if we can’t separate your people from your government as it seems you have the same impression of us, unable to separate us from the cabal that’s taken over our government.

So if we’re looking for a model society to apply to the rest of the world, the European bloodline offering is a total disaster. We turn now to the East and the Asian “Elders” and we know less about this group than we do our neighbors across the Atlantic. But we do know of the one child policy and the harsh execution of political dissidents and the lack of personal rights and freedoms. Embracing the Eastern model is far from certain. Hopefully, this is not what the Elders have in mind going forward.


Just exactly what the hell is this anyway? I would love to hear an explanation of what this is and, more importantly, WHY IT MATTERS? Because you own all the gold? We’re all human beings occupying this space on earth for a limited amount of time and to constantly posit that a certain group or groups should lord over the rest of us for what? Because they’re great, great, great, great grandpappy was in charge of some island hundreds of years ago? Or he was a raider on the Silk Road, stealing from the merchant caravans traveling to and from the Orient? Or he was the most ruthless pirate of the seven seas and pillaged merchant ships for their bounty? Or he stored the gold for all the corrupt rulers of the European fiefdoms? Or loaned them money and put them forever in his family’s debt?

Is this how you get to be considered “bloodline” and therefore allowed to rule the world through tyranny, murder and suppression of the masses?

And what’s with all the damn secrecy about it? Are you descended from Jesus? Abraham? David? Who? Maybe Genghis Khan? Julius Caesar? Not disclosing this simple information leads one to believe you all have something in your past to hide. So why aren’t the origins of all this bloodline stuff revealed?

I’m wondering if it’s partially due to the consistent inbreeding of the bloodlines to the point where it’s all so convoluted and embarrassing they don’t want it disclosed. We all know of the Zionist’s persistence of changing their names to hide their identities. And it’s not like you couldn’t make a case that the inbreeding of the “bloodlines” hasn’t produced a few generations of psychopaths completely disconnected from reality. But some constants of the “bloodlines” continue to persist through the ages: power, control and destruction. And they’ve made a total mess of all of it.

In my view, and correct me if I’m wrong, the bloodlines seem to be akin to a Mafia crime family. They all fight for turf and kill each other over who gets to pull the strings behind the scenes of the world’s power centers. They battle amongst themselves for control and who gets to rule but the public is none the wiser because they control the media and their little turf wars are kept completely off the radar. In the meantime, the overall imprisoning of the planet continues.

Its apparent laws are passed for only the masses whereas the bloodlines and their puppets in government and businesses play by a different set of rules designed BY them, FOR them and to keep them in power.

Cashless society

This idea has been proffered by the Elders as part of the new financial system. Of course we’ve already known for a few years that the NWO has this same concept in mind for controlling the masses. They want to transfer as much wealth as possible to themselves before flipping the switch, issue the one world currency and along with it, the control mechanism, aka the cashless society. We all know how disastrous this foolish notion is so I won’t attempt to list all the reasons it won’t work. But now, we hear the Elders wish to implement this same cashless society, in part, so they can keep the cabal in check.

I think they mean so they can protect themselves from the cabal and the hell with the rest of us. I’ve said many times and stick to this mantra: Unless the cabal is arrested and imprisoned, NOTHING WILL CHANGE. How can you try to elicit faith in a new system when the criminals who’ve been plundering the old one are still walking around, fully capable of preying on the same victims as before? This is what I’m talking about when I say “disconnect from reality”. Or maybe it should be disconnected from our reality as their reality is all about them and how their “bloodline” survives.

What about all of humanity’s bloodline?

Allowing the cabal to continue blood sucking the masses doesn’t seem to be very spiritual, humanitarian and most of all, evolved. You wish to be good stewards of the planet then keep the well being of every human being in mind when you make your plans for a new system. If you don’t, the same result will occur sometime in the future: the cabal will eventually wrest control of the system away from you and the cycle of tyranny will resume.

If the criminals who designed, implemented, carried out and benefitted from their law breaking all over this planet are not punished now, when will they be? And what further damage will they do to the populations and animals and plants and oceans and lakes and the very air we breathe before you stop them??

Or are you counting on us to do that for you? If you are, don’t expect any special favors when the time comes.


This one always gets me wound up like a top. Another NWO concept which is written in stone (Georgia Guidestones, that is) and now being discussed by the Elders. When I ask who plays God to determine who lives and who dies, my inquiry is met with silence. But the answer is obvious.

The depopulation agenda has already started. GMO foods, vaccinations, chemotherapy, fluoridated water, chemtrails….not to mention the endless war mongering all over the planet, leaving in its wake not only innocent women and children killed but resources confiscated and kept from the public. While people are starving all over the world (see Africa) our “government” in the states had PAID farmers NOT to grow crops on a portion of their land. This is total insanity. And if that’s not enough, the cabal engages their pathetic wonder boy, Billy Gates, to push the vaccine agenda to sterilize and kill children in Third World countries. And now, with the maniacal ACA fully implemented, this culling of the herd will begin in earnest in the US. (See the prostitute California legislature attempting to make vaccines mandatory in their state and the US Congress voting to hide the labeling of GMO food.)

For Consideration

How about releasing the secret technology that all the slaves of earth both paid for and developed? You know, that power system that keeps the International Space Station running without a 250 mile extension cord? Or that power system that’s used to keep the satellites in orbit for years without the same aforementioned extension cord? Or that probe that was sent to Pluto (if true) to take all those pretty pictures, travelling over two and a half BILLION miles in 9+ years? What power system is that using?

A prime example of why this concept needs to be considered is automobiles. The combustion engine was developed over 100 years ago and not one single upgrade in the way of technology has been made. We’re still burning gas which fouls the air we breathe and enriches the cabal and allows them to continue the transfer of our wealth to them. The only upgrades to automobiles from a technological standpoint are all designed to track us and invade our privacy.

Release the technology that we’ve paid for, we’ve helped develop, we’ve helped assemble and we’ve helped deploy. It would not only serve to improve lives but it would help the natural evolution of mankind and severely cripple the stranglehold the cabal has on all of humanity.

It seems the Elders have no plans to arrest the cabal, prosecute them for their crimes against humanity, confiscate their assets and return them back to their rightful owners and imprison them for their misdeeds. So… about creating a media concern with some of that gold and expose the cabal for what they are? If this was done, the American people as would the rest of the people on this planet would take care of business. The only thing standing between the truth and the cabal is the paid off, owned, whore media. Destroy the protective propaganda force field around them and the ground troops will handle the rest. They’ll be defenseless in their quest to continue the manipulation of the masses and the main reason they’re able to accomplish this is because they control the information flow and its nothing but lies and cover-ups. You really don’t think they pay their liars in the mainstream media multi millions per year just to give us the news do you?

If you reveal the truth, the people will respond and they will do it swiftly. Release the technology and you start the process of evolution again as the prison planet the cabal maintains separates each of us from our true purpose of being on this planet and that is to evolve our higher self. After thousands of years of existence, if not more, we’re still trying to just survive….rather than pursuing the loving spirituality that resonates within us all and should be the objective of every civilization.

Along with releasing the technology, release the KNOWLEDGE too. The knowledge sequestered in the bowels of the Vatican, the knowledge of our universe and the knowledge accumulated throughout time. This includes our off world friends, visitors and enemies.

Or have they compromised you, too?

Trust works both ways

The aforementioned is why we in America are reluctant to trust a new “bloodline” coming into a leadership role. It’s apparent we’re denied representation at the table when the very discussions and decisions being contemplated and made affect our lives as much as every other person in the room. We understand the concept and ramifications of “out of the room, out of the deal.”

It seems the bloodlines, or at least the European ones, have violated EVERYONE’S trust so color us skeptical when we get word of plans for a new, improved world without having a voice in the process. Calling yourselves bloodline and royalty doesn’t mean much to us because those terms are synonymous with tyranny, slavery and destruction.

You trust us enough to grow the food and deliver it to the masses in order to keep the whole life process going. You trust us enough to perform the labor in your businesses in which you reap a very healthy, constant and handsome profit. You trust us enough to drive you to your parties and dinners and meeting with associates. You trust us enough to fly and maintain your private jets to transport you all over the world. You trust us enough to captain and crew your yachts when you take your 3 month vacations. You trust us enough to shine your shoes and press your evening wear and launder your linens and serve you food. You trust us enough to clean your mansions and maintain your grounds and cook your extravagant meals. You trust us enough to be nanny to your children and be the parent you cannot be because you are too busy running the world.

You trust us with all of this so why not trust us to be involved in the process?

And I would offer that most of us are smarter than some of you are because we’ve figured out how to carve out a living and enjoy what few niceties we can garner given the paltry salaries you give us. We’ve been able to figure out a way to survive in this world with a helluva lot less than you have and still enjoy life. You were born with a trust fund, we were born with a social security number. We accomplish more with less than you ever will. So keep that in mind as you devise your plan without getting input from the very segment of the population you NEED for your proposed plan to succeed.

Having dominion over human kind is not a blank check to rape, pillage and plunder every resource on the planet, both natural and otherwise.

So as you make your plans to preserve your wealth and “bloodline”, keep in mind that you haven’t been able to sustain it without our help and you sure won’t be able to sustain it going forward without our help. If you keep us excluded, when the real change comes, there won’t be enough bolt holes for you to hide in nor will the underground bases be deep enough to protect you from the karma that will come.

~ Paladin



  1. Paladin,

    I agree so much with this article.

    What is mind boggling to me is how you can preach spirituality and evolution of conscienceness, then focus so much on the importance of the "Physical" bloodlines.

    ALL physical lives are fleeting.

    The ONLY constant is the energy being that inhabits the physical body.

    This is the vehicle that NEVER dies. The physical body will wear out and turn to dust.

    The next life will see the energy body inhabit another physical body that will not be part of this "Bloodline" so why so much emphasis on it.

    Truly spiritual individuals understand this.

    Your heart and spirit is pure, my friend, and this article is spot on.

    Well done!

  2. Excellent letter Paladin this should stir the pot a little, as its extremely disheartening to realize we Americans are not being represented at these high level negotiations between the Asia Elders and the Royalty or Bloodlines. Why aren't the White Hats allowed to participate in these meetings. Very discerning

    1. Scott,

      "Why aren't the White Hats allowed to participate in these meetings. Very discerning" (I'm sure you meant disconcerting? yes, maybe not?)

      Good point and maybe one John should answer??

    2. That is what I meant MWP thx

  3. Paladin,
    You speak for me also! Beautiful letter with the truth in each paragraph. Applause goes to all who are really working for us, but if this is another NWO with a different master it's beyond disappointing. I've been asking those questions for a long time. The Cabal with their Cestui Que Vie Trusts enslaving us the moment we were born is not going to continue one way or another. I'm here to tell you I am ALIVE and living on the continental United States land, not "lost at sea, presumed dead." For those who think I'm writing gibberish, I invite you to read Judge Anna Von Reitz' book, "You Know Something Is Wrong When...An Affadavit of Probable Cause" which explains our current situation in graphic detail. An electronic version has been made available for FREE that you can download to your computer or tablet.

    The hold in your hand book is available for purchase at Amazon.

    I purchased several that I've passed to people asking them to pass on. We can do this people...kick the cabal to the curb with appropriate Nuremburg style trials!


  4. The White Hats have a massive presence with their own key Bloodline hands on at the top table, so rest easy Paladin knows who to go to in London and does daily.

    As for no direct US participation, it's not London's fault the Cabal and ruthless Zionists shat the nest and robbed everything in sight. Be grateful you even have access to London because without who you have, you would be truly excluded. Trust has to be earned and the Cabal blew the lot. As have the Zios. Now others decide and rightly so. The US Imperial role is ending. Get over it. Its called evolution. So - evolve. Stop assuming its your right to control, you blew it.

    The Brits lost their own Empire and faced up, then grew up. So must the US. The parties over. Your not invited to the wake. But the world will go on.

    1. Canauzzie, you said "The parties over, you're not invited to the wake, but the world will go on".<< I've said it before and will say it once again, with people who say they care about the American citizens and dare to call themselves our "Friends" who the hell needs enemies.


    2. Actually Constitutionalist, you are relatively new here. If you traced my comments all the way back to the WHR, you will find I have defended Americans since the beginning and have always played fair. But I can understand when a group has been defrauded and lied to for over 50 years by American representatives why they would want Americans excluded from discussions.


  5. To any lurkers and readers:

    This article and other topics are also being discussed here:

    Active Comment Section - 5 August 2015 to Active

  6. YES!!!!!!!!!!!


    Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! That was brilliant. I have been asking these very questions and saying many of these same things for a while now, and I cannot begin to tell you how eternally grateful I am to read your words here and now.

    God save the White Hats! Always.

  7. Well, it's been a minute since I've read and posted here.. I"m glad I did today.. Paladin THANK YOU... you said it so much better than I would have... Hat tip to the White Hats

    1. Forgot.. Paladin and all White Hats ~ RESPECT.. enough said.

  8. I don’t think the Elders are a global force of power or a cabal. The monarchy ended by revolution and the Republic of China (ROC) was created. The royals probably saw this coming long before the last emperor abdicated and off shored a lot of their wealth. It was the nationalist ROC that eventually fought the civil war against Mao’s communists. Mao won and created the Peoples Republic of China, which is the China we know today. The one child policy is from the communists, not the nationalists or the Elders, and yes I would not put any faith in the Chinese communists doing good. The ROC lost the main land and moved to Taiwan. They were recognized for some time after the civil war as still China, but eventually the communist have become China.

    My point, don’t confuse China with the Elders. I think the elders goal in giving the US some resources was to protect (mainly from the communists) and to grow their assets. The US had no history of honor, so it was blind trust, and they got taken badly. If the Elders have reconnected with old English families that can be trusted, then great for the both of them…and maybe the world can benefit from it. I don’t think the Elders have any intentions to rule the world…more likely, they are isolationists.

  9. Here is the rub.

    You can't preach spirituality and evolution of conscienceness and not be service to others oriented. ALL others.

    At it's purest form...WE ARE ALL ONE!

    Money, Power, Bloodlines, Royalty....It''s ALL an illusion! A finite one at that.

    It's such folly to focus on these things when you will die and take NONE of it with you.

    You only take your knowledge and what you have learned with you because that is the static constant.

    You are the same energy, separate, but ONE throughout eternity. learning, growing, evolving.

    You are but the ego you inhabit in this life only once.

    So....why focus so much energy on the who is right, who is wrong, who did what, etc.

    Become service oriented to ALL. Quit worrying about who is at fault and solve the problem.

    Which at the core IS money. But, that is another issue.

    Serve ALL of humanity, raise your vibration and elevate your spirit.

    That is the KEY to life.

  10. Hats off to you Paladin! You have expressed exactly how I have been feeling for some time now. Now the Elders..... As most folks know there are many that claim to the THE REAL AND TRUE ELDER. There are so many around the world claiming to be sitting at the top of THE family. I have been involved personally with such claiming to control global gold accounts, etc, etc..... There are many. And they have robbed folks of their life savings in the name of Gold Certificates, that will bring them untold wealth.
    BUT.... I have yet to see anyone of these so called Elders, come through with their promises, or in fact one dime.
    I want to be perfectly clear here, so as not to be mistaken. I am NOT saying that there are NO true elders. I am just saying that there are many claiming to be.
    Personally, I think if we here in the US had help ridding ourselves of the cabal period, then who needs the gold and money? If we can free ourselves here in the US we can and would build ourselves back to the top again. Money would help a lot, but just stopping the theft of our sweat and labor would be enough for me. If we could keep what we work so hard for we could build our own fortunes.
    I HOPE that the White Hats are dealing with the real and correct Elders. I have definitely been patiently waiting this saga out. I will say that I have had great concern, having been through nightmares with those claiming to be of the true gold families, and trust me, it has been a real wake up call. Meantime, I have wondered where all of this is going to take us.
    I hope and pray it is not just more CONTROL by a different group of Royal Families.

    1. How real are those Gold Bonds? And can anyone truly get back "their" Gold?
      Like this Video says: I have to seriously doubt that if Gold was hoovered up decades ago by the cabal, that the gold is still held by those who got their hands on Gold all those years ago:


  11. There is confusion over the realities and power of bloodlines.

    Criticism has been effected of the Chinese and English choosing to cooperate in trust together.

    The talk here is like America doesn't have any "bloodlines". Precisely what kind of bloodline do you think rigged elections so Bush 43 got elected and waged a murderous, illegal war while his Daddy and Cheney robbed the store?

    What kind of bloodline now controls the Fed, Treasury and all key banks, also controlling Justice, the Supremes and who rob with a vengeance immune from prosecution? Which blinkers are you wearing?

    How do you think the Cabal retains power? Who gets the key jobs? Not by talent for sure. Look at Skull and Bones placement. The gruesome and appalling Bush / Clinton Crime families? Europe has nothing on such a scale of depravity and sleaze. Nor such blatant, unchecked crimes in public play.

    Look at Jesuit powers. Democratic? This is a case of Physician first heal thyself. The US bloodlines are a coarse, despotic and tacky lesser power without refined manners or culture. It shows. So, normal Americans denied major Fed, US Treasury and key Banking roles? Is it coincidence that every suit is a Jew or Zionist? You can't be trusted to control your own money? Those "Bloodlines" are coincidence? Hello?

    Not all "bloodlines" are nefarious. They are also the only way things are going to change right now. So you have a choice, tyranny or loosening of reins so humanity can breath and EVOLVE out of this mess altogether, ALL of it. Those are the only two choices unless you could get people to riot and bring everything down which would be the worst course of action, recovery would be long and painful with no end in site.

    What I fail to understand here is why Americans feel they have a RIGHT to be at the table. There are 195 other countries on this planet of which none are invited. Sure some countries will benefit directly by agreements made, but it is negotiations between bloodlines, not countries.

    Paladin's case is that the common people should have a seat at the table, not an American seat. For that I am in agreement, but both sides would need to accept this which they don't.

    So who will speak for common people? John will. And if any of you think that he will not properly represent you, then why are you here? Why do you think OWoN exists? It is an awareness and feedback site. So YOU do have a voice. YOU do have a representative. None of you seem to have any idea just how much influence you each have just by commenting here. Why would he even be here if he didn't care?

    The decisions made where he has had influence will be written in his "Book of Life" and all of you should know what that means. He must take his book with him and will be judged based on it. He knows this and so do you. So with consciousness as his guide, why would you all not trust that you are being represented?

    The world is in very sad shape, time is running out. The more people at the table, the slower this will go. I say let's get on with it, to create a base, from there we can help influence which path it takes. Which is exactly why OWoN is here. It is only the beginning.

    1. Bloodline? Might a "Bloodline" simply be a success of people who were willing to spill blood to maintain power? Thus, we secret societies and groups like Skull and Bones recruiting new members, and testing their loyalty, before they are asked to commit some atrocity, and become "blooded". As someone else here said, this Bloodline behaves like a Mafia, not a family of noble people, bent on creating a noble legacy.

  12. Interesting however some bloodlines are agreeable and some are disagreeable. Lets see how it plays out I do agree with canauzzie even though paladin made some key points.

  13. What's disturbing to me is that the majority of those posting are focusing on "bloodlines" when so much was mentioned. There is so much more in that letter. I give a rat's pajamas about "bloodlines" at this point. My concern is the "Cashless Society", "Eugenics via Transhumanism", and "Assassination of political dissidents


    1. Which is exactly why I said "Let's get on with it". Because if we don't, we will have NO SAY in it whatsoever. The Cabal will choose for you.

  14. "If you keep us excluded, when the real change comes, there won’t be enough bolt holes for you to hide in nor will the underground bases be deep enough to protect you from the karma that will come."
    And what is this 'real change' and when will it come? The article was very spot on in talking realism rather than being overly optimistic of the situation we are in. The best way he summed it up was in the line:

    'After thousands of years of existence, if not more, we’re still trying to just survive….rather than pursuing the loving spirituality that resonates within us all and should be the objective of every civilization.'

    Spot on as well. But now what? I don't know myself if those East Asian Elders have had our best interests at heart. Here in the Oriental the culture is even more reptilian and top-down in management. This side of the globe we have never known libertarianism. All these ideas of liberty came out of the more philosophical west, which is why the bloodlines have tried for centuries to suppress them. Here we have known only emperors and the abuse of Confucian values of following the leader, and corporal punishment. Probably the place where you get a raw deal if you are reincarnated. And the people have been brainwashed to love their slavery.

    Their governments and their handlers need to be knocked off their pedestals and measures put in place to prevent another form of institution of authority to take its place.

    Paladin has a point and a good reason to be skeptical. I don't know if the advice coming out of the good ETs that we can take back the planet from the Cabal while they take down the plasma forcefield will work when many are still inured to the mainstream media. I am still surrounded by zombies.

  15. Kryon has some suggestions on how to beat the cabal:
    Without their funding, they will lose their power. We need to understand where they hide their wealth, and how they gain access to it. Part of it may be the Four Harvest Industries: Big Banking, Big Oil, Big Pharma, and the Military industrial complex. If we can change our buying habits, and break up their monopolies and their control of the media, we can begin to cut them off from their funding, and maybe their ability control outcomes. This is an urgent matter. We need to break the chains of political influence before they can push either of their pre-selected puppets, Clinton or Bush, into the White House.
    Let's think clealy about Kryon's suggestions, and the ones I have added ontop.
    It is not too late to regain our power in order to sidestep the traps they are setting for us.

    1. I have noticed that from Kryon too... use swift to cut off funding for them and isis.

  16. Sanders releases a list of the 18 CEOs that have caused the US deficit.

    The list of 18 CEO’s follows:
    1) Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan
    Amount of federal income taxes paid in 2010? Zero. $1.9 billion tax refund.

    Taxpayer Bailout from the Federal Reserve and the Treasury Department? Over $1.3 trillion.

    Amount of federal income taxes Bank of America would have owed if offshore tax havens were eliminated? $2.6 billion.

    2) Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein
    Amount of federal income taxes paid in 2008? Zero. $278 million tax refund.

    Taxpayer Bailout from the Federal Reserve and the Treasury Department? $824 billion.

    Amount of federal income taxes Goldman Sachs would have owed if offshore tax havens were eliminated? $2.7 billion

    3) JP Morgan Chase CEO James Dimon
    Taxpayer Bailout from the Federal Reserve and the Treasury Department? $416 billion.

    Amount of federal income taxes JP Morgan Chase would have owed if offshore tax havens were eliminated? $4.9 billion.

    4) General Electric CEO Jeffrey Immelt
    Amount of federal income taxes paid in 2010? Zero. $3.3 billion tax refund.

    Taxpayer Bailout from the Federal Reserve? $16 billion.

    Jobs Shipped Overseas? At least 25,000 since 2001.

    Read More:


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