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If a collapse was coming, do you really think they’d warn us?

OWoN: While behind the scenes we watch the death rattle throes of a Cabal and Banking system dying from its own cancerous Ponzi Scams, others try to warn of clear cracks appearing. Interesting.

Dear Reader,

If the U.S. Government knew a collapse was coming, do you really think they’d warn us?

I doubt it. They’d likely keep that information to themselves (to prevent mass panic), while secretly taking actions behind the scenes.

For example, they might stockpile enough ammo to fight a 20-year war in Iraq (this happened), while telling us it’s safe for our kids to play in the streets.

They might quietly order U.S. banks to develop contingency plans for collapse (also true).

But their most recent move may be the most disturbing of all.

I learned about it from an ex-CIA officer and threat specialist named Jason Hanson. After spending years in Langley, Virginia, Hanson has set out to share his knowledge with as many concerned Americans as possible.

His work has appeared on ABC, NBC, Forbes, and NPR.

He also works with CEOs of Fortune 500 companies (who are preparing for a crisis).

When Hanson tells me that something big is happening behind the scenes, I pay attention.

To find out what the Government (led by the U.S. Treasury) is quietly doing right now—and why you should pay close attention—make sure you watch the video Jason posted online.

You’ll learn the full story, as well as a simple plan you can put into action in your own life right now... just in case.

Tim Mittelstaedt
Editorial Director,
Palm Beach Research Group

P.S. Hanson ran this story by his contacts at the U.S. Treasury, FEMA, and the Department of Homeland Security. They all confirmed the government is preparing for a crisis that dwarfs anything we’ve experienced in our lifetime.

P.P.S. Four years ago, the CIA "asked" Hanson to remove a video he’d posted online. (He’s still under scrutiny.) Watch this video while it’s still online.

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