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Vatican orders former Polish archbishop to stand trial for sex abuse

OWoN: Good news, One Down, just another half MILLION to go!

Vatican orders former Polish archbishop to stand trial for sex abuse

The Globe and Mail
By Reuters
15 June 2015

A Vatican prosecutor on Monday ordered the trial of a former Roman Catholic archbishop accused of paying for sex with children while he was a papal ambassador in the Dominican Republic and of possessing child pornographic material.

Jozef Wesolowski, a Pole who had been defrocked by a Vatican tribunal, last year became the first person to be arrested inside the Vatican on pedophilia charges.

A statement said the trial, the first on pedophilia charges to be held inside the Vatican City, would start on July 11.

It said allegations of crimes committed in the Dominican Republic were based on an investigation by police there.

The others were based on a Vatican investigation that found child pornography on his computer after he was arrested last September.

Wesolowski was recalled to Rome by the Vatican in 2013 when he was still a diplomat in Santo Domingo and he was relieved of his duties after Dominican media accused him of paying boys to perform sexual acts.

The former archbishop, who later lost his diplomatic immunity, could face up to 12 years in jail, the Vatican said at the time of his arrest.

On the same day the Vatican announced Wesolowski was going on trial, Pope Francis accepted the resignations of Archbishop John Nienstedt and Auxiliary Bishop Lee Anthony Piche of St. Paul and Minneapolis after prosecutors there charged the archdiocese with having failed to protect children from unspeakable harm from a pedophile priest.

They resigned under the code of canon law that allows bishops to resign before they retire because of illness or some other “grave” reason that makes them unfit for office.

Earlier this month, prosecutors charged the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis as a corporation of having “turned a blind eye” to repeated reports of inappropriate behaviour by a priest who was later convicted of molesting two boys. No individual was named in the complaint.

Just days ago, Pope Francis approved the creation of a new tribunal inside the Vatican to hear cases of bishops who failed to protect children from sexually abusive priests. Francis’ decision followed years of criticism that the Vatican had never held bishops accountable for having ignored warnings about abusive priests and simply moved them from parish to parish rather than report them to police or remove them from ministry.

Files from The Associated Press were used in this report.



  1. These truly vile perverts need bring to justice and a rope!

  2. It has been said Cardinal George Pell was involved in covering up and bribing victims to keep quiet and not pursue their claims. He was head of Sydney Archdiocese, but now works in the Vatican reforming their bank.

    "Cardinal George Pell is claiming now that he has "helped" the Catholic Church's sex-abuse victims. Therefore, let's look at how Pell treated one of the church's victims — a former altar boy, John Ellis. Cardinal Pell (as head of the Sydney Catholic archdiocese) instigated the archdiocese's legal battle against John Ellis, according to evidence and documents presented to Australia's child-abuse Royal Commission. Pell's legal victory in 2007 (known as the "Ellis defence") now forces church-victims to accept a discounted in-house "Towards Healing" settlement instead of suing for proper compensation, the Commission was told. And this Broken Rites article demonstrates that John Ellis was not the only victim of his abuser, Sydney priest Father Aidan Duggan.
    As Archbishop of Sydney, George Pell was informed of John Ellis’s complaint within a month of it being made in June 2002, and (the Royal Commission has been told) Pell continued to be closely involved in the handling of this complaint. Documents tendered to the Commission reveal that, from then on, Pell actively participated in a clumsy and hurtful procedure which defied the church’s own “Towards Healing” protocol. The result (according to a later Sydney arcdiocesan review) was an “absence of justice” for Mr Ellis.

    Now that he has become a high-flyer in the Vatican, Cardinal Pell is trying to distance himself from his 2007 victory against John Ellis (and his victory against all other Australian church-victims).

    On 10 March 2014, at the start of a public hearing at the Royal Commission, a written statement from Cardinal Pell said that, in his opinion, “the church in Australia should be able to be sued”.

    But Pell was not making a back-flip. The law already allows victims to sue the church - if they dare. Throughout Australia, the legal firms of each diocese have the Ellis Defence in their pockets, as a threat to discourage abuse-victims from suing. Usually, the church lawyers don't even need to mention the Ellis Defence. The victims' lawyers know that the Ellis Defence is available to the church.

    Furthermore, now that Pell has moved to the Vatican, he is blamng other church officials (and his lieutanants), rather than himself, for the church's cruel mis-treatment of John Ellis."

  3. ONLY "....up to 12 years" jail time? AND, being charged/tried in a Vatican Court? Something is not adding up to me. Why is he not being brought to the jurisdiction where the crimes had been committed? (Also,I never heard of a Vatican Court.) ~darylluke.

  4. The former Polish Bishop and the Catholics felt it was acceptable to have sexual relations with under age boys in the Dominican Republic because he felt they did not have the same rights as other Anglos. The Bishop and the Catholic don't view the natives human/people as being human with a soul . This behavior has be practiced for years in that region through out the Carribean.

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