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Thousands march in London against austerity and spending cuts

OWoN: Yes rocked back, but going ahead. Facing down the Bums. The Wannabes will get declined. History unfolding, we tell how it will end. No more State Welfare mommas. We are not their keepers. We are pulling the their tickets to ride. They can get off their arses now to find a F job. Or starve. Either works for us. Reality.

Demonstrators with placards crowd the area around the Bank of England as they gather for the start of a protest against the British government's spending cuts and austerity measures. AFP/Getty Images

Thousands march in London against austerity and spending cuts

Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness to address event

Belfast Telegraph
20 June 2015

Thousands of rotesters brandishing placards have started converging on the UK's financial capital to demonstrate against Government austerity and spending cuts.

Organisers said they expect hundreds of thousands of people from all over the country to flock to London for the rally - anticipated to be the biggest in years.

Celebrities including singer Charlotte Church and comedian Russell Brand are expected to be among the crowds who will march through the capital today.

Sian Bloor, 45, a primary school teacher from Trafford, near Manchester, warned that children "are being robbed of their childhood" because of swingeing Government cuts.

She said: "We have seen a huge impact on our work at primary school.

"I regularly bring clothes and shoes for children and biscuits for their breakfast, just so they get something to eat.

"You can see how children are being affected by the cuts.

Russell Brand, Charlotte Church (above) and Martin McGuinness are set to address the crowds

"Children come into school concerned because they are being thrown out of their house and have nowhere to live for the upteenth time that year because their parents' benefits are being cut.

"They are being robbed of their childhood."

Sam Fairbairn of the People's Assembly, which is organising the protests, said: "It will be the start of a campaign of protest, strikes, direct action and civil disobedience up and down the country.

"We will not rest until austerity is history, our services are back in public hands and the needs of the majority are put first."

Anti-nuclear activists will be among those taking part.

Kate Hudson, general secretary of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, said mass mobilisation was key to persuading the new Government not to renew the Trident nuclear weapons.

Lindsey German, convenor of the Stop The War Coalition, said: "I will be marching because I am fed up with all the main parties saying they are going to promote austerity. They have made the rich richer and the poor poorer and they're going to continue."

Union leaders and campaign groups will highlight the impact of spending cuts on public services, the NHS, welfare and education, and warn of the effects of fresh cuts expected to be announced in next month's Budget.

George Penny, 18, from Cheltenham, wore a top hat, gold frock coat, silver paisley waistcoat and tie for the march.

The student, who has just finished his A levels, said: "I'm a strong believer that the Tory politics of austerity are fundamentally failing and on economic and social level."

He said he has seen friends with mental health problems have their benefits cut.

He branded the cuts "morally repugnant" and said it was his duty to protest.

Demonstrators kiss outside the Bank of England as they wait for the start of a protest against the British government's spending cuts and austerity measures in London on June 20, 2015. AFP/Getty Images

John Rees, one of the march's organisers, said people are angry because they hoped to get "a government that might ameliorate cuts, and they have got a government that is going to double austerity".

But he said that while protesters are angry with the Government, he is expecting the march to have a "festival atmosphere".

Russell Brand arrived at the protest and was mobbed by young fans who took selfies with him.

Young people on the march flocked to the star, shook his hand and told him how much they admire him.

He declined to talk to the press, explaining that he is "not really working today".

Sinn Fein’s Martin McGuinness is due to address the protest.

Speaking ahead of the event, the Deputy First Minister said the austerity policies were responsible for the "current crisis facing the devolved Assembly in the North of Ireland.”

Mr McGuinness said: "The policies being pursued by a cabinet of millionaires at Westminster are an ideological attack on the working class and are having a devastating impact on the most vulnerable in our society and on our public services.

"The austerity policies of the British government have brought our devolved institutions to the brink of collapse. The real crisis for our Assembly and Executive is Tory cuts.

"The slashing of £1.5 billion from our block grant by the Tories is severely impacting the Executive's ability to deliver public services.

"Sinn Fein have been absolutely clear in our opposition to Tory cuts and we are encouraging others to join together to present a united voice against austerity. We have blocked their welfare cuts, the bedroom tax and the targeting of people with disabilities.”

He concluded: "Sinn Fein will continue to resist the anti-working class agenda of the British Tory party."



  1. Looking at the pics few are ,missing out on meals, and NONE are working for them. Half don't belong here, so when they go back, they can take our useless lot with them as a free lunch.
    One clown complained she could not feed her kids properly. Hello, then why have them damn you? We are NOT you keepers. Wo Man up dam it.
    Now we have got rid of the Liberals and Socialists we can scrape this crap out of the system. Maybe half will emigrate if we cut them enough. Or pack them off to the front line with guns which don't work. If the Pakkies can send us 3 M we don't want, maybe we can send 2m of ours back. Halal meat?

  2. To many, politicians award themselves overly generous pay rises. In addition they, in Australia at least, give themselves superannuation way above the rate other workers receive, and are allowed to access it before retirement. In Australia a politician can be voted out after 2 terms and be awarded obscene amounts such as $250,000 per year for LIFE, plus free airfares. All on the public purse.

    These are also welfare bums.

    John what's it like in the UK and as the gov cracks down on this, will pollies' be included in this or will they protect themselves? Do UK pollies get life pensions once voted out?

  3. In the UK they are Pension indexed and nothing like as generous. Lose their seat and its over. Political Bums don't free ride here. They get a few months severance pay and that's it. Also we are red hot on expenses and have jailed a few of them for fiddling. We will reduce the numbers of seats in this parliament and cut them down. The Socialists will get culled. The Scots Nationalists talked a big fight and failed. Losing them will be welcomed. A giant begging bowl. Now we will cut back. Hopefully they will leave. That will total out the Socialists for a century then.

    Now we have the vote we are facing down the millions on Welfare and getting them off. Now they have 2 choices, find a job or hit the streets and that accounts for the increases of homeless as we put Bums on the streets. The State is not a charity and we are not increasing taxes so cuts have to be made. We are also cutting Government borrowing and reducing State debts. No more borrowing to feed Bums, let God sort them out. We are cutting State employees and services. We are getting the State out of Welfare. It's not our business to tax workers to fund Welfare ghettos. Enough is enough, it went too far. Let Charities fund dreams. Reality is keeping each buck in your own pockets to feed your own families. We have now cut regional discretion. You come up on that red list on handouts and discretion is withdrawn as we close your pay cheques off. We were clear we would do this and got the vote for it. Majority rule got real. Now we say and those who don't like it can leave. Now our agenda is simple. You work, you prosper, you don't, you wither. No more State Golden Goose games. The Nanny State is meeting its fate. Self help is key now.

  4. I love British common sense. It just works. Thanks John for your reply.


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