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Putin says Russia to add 40 new intercontinental missiles this year

OWoN: This is strategic thinking.

40 more nukes capable of penetrating any defences. As the US is the CAUSE of most wars, Russia's ability to deliver 40 nukes right down its throat and to its key bases can only help restrain these mad dogs. Just ensure one goes to Israel. Removing that vile regime can only help Middle East and world peace.

Russian President Vladimir Putin will move forward with a military modernization project in spite of the country's economic downturn - Image: Alexander Nemenov / Associated Press

Putin says Russia to add 40 new intercontinental missiles this year

CBC News
By Vladimir Isachenkov,
The Associated Press
16 June 2015

Russia's military will add over 40 new intercontinental ballistic missiles this year alone that are capable of piercing any missile defences, President Vladimir Putin said Tuesday in a blunt reminder of the nation's nuclear might amid tensions with the West over Ukraine.

Putin spoke at the opening of an arms show at a shooting range in Alabino — just west of Moscow — which is intended to showcase Russia's resurgent military.

The Russian move is "destabilizing and it's dangerous," North Atlantic Treaty Alliance (NATO) Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said Tuesday.

"This nuclear saber-rattling of Russia is unjustified," Stoltenberg said. "They are developing new nuclear capabilities and they are also using nuclear rhetoric more in the way they are messaging their defence strategy and defence posture."

'Dangerous consequences'

The Russian Foreign Ministry warned the U.S. and Europe of how their military responses could inflame already heightened pressures.

"The United States is inciting tensions and carefully nurturing their European allies' anti-Russian phobias in order to use the current difficult situation for further expanding its military presence and influence in Europe," the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

"We hope that reason will prevail and it will be possible to save the situation in Europe from sliding toward a military standoff, which could entail dangerous consequences," the ministry added.

Russian relations with the West have plunged to their lowest point since Cold War times over Moscow's annexation of Crimea and support for a pro-Russia separatist insurgency in eastern Ukraine. The U.S. and the European Union have slapped Russia with economic sanctions, and Washington and its NATO allies have pondered an array of measures in response to Russia's moves.

U.S. expresses 'concern'

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, briefing the media via teleconference from Boston, where he is recovering from surgery on a broken leg, called Putin's announcement concerning.

"We're trying to move in the opposite direction," Kerry said. "We have had enormous co-operation from the 1990s forward with respect to the structure of nuclear weapons in the former territories of the Soviet Union. And no one wants to see us step backwards."

Russia's acquiring of 40 new intercontinental ballistic missiles on top of the 38 it received last year will bolster their military capabilities - Image: Ivan Sekretarev / Associated Press

He said Putin could be posturing.

"It's really hard to tell," Kerry told reporters. "But nobody should hear that kind of an announcement from the leader of a powerful country and not be concerned about the implications."

The three Baltic members of the alliance — Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania — have asked NATO to permanently deploy ground troops to their nations as a deterrent against an increasingly assertive Russia. Polish Defence Minister Tomasz Siemoniak says he and U.S. Defence Secretary Ashton Carter have held talks about placing U.S. heavy army equipment in Poland.

NATO defending allies

The NATO chief said he expected Carter to brief other alliance members on the proposal to stockpile tanks and other weapons and supplies in Eastern Europe during a NATO defence ministers meeting next week.

"I welcome all efforts to defend and protect allies," Stoltenberg said in Brussels.

Moscow bristled at the plans, warning Washington that the deployment of new U.S. weapons near Russian borders would foment dangerous instability in Europe.

The NATO chief said the alliance had to respond to Russia's actions by "increasing the readiness and the preparedness of our forces.

"We are responding by making sure that NATO also in the future is an alliance which provides deterrence and protection for all allies against any threat," Stoltenberg said.

In his speech at the arms show, Putin vowed to continue a big arms modernization program despite the nation's economic downturn.

"Over 40 new intercontinental ballistic missiles capable of penetrating any, even the most technologically advanced missile defence systems, will join the nuclear forces in the current year," he said.

Last year, the Russian military received 38 ICBMs, according to Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu. Modernizing the nation's nuclear forces is a top priority for the military, which needs to gradually decommission its aging Soviet-built ICBMs.​

Putin said the rearmament program should help encourage the nation's economic growth and spearhead innovations. Independent experts warn, however, that a weapons upgrade that envisages spending 22 trillion rubles (around $500 billion) on new weapons through 2020 would be an unbearable burden now when the Russian economy has plunged into recession.



  1. That is one every nine days taking 5 days off. Obviously they feel this is a priority.

  2. Russia does get it. Instead of doing nothing while the Neo Zionazis surround it with threatening bases, it develops now over 78 new missiles which will penetrate any defences. Just one removing Israel will send such a culture shock to America as to cause the people themselves to reign back the mad dogs on Washington before Armageddon wipes out an innocent 100 m Americans who caused non of this. Removing Israel would ease Middle East tensions and show the Global Kazakh's we have all had enough of their dirty games. These idiots in Washington need to be stopped or Putin will be forced to launch a few hundred and hope enough survive underground to emerge in a few hundred years with some chance of starting again, smaller but wiser. The greatest cause of Wars is the 970 US Military bases threatening everyone and weak,. limp wrist or bribed Leaders with no moral compass allowing these nasty reprobates to defile humanity. There can be no peace until this mad Neocon dog is muzzled. Putin really has no option but to pre empt if pushed. Our nations need to demand our Politicians get US bases out of our countries. Pack them off home to get real jobs. Then if DC cause conflict they cant use us again as the killing zones. Let the next war be on American soil. If 3,400 sent a nation neurotic over 9/11, what will 50M or more do? What is the price to stop the Neocons?
    No more wars for these Washington whores.

  3. John said " Let the next war be on American soil. If 3,400 sent a nation neurotic over 9/11, what will 50M or more do?" And here I thought you "liked" us Americans. Gee with friends like this who needs enemies?

    1. Correction, over 20,000 died. Those two building had over 40,000 full time employees.The lucky 25% didn't show for work, and lowest floor did get out. How many firemen and policemen reported things supporting those buildings were blown from within, and NOT jet fuel. Jet fuel does not make steel and concrete into micro-dust. Pentagon was hit by a missile, not a plane. ALL lies upon lies, within lies, and covered with more lies , more lies, and more lies and killings to silence the truthers for years after.BP disaster, same thing. Oh, wait. The Gulf of Mexico is just fine. Forget what I said. They are fine people who always tell the truth, because they just love humanity.....JOHN has one thing right, though. One single super-duper Uber-nuke on steroids at the Seven Hills area (Israhell)and would end of many, many,many problems immediately after.Surgical strikes on individual black nobility prior would just make sense, but that won't happen, either. So, my GLORIOUS wet-dream will simply just that. LET EVIL CONTINUE TO WALK FREE. Done deal. Hell on Earth has already arrived when nobody was watching. INSANITY is the majority. Game over. ~darylluke.

  4. John is just illustrating the seriousness of the situations. Remember, the odds are in an escalating situation Britain will be flattened. He doesn't want this scenario either.

  5. I would like to see all American bases shut down worldwide and booted out. 977 causes of wars gone. The world will be a better place. We allow 3 key bases here to attack the Middle East. Also to target Russia. We are the first attack line for Russia. Now if America KNEW it would be mass hit, watch the mass awakening. Just the hard truth would help so much awaken this sleeping teddy bear.
    America has so much greater potential than to allow Zio Neocons to take the world to constant wars.
    Putin needs to make if clear if Russia is hit Israel will be the first gone. Watch US policy then once the Zios face annihilation as payback time.
    American Hegemony is wrong!. As the world is now dividing, its a Lose Lose needless risk. We need to be building bridges not Drone bombing them.

  6. wishing a nuclear attack on any country is dangerous.. be careful for what you wish for, karma has a way of coming around. I'm truly disappointed.

  7. Nothing is as disappointing as allowing the ceaseless onslaught upon a harmless world by the parasites of DC and Israe hell.
    Doing nothing leaves them unchecked to escalate ever more and why the world is in this God almighty mess. The sheeple do nothing, the Cabal mass kill. Israel will never be stopped unless stopped. Genghis Kahn spawn are marauders.
    The US alone used Nukes and now threaten Russia. How many wars has Russia started? The US has forces in over 100 countries manipulating and coercing. Also mass threatening.
    If you want a prelude to war you have it. Their arrogance knows no bounds. I see it weekly with their truly dumb arrogance. We are appalled by their dumb ignorance in global discussions. Russia is being corralled and surrounded with the usual US war games. But Russian Generals are smart and proud.
    O Bumma again threatens them and many Russian Generals are ever closer to going for him. Your country IS the cause of the majority of Global wars. Be disappointed with such an appalling track record and abysmal Political hierarchy. At what point do we stop a Bully? They never stop until stopped. Do we need WW111 because of US arrogance or Zionist chicanery? The nation is truly so mass stupefied they have no idea of the scale of Global tensions. Churchill tried warning the dumb mediocrities of the 30's the Nazis would cause havoc if not stopped. No one listened. People don't do truth.
    How do we wake up the masses to get Political control, or lose nations. The Zionists, Israel and America ARE the causes of most world problems today. Theft and Greed. WW111 you wont get time to reflect.
    O Bumma again stupidly stated that a pre Emptive is an option. This MORON just lost a Russian option! If you don't stop, you will be stopped.
    I too am disappointed, but it's with what has become of America. I see a far better use and life for Americans. But helping the world, not raping it. I know what America can be capable of. But the good, not rapacious greed. Helping America starts with facing down reality. Then work as real Allies. We all have the same enemy, it is within! And Yes, Karma will come around if not stopped. Putin now has over 70 unstoppable missiles aimed at you, and a couple for us.
    Why should should nations die for a US lie? Threatening Russia is dangerous and even worse the disinformation lies of the Agency Zionist MSM . America only knows how to give it. We saw the mass hysteria of 9/11. What of Shock and Awe? 1m plus Iraqi dead? Innocents!!!!!!!! Iran needlessly threatened. Afghanistan? 977 bases? The world is truly disappointed. How do we spread truth?

    1. while everything you said may be true John, let's nor forget who we're talking about PUTIN. You know, that former KGB guy who by the way does not have "clean hands" in fact no country has "clean hands."

      Have you forgotten in 1979 when Soviet KGB troops dressed in Afghan uniforms attacked the palace where Afghan President Amin was hiding, executed him, and occupied strategic locations throughout Kabul in a forty-five minute operation. A radio broadcast, purporting to be from Kabul but actually coming from Uzbekistan, announced that Amin’s execution had been ordered by the Afghan Peoples’ Revolutionary Council and that a new government headed by Soviet-loyalist Babrak Karmal had been formed. Soviet ground forces and paratroopers invaded the same evening, and, within five weeks, five divisions were in place. So began the Soviet Afghanistan war?
      Or during his fourteen years as Russia’s supreme leader, he has used the classic KGB dirty tricks of provokatsia, desinformatsia, and maskirovka to bomb Chechnya back to the stone age while installing a puppet regime, intimidate and keep in line Georgia, Armenia, Moldova, Central Asia, and any independence-minded flash points of the former Soviet empire?

      While it's good to expose the cabal, do we elevate Putin to the status of the "second coming"? And for the record, I think with Obama's family ties to Russia is this a concerted effort on both sides, but then this is just my opinion.

      I also believe that the U.S. is not acting alone, there are bigger PTB that are writing the script.

    2. I just want to clarify, while I am all for exposing the cabal and putting the world on the right track; it is not only dangerous, it is reckless and irresponsible to advocate a nuclear strike against ANY country. For pete's sakes people and objects disintegrated with Hiroshima attack, that was in 1945! I cannot imagine, yet at the same time shudder at the thought of the types of nuclear arms that are in place today!

  8. The Zios push the Russian aggression because they want Ukraine as the second Israe hell new Homeland for these Kazakh s if forced to quiet Israel. Damned right Russia is jumpy. Remember Cuba.

    Russia only tried to take Afghanistan to protect their borders. You saw how that turned out. So the US followed like sheep. Same end game. No one is eulogising Putin, just pointing out the inept ugliness of US aggression again, and again, and again. The US uses nuclear shells all over the planet. Look at child deformities now in Iraq. 977 bases, control of all drugs trafficking, and US troops with CIA agents protecting the Poppy fields.Hello? Our case is simple.Get the US out of Global hegemony and wars. Get the US out of Drug Trafficking. Stop Zionist Global chicanery. Stop arming and funding mad Zionists in Israel.


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