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Osborne and IDS vow to press ahead with £12bn benefits cuts as they pledge a 'return to sanity'

OWoN: This needs to be big news because it's coming to you soon. Vast tens of thousands of Benefit claimers hit the streets whining about Benefit Cut Backs or even withdrawals, and the Bums rush is starting. Pity most did not use the time to get a Job!

They can whine all they like. No money, no honey! No one is owed and no one will be kept by the State.

Yes you WILL be cut loose and after 6 months your gone. We are NOT your keepers. You don't work, you don't eat or have us pay your rent. You are not the States problem, you are your own! Be clear, you either move and work anywhere, or starve.

The State is NOT anyone's keeper. The march is about the right to free ride and it's denied!

Benefits will be cut and you will be cut loose. It's wake up time. You feed yourself or you don't eat. Your game is up.

We WILL balance the books, and Yes, we WILL cull the dross. You don't like it, you keep them is our message.

You have no rights bar those you can pay for. You either pay, or go away. This is austerity. Now they will either work or die off.

No more hand outs. Get a F job anywhere, doing anything. Get off our backs is our case. Self help damn it. The State has no money and we are not raising more taxes to keep non-contributors. Move on, move out, or don't work and life on the streets will sort you. The free ride is over now for most. Cut back is coming for non-workers. You take any job, anywhere, or the Winter cold will sort you out. What happens in England will travel. Protests are met with a deaf ear. No one cares now. Your game is up. The State is NOT your keeper, and all you single mothers will be met head on. Your stupidity caused this, not the State. You will no longer be kept or housed. This is austerity. We ARE cutting budgets and protests will not stop it. We are NOT your keepers. You are. Welcome to self reliance.

You are on your own. Do or die. That is reality now. No more bumming off the nation.

The Socialists are out, and so are you from free rides. Welfare just got the Bums rush. No - More - State free rides.

You lose out, you sort it out. we are pulling the State out of Welfare. The State is NOT your keeper, nor are we. Welcome to the new reality. This is your mess, you sort it. You don't educate you become disposable. This is what is coming. Reality.

George Osborne is planning to face down anti-austerity protesters by forcing through severe welfare cuts - Scroll down for video

Osborne and IDS vow to press ahead with £12bn benefits cuts as they pledge a 'return to sanity'

  • The government wants to slash the welfare cap from £26,000 to £23,000
  • Housing benefit and tax credits are expected to be the worst affected
  • Osborne and Duncan Smith described the welfare system as 'crackers'
  • Thousands took to the streets of London to complain about the changes

Mail Online
By Darren Boyle
20 June 2015

George Osborne and Iain Duncan Smith have insisted they will push ahead with plans to slash another £12 billion a year from the benefits bill.

The Chancellor and Work and Pensions Secretary reiterated their determination to achieve the savings in full after a major anti-austerity protest on the streets of London.

The two men are believed to have thrashed out details of the cuts pledged in the Tory manifesto over the last few days - putting paid to rumours that they could be scaled back or delayed.

The Chancellor and Iain Duncan Smith, pictured, have committed to cut welfare by a further £12 billion

Anti austerity protesters brought central London to a halt yesterday to complain about the planned cuts

They have already said the household benefits cap will be reduced from £26,000 to £23,000 a year and housing benefit and tax credits are expected to bear the brunt.

However, David Cameron has pledged full protection for child benefit and pensioner benefits.Writing in the Sunday Times, Mr Osborne and Mr Duncan Smith insisted they had inherited a 'crackers' welfare system from Labour in 2010

Repeating the claim that Britain makes up 7 per cent of all the welfare spending globally despite having just 4 per cent of GDP, the pair said the arrangements had 'incentivised people to live a life on benefits'.

They argued that the new universal credit would rationalise the 'Byzantine' network of means-tested payments and ensure it is always in the interests of those on benefits to work more.

The coalition shaved £21 billion off the welfare budget, but Mr Osborne and Mr Duncan Smith warned that it will still make up 12.7 per cent of spending in 2019-20.

'It took many years for welfare spending to spiral so far out of control, and it's a project of a decade or more to return the system to sanity,' they wrote.

'This government was elected with a mandate to implement further savings from the £220 billion welfare budget.

Some of the protesters wore masks, drank from cans of lager and threw smoke bombs

'For a start, we will reduce the benefit cap, and have made clear that we believe we need to make significant savings from other working-age benefits.

'We will set out in detail all the steps we will take to bring about savings totalling £12 billion a year in next month's Budget and at the spending review in the autumn.

'As before, all our reforms will have these central aims: to ensure the welfare system promotes work and personal responsibility, while putting expenditure on a sustainable footing.

'Welfare reform is fundamentally about opportunity and changing lives, supporting families to move from dependence to independence - a vital point, because without social mobility there can be no social justice. It is the right thing to do.'

Tens of thousands of protesters took to the streets of London, lighting fires and throwing smoke bombs as they demanded an end to the government's austerity programme.

The crowd was addressed by left-wing comedian Russell Brand and singer Charlotte Church among others.



  1. Reality is a Bitch. Your game is up. Its your right not to work. Its ours to refuse to keep you. Unless you are a very real case now, we will cut you loose. You don't like it, YOU pay for them.

  2. This needs to be done worldwide. There are folks that could work but instead take and take what they can. There are jobs out there. If you can't find one, make one up for yourself. The program we have here, makes you look for work until you find a job and then they transition you off of the benefits. That is the way it should be for those that fall on hard times. Temporary help, then transition into employment and off benefits.

    1. It is being done in Australia at the moment. Abbott gas also just said he's thinking of scrapping public (free) schooling. Yet are taxes going down? Do gov open their budgets to public scrutiny? Gov MUST start playing fair and open. In the background are they fomenting war? It's opaque yet it is done on OUR money which they take as income tax which they set. So sure balance the books. BUT, the gov hubris also needs reigning in.

  3. John it's a pity you can't write in the papers how you wrote above in red. Instead of the beige bureaucrat speak that makes people vomit. I reckon you'd get a lot more support.

  4. AJ

    I have a lot more influence than you realise. Plus, I head up the Elders JV. Money really talks. Gov Hubris gets hammered by me. I want a JV WITH the people. It's all about Nation Building.

  5. This is long overdue. Welfare and food stamps are simply government handouts. Social security and Veteran Benefits have not only been paid for by those that apply but earned. No Work=No Pay, No Food, No Help! Plain and simple!


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