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Nasa tests 'flying saucer' for Mars mission: as it happened

Space, Technology, Mars,
OWoN: Sorry folks, but for those dreaming America has hidden interplanetary Space programs, please allow us to give you a dose of reality. This IS where you are at and the first one crashed.

Space, Technology, Mars,

Nasa tests 'flying saucer' for Mars mission: as it happened

The Telegraph
By Nick Allen
8 Jun 2015

23.05 We'll leave it there. Nasa moves on to another test later in the year. The road to Mars is not easy.

23.01 The parachute wasn't supposed to look like this.

22.50 Everything worked perfectly apart from the supersonic parachute. A Nasa engineer is philosophical:

This is why we test things before we go to Mars, so we know they are going to work when we go on that mission.

22.47 Cameras on board have been shut down in preparation for splashdown and boats are on the way.

22.45 It's already back to 27,000ft and falling.

22.44 Without the aid of the parachute the inflatable decelerator ring around the saucer, which was supposed to provide drag and cushion the landing, is flapping around wildly.

22.42 With nothing to slow it down the flying saucer is now plummeting towards Earth at great speed....back to the drawing board.

22.40 A camera on board shows the giant supersonic parachute has failed to deploy properly. It looks like a long piece of string flapping around above the saucer, rather than the giant 100ft wide canopy it is supposed to be.

22.38 The phrase "partial 'chute" comes over the radio and there is a collective groan on the ground.

22.37 OH NO!

22.35 Separation of the saucer from the balloon is complete. It's rocket has powered on and it is spinning round as it ascends at four times the speed of sound. incredible live footage from a camera on board shows the rocket plume with the Earth in the background. Round of applause from Nasa engineers on the ground.

22.15 Nasa has just shown what happened to the parachute last time. It really didn't work very well at all, completely shredding immediately after deployment. They're using a different design this time.

22.09 Engineers are checking systems and in about half an hour the saucer will separate from the baloon and its rocket will ignite. It will accelerate to 3,000mph, four times the speed of sound. After a minute it will reach an altitude of 180,000ft, five times as high as a 747 flies. Then the supersonic parachute will be deployed.

21.55 The saucer has reached 120,000ft

21.07 Nasa tells us the balloon carrying the saucer is big enough to fill the Rose Bowl. That's about the size of Wembley Stadium.

20.48 Live update from the mission control radio:

Our balloon is healthy. We are overflying an island. Once we've passed the island we'll establish a drop time.

20.36 While we're waiting for the saucer to reach 120,000ft here's a stunning video from the space station of lightning viewed from above. Good camera work @AstroTerry:

#Lightning sequence over Mexico and U.S. midwest.— Terry W. Virts (@AstroTerry) June 7, 2015

20.28 Here's everything you need to know about today's test flight.

20.15 Can hardly see it now...

20.07 Saucer at 75,000ft

19.58 And here's the launch site in Hawaii

#LDSD #JourneytoMars— NASA Technology (@NASA_Technology) June 8, 2015

19.46 Here's the saucer being attached to the balloon earlier.

LIVE Now: Our saucer-shaped #LDSD test vehicle launch coverage! Watch: #JourneyToMars— NASA (@NASA) June 8, 2015

19.33 The saucer has reached 50,000ft

19.25 Lift off was from a military base on the island of Kauai. After the balloon can no longer take it any higher the saucer will separate and use a rocket to propel itself to 34 miles above the Earth. Then an inflatable ring will expand around it and a giant 100ft wide parachute called the Supersonic Ringsail will unfurl. The idea is the saucer will float gently down to the Pacific Ocean. On the first test last year the parachute failed to unfurl properly.

19.12 Nasa says lift off went "beautifully"

19.02 The saucer is now at 27,000ft

18.59 This launch had been delayed for about a week waiting for the right weather conditions.On take off a Nasa controller said: "Balloon is launched, balloon is launched."

18.55 The saucer is rising slowly but already is only a small dot on a live feed Nasa camera on the ground. There's a spactacular image of it passing the moon in the background.

18.45 And we're off. Nasa has launched a test flight of its "flying saucer" which it hopes will one day land astronauts on Mars. The sacuer is being hoisted to an altidude of 120,000ft by a huge balloon.

18.30 Welcome to our live coverage of Nasa's second test of its "flying saucer" - a prototype that it hopes can one day be used to safely deliver astronauts to the surface of Mars.

Here's a preview of what to expect from this evening's scheduled launch:

What does Nasa's flying saucer look like?

It is a 15ft wide disc weighing 7,000 pounds with a white dome on top and a rocket underneath.

Does it have a futuristic name?

No. It's official name is the the Low-Density Supersonic Decelerator (LDSD). It's bein launched from Hawaii and the prototype has been christened Kalani Ike Ike Ka Honua, which is Hawaiian for Highest Boy in Heaven. Nasa may need to think of something snappier.

Read in full: Nasa to test flying saucer for use on Mars



  1. We issue you this just to show how low level and primal the US Space Program is. They really are nowhere. China and Russia are now ahead. Too many with their heads in fantasy story books.

  2. Seriously?

    Do you really think they will publish articles about the secret space programs conducted by our military and private corporations using Pureheart funds and private money?

  3. You could not hold it back worldwide. Do you think they would fund a crock like this if they had better?

  4. OK. Then what the hell are they spending trillions on off-budget??????????????

    1. Derivatives screw ups, false living standards and wars

    2. Got it, even if there has been some re-engineering, we got nothing major, and it's all a smokescreen for more of the Usual Suspects crimes.

  5. So many different sources talk about Solar Warden and other programs. For all of them to be cabal trolls is a stretch. What were they doing at Dulce and 51 then if not back engineering?

  6. To produce a crock like the above? So much for competence.

  7. Seriously John,
    The body of evidence for the secret space programs is so large that either you haven't done your homework on this one or you are covering for them. This is not about America having technology, this is about the Zionist bloodline families and the Nazi Thule society and the International Corporate Conglomerate all working together with negative ET races to build these programs up over the last 60-70 years. Your own countryman, Gary McKinnon, hacked the US defense computers in 2002 and it was claimed to be the biggest hacking of all time when he discovered personnel transfers from ship to ship of off planet fleets as well as bills of lading for cargo and all sorts of other info on the SSP. He was charged with espionage and then when they realized that if it went to trial it would all be exposed, the charges were dropped.
    Here is a video of a model TR3B being used in Afgannistan and filmed by US marines.
    You'll claim its faked but the evidence of this particular craft goes back to the 70's and they just give these to the military to play with now because they are obsolete. There is plenty of evidence and real footage out there shot by credible witnesses all over the world, if you go looking for it.


  8. God Don

    Your out with the usual suspects.
    If only you knew the reality of how banal the US capabilities are. Why does America need to hire Russian Rockets to launch shuttle craft or Satellites? Both Russia and China are leaving you way behind. Way too many conspiracy theorists are pursuing aspirational groups which simply do not exist in competence levels. Expenditure does not equate to achievement. One of my personal associates is the Senior Legal Advisor to NASA. Yours? You presume to have access or knowledge akin to our hard reality level?

    As regards, knowing, my access is far beyond yours, light years, and when I chose to contribute it is based on hard fact. Yours aspirational theory. You assume an advanced national sophistication which is simply not yet achieved, as you blindly put faith in a mercurial entity for which no credible evidence exists, yet negate the experiences of others whose actual standing, knowledge and tenable experiences, with respect, far outweigh yours.

    As such, when I hear the jabbering of religious fundamentalists it's time to switch off for me. I chose not to debate, why bother? Its on a par with Creationists. Sorry, but our real world is somewhat different.
    If only society could focus on Kinetic reality, and ethereal planes, then mankind may progress. The site shows hope. The US in particular seems to have plateaued out on a low grade school concept of religion on a par with Livingston meeting the first Pygmies. Between the Bible Belt Hustlers, and the dumbed down TV, what can go wrong has. The nation has simply failed to advance, as is evident Globally. America has become the Clintons, Bushes, and Washington grubby culture. a price for everything, but they know the value of nothing,

    Take it as a Yes, to our knowledge of all you have, including the certain production factory you have north of LA, which ships completed units to Groom Lake for field testing, to numerous other key bases which we will not elaborate on. Specific planetary scanning radar locations and telemetry used are well known to us. But so are NASA budgetary limitations. We, with respect, are a 5,000 year old civilisation. With the extended Global relationships attained from the Commonwealth outwards. Apart from the Cabal, and complete Zionist subjugation, you have achieved what?
    For a nation who can not even protect its own Constitution, or the integrity of its voting system, or its own monetary system, what constitutes valid qualification to lecture to others?

    America is way behind where you determine. It has over reached, over extended, and under achieved. Both Russia and China have focused. Equally, they have funded far reaching educational programs far exceeding those of the US. With the fast encroaching East / West divide, how will the US survive, when it is no longer able to divide and rule? Is Jeb all that can be attained as the new Global US Presidential incumbent?
    The Zionists took your pants down and disenfranchised you from the wealth of the nation. You slept through it.
    The Cabal and Agencies used stealth to negate the Constitution, and the porous borders allow vast millions to pour in and change the whole ethos of your society. It is far and away the worlds largests Drug using society. From Classified prohibited to Pharmaceutical dependencies. And home of how many Shrinks?
    A Kindergarten level of ethereal reality will simply not suffice within advancing societies, and you are slipping ever further behind. Look at what passes for the attendant Leadership in Washington. Where fools lead those in need. All driven by grasping greed. How do you think this will end up? Between our Chatham House policy meetings and many other Global participatory groupings, be assured, the US becomes ever more irrelevant in a visibly fast changing world. Financially and morally bankrupt are recoverable issues, but intellectually as a nation is not. The site hosts the best. We fear for the rest.

  9. John / Canauzzie if what is said here re secret space programs being bunkum is true, why was Corey GoodETxSG's blog image used in 'Past, Present and Future Trilogy | Part #3 - Breaking the illusionary concept of life'?

    That pic says "Secret Space Program" and Corey is allegedly a whistleblower for same as part of general disclosure of cabal activities. In truth all I can do is triangulate what is out there to sketch what is logically the 'truth'.


    1. It was just used in an "ET disclosure" montage.

      If I would have researched the actual image to that blog and read what the blog stood for, we wouldn't have used it. The image itself does not represent what the blog purports other than its name that I over looked.

      There are secret space programs: listening devices, scanning devices, military satellites and such. But there is not 'star gates' that swoop you off to another world where there are secret bases. Nor is the world under the influence of negative ETs. That is all rubbish. There are, however, ETs and that was the intention of the montage. Disclosure.

    2. Thanks Canauzzie I thought that to be the case. It is in the interests of the cabal to make ppl think they are all-powerful so I keep a lookout for the 'they control everything' memes. Still, I don't trust them.

      Canauzzie, the implication of what is posted here, that there is no SSP of the sort we are discussing, is that OWoN is saying it's posting the truth and that all other sources of information that say otherwise are wrong. I just don't get how that can be. If this info is compartmentalised so that not even the POTUS knows what's going on, the implication again is that John knows more than the POTUS on this issue. I wonder, could there be things that John does not know?

      I suspect neither of you want a bunch of sycophants here, and I hope both you and John don't take offense at my reasoning, which is not out of disrespect by any means but simply a question of logic. There was a bit of 'why do we bother bringing information if people reject it'; yet the sheep who do accept everything are not thought of very highly at all.

      The reaction to our comments on the cashless society issue surprised me. As if we had an affront to discern certain things. Some were blunt. But so is John. I am actually a little confused now how we are supposed to join the community here if we can't speak our minds on things posted.

      With thanks, AJ

    3. Canauzzie, I wrote my reply before seeing John's below. Cheers.


    4. No one person or group knows absolutely everything about everything and to state such would be arrogant and egotistical. But there are a great many thing that we are absolute about due to the reach we have.

      Debating information is far different from simple rejection. Opening minds is key. Shedding Dogmas is key. We state what we know, discuss all you like. But remember how far our reach goes, it doesn't come from blogs, brokers or wannabes with 'please donate' buttons or 'subscribe' for a price.

      We said cashless is coming and unavoidable. Who here never saw cashless coming, at some point? Really? People are refusing to use it. Less then 10% of anything here is paid in cash. It is an evolutionary process we all saw coming. Shaping it and placing necessary protection of people's rights are key. Morality of it all may be interesting to discuss but in the end will not prevent the inevitable. Bringing those morals into the utilization of cashless is the point we are making.

      Furthermore, cashless was discussed widely here. I do not recall any issues with the debate that followed. Who was told to shut up or piss off? Who was told their opinion didn't matter?

      One comment on another topic surprised me though and it was yours:

      "Here at OWoN posters are exhibiting a consciousness of One, all diverse but sharing the same root."

      You being Aussie and all, your statement made me curious if you know something I don't. I just find it hard to believe we have all shared to same 'root' and if so who?.... lol

    5. Well certainly not Dolly! She is way above such things. It's all about Eve :)

      Thanks Canauzzie, especially for highlighting 'Shaping it and placing necessary protection of people's rights are key.'

  10. Love you John!

    I know it's easier to just lump someone into a pile of what you call aspiration dreamers then to stop and question everything you believe to be true. I'm not trying to be a thorn in your side or to annoy you. I truly love you and all you are fighting for.
    You have mistaken my statements as some sort of support or pride in my country's government or there achievements. I am far removed from any sort of pride or care for political machinations. My focus is purely on awakening humanity to progress into the future as we build a great new world. Governments of this world will rise and fall based on their actions and their usefulness, and ours is no longer relevant.
    I am merely trying to open your mind John. The most dangerous thought we can have is to think we know all. I would venture to say there are at least 4 to 8 levels of security above your level of knowledge. Part of the compartmentalization of information within the shadow governments is the assurance to people at the mid levels that have access to all information. That is how they have kept it secret globally for decades. Everyone with the highest security clearances don't even know that there are 3-5 levels above their clearance. It's designed that way for a reason. Do not let personal pride get in the way of an openness of mind. Open your heart to new information. Just because you haven't had access to it yet doesn't mean that it isn't true. Imagine that the Friend at NASA is mid level in the need to know hierarchy.
    Are you a member of the "Commitee of 200"? If you are then I would say you're near the top of the information pyramid. There are levels even above these individuals as well though. This has nothing do do with America or Britain. This is a global group of shadow leaders that are never seen.
    As I said, I'm not trying to be a pain in your rear end. I'm just trying to open your mind to some new concepts and ideas.

    Peace and love my brother!

  11. Don

    It was the Committee of 300 and HM was head. We have cut it to c15 and offloaded the hangers on. Clear?
    Now talk Global Elders, why the Chinese came for one week and stayed 3? Why are teams are there now and coming back with them here.
    They are focused on working closely with the Think Tank Group Head here. Above all you specify, higher. A Global entity.
    Snr Legal Advisor mid level? Jesus. The man was ex Sr WH Presidential Advisor. Personal!
    You don't seem to comprehend how high our levels go. Or our extent of knowledge and abilities. Or reach. My family is an 800 year lineage. One ex Snr Knight Protector of the Realm. So Yes, we are connected. Very.

  12. I love this site, quality minds bring intellectual dialog. I would assume that most visit here for the truth because other sites leave you empyty while scratching your head in disbelief then you venture back here for a dose of the reality which causes some brash responses, I know I've done it. Awhile back I asked Tony at WHA about John and he was assured by his WH contact that John was as high as it gets in the financial & global intel world and that is about as good as its gonna get for you inquiring minds. Believe what you will but you will always venture here for the TRUTH.

  13. Hi John,
    Yes I have a pretty good grasp of what level you are at via all of your responses over the last few months, but this one is the clearest for me . I am not questioning your lineage nor your connections in government or affiliations with other Elder families. I believe you wholeheartedly!
    What I am trying to get you to do is open your mind to new information and understand that if you think you have all the Intel at your level, then you're probably 3-5 steps down from the real controllers of this world.
    A perfect example is your statement that your friend was an advisor to the president, and that somehow that should make him a credible Intel source. I'm sure that he believes that he is and has probably been told that he has access to the highest levels of Intel available. He does not. You scoff at my statement of him being mid-level in the Intel hierarchy, but you must understand that the president of our nation is a mid-level operator in the Intel hiearchy of this world. In fact, there hasn't been a fully briefed president in our country since Kennedy. It went so bad with him knowing the truth that he was going to expose them to the world and take down the Fed Reserve. So they killed him and not one president since was ever allowed to know the whole story again. You know this is true John.
    There are at least 3-5 levels of secrecy above our president.

    You assume that because I don't have government connections or 800 years of Nobility lineage that there is no possible way I could know what was really going on in this world. Rest assured there are many of us on this planet at this time that know the truth and more are waking up everyday. I didn't come by these truths through reading a couple Hopium sites over a few evenings time. I came by these truths via thousands of hours of research and reading of true historical documents. I am a very pragmatic and a diligent and discerning individual and I don't just believe any new whim of info that is posted on the Internet. An enormous amount of cross referencing of data has gone into my research. If you choose to just right me off as a nutter or quack, that's fine. Many a heretic was laughed away in the past only to be heralded a visionary after the truth was found later.

    As I said, I'm not here to be a thorn in your side. I'm merely trying to pry open your mind to a different paradigm. Sometimes great messages come from the most unlikely of sources, but if we don't listen they are lost on deaf ears. A great leader takes all information from all sources and makes an educated decision.

    Peace and love my brother!

    1. Don

      Think 6 levels higher and who the Elders are back to work with. London controls 67% of ALL world Forex. More than NY, HK and Singapore put together,.Money makes the world go around. The real control head is here. The worlds Capital city. The rest are just transient, playing at Politics for a while,.Then folding. We have $500M homes here. Real wealth hidden.
      Huge changes are coming as new Players join the table.
      The Cabal has to go. That will have to come from outside. The East West divide is coming now, and London has made the right move to chose a side. We are on both of them. Smart money! Because we can. We make "Educated decisions daily". So do the Elders. Politicos come and go. The Empire stays.

  14. It's interesting that 2 days after the assertions that the SSPs don't exist that this comes out from CoreyGoodETxSG:

    Human Elite Attempt to Negotiate Cessation of SSP Alliance Disclosure in Latest Conference

    Update on the latest conference negotiations between the Secret-Space-Program Alliance and the human "Committee of 200 " elites.

    (AJ note: some say 300 some say 200 and on OWoN we see 15. Obviously numbers don't matter.)

    "They stated that they had been forced through generations of mind control and threats to do all of the things that they had done. They further stated that they would prefer to work with the Alliances in setting up a new financial system that was fair to all of humanity and to begin a controlled disclosure that would not expose certain crimes and incidents that would incriminate them in their life time. They stated that they believed that this information would also contain too much negative details in a short time for the average person to deal with. They stated that because of people's religious beliefs and the paradigm that had been created by those currently in control that a sudden release of this information would lead to riots and suicides on a mass scale. Taking all of that in consideration they proposed that a plan be agreed on that allowed the release of certain information and technologies while withholding the majority of information for a 50 year time period."

    As I said, in the face of conflicting info and disinfo the only way to form a picture is to triangulate different sources. It's the Spock way.

    1. AJ,
      The one thing that I struggle with concerning many of these sites is the constant "donate" button that is in your face. Or they encourage you to "purchase" the latest and greatest ... and they all do it .. even those who are "men of God" or those who promote the prophecy theories... they all want to sell me something.

      Unfortunately, I have to consider there could be manipulation of information to glean the highest amount of donations.

      ~get real

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. good evening... john, canauzzie and all.

    So comforting to be away for a few days and come back to the impassioned words of OWoN's site dwellers..

    ~get real


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