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US naval ship has run-in with PLA frigate in South China Sea

OWoN: The heat builds to what end. China gave a clear warning when it faced them down with greater firepower. Damn right China is telling them to get out of Asia. We need them out of Europe next. End NATO, go home.

US naval ship has run-in with PLA frigate in South China Sea

Want China Times
13 May 2015

USS Fort Worth, a US Navy Freedom-class littoral combat ship, had a run-in with the Yancheng, a PLA Navy Type 054A guided-missile frigate, during its patrol over the disputed Spratly islands on May 11, according to the Beijing-based Sina Military Network.

A seven-day patrol mission was carried out by the US Navy over the disputed waters of the South China Sea from the American naval facility in Singapore. The movements of the USS Fort Worth were closely monitored by Yancheng when it navigated into the Spratly waters near the fourth largest island in the chain. During the confrontation, USS Fort Worth radioed the Yancheng to remind the PLA ship that it was operating in international waters.

The frigate ignored the message and continued to follow the USS Fort Worth until it left the waters, currently under the administration of Beijing. In addition to the vessel itself, the US ship was carrying a MQ-8B unmanned aerial vehicle and a MH-60 helicopter on board. However, a littoral combat ship would not have the firepower to engage a guided-missile frigate like Yancheng.

The confrontation ended peacefully, and both parties stuck to the Code for Unplanned Encounters at Sea adopted by the navies of nations in the Western Pacific including China and the United States last year. The United States Navy will continue to carry out similar patrol missions when it is capable of deploying all four littoral combat ships to Singapore, as per the original plan. More incidents like this may occur in the area in the future, the report said.


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