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The election that caught fire: How the quiet campaign finally exploded

OWoN: We focused hard on appealing to and getting Middle England to vote for restoration of our nations pride and freedom. We targeted Socialists and challenged our people to vote them out. It happened with a bang.

In one sweep we routed the grasping hangers on. All opposition Leaders are out. Once we change the boundaries and reduce the number of seats, English rule will be for the English. We will cut Welfare and we will stop illegals. We will cut Government numbers and we will deal with crime hard. We will cut taxes and do more for Healthcare, Britain is back in Business. Next we need to export it hard. Get second raters out of office.

Houses of Parliament Photo: Getty Images

The election that caught fire: How the quiet campaign finally exploded

One of least memorable elections in living memory resulted in most exciting finish, ending not simply in Conservative victory but orgy of bloodletting

The Telegraph
By Mick Brown
9 May 2015

On Wednesday, on the eve of the general election which he had described as the most important for a generation — and which at that point was seriously threatening to be his last as Prime Minister — David Cameron spent an energetic day talking to two-year-olds, visiting Chester Zoo and laying a brick.

The day of activities reached its climax with him standing in the middle of a cattle market. This series of what are called “campaign visits”, apparently so rich in the possibility of hapless television images and comedy metaphors, in fact proved surprisingly risk averse.

None of the children shouted “I’m with Labour”; the zoo — actually a building site for a new “monsoon house” — was bereft of animals; the brick was laid under expert supervision with the Prime Minister fully kitted out in a hi-vis jacket, hard hat and sturdy boots; the cattle market, in Carlisle, was filled to the brim with cheering, carefully vetted Conservative voters.

David Cameron outside Downing Street after winning a majority (AFP)

In short, it was a series of diligently — one might almost say brilliantly — stage-managed photo opportunities at which real people, with all the fissile unpredictability that implies, were kept at a safe distance.

For 39 days and 22 hours this sense of a campaign — indeed, of politics — as a hermetically sealed process, a thrill-free zone, remote from the lives and tribulations of everyday folk, appeared to be the theme of the election. Every poll, pundit, political journalist and member of the commentariat was of the same opinion: that this most gruelling and characterless — and risk free — of elections would result in the contestants, like exhausted marathon runners, dragging themselves over the finishing line in a dead heat, followed by days or weeks of horse-trading and hand-wringing. The age of single-party parliamentary majority was most assuredly passed.

Then, the first exit poll — and after that the deluge. It cannot be said often enough. Nobody expected this: one of the least memorable elections in living memory resulted in the most exciting finish — not so much an election as a climactic shootout at the OK Corral, ending not simply in a Conservative victory but in an orgy of bloodletting, leaving behind it the complete demolition of a party that until six weeks ago was a partner in government; and the decapitation of three party leaders and some of the most prominent figures from both the government and opposition benches.

So farewell then Ed Miliband, Nick Clegg and Nigel Farage; farewell Danny Alexander, Vince Cable, Ed Balls and Douglas Alexander. Has there ever been a more deliriously unexpected outcome? It is as if Crewe Alexandra and Accrington Stanley were slugging it out in a nil-nil draw, only for Lionel Messi to appear miraculously as a substitute in extra time and score a hat-trick.

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  1. Watching history in the making!!!

  2. We hope it travels to America to help you all. You need to be free.

  3. Just please don't send back to America all your CCTV surveillance cameras along with!! ~darylluke.

  4. All 40M coming to America now to focus on the Cabal.


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