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NATO Breaks Treaty to Establish Permanent Forces in Baltic

OWoN: Here we go again .... Break a treaty and do not consult the party you are going after. Russia is already responding today with missile deployment as an immediate answer. Manning up, facing up and facing the US down. This time they will preempt and know it.

There will be no trust afforded to NATO or the US. You can be sure this is not lost on China and if conflict comes it will be total. China now knows if Russia and the US fight, it has to take sides and this time, the American mainland must be mass hit.

The danger is when Washington's armchair fools think they understand a battlefield. A wrong move now can easily ignite in to a far worse nightmare than anticipated.

I suppose when you are broke you assume war covers up the sins of yesterday so you can stay in power. This can go wrong very quickly and the world certainly is not moving to peace. That clock is nearing midnight.

If the US pushes this it will mean every Global US base hit. Total US fleet annihilation. Every US City, airport, air base, rail links, Silo pads, Command centres, Universities and Silicon Valley will go. All major road and rail bridges will be wiped off the map. All US satellites gone. No TV, phones, radio or Sat Nav. No water, electricity or food supplies. No medicals. No Banks or cards. Hello? At least half the US population will be gone. The rest will starve or go with disease. So much for US policies. Do we need these Clowns? The only thing then left to eat will be each other.

NATO Breaks Treaty to Establish Permanent Forces in Baltic

NATO is set to break a 1997 treaty it signed with Russia by establishing permanent forces in Latvia, as it piles in more troops to the Baltic States.

28 May 2015

Latvia's Cabinet of Ministers has approved a request to ensure a permanent NATO military presence in the country following a review of Latvia's NATO membership. Latvian Prime Minister, Laimota Straujuma, told the Baltic Times that government ministers were evaluating how plans proposed during the NATO Wales Summit in September 2014 to reverse the decline in military spending were progressing.

He said generals from Lithuania and Estonia will also request NATO deploys several thousand ground troops in their countries. Lithuanian military spokesman Captain Mindaugas Neimontas said:

"We are seeking a brigade-size unit so that every Baltic nation would have a battalion."

NATO's Supreme Allied Commander of Europe, Philip Breedlove, said the three countries were to seek "permanent rotational NATO forces" as a "deterrence measure due to the security situation in the region."

However, the deployment of permanent forces flies in the face of the Founding Act on Mutual Relations, Cooperation and Security between NATO and the Russian Federation which was signed in Paris, France on 27 May 1997.

It declared that "NATO and Russia do not consider each other as adversaries" and that the two parties will work together to prevent any potentially threatening build-up of conventional forces in agreed regions of Europe, to include Central and Eastern Europe.

The Act states that NATO "will carry out its collective defense and other missions by ensuring the necessary interoperability, integration, and capability for reinforcement rather than by additional permanent stationing of substantial combat forces."

Breedlove refused to confirm the number of troops that will be deployed in the region, but suggested a standard NATO brigade could consist of around 3,000 soldiers.

In February, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, in a meeting with the Latvian President, said: "The Alliance's responsibility is to protect and defend each and every Ally against any threat. And NATO's support for its eastern Allies, including Latvia, was confirmed at the recent NATO Defense Ministers' meeting in Brussels.

"Here, more progress was made in implementing our Readiness Action Plan, including establishing an enhanced NATO response force and a very high readiness Spearhead Force," Stoltenberg said.

NATO's Eastward March

Historically, NATO — heavily backed by the United States — has sought to spread its influence further eastward, despite an agreement after the reunification of Germany, that it would not encroach on the former Warsaw Pact nations. At the time, former Russian President Mikhail Gorbachev was assured by (then) US Secretary of State James Baker there would be "no extension of NATO's jurisdiction one inch to the east."

Since then, the onward march of NATO eastward has continued unabashed with the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Albania, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia all joining the Washington-led military coalition.



  1. War is barbaric and madness. Real men would drop their ego and use their minds, words, and a caring hand to deal with the issues.

  2. It plays right into the cabal's hands... they want a war and are doing anything and everything they can to instigate it. We will see, the world is tired of dancing to the tune of the cabal... and yet, they still continue to play the game and do the dance.

    ~get real

  3. The majority ethnic make of these Think Tanks in DC are Jews. People in America are totally asleep . These decision makers care very little about anyone else but themselves .


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