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Faith no more: Britons no longer consider turning to God in death

OWoN: It's an interesting irony that a leading nation now has less than 2% of its population as Churchgoers and a population which has been totally turned off all formal religions as bogus shams. The majority of churches have been sold off and people either have no remaining religious beliefs, or are seeking an alternative route to Spiritual beliefs. The Churches have failed badly, both themselves and the public.

It's now time for the nation to sequestrate their vast land holdings and Corporate Trust assets taken from the nation over centuries and return it all for public good. No less for the Vatican. Realistically it's time mankind sought the true reality of Soul and focused on expanding personal consciousness. Religions have sold Bunkum for Millennia and enriched their coffers. It's time for truth to emerge. Also for mankind to be able to understand the deep and rich better Spiritual alternatives waiting and seek it. Coming to the US soon.

Faith no more: Britons no longer consider turning to God in death

Religious and spiritual needs ranked as least important factor for those facing the end of life

The Telegraph
By John Bingham
18 May 2015

The extent of decline of religious faith is exposed in new research suggesting that British people no longer turn to God even in the face of death.

Research into attitudes about death and dying found that having spiritual needs catered for is now considered the least important priority for those facing the end of life.

When asked to choose what would be the most important factor in ensuring they had a “good death”, from a list of options, only five per cent selected having their religious or spiritual needs met.

By contrast 33 per cent said they would like to be “pain free” and 17 per cent said it was most important to have their friends and family with them. One in seven singled out retaining their dignity as most important.

Strikingly, 60 per cent of those surveyed ranked religious or spiritual needs last of the six options they were given.

The findings emerge from research carried out by “Dying Matters”, a coalition of 16,000 hospices, charities, care homes and others working with people facing their end of life.

It found that the vast majority of people in the UK (72 per cent) think death is still a taboo with people uncomfortable discussing dying or bereavement.

But it also found a striking willingness to face death, even if people did not discuss it.

Among older people surveyed for the study, only one in eight said they would wish to live “forever” if they had the choice.

Less than half said they would ideally even wish to live beyond 90, the research for “Dying Matters Awareness Week” found.

Meanwhile the Church of England is launching a drive to encourage worshippers and those who visit churches to discuss death and dying more openly.

New resources for church discussion groups encourage people to consider practical as well as spiritual questions around death such as whether they would like to have people wear bright colours at their funeral.

The Rev Canon Dr Sandra Millar, the Church’s head of Projects and Development said: “We have been helping people to think about the big questions of life and death for generations.

“Our local clergy and lay people are a valuable source of support and help at every stage. Whether it is thinking about what hymns and readings you might want in your funeral service, or finding someone to listen during the painful journey of grief, a local church can play a big part in getting people talking about death and dying.”



  1. Religion is simply an idea. I have ideas too; I pay tax. Religion is not special. It is time for religion to pay tax and contribute.

  2. Yes it is time for one of the main causes of wars and death in this world to go away.


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