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Dolly Parton & Willie Nelson - ♨ Happy, Happy Birthday Baby ♨

OWoN: She is still one of America's greatest ever Exports. One of a kind, like Elvis.


  1. Just listen to Dolly, that charismatic voice, and the life within her. Bottled happiness. She lives to give. A great performer.

  2. John,
    You don't ever give up on the Dolly... :)

    ~Get Real

    1. Her tough crawl through life is what I go for,. She had her cross to bear.

  3. Happy Birthday John and Thank you for sharing! )

  4. I saw Willie about 15 years ago, and from what I can remember, it was cool. If you are a Willie fan (dong pun intended), you may enjoy this...crazy.

  5. John if your Birthday was today I hope it was a pleasant one.

  6. Yes, me too. I wish you a very Happy Birthday John! Wish I could bring Dolly to you to sing this in person. :)

  7. John,
    A very Happy, Happy Birthday...belated! Totally understand your appreciation of Dolly. We saw her at a Six Flags Fiesta Texas outdoor concert. We were sitting on the grass about 10 feet from her performance. She was delightful, warm, bubbly and very connected with her audience~~~oozing charisma. Only other performer I've seen in concert with a matched ability to connect was Elvis!


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