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China Warns World War 3 Is ‘Inevitable’ If U.S Refuses To ‘Stop Meddling’: ‘We Do Not Want It, But We’ll Accept It’

OWoN: The US policy makers are the worlds biggest Terrorism threat now.

All this talk of War is madness or a simple diversion of focus, at a time of great financial distress caused by inept US policies borne out of bottomless Zionist greed, self preservation of wasteful US Military and Agency power structures, and of politicians who have out lived their purpose and time in history. US Hegemony has to go and all US Global bases too.

No one can win in a war of the type now being bandied about. It is not a computer game to turn off when one is bored. It is a time when nations must grow up and accept that "spheres of influence" exist as they have throughout history and today is no different. What is different in history now in the making, is a lack of Western leadership that carries any moral weight on a Global stage. And this is most unfortunate as it is needed. The world works best when there is a balance and respect for opinion of others. Not when there is a void of credibility and double speak coming as always from America and Israel. Trust is hard to achieve and lost quickly by those who never knew what it meant and we are all worse off as a result.

Today nations must focus on job creation to take advantage of youth who are idle or lose a generation or two, and perhaps create never ending new permanent unemployment with all of its social ills. And what are the social and economic consequences of doing this? People must question and demand focus on this, otherwise the system will rot quickly like a fish under a hot sun. The future is creating tomorrow's dignity today for a generation of people cast adrift.

Greed is not Need! Any new War will be mass terminal for most. All nations hosting US bases will be hit hard.

The Roman Empire ended. So must America's if peace is to emerge. We need education to reshape each nation.

Diplomacy, cooperation and integration of views. Harmony NOT Hegemony, and the US out of Asia. NATO is out of its depth and mind. These idiots will lose if they unleash Russia and Europe will pay a terrible price all to keep US Arms Industries fat with contracts. War risk needs to spell out consequences. Russia and China train evermore to take on and take out America.

Is this the world we want? China has spelled it out - WW III if the US keeps meddling. This time they know to have any chance of a new society, if war erupts the total US Mainland must go. An absolute and total end to American Hegemony.

Is this a price worth paying? Be in no doubt, to Russia and China if pushed, it is. America has c330M population. A war will cut that to c50M. If that with disease and starvation to follow the nuclear winter. No more pounding weak nations. If this goes up, the entire US will be a cinder bowl. All for whose greed? Feed need, feed minds! Educate reality.

China Warns World War 3 Is ‘Inevitable’ If U.S Refuses To ‘Stop Meddling’: ‘We Do Not Want It, But We’ll Accept It’

By Tim Butters
27 May 2015

China has issued a stark warning to the United States that World War 3 is “inevitable” if the U.S continues to meddle in the activities of the emerging superpower.

The Daily Express reports that in a new military white paper published today, China has stated its intention to concentrate less on its defensive capabilities and to increase its focus on its offensive capabilities.

Beijing highlighted the reasons for its tactical switch because of a “grave and complex array of security threats.”

The threat of World War 3 is also being blamed on China’s continuing territorial row with the U.S regarding the construction of artificial reefs and other ‘projects’ in internationally disputed waters.

The construction by China of artificial reefs in the South China sea, and various building projects in the Spratly Islands has been a bone of contention with neighboring countries such as the Philippines, Vietnam, and Malaysia, who have all protested against China’s aggressive expansion.

Washington is convinced that China is conducting the work to strengthen their dominance in the South China Sea. The U.S also fear that such dominance will greatly restrict any movement of aircrafts and ships in the region without the express permission of Beijing.

President Obama has already clashed on a number of occasions with China about its building projects. Particularly those in the disputed Spratly Islands, whose sovereignty is claimed by a number of nations.

China’s military white paper basically states that the “most important bottom line” for the country is continued construction of these artificial reefs and suggests any more interference could result in World War 3.

Other proposals put forward in the paper also indicate that China could be preparing itself for World War 3. It is proposed that China increases its “open seas protection” and that in order to improve its “medium and long-range precision strikes,” the Chinese army steps up its mobility and artillery.

To add even more credence to the possibility of a global conflict, a paper favoured by China’s ruling Communist Party, the Global Times, run an editorial last week which warned that, “We do not want a military conflict with the United States, but if it were to come, we have to accept it.”

“China should carefully prepare for the possibility of war with Washington and that if the United States’ bottom line is that China is to halt activities, then a U.S-China war is inevitable in the South China Sea.”

Robert Dujarric, director of the Institute of Contemporary Asian Studies at the Japan campus of Temple University is concerned that China has misjudged the situation and suggests China is perhaps not doing enough to avoid World War 3 and has underestimated the U.S.

“Neither party wants a war if it can be avoided, but there are red lines for both sides. I worry that if Beijing considers the U.S to be a declining power and assumes that Washington will back down if it shoots down a U.S observation aircraft.”

Despite the recent protests from China, the U.S has vowed to keep up air and sea patrols in the South China Sea.



  1. With over 970 bases to impose its Global tyranny, it's time the US had its ass kicked out hard. These are the same Chinese who sent the GIs screaming in tears for their Mammies in Vietnam, and who will mass bayonet the US in any conflict. China and Russia will combine and the price will be so terrible the US will fold. So dont push it. No one wants this. We need the US out of World control and feedings its own. Russia and China will not back down. American Special Ops are top men, but the rest are no match for hardened Commie fanatics. Hollywood won't fight a way, the real mIlitary will. America cant win this.

  2. How much longer can this maddness go on? John with all those that are working tirelessly to bring change about, why have we not begun to see these evil men in power positions taken out?! They continually slaughter & kill those in their way. It's time for any eye for an eye. You stated Londen was involved with Delta. Well it's long overdue for them to move.

    While you continually tell us Americans to rise up and take a stand, our hands are tied due to every possible outlet being corrupt & sold out. We can't vote good men into positions due to the rigging. Protest are a joke and make no difference. Money donated for change never has an impact. What are good hearted Americans to do?

    Feeling frustrated and overwhelmed today. The outlook for the USA is dismal. If there is any glimmer of hope you can share, it would be much appreciated.

  3. Lydialasv.
    1. My heart is with you in deep understanding of your frustration and disappointments. America has been derailed by Criminals and this is not the heritage the Founders wished or left. It is the loathsome weevil spawn of Zionist parasites, who combined with criminal Neocons like Bush, the Clintons and their delusional entourage, have stolen and contaminated the old nation. But Rotten as Rome was,change came. As it will for America.
    Just have faith. You are not alone. Changes are coming.
    2. Over the week end we will expose more the filth of the Zionist Cabal. Their treachery and greed.
    3.The following week we will start to show you the good in America, the potential which exists, and how it can be turned around.
    4. There are major negotiations we can not go public on yet, but once completed and funds released, we will be opening up a dialog to change the quality and integrity of the key electoral process and create a Third way. Patriotic Independents who are not sold out to Israel or Jewish funds. Americans for America. Plus a major push to get an American fit for the Presidency with full transparency. Once started a move can also rise up to remove the Usurper and his Conspiratorial Dog. As well as those fully complicit in the Fraud.

  4. That sounds really good John, eagerly awaiting for the good to prevail.

  5. John,
    Looking forward to the new updates. will be nice to see a positive plug for the US... there are wonderful people who are making a difference in spite of the opposition in DC. Not only in the US but in many places all over the world. We have much to be thankful for...

    ~get real


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