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Cameron hails shock Tory outright majority - UK

OWoN: In England the Conservative (Republican) party registered a sweeping victory totally dismantling Labour (Democrats), but a further shock was the almost total dominance of the Scottish Nationalist Party who swept aside the main English parties in Scotland. The Liberals Party were almost totally wiped out. Now at last the Conservatives have an outright majority, as voters showed they wanted a party they could trust with the economy and no more Socialism free riders. Hopefully America will follow.

The Prime Minister and his wife Samantha are applauded by staff after returning to Number 10 to begin his second term as Prime Minister - Image: AP

TOGETHER WE'LL MAKE GREAT BRITAIN GREATER STILL: Cameron hails shock Tory outright majority as Miliband, Clegg and Farage all QUIT. SNP wins near clean-sweep of seats in Scotland

  • FINAL RESULT: Tories 331 (up 25), Labour 232 (down 24), SNP 56 (up 50), Lib Dems 8 (down 48), Ukip 1 (down 1)
  • David Cameron has secured an overall Commons majority, vowing to implement the Tory manifesto in full
  • In the best Conservative result for more than 20 years, Prime Minister visited the Queen to confirm his victory
  • Ed Miliband resigned with immediate effect after taking Labour to its worst result for three decades under Kinnock
  • Nigel Farage resigned as Ukip leader after failing to become an MP in Thanet South but could stage a comeback
  • Lib Dems are left with only 8 MPs, leading Nick Clegg to resign after a 'cruel and punishing' night for his party
  • Big political names ousted by voters include Ed Balls, Vince Cable, Ed Davey, Jo Swinson and Esther McVey
  • Nicola Sturgeon's SNP swept to a stunning victory across Scotland, winning all but three of Scotland's 59 seats

Mail Online
By Matt Chorley
7 May 2015

David Cameron today vowed to make Great Britain 'greater still' as he set out how he will use his shock outright Tory majority to ensure the 'good life is in reach for everyone who's willing to work and do the right thing'.

The Prime Minister used a statement outside Number 10 to pay tribute to both Labour's Ed Miliband and his former Lib Dem deputy Nick Clegg who have both resigned after suffering heavy losses in one of the most unpredictable election results for a generation.

The three political leaders then emerged, barely an hour later, to stand side by side at the Cenotaph to commemorate the 70th anniversary of VE Day.

Mr Cameron had earlier walked out the doors of Number 10 to declare he was forming a majority Tory government after routing Labour and the Lib Dems in the biggest electoral shock in living memory.

The PM returned to Downing Street with his wife Samantha after making the short trip to Buckingham Palace for a meeting with the Queen to confirm what he described as the 'sweetest victory of all'.

Big political names including Ed Balls, Vince Cable, Ed Davey, Doulgas Alexander, David Laws, Jim Murphy and Esther McVey all lost their seats as the political map of Britain was dramatically redrawn with vast swathes of Tory blue and SNP yellow.

In an incredible night of political drama, Labour suffered a bloodbath in Scotland and failed to make any gains in England. Mr Miliband said he accepted 'absolute and total responsibility' for the electoral disaster, and resigned with immediate effect. His deputy Harriet Harman also announced she will stand aside.

Mr Clegg, who was left as just one of eight MPs to survive the near-destruction of the Lib Dems, also resigned - admitting he had led the party to its worst ever defeat.

It came after Ukip's Nigel Farage threw in the towel within minutes of receiving confirmation that he had lost his bid to enter Parliament. But in a surprise announcement Mr Farage suggested he could return as party leader in the Autumn.

Mr Cameron said he would use the 331 MPs he will have in the Commons to implement the Tory manifesto in full, promising more apprenticeships, income tax cuts and an in-out referendum on Britain's membership of the EU.

But he also signaled that he would sign off a massive devolution of powers to Scotland, after Nicola Sturgeon's SNP stunned everyone to win 56 of 59 seats in Scotland.

The PM returned to Downing Street after making the short trip to Buckingham Palace for a meeting with the Queen to confirm what he described as the 'sweetest victory of all' - Image: AP

Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron hugs a member of staff in Downing Street as he begins his second term as Prime Minister following the Conservative Party's win - Image: AP

Downing Street staff appeared emotional after welcoming back Mr Cameron and his wife Samantha after the most unexpected election victory since 1992 - Image: AFP / Getty



  1. Big moves are coming behind a tide of changes.

  2. I am really glad you won, John, but in all fairness UKIP should have received far better representation too as a result of the votes it received. It would not matter either as there are few opposed as greatly to the EU and unlimited immigration as UKIP, so in that sense the strategic aims would be aligned. UKIP was the party to receive the third highest number of votes and all they got to show for it is a single seat. It should have received more seats than SNP or Lib Dems.

    I believe this political system might cause issues down the road when results can diverge this much from the will of the general population.

    1. Curious about the UKIP lackluster results as well. I thought they had a wave of momentum behind Farage.

    2. They do have the momentum as can be seen from the following link:

      UKIP got 12,6% of all the votes and was third in line after the Conservatives with 36,9% and Labour with 30,4%. By contrast the Liberal Democrats got 7,9% and SNP only 4,7%, but the UK works with the First Past The Post voting system and that system seems rather messed up if 12,6% of the population is only given one seat out of 650 seats......If the system would have more direct representation UKIP would have gotten 82 seats based upon the votes they received.

      You can be sure that UKIP will address this matter and rightfully so. Nevertheless it means they are irrelevant for the time being and when the next opportunity arises, the UK probably already will have left the EU and immigration would have been halted to great extents and with that UKIP's critical selling points will probably be gone up to not insignificant extents. What that means is that there is a chance that UKIP will have lost all its importance already, but its main aims will be accomplished, although those then will be credited purely to other parties. Not very nice how it works, but ultimately what is important for the people is what aims are achieved that directly affect them.

    3. Right now we need our Politicos to go for it. The last thing we needed was a Commie Troll in power whose brother works with Clinton, and whose own father was an illegal Russian Jewish immigrant who paid off his entry with Commie sympathisers.
      We are now well rid of the Libdems and we will change the voting boundaries next which will cost the Labour rubbish at least 20 seats. This way we keep labour out of power for the next Century. We are also getting Britain out of the ridiculous Human rights system where radicals or criminals can plead for protected amnesty. They have to go. As well as the flood of Euro Trash which came here from the penalty of EU membership. Packing that lot off back is another good move if we can either get out of the EU or improved terms to remain in. Britain will be far better off out, and if so, it will scuttle the EU which has evolved as a Social waste bin of sleaze and incompetence. A Wetbacks Wonderland,

      The work we are doing with the Elders, if concluding as we hope, will underpin us to stand alone as our own Sovereign Nation, and be the Banking Centre for the world, as well as Cultural Center,.where we can at last use Bank Platform Profits to slowly turn around and remodel societies in need and provide the level of education children need from birth. Changing society means starting by getting it right with the children. There unmarried girls with 4 kids by 4 different fathers, all gone, are a real issue of trouble. We need to educate societies towards stable relationships, or birth restraints. Children growing up in dysfunctional households are doomed from birth.Too many teenage girls are pressured into feckless relationships with one version of Testosterone Tosser or another, leaving a clueless society stuck with the welfare cost of the outcome and the poor children paying the ultimate price, in basket case families. Kids don't deserve to be born into this. Its a vicious cycle.

      We need to educate children to realise the values of good citizenship and stable families. The importance of family values and social integration. We need Elders guiding societies needs and direction. We need to share cohesion and values. A sea of Social integration and an information highway to help all nations integrate and communicate.

      Elders funds need responsible management, and the world needs hope.
      We will work towards losing national boundaries, stopping them solely herding humanity for Bureaucratic dominance, and bring in better Global integration by shared values among societies. Project funding will be one start. Once Britain controls the flow of Capital again, we can moderate societies as needed. He who pays the Piper?

      Both sites are awash with Social and Project needs. A network of potential enlightened Agents of Light already has emerged. So much depends now upon the Elders,GS and RV's. Behind the scenes, we are the gateway for all 3 via London and our US networks. Plus good Patriotic Allies working in unison towards better Social cohesion.

      Yesterday getting the trash out of UK politics was step one. Helping our Allies in America is another key. Funding top class Independants for both Seats and the Presidency are a start. Then re establishing a new Constitution to help our old Colony recover Citizenship Rights. Also clearing out the Fed and removing the US from single source Military Cabal dominance and mischief. We need America fighting crime within and out of Kazakh clutches. Then we need to deal with the Zionists. Cleaning out the Banks and a systematic program of role sanitation. Re planning Banking to serve not manipulate. Addressing Zionist racketeering and routing them.

      America still has enormous potential once reapplied to become a thriving Industrial center for excellence. Your good hearts over Mike was not missed. Nor your wish to be a true part of so much more.
      A step at a time, but giant ones needed soon. The Elders are one huge next potential step for a re emergent new society role play. Changing the rules and removing the fools.

    4. What is wrong with the original organic 1789 Constitution? Why would we need a "new Constitution to help our old Colony recover Citizenship Rights"? Restoring the original would effectively overnight VACATE ALL OF CONGRESS, and we can proceed with paper ballot elections from that point forward. Dual citizens out! Agents all OUT!! Lotsa criminals to keep the headlines full for the populace to SEE for themselves what these crooks have done to keep them entertained!! They can focus their RAGE on them, yet at the same time KNOW there is no need for violence because of the rage they will feel because it would be seen being dealt with on the news!!

      This only makes perfect sense, yet I am just a simpleton who dreams of a better tomorrow....


    5. You dont have a functioning Constitution you have, in effect, been under Martial Law since 1861, with your entire Congressional and Senatorial representatives working only for the Cabal of Bankers etc. Your Birth Certs and SS numbers are hypothecated to maintain this Ponzi scam, and the Bar council works ONLY to protect them, not you. You are all bagged and tagged from birth as owned assets of the Zoo. OWON will expose the unpalatable truth for you. You are all owned by a Corporation a now Bankrupt Corporation, and your taxes are taken by the Bankers not for the nation. The Fed is Bankrupt. All syphoned away leaving you the debts. Do NOT allow the Fed to be absorbed, insist they go the United States Corporation for Debt resolution. The Shyster Zionists set you up so now take them down! They stole your nation and birthright. Every nation, every time, anywhere, same solution, same ending. Once you let the Sewer Rats into the Food Store how do you think it ends?

    6. SHYSTER ZIONISTS do indeed need to be taken down. But how?

      What can people do? thnx. ~darylluke.

  3. Good plans, positive inspiration. Thanks John.

  4. Happy to hear there's a much larger plan than being happy with Tories. In US Corporation, Dems & Reps are just flip sides of same coin during campaign, then all vote the cabal bidding. But they have great fun with their party hats.

  5. Read all of Trilogy 3 when it comes out Texian. It will rock your boat. So will the graphics.
    We ARE the Elders and unlike the Cabal, we are not open for bribes. We have culture and honour. Here, respect is earned, not bought. Values matter and Britain will thrive again. Time to dump the Chumps.

    1. John,
      I'm already seasick but looking forward to it. Hope you know I was not casting any aspersions on you or other Elders. If you tell us you have control over Cameron's actions, that's excellent news. I dumped the chumps over here long ago....just looking for company around here!

  6. Looking forward to reading Trilogy 3. Could use some boat rocking! )

  7. Good work John. I am having this slot machine shipped to your chambers as a well deserved reward. LOL

  8. I thought Farage was one of the good guys!! I liked him and every youtube I watched of him (40+) he had his finger on the pulse of where the real problems were/are. Namely immigration and leaving the EU. He is surely an anti-zionist, I am sure we can all agree, so I am sure he will find support in whatever he does next. ~darylluke.


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