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  1. A major disappointment. What a let down. He lied and deceived his way to become President of the USA. How many billions $$ not accounted for by military industrial complex again ?

  2. ‘Stench of Corruption': Anti-Hillary Street Art Hits L.A. Ahead of Fundraisers

    Several pieces of artwork critical of presidential candidate Hillary Clinton have appeared around Los Angeles and Beverly Hills ahead of a trio of pricey fundraisers the candidate will attend this week.

    Fake, tree-shaped car fresheners with an image of Clinton in the middle have been placed at the corners of Sunset and Amalfi, Sunset and Capri and Sunset and Allenby in the Tony Riviera section of Pacific Palisades, home to Hollywood luminaries like Ben Affleck, J.J. Abrams, Steven Spielberg, and Tom Hanks.

    The air freshener’s caption? “Stench of Corruption.”

    Clinton is set to attend three high-priced fundraisers on Thursday, May 7. In the morning, Clinton will appear at the Westwood home of Women’s Political Committee member Catherine Unger for a $2,700 per plate women’s breakfast fundraiser, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

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