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How can an Illegal take all you have and forcefully conscript you?

OWoN: Back to United States basics. How can an Illegal Foreign Con Man, holding a US State Job by blatant criminal Fraud, be able to at will, seize all you have and forcefully conscript you? 

This Foreign Marxist crook shows no remorse as he plunders America while you do nothing. 

Obama, Barry, Soetoro, King, Dictator, Illegal


  1. Is there any realistic hope that the military will restore the Republic? They are the only ones that could and are bound by OATH to defend us against "....all enemies(of WE THE PEOPLE) foreign and domestic....", right? What
    are they waiting for? Or, am I delusional because Benjamin Fulford is an out-right liar? ~darylluke.

  2. DL, I can't determine if Fulford,s info is credible, Paladin must think so since he's been a member there for some time. He's a WH maybe we should ask him if the military is trying to restore the Republic.

  3. History shows that only small groups of dedicated men act to change things. The masses en large never have, except to loot and plunder once order is lost. The population, en mass is not bringing about the new gold trade settlements.The population, en mass, is not storming the White House and holding hearings on corruption. The population, en masse, is not in discussion to bring forth the WGS etc. These things are being brought about by smaller groups of good men who have our interests in heart, but not to bring endless promises of easy cash. Just to give us a sounder, more equitable system for us all to do our best with.

    Is there a single, modern day Caesar lurking, ready to lead a vanguard to supplant the clique who defile our country's constitution? We have all wondered about this. Our country can only be laid prostrate with the weight of graft for so long, and the world moving to a gold backed settlement to trash the dollar's role will only bring deeper pockets of misery from which good leaders may arise here, from sheer need.

    But, it will all start with smaller groups who light the fuse and chart the course. We are seeing this now.

    1. I'm being honest when I say this because I want your genuine answer.

      Do you really think the world will change because it's commodity backed or we have some gold trade settlement?

      Didn't we use metals and barter for about the last 10000 years up to 1970?

      What did we get? Egyptian priests, Roman dictators, The dark ages, Feudalism, Religion, Company stores, Wars, Wars, more wars, etc. etc.

      What is so different from what we have now?

      Do you seriously think it will change because the money is asset backed?

      As long as there is money...there will be those that seek to use this mechanism to control.

      It is the scourge of our planet.

      When there is no economic interest in living.... then and only then will we be able to advance. Spiritually, not materialistically as we should.

      Everyone puts so much emphasis on how this will change our lives.

      I really think they are looking in the wrong place.

    2. I never asserted that societal perfection would be the end result of honest value (not fiat) money. However, the first goal here, and what is being worked on to rid our monetary systems of monopolistic ownership, is a critical step - to bring about a fairer system, not a perfect one. The world is not ready to get ride of monetary social systems over night.

      The Romans and all lived in different times when their monetary systems could not make a difference in society in so short a time because the technology we have today was not around the corner then. However, now we are in different times when a more equitable system, devoid of raw control by so few, can allow our technological developments to advance more rapidly and evenly, and eventually, we will find money is not needed.

      It won't be next year, or even in a decade perhaps. But soon, technology will replace so many "jobs" that money will be unavailable to so many, that it wont be money that is the reason things get done in such a society. This is not some speculative argument. It's acknowledged by many in technological circles as being inevitable.

      What we are seeing attempted now is needed, because without ridding ourselves of the cabalamites, they will hoard technology for their own good and for profit only, not world advancement. They wont care about "not enough jobs". They will simply remove several billion of us to solve their problem. A new, fairer system is needed as an exigent to tie both ends together in a more rapid fashion and forestall societal disaster before we get a chance to move to a technologically based, and not monetary based, society.

      Take a deep breath. You overplayed your hand a bit with your response and went way beyond the subject matter I was addressing, with your reply. I am not unaware of what you are saying. In court, your approach would be objected to for not being material to my original post.

      Now that you laid the framework for your argument, I have responded to it.

      That's my honest answer.

  4. What the, really ?!? If the federal government can take what little water I have, then they might as well take my dirty undies too. I won't be able to wash them.


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