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Growing old gracefully for almost twice as long

OWoN: Time to look at positives for humanity. This is what we need, not war and US Agencies.

Healthy living: Dr Alex Zhavoronkov, an anti-ageing expert, believes medical advances and knowledge of lifestyles will lead to a far longer life expectancy than has been seen to date

Growing old gracefully for almost twice as long

Scientist believes he has unlocked the key to slowing down the aging process and expects to live to 150

  • Dr Alex Zhavoronkov, an anti-ageing expert, is confident he can live to 150
  • Scientist believes he can slow the ageing process by altering his lifestyle
  • That includes shunning marriage and children, while using supplements
  • Current UK life expectancy is 78.8 years for boys and 82.8 years for girls

Mail Online
By Sam Tonkin
26 April 2015

A scientist says he expects to live to 150 after uncovering the secrets of how to slow down the ageing process.

Dr Alex Zhavoronkov, an anti-ageing expert, believes medical advances and knowledge of lifestyles will lead to a far longer life expectancy than has been seen to date.

He is following a strict regime of regular exercise combined with drugs and supplements and regular health checks, while shunning marriage, children and material assets to focus on anti-ageing research instead.

A director of the UK-based Biogerontology Research Foundation think tank, which is dedicated to longer life and improving the health of the elderly, Dr Zhavoronkov remains confident that his lifestyle will allow him to reach the 150-year milestone.

He also makes sure he is administered with vaccines as soon as they are available, according to The Sunday Telegraph, while monitoring his blood biochemistry and cell counts.

'All of the supercentenarians alive today lived through tough times, when no antibiotics were available and our understanding of human biology was not that far from the Stone Age,' he said.

'I think that in two to three years we will have effective pharmacological solutions based on already approved drugs that will help people remain younger and healthier until other advances in regenerative medicine and gene therapy become available.'

Secret to long life: Dr Zhavoronkov is combining drugs and supplements with frequent health checks (pictured) and regular exercise as part of his quest for longevity. He is confident he can live to 150 years old

According to the Office for National Statistics, a boy born in the UK today is expected to live to 78.8 years and a girl to 82.8 years.

Many health experts think most people can exceed that by walking regularly, cutting down on fat, sugar and salt in their diets and using existing drugs such as statins.

In fact, Austrian researchers said a few weeks ago that old age begins at 74, such has been the advancement in medicine and health.



  1. This is the new #1, please place general comments here

  2. This just gives me a bad feeling in my stomach. The letter and the AARP commercial are really frightening. WTF?

  3. Valdi,

    "JC Collins gets it; James Corbett gets it; Ken of Redefining God gets it; Brandon Smith of Alt-Market gets it."

    Just a simple question to you Valdi just so I have a better understanding.

    If what these people promote goes against the grain of the picture we are trying to paint, why are you here?

    On a personal note, two of the names mention above I would not even give the time of day.

    1. Canauzzie,

      Sorry I missed your comment earlier. I didn't see it when I commented below on the current topic.

      I am here to learn - same reason I take notice and try to understand what others who are better informed than I, like you and John, have to say. I am not sure which two of the commenters I mentioned you would not give the time of day to, or your reasons. I am not knowledgeable enough yet to be in that position.

      As I explained, I was tired and not thinking my best when I made the comment, with a busy day ahead of me. It did seem to have some validity as an alternative point of view. I apologise if it ruffled your feathers; that wasn't my intention.


    2. You did not ruffle my feathers, I was just curious is all. I am not mentioning the names directly because I do not wish to give them any recognition at all.

  4. Big Pharma must love this guy, the way he is pushing their products, but I doubt very much he will live to see 150 if he fills himself with vaccines, synthetic supplements and drugs - statins may actually reduce life-expectancy in patients who have no pre-existing heart disease.

    A glance at the Trustees of the Biogerontology Research Foundation (a registered charity) shows they are more likely to be in it for big bucks generated by products of their research. No doubt the elite would be benefit while the goy die off from breathing poisoned air, drinking contaminated water, eating toxic foods, being exposed to legal and illicit drugs, having their psyche corrupted by the media and being kept in continual states of fear, struggle, depression or anxiety.

    1. Valdi,

      I would concur with you on this. Any article that states I combine exercise with regular drugs and make sure I get every vaccine that comes on the market is retarded.

      This is a puff piece for the pharmaceutical industry.

      That is exactly what this piece is about. Certainly not health or longevity.

      I would encourage everyone to visit

      Shane was a former pharmaceutical chemist that left to start his own nutrition and health education company when they told him the goal was to get all people on drugs as if they were vitamins. His cardio FX product is fantastic, natural and a better solution that pumping toxic statins in your body.

      Of course, you can't get these in the EU because you are under the draconian codex alimentarious.

    2. JV, thank you. I looked up Cardio FX and it consists of grape seed extract, hawthorn, garlic, and magnesium citrate - all of which we can obtain from health food stores in the UK.

      I agree that our bodies are capable of living much longer if we comply with nature and don't try to compete with it. Modern lifestyles are anything but healthy and effective natural and alternative remedies have been suppressed when they threaten company profits.

    3. Great.

      And just so people know, cholesterol is absolutely essential to complete body health. It is the grandmother of all hormones as it is the precurser needed for all hormone production. Your heart's main fuel source is saturated fats.

      Good fats are absolutely essential, not detrimental to health. Just stay away from all the fake fats and hydrogenated ones.

      Coconut oil, full fat butter from organic milk (raw, if possible) and avocado oil are best to cook with. Saturated fat doesn't oxidize with heat as quickly and these have high heat smoke points.

      Coconut oil is also full of lauric and caprylic acids which are almost identical to mother's milk and destroy viruses and bacteria. They have used it to kill the AIDS virus in patients.

      Nature gives us what we need.

    4. Everything that JV has stated above is dead on!
      I've done years of research into longevity and all of the info he has presented is exactly what I've discovered.
      If man made it, I wouldn't touch it. Especially VACCINES!!!!

      Great info JV

    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    6. Coconut oil is also excellent for brain health. A CDN doctor whose husband was diagnosed with Alzheimer's says that her husband's cognitive and language abilities improved after he started taking coconut oil. I believe it was one tablespoon per day. There of course was no research lab that wanted to undertake a study because Big Pharma cannot profit from coconut oil but I believe there is a study underway at Simon Fraser University in British Columbia.

      Coconut oil is a miracle working agent in so many ways and applications, of that there is no doubt.

    7. JV agreed! The low fat meme is pushed by industry. Q: notice how all those on low fat diets and eat lettuce for lunch are overweight? I eat proteins and fat and I'm a thin bugger. Carbs make you obese because of the way they are stored.

    8. When I read this article, red flags went up for me. Valdi and JV said so well what too I was thinking. Exercise, clean pure air, water, food, soil, not drugs...just find a homeopathic, herb, or natural supplement to treat your ills. Nature does indeed provide.

    9. My girl,

      Great point on the Alzheimer's. I forgot about that study. I know for AIDS patients they were using 8 tablespoons per day which is intense and should only be used for chronic issues.

      I got E-COLI about 5 years ago and took the same amount. Within about 4 days the pain stopped. I was back in fighting shape within a week.

      The other thing that I have found to be really helpful is fasting on water and wheatgrass shots (as needed for fatigue and headaches from the detox)

      It's amazing how much our bodies get polluted even when we are trying to be clean and healthy.

      I have done a 30 day and a 35 day fast on pure water and occasional wheatgrass in the past 10 years.

      My dream state was unreal. I only needed about 4 hours of sleep. I could think so clear and was relaxed. My body felt light and energetic. You would think it would be the opposite, but after you get passed about day 10-14, you feel so good you don't want to eat again.

      It's about time for another one.

  5. Hello everyone, I'm posting so I can get updates from you.

  6. Seems the western nations will be losing alot of their population over the next 10 years.

    1. I am not sure about DEAGLE. He may be disinfo or controlled info release like Lindsay Williams.

  7. On another pressing subject in the US, It seems the locals are NOT buying what the proponents of Jade Helm are selling.


    BASTROP — In a map released by the U.S. Army Special Operations Command to show the fictitious battlefield of the Jade Helm 15 training exercise, Texas was labeled as “hostile” territory.

    On Monday, Lt. Col. Mark Lastoria found out why.

    BASTROP — In a map released by the U.S. Army Special Operations Command to show the fictitious battlefield of the Jade Helm 15 training exercise, Texas was labeled as “hostile” territory.

    On Monday, Lt. Col. Mark Lastoria found out why.

    Lastoria answered questions for two hours from a crowd of more than 150 people at a special meeting of the Bastrop County Commissioners, hoping to allay locals’ concerns that the training operation is a way for the federal government to take over Texas and much of the Southwest. Instead, Lastoria was told that he couldn’t be trusted and was asked whether Jade Helm 15 will involve bringing foreign fighters from the Islamic State to Texas, whether U.S. troops will confiscate Texans’ guns and whether the Army intends to implement martial law through the exercise. (The answer for all three was no.)

    “It’s the same thing that happened in Nazi Germany. You get the people used to the troops on the street, the appearance of uniformed troops and the militarization of the police,” said Bob Wells, a Bastrop resident, after the meeting. “They’re gathering intelligence. That’s what they’re doing. And they’re moving logistics in place for martial law. That’s my feeling. Now I could be wrong. I hope I am wrong. I hope I’m a ‘conspiracy theorist.’”

    More at site

  8. From the son of the owner of the Baltimore Orioles:

    The Baltimore Riots: The Stunning Comments By Orioles Owner’s Son


    “…my greater source of personal concern, outrage… is focused upon an American political elite that have shipped middle class and working class jobs away from Baltimore and cities and towns around the US…, plunged tens of millions of good hard-working Americans into economic devastation, and followed that action around by diminishing every American’s civil rights protections in order to control an unfairly impoverished population living under an ever-declining standard of living and suffering at the butt end of an ever-more militarized and aggressive surveillance state.”

    1. I was so impressed with this I wanted to know the man's name. When I found that in your link, MWP, I saw there was more to what he said. I've brought it all over. IMO, the more exposure these comments receive, the better. His - John Angelos - comments are in quotes. The beginning/end statements are from ZH.

      From the link MWP provided above:

      In this context we present the following culled from Twitter messages posted by Orioles Executive Vice President John Angelos, son of majority owner Peter Angelos:

      “Brett, speaking only for myself, I agree with your point that the principle of peaceful, non-violent protest and the observance of the rule of law is of utmost importance in any society. MLK, Gandhi, Mandela, and all great opposition leaders throughout history have always preached this precept. Further, it is critical that in any democracy investigation must be completed and due process must be honored before any government or police members are judged responsible.

      That said, my greater source of personal concern, outrage and sympathy beyond this particular case is focused neither upon one night’s property damage nor upon the acts, but is focused rather upon the past four-decade period during which an American political elite have shipped middle class and working class jobs away from Baltimore and cities and towns around the U.S. to third-world dictatorships like China and others, plunged tens of millions of good hard-working Americans into economic devastation, and then followed that action around the nation by diminishing every American’s civil rights protections in order to control an unfairly impoverished population living under an ever-declining standard of living and suffering at the butt end of an ever-more militarized and aggressive surveillance state.

      The innocent working families of all backgrounds whose lives and dreams have been cut short by excessive violence, surveillance, and other abuses of the Bill of Rights by government pay the true price, an ultimate price, and one that far exceeds the importance of any kids’ game played tonight, or ever, at Camden Yards. We need to keep in mind people are suffering and dying around the U.S., and while we are thankful no one was injured at Camden Yards, there is a far bigger picture for poor Americans in Baltimore and everywhere who don’t have jobs and are losing economic civil and legal rights, and this makes inconvenience at a ball game irrelevant in light of the needless suffering government is inflicting upon ordinary Americans.”

      Not exactly what the US Department of Truth wanted to hear.



  9. Vaccines are a tricky subject. I do not believe that all vaccines are dangerous. However, there are drastic problems with both safety and the trustworthy integrity of them. Rather than go into a long winded post I will just give you this video which covers most what I would say. He is hard to listen to, but worth it.

    Robert F. Kennedy Jr. - Real Time with Bill Maher

    1. I always keep in mind the publication bias that the WHO admitted was a concern in the pharmaceutical industry, which includes vaccines. But, working in a hospital I am not going to put others at risk.

      Canauzzie, I have pointed out to my very vocal pro-vax friends that the medical ethics of informed consent are at risk by forcing sane and competent adults to take these. By framing the argument that way they are partially open to listening. Same goes with abortion: do we allow informed consent there too? For me that is where the issue needs to be fought.

    2. The inserts on all of these vaccines have side effects named that are so ridiculous, anyone who would take them might as well just play Russian roulette. Yet...does anyone ever give this to the patient. Quite frankly, this is the case for most drugs.

      Then you add in the cumulative effect of 50-60 of these in the child's first few years when they are still developing their immune system.

      Plus, vaccines bypass all the natural immunity pathways. No where in nature do you get stabbed with a virus or bacteria. You touch something or breathe it in.

      If people would just breast feed their children instead of dumping soy and cow milk formula down their throats, they would get all their antibodies and immunity from their mother who has been exposed to most of these viruses, etc throughout her life.

      If man is involved, it usually gets screwed up.

      We are born with an immune system. It amazes me how we try to destroy nature, instead of mastering and working with nature.

    3. I can't hardly watch Bill Maher. But this whole conversation is just a distraction. Thimerosol is bad, but what about all the other poisons in the vaccines.

      Here is a great article from natural news that talks about the other additives and their toxic side effects.

      Now just imagine the cumulative effect from all these poisons co-mingling in the body at once.

  10. John if you have the time to answer a question for me it'd be much appreciated. At the time I go and exchange my vnd holdings, will a flag be sent to the tax office as that transaction being part of an RV event, with the prearranged tax scale, thereby over-riding capital gains tax law? Will the bank withhold tax upfront? I wasn't clear of the pre-arranged tax rates were for iqd only or all so-called rv currencies. This is for Aus but a general answer would also be great. Thankyou.

    1. Ajnaandy
      As of now, we are probably moving towards October / November if it's not done in May because the mindless stupidity of silly season takes over. Nothing is yet organised it's chaotic. Plus the Political Leadership of Iraq, a real patchwork quilt of jabberwocks need to agree on anything.
      How it is currently profiling is that the Big Battalions will be done first in Reno, along with the Iraqi and Vietnamese domestic markets.
      A Withholding Tax proposed seems to have been accepted so far. All the focus has been on the major groups.
      As yet, there are no plans showing for normal domestic Banks to create a Forex Exchange desk facility, and if Iraq does a note conversion and switch to new Dinars, it gets more confusing.
      No one is doing any planning yet for Public clearances, so we wait. Unless so , chaos will follow. They will have more than enough paper via the big Battalions. So far, unless there is cohesive planning, any Public move may be months behind. Behind the scenes, while they may have actively printed the Iraqi crap for a Camp Follower market, no one bothered with forethought of an Exit, because the only forethought was how to sell to and feed a market greed. Chaos rules, with no forethought for the Public. Banks have made no Public Plans yet for a structured Public Exchange, and until then, the Public may be months behind, or even have to fly to Baghdad to switch. If so, good luck with that trying to cross borders with cash. Iraq may well seize the lot of as a Scavenger Tax on those who ruined their nation.. In short, it's a mess.

      Our role is covering Reno. The Public have confusion as usual. Well apart from Guru Land which is paid out in BS and Fantasies every week. All we can do is advise you if and when. Chaos rules while the Gurus sell to adolescent fools. Are the Banks really going to unleash vast millions to a hoard of speculators? Really?
      Time will tell. So far nothing is visible for any Public exit yet. All focus is in the Domestic,Sovereign and Big Battalion markets. No Bank shows any interest in servicing public paper yet. It is fraught with difficulties.
      Even walking into a bank with a case of cash can get it seized today. Many won't clear History of Funds checks. If Iraq declares Public Funds to be products of War Looting or overprinting, these are areas yet to be tested. Currently, we wait daily, because for the next 5 weeks anything is possible, but if not done then, you really need to be thinking October plus. The only rule so far, is that Chaos rules. These are all Jungle Bunny Currencies with Jungle Bunny rules.

    2. Perhaps Vietnam should take the lead? After all, they have been waiting a hell of a lot longer. At least their currency is genuine and viable.

    3. Thanks John lots of info there much appreciated.

  11. Those who are pro-vax in United States think the government is trying to look out for them. Nothing could be farther from the truth! Vaccines are being used for the NWO depopulation agenda. As Robert Kennedy Jr said in his speech--"The CDC (Centers for Disease Control) is a cesspool of corruption." Children are being bombarded with toxic vaccines to the point that 1/60 end up with Autism. Most of the diseases being vaccinated for are not generally lethal anyway. Why are we sacrificing the lives of that many children maimed with Autism? Not only that, the toxins in flu shots are causing the epidemic of dementia in seniors. has an exposé at his site on weapons plans for vaccines using nanobots and biophlanges in them to effect the mark of the beast on all people. They can put ANYTHING into vaccines and do! Bill Gates and his toxic needles are banned many places. His 'vaccines' are causing death to those receiving the shots. Italy banned the flu shot last season when 69 people died immediately after vaccine. Ebola also started up again in Africa with the vaccine program.

    Mr. Kennedy also brought up that Dr Thompson and some his colleagues of CDC confessed that they covered up studies showing the Autism spike with vaccines. You may not have heard about it since it received no media coverage in United States...probably no where else either. Dr Andrew Wakefield of UK was first doctor to suggest this link to Autism from vaccines many years ago. Not only was he vilified by other doctors and the press, his medical license was revoked! Has anyone apologized to him? IMO, he's a HERO!

    What part of this is not understood for what it is? As with most medicine, if there's no money in it, it won't be allowed to be discussed. Follow the money people! If my child is not vaccinated and yours is, why do you care that it's my child at risk? Same with the flu!

    1. canauzzie...sorry. I'm the one with long-winded post!

    2. I think all need to stop apologizing for the beliefs and opinion expressed and respect your right to freewill.

      You have a right to express these thoughts. You weren't offensive.

      We all should be entitled to our opinions. This is freedom and freewill.

      If not, what the hell is the fight for?

    3. Texian,

      I had an epiphany when I read your statement "If my child is not vaccinated and yours is, why do you care that it's my child at risk? Same with the flu!"

      Why isn't anyone else saying this? When they want to vaccinate your children, tell them that if the vaccinations work so well, vaccinate their own children and themselves and don't worry about those who don't want to be vaccinated. If the un-vaccinated get the disease and the vaccinated people don't, why should they care? Are all of those strangers really that concerned about me and my family that they would go to the extent of forcing my rights taken away from me and force me to get vaccinated against my will? WHY? WHY would they insist on this...they are protected so what's the big deal?

      This is what we need to begin saying loudly to the doctors, schools, and pro-vaxxers. "If your vaccines work, take them and leave us alone. We are no threat to you?"

    4. Well said everyone. Actually, I believe that the vaccines don't work very well at all. Especially the flu ones. It is just a way to get 'other creepy things' into our systems. That is why they make such a fuss about it all. Between the chemtrail poisons getting into our food, water, air, and soil, the GMO's in our food, fluoride in the water, all the other poisons like herbicides, pesticides, prescription drugs, and vaccines....they are using them all to make us sick so we make them more money along the way and then die early.

    5. Average age in the bible pre-flood was ~1400 years, fwiw....

    6. @ JV

      Excellent contributions. I completely agree. Nature knows best and man can do best (in most cases) by mimicking nature's designs and processes.

      @ Mom, Wife and Patriot

      The irony of the situation is that people who have been vaccinated are actually the ones who can transmit diseases as they have been exposed to small amounts of select diseases in order to acquire a future resistance to those diseases. As such in a fair world one would want to quarantine the vaccine takers if the diseases in question are dangerous enough to pose a threat to everyone else and the diseases in question should be always be dangerous enough. If they would not be all that dangerous, then why take the vaccination in the first place?

      Evidence that vaccinations can actually spread disease can be found easily enough. Here is an example:

      I believe the Queen of England will live a lot longer than Dr. Alex Zhavoronkov as she seems far smarter. The Queen of England happens to have one of the very best homeopaths at her service and homeopathy can do absolutely everything vaccinations can do, but do it better and far safer if the skill of the homeopath is adequate.

  12. Well Tuesday is over, so another blown week for a VND RV.... Fingers X for next week here! ~darylluke.

  13. Darylluke, I don't think anything is going to happen until September. If the VND increases it will probably be only about 2%. That won't help anyones dreams to better this world. I also think the EU will collapse not the USD. If it happens I will be very surprised. I have lost that warm fuzzy feeling of hope.

    I have always wondered why "The Elders" would care to give Americans money to better the world. Why all the hoopla now. The world has needed help for centuries. Doesn't make much sense to me.

    1. LISA33..... I agree..... put money in the hands of every day peeps who want change?..... it does not look like the world is any where near that point..... it would mean all those deeply rooted power folks would lose control..... I just don't see any BIG signs of that..... there are a lot of little things adding up but that could go on for a long time..... who knows for sure..... I don't talk to the elders I only talk to my local barber..... lol

    2. Lisa and James

      The Elders are discussing strategic steps for Global Project Funding only.No one is looking at, or considering a Public hand out. Nor is it likely. Correct, the Elders will not bail failed nations. Selective projects will create jobs and thats it. They are not Santa claus. Dreams implode.

    3. John, if you have the time, maybe you can give some advice here.
      Namibia's most prized conservation area is up for sale at 1.3 Billion N$. China, Bill Gates and Warren Buffet have shown interest, but we the people want to keep them out. China because they would just buy for the Rhino horn, and the other two for obvious reasons. If the government buys it, which they so far declined, it will just revert back to a run back farming area it was before. Yet, even if all of us would club together, we'd never be able to come up with that kind of money. Would the elders consider such a project as viable for funding?

    4. Hanlo

      Right now my big battle is getting Tens of Ts in cash back into the system so we can fund their Students and Doctors training plus so many other key needs. The had no idea that Off Balance Sheet money would cold cock them like this. Raise it with me later this year if its not gone, but Commercial Operators will asset strip it for sure.

    5. Thanks, John, will do so. I'm sure too that Commercial Operators will asset strip it. But not only them, our government will do the same if they take it under the Land Reform Act.

  14. Latest from Jim Stone:
    RIOTS SUPPORTED BY MAYOR! Mayor of Baltimore Stephanie Rawlings-Blake admitted in a press conference that she gave instructions for police to protect protesters, including “those who wished to destroy,” and to give them some space. People who were victimized by the rioting have reported being detained in a baseball park as rioters looted and wrecked their homes! That’s right – at the heart of the rioting, homeowners were detained in a ball park while the mayor ordered the police to not only permit violent protesters, BUT TO PROTECT THEM as they looted and smashed the city all the while non-rioters were detained to prevent them from stopping the damage! Her public statement is here, At the 7:30 mark and if this vanishes it is too late, people all over the place are onto this and it won’t get buried. So now it is perfectly obvious, we have direct proof: The riots are, in effect, government sponsored and what will be the outcome to “problem, reaction, solution?” YOU GUESS. And how about this for the full scenario: 1. Have paid off thugs parading as cops kill a few innocents to spark race hate. 2. Publish these killings with a broken record script, repeating over and over and over, to whip one race into a frenzy against the other. 3. Send agent provocateurs to spark violence during protests to get ordinary protesters to riot and start destroying 4. Order the police to not only stand back and let anyone smashing, burning and robbing to do it uninhibited, ORDER THE POLICE TO STOP ANYONE FROM PROTECTING THEIR PROPERTY WHEN THIS HAPPENS, ORDER POLICE TO AID AND ABET THE RIOTERS. 5. Then have a police state smack down, with more surveillance and more police state control over normal decent people. That is how tyranny is born folks, and this time is the first time we can watch it as an established government act. read more at –

    1. I'm sorry dl, but I live in Baltimore. The riots were not government sanctioned nor were any homeowners detained in a park while the rioters and looters burned down there homes. The mayor lacks leadership abilities. She is the daughter of a well established politician from this area. see John's statements about mediocrity in political leaders. The riots began when kids got out of school and decided to engage police.DID YOU SEE THE VIDEO OF THE WOMAN BEATING UP HER SON. No agent provocateurs. Then criminals took advantage of a bad situation and it got out of control. Local hoodlums performed the looting and set the fires. Baltimore police caused the death of Freddie Gray. He is not the first African American male to die under suspicious circumstances while in police custody, but he is the first to be on video. Otherwise they would have made up a story and settled out of court like in the past. Make no mistake, Baltimore is a dangerous city and we need good police officers. Your story is false.

    2. I don't know how true this is, Alex Jones has been right a time or two. He also has been wrong a time or two

      Breaking: Baltimore Mayor Key Player in Obama’s Federal Takeover of Local Police
      Mayor's link to Justice Dept. explains why she gave rioters "space to destroy"
      Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, who gave rioters “space to destroy” property and reportedly told police to stand down, was a key player in the Justice Dept.’s plan to expand federal control over local law enforcement.

      Rawlings-Blake was one of three mayors who provided broad input into President Obama’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing, which advocates the federalization of police departments across the country by forcing them to adhere to stricter federal requirements when they receive funding.

    3. UPDATE: More information has serviced, and a story will be released at 6 PM EST Wednesday that blows the Freddie Gray settlement/surgery/car accident story WIDE open

      CONFIRMED: Court records show Freddie Gray was receiving a structured settlement from Allstate Insurance and attempted to convert it into one lump sum in early March


      EXCLUSIVE: The Fourth Estate has been told that Freddie Gray’s life-ending injuries to his spine may have possibly been the result of spinal and neck surgery that he allegedly received a week before he was arrested, not from rough excessively rough treatment or abuse from police.

      The Fourth Estate has contacted sources who allege that Freddie Gray received spinal and neck surgery a week before we was arrested, and was allegedly receiving a large structured settlement from Allstate Insurance. The surgery is allegedly related to a car accident in which Gray was involved.

      Sources allege that Gray also attempted to refinance his structured settlement into one lump sum payment through Peachtree Funding.

      If this is true, then it is possible that Gray’s spinal injury resulting from his encounter with the Baltimore Police was not the result of rough-handling or abuse, but rather a freak accident that occurred when Gray should have been at home resting, not selling drugs.

      Again, fact or fiction I can't say. I do see on the link that there is documented proof with the courts in Maryland that he in fact had a structured settlement coming from Peachtree Funding.

    4. You are mistaken TERRY601. It is NOT my story. Maybe you failed to notice the link. :-)


  15. What is the point of age extension in a world gone ape-shit INSANE?
    (Why bother, because there is no hope now is there?)


  16. One thing I personally would not worry about is AIDS as as far as I am concerned it does not exist in the way it is promoted. The House of Numbers documentary about AIDS shows how much of a scam it is. AIDS has over 80 false positives. It has no proper scientific basis whatsoever. If you watch the documentary you will discover that supposedly 80-90% of people with AIDS in the USA are men, whilst in Africa it supposedly is 50% men and 50% women. Why is that number in the USA for men so high? Because most hard drugs users are men and that lowers one's immunity system greatly. How come it is 50/50 in Africa? Because organizations class starving Africans as having AIDS without having done any proper test whatsoever. Of course starving people have lowered immunity.... What truly kills people who supposedly have AIDS are the medicine these people are given that supposedly helps them. Did you know that different countries have different standards for testing whether someone has AIDS? If you happen to supposedly be HIV positive in one country, tests with different standards in other countries can actually class such individuals as HIV negative and vice versa. Furthermore the people conducting these tests will also often enough ask one about one's level of sexual activity and the answer actually will influence whether they consider you to be HIV positive or negative. You'd think they could scientifically measure these things, but this once again proves what a tremendous scam this disease is. Nevertheless it contributes decently to population control as a lot more babies would have been born if people were not scared of this as far as I am concerned fictitious disease. You will find the 'discoverer' of this disease, Robert Gallo, actually received the Sword of Loyola, so the Jesuits certainly are pleased with this propaganda. There is not even a scientific link between HIV and AIDS. You will be amazed when you see the actual pictures taken by Robert Gallo of three minute HIV cells close a blood cell that actually form the basis for this entire HIV/AIDS theory. In the pictures the cell is not even attacked, so it really does not seem to mean much. House of Numbers is one of the greatest documentaries on this subject, but there are other great ones as well. There are even doctors who have injected themselves with HIV positive blood publicly to demonstrate what a scam it is.

    1. Saturnalia S,

      Thank you for bringing up the subject of AIDS. I follow Jon Rappaport, who exposed the AIDS fraud as long ago as 1988 with his book, AIDS, INC. He also denounces the fraud of modern psychiatry as no better than pseudo-science. This is his website:

      May I pick your brains on another subject? It seems to me that the feud between the Knights Templar and the Vatican has been going on for the past 700 years or more. It never ended and is a significant element in today's events. Do you know who the players are? Who creates the Hegelian Dialectic? I always assumed it was the bankers...but whose? And if not the bankers, who else? On-world or off-world?

      I'd appreciate your opinion if you could spare the time. Thank you.

    2. Colloidal Silver.Simple solution to AIDS. Same with a blood zapper per Hulda Clark.
      Yet, this is ALL academic, if JOHN himself believes that chem-poison spraying is benign.
      So, in conclusion,

      WE ARE ALL DOOMED!! No shit. ~darylluke.

    3. Amen and amen.

      DL - you have woken up :)
      Just wish others would!

  17. John and Canauzzie, I wanted to say thanks for your tireless efforts to keep us informed. I truly appreciate all that you do. I have been lurking for a while, but I knew someone would post about the riots here in Baltimore. Things were better tonight. For those who pray, keep us in your prayers.

    1. Stay safe, glad to hear it calmed down, but with that National Guard's boots on the ground, I am not surprised. Hope the Mayor is content with herself giving the thugs some space to destroy.

  18. Ukraine on high alert...

    And while we were watching Baltimore,

    The Ukrainian National Guard has been put on high alert due to worsening forest fires around the crippled Chernobyl nuclear power plant, according to Ukraine Interior Minister Arsen Avakov.

    "The forest fire situation around the Chernobyl power plant has worsened," a statement on Avakov's Facebook page says.

    "The forest fire is heading in the direction of Chernobyl's installations. Treetop flames and strong gusts of wind have created a real danger of the fire spreading to an area within 20 kilometers of the power plant. There are about 400 hectares [988 acres] of forests in the endangered area."

  19. Caution: Earth undergoing catharsis.

    So many volcanoes and storms this past week, ,earthquakes, riots, demonstrations and state murders in indonesia.

    Our society and planet are joined energetically, and we're releasing a whole lot of pent-up negativos.

    Breathe and bring yourself back home if you're feeling it.. the real world is within us.

    Monk warriors.. nice term.

  20. 'Breathe and bring yourself back home if you're feeling it.. the real world is within us.'

    Well said, AJ.

  21. ....well.No reply to my post, so I will surmise that I AM correct.

    NOT everybody who enters the "fray"gets to live another 30 years after.This last year I have aged 10+ years. Anybody feel me? ~darylluke.

    1. I feel ya Darylluke.... I have been watching the supposed "unfolding" now for 12 years.... I have learned a tremendous amount.... also learned that timeframes never work out as expected or said!.... NEVER!.... whenever you see someone "in the know" give an expectation of a timeframe just file it under the, no anxiety file, which is right next to the, wait and see file!...Both of these files are close to the, just shoot me file!

  22. Interesting that JOHN never mimics the "FINGERS X" posts anymore as a show of unity any more....
    That used to be so nice to see his support(when he used to do that). ~darylluke.

  23. DARYLLUKEWEDNESDAY, APRIL 29, 2015 AT 6:05:00 AM MDT Colloidal Silver.Simple solution to AIDS. Same with a blood zapper per Hulda Clark. Yet, this is ALL academic, if JOHN himself believes that chem-poison spraying is benign. So, in conclusion, WE ARE ALL DOOMED!! No shit. ~darylluke.

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved

  24. It’s officially been five years since BP’s Deepwater Horizon disaster, a well blowout and subsequent oil spill that caused the deaths of 11 men.
    A lot has happened since — a massive cleanup effort, scientific research on impacts, civil and criminal court cases galore. But the answers to many basic questions about the historic tragedy remain either unknown and unclear.
    On this five-year anniversary, here are five important things we still don’t know about the largest accidental oil spill in world history.

    “No safety regulations will fix the fact that only 25 percent of the spilled oil from Deepwater Horizon was recovered, burned, or chemically dispersed, leaving 75 percent unaccounted for,” Friends of the Earth said in a statement in March. “The lesson the Obama administration should have learned from Deepwater Horizon is that that only way to keep oil out of our environment is to keep it in the ground.”

    Read story at :

  25. That is really interesting. That the yuan is pegged to the dollar, and it is the yuan's strength that is making the dollar rise. When the yuan breaks the link the dollars values falls.

    "Dr Murrell goes further himself with a suggestion that the recent strength in the US dollar may not be quite what it seems, but given the peg to the yuan it actually represents strength in the yuan dragging the Dollar up with it ahead of the unpegging of the currencies and a resultant sharp rise in the global valuation of the yuan. Who knows?

    But the ramifications of the above are that an announcement that China now holds gold reserves considerably in excess of the 1,054 tonnes it has reported since 2009, the possible inclusion of the yuan in a revised SDR, and the unpegging of the yuan from the Dollar are all inextricably linked and the countdown to this is already under way.

    The IMF will be holding a meeting in May which will start to discuss formally any revisions to the composition of the SDR. A second meeting will be held in October which will confirm any new changes and the revised SDR basket will come into operation on January 1st 2016. If the yuan is to form part of the new SDR, then the announcement of its unpegging from the Dollar would have to take place prior to the October announcement – or so the theory goes."

    What happens to gold when the yuan floats free of the dollar?

  26. SEC investigating Bank of America for putting customers funds at risk – report
    Bank of America may have put retail brokerage funds at risk in order to increase profits thus breaking a 40-year-old rule, the Wall Street Journal reports.

    The Securities and Exchange Commission is investigating the bank amid claims the financial giant broke rules designed to safeguard the accounts of clients, the paper reported on Tuesday this week.

    Specifically, the Journal alleges BofA may have run afoul of a provision from 1972 that requires investment banks and trading firms to have enough cash and securities set aside to easily repay customers in the event of failure.

    According to the report, the SEC is investigating whether the bank conducted complex trades and loans within Merrill Lynch, a financial firm it acquired in 2009, to save upwards of millions of dollars annually by freeing up resources that would have otherwise been off limits. Under the 1972 mandate, the bank would have been required to have enough assets on hand to repay customers easily if a crisis unfolded.

    Read more:

  27. Iraq War commander’s security firm probed over alleged $135mn fraud

    A private security company run by an ex-special forces colonel, who famously gave a rousing speech on the eve of the Iraq War, is now under investigation by a US government watchdog for alleged fraud.

    Colonel Tim Collins, who was investigated for war crimes, now finds his firm New Century Consulting (NCC) under the spotlight as part of an ongoing investigation into the American defense contractor Imperatis by the US government’s Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR), the Independent reports.
    SIGAR’s remit is to “promote efficiency” and “detect and prevent waste, fraud, and abuse” in Afghanistan.

    In the process of fulfilling a Pentagon contract, nearly $130 million in “unsupported” and “questioned” costs were paid to NCC, the SIGAR audit of Imperatis found.

    Read More:

  28. 1,100 donors to a Canadian charity tied to Clinton Foundation remain secret

    The large number of undisclosed supporters of a Clinton-affiliated charity raises new questions about the foundation’s adherence to the 2008 ethics agreement it struck with the Obama administration, which was designed to avoid conflicts of interest during Hillary Clinton’s tenure at the State Department.

    Read more:

    1. University Paid Bill While Hillary Steered State Dept. Money to Its Nonprofit Affiliate

      Bill Clinton collected hefty speaking fees as the “honorary chairman” of a for-profit university, but suddenly ended his relationship last week after Hillary Rodham Clinton attacked for-profit colleges and the money flow to Bill was threatened.
      The new book “Clinton Cash” says government grants to the school’s nonprofit affiliate soared when Hillary became secretary of state.

      As Bubba played pitchman for Baltimore-based Laureat University, the State Department steered a $1.9 million grant to the nonprofit, the book claims.

      “Isn’t it troubling that while Bill Clinton was being paid by a private corporation, the corporation was also benefiting from State Department actions . . . Isn’t it troubling that this seeming conflict of interest was not disclosed?” writes author Peter Schweizer.

      Read more:

    2. $6 Bil Vanishes From State Dept. Under Hillary Clinton
      APRIL 07, 2014

      In a mind-boggling example of how the government blows—or perhaps steals—our tax dollars, billions vanished from the U.S. State Department mostly while Hillary Clinton ran it, according to a new alert issued by the agency’s inspector general.

      Could the former Secretary of State be using the cash to fund an upcoming presidential campaign? In all, $6 billion are missing and it’s highly unlikely any of the money will ever be recovered. The cash was supposed to be used to pay contractors but it just disappeared and documents that could help track the dough cannot be located. How convenient! The paper trail, which federal law says must be maintained in the case of government contracts, has been destroyed or was never created to begin with.

      How could this possibly happen? Like a lot of government agencies, outside contracts are a free-for-all at the State Department with virtually no oversight. Hundreds of millions of dollars are doled out annually for a variety of services and no one bothers to follow up on the deals. This “exposes the department to significant financial risk,” according to the State Department Inspector General, which issued a special management alert this month outlining the lost $6 billion. The watchdog further writes that “it creates conditions conducive to fraud, as corrupt individuals may attempt to conceal evidence of illicit behavior by omitting key documents from the contract file.”

      Read more:

    3. God job P. More bad guys going down and more truth revealed about the clintons.

    4. Biffie, the manure is getting deeper... and am watching for more on different fronts. Back to work.

      'Out-of-control family affair': Experts question Clinton Foundation's true charitable spending

      The charity run by the Clintons has raised $2 billion since it was founded in 2001 -- $144.3 million in 2013 alone -- but only a small fraction of the take went to its “life-saving work,” according to analysts who monitor non-profits.

      The Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation claims 88 percent of the money it raises goes to actual charity work, but experts who have looked at the books put the number at about 10 percent. The rest, they say, goes mostly to salaries, benefits, travel and fund-raising.

      “That claim is demonstrably false, and it is false not according to some partisan spin on the numbers, but because the organization’s own tax filings contradict the claim,” said Sean Davis, co-founder of The Federalist, a conservative online magazine.

      Read more:

  29. On a positive note for Baltimore

    Baltimore's Solar-Powered Water Wheel Can Devour 50,000 Pounds of Harbor Trash Every Day

    Trash isn't a pretty sight, but Baltimore's new Water Wheel actually makes collecting garbage look cool and fun.

    Powered by 30 solar panels and the water current, the Water Wheel Trash Inceptor can remove a whopping 50,000 pounds of trash a day--a rate that the Waterfront Partnership of Baltimore hopes will make the harbor swimmable by 2020. Designed by Clearwater Mills' John Kellett and Daniel Chase, the solar-powered trash collector generates 2,500 watts of electricity a day, which is enough energy to power the average Maryland home.

    Read more:

    1. That's awesome P. I hope it catches on and is part of any storm drain. It just goes to show how good people like John Kellett and Daniel Chase care about our planet.

    2. It is too bad that the trash is there in the first place. Shame on folks for littering on their Mother Earth.

    3. Another positive development....

      What a gas: Using water and air to run a car

      The German automaker announced it has created the first batch of liquid "e-diesel" at a research facility in Dresden. The clear fuel is produced through a "power to liquid" process, masterminded by the German clean tech company and Audi partner Sunfire.

      The process uses carbon dioxide, the most common greenhouse gas, which can be captured directly from air. Carbon dioxide is created largely by burning fossil fuels and contributes to global warming. Now Sunfire said it can recycle the gas to make a more efficient, carbon-neutral fuel.

      Read more:

  30. Look what the Texas Governor has just done!

    Texas governor tells State Guard to monitor Army training

    I love this excerpt...duh!

    "It's a sad when people's greatest fear is their own government," Pape said. "Think about the ramification of that. If Americans go to sleep at night worrying whether their own government is going to sell them out before morning, it'd be hard to sleep."

    1. Glad the true Americans are fighting back.

  31. While the Nation focuses on the Baltimore Riots

    The US Dollar Plunges To 2-Month Lows
    The Great Unwind Begins:

    Submitted by Tyler Durden on 04/29/2015 11:17 -0400

    Just when you thought it was safe to pile all your money (at maximum leverage) into USD-denominated assets, the greenback plunges... The last 4 days have seen the 2nd biggest drop in 6 years. This has very significant consequences for a world that has become entirely consensus-based across at least 5 major themes... This poses a problem for talking-heads: if USD strength as indicative of US economic strength... what does a plunging USD imply?

    The Strong Dollar regime has changed...

  32. So i found out over at WHA from another site follower that a company is buying back iqd 50 notes. I have too few to even try to sell them back. I have mostly 25k notes. If iraq really wants to block us out all they would have to do is say no 25k notes. Hoping all goes well for the people of Iraq and the entire universe. Peace and blessings.

  33. This 12 year old Canadian girl shames the Canadian Government and it`s criminal banks.

    If this is the future of Canada, I will be applying for citizenship!

    And the fishing ain`t to bad either.

  34. He's where trouble starts

    DARPA Looks to Build Software that Lasts a Century or More

    DARPA has announced a four year project so cool it might change everything for computing.

    Called BRASS (Building Resource Adaptive Software Systems), the ambitious project aims to create a software system that can remain robust and functional for over 100 years.

    Whether at your office or at home, everyone knows what a pain it can be to upgrade software. Between lost time and the frustration of losing a desirable user experience, it’s no wonder that people are hesitant to make the switch to the latest and greatest software.

    To further compound the pains of an impending upgrade, users have to live with the specter of increased vulnerability to cyber-attacks if an upgrade isn’t undertaken immediately. For government, military and security services this is doubly true.

    Read more:

  35. U.S. Military Computer Hack Uncovers Photos of UFOs In Space – And That’s Not All

    "So what did Gary find? He found a list of non-terrestrial off world officers that had a rank. He was unable to tell if they represent the Air Force, Navy, or Army. He also found multiple pictures of UFOs and lists of fleet to fleet transfers of materials from ship to ship."

  36. This comment has been removed by the author.

  37. @ Valdi

    I do not know exactly who the players are within the Knight Templers and up to the extent to which it is known it is probably not appropriate to discuss that in detail. This matter is further confounded by the fact that there are many Knight Templer groups around. Many if not most are not legitimate, but use the name to attract people to their organisations. Furthermore the Jesuits consider themselves to be the real Knight Templers within the Church as after the persecution of the Knight Templers, some were allowed to live within the Kingdom of Aragon by the Pope and became part of the Order of the Calatrava and later the Order of the Montessa. The Jesuits themselves are in essence the destroyed Empire of Pisa (in 1509) turned into a spiritual power and became the Council of Ten and together with their allies of the Venetian Empire took control of much of the world. The Order of the Capuchins created in 1520 played a crucial role to regain power and it was the initiator for the Protestant Revolution that allowed Venice to regain control over the Vatican. Venetian infiltration and control over Great Britain has been incredibly high. The Pisan Zorzi family was responsible for the creation of the Zohar and Francesco Zorzi became ambassador to King Henry IIX of England. What is the importance of this? The Jewish/Zionist element that is often blamed are actually Sabbatean Frankists posing as Jews and they (including the Rothschilds) follow the Zohar. So even the 'Zionist' element can be traced back to the Pisan/Venetian Empires.

    The earliest control over the Vatican goes back to an individual whose name I believe is Pietro di Fatrioni. This individual happened to be the richest Venetian in earlier centuries. He was so powerful that even the Venetians got rid of him. This individual had enough power for an army of 30,000 people which was enormous in those times. He created the Holy See which was a corporation under his control.

    1. @ Valdi (continued)

      Control follows the Masonic design. There is white and black checkers board (the game happens to be created by these same parties), but ultimately the real control is the party that controls both sides and happens to have the grey colour....the blend between black and white. Major Vatican connected players are the House of Bourbon, the House of Pallavicini, the House of Orsini, the House of Keswick, the House of Nattino, the House of Aldobrandini, the House of Doria, the House of Thurn and Taxis, the House of Borghese. There are many others besides that are also of significant power. I nevertheless expect some even more powerful parties to be behind these most powerful families....connected directly to some of the most powerful Pisan and Venetian families of the 15th and 16th centuries. These parties created much of the framework of the present day. When Pisa fell, its greatest families found homes in many places all over Europe. They were the intellectual elite and were in demand by Kings and Queens all over Europe as advisors.

      To return to the topic of the Knight Templers.....I believe many of the key Templer families laid dormant for centuries and pretended to go along with the new Vatican hierarchy to await an opportune moment to take revenge on the Vatican and the Knight Hospitallers/Knights of Malta. The Knights of Malta took control over much of the holdings of the Templers after their persecution and this undoubtedly has not have been forgotten. All in all the Knights of Malta have undertaken such ventures on multiple occasions against other factions. It only ended up less well when they tried to do the same to the Society of Jesus which resulted in the Jesuits using Napoleon to subjugate the Vatican and the Knights of Malta to Jesuit rule.

    2. @ Saturnalia S

      Thank you for unravelling what must be an intricate entanglement of participants and events throughout history. It is very helpful and I am most grateful. It would appear that the elite are not as homogeneous or single-minded as may be supposed, united in a co-ordinated manner in common purpose. Events taking place today have not arisen in isolation but may have precedents stretching back many centuries.

      I am naturally curious and keen to fit the pieces together to see the complete picture, if that is at all possible.

  38. The Currency RV Dilemma

    First, for many the stresses are understood.
    But, it never was a Free lunch or guaranteed Easy Ride. Only the Gurus and Bogus Husslers mass printing Dinars to feed both greed and desperation told you that to take your money. What are you owed? Nothing because dreams are free.
    War damaged countries, real people, are suffering dreadfully and have for decades.

    What do we hear about the unwanted children born to poor Vietnamese peasant girls sold into prostitution to service GI trash? No one wants these poor kids, now adults. Imagine born one while the low life responsible is shipped home, family heroes. Daddy with dirty secrets. Probably regular church goers. They dont give a second thought.

    Conquering heroes? Your kids? Who cares for or funds them? The GI heroes who cut and ran. Who cares what the incoming Viet Cong did to millions? Even now, its sickening to see Hanoi Jane fronting it large with Streisand and Redford in LA. Why was she never charged with Treason? She gave great Propaganda to the Commies.

    Orphans in Iraq after their parents were slaughtered in an illegal war? Homeless, maimed, destitute and starving.
    Does America care?

    Aahh want Mahh money.Aaahh want Maahh Moneey! Whaah , gimme my Blessings.
    Jesus C. And so it goes on.

    The world has a real problem here. The US Cabal / Zio FRB NY Rat pack has never paid a dime back.
    Every dollar taken in is sequestrated and either stolen or spent. There- Is- N0 - Money. Who will pay, what what?

    China is NOT bailing currencies, nor will it allow its Vietnamese investments to be ruined by a rate hike which kills exports. Companies need the jobs. The Elders will only funds projects, and that is our focus. Jobs.
    Iraq at best can cover justify to $6T. The rest is just funny money. Neither the Elders nor China will bail it and the US is Show me the Money?
    Neither a Genie or Custer is coming. Flying Pigs and Fairy Godmothers are not good bets.
    We have about 5 weeks before Silly Season.
    Yes, we DO need a resolution for both Vietnam and Iraq. But who and how?
    I keep saying in the kindest way possible, don't bank too much on any of this yet.
    Global issues are complex and time consuming. Also political as hell. Iraq has to even get a cross party, cross tribal consensus first. 20 split bunches of unfumigated Jabberwocks haggling takes time. For 5 weeks anything could ball for a home run by the day. But if not, think at least year end. Or worse.
    So, with respect to all, sincerely, find another arrow of chance for your bow if not done in 3 weeks. Think outside of the box. Tony at WHA showed you jobs at 20 dollars an hour. You move, so what?

    Did the Vietnamese or Iraqis get Welfare? Who pays for their bombed homes and destroyed nation?
    Opium production is now up 400% in Afghanistan., fields guarded by US troops. Where does all that profit go? 400% more addicts? Whose kids?
    The sites need to focus on creative issues and making profits by new ideas. Internet market. You have time. You have a vibrant network between you. So, if no Free Dinar yet, what else? Innovation to save the nation?

    This is a huge Achilles heel for many. Its a distracting fantasy and long shot. Good people are locked on from the West Coast to HK trying to solve it. Its complex and messy. Huge issues. Our advice, get a life while it unravels. Life offers you so much more. Other are far worse off. You are literate and fed. Thats 90% of the battle over. Just brain storm options beyond. Use those Grey Cells. If no break in 3 weeks then what? So, why not start thinking now what else?
    Nothing comes to he who waits. Good luck. The mind is a powerful tool.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. So true John. There are a lot of innovative things that one can do. Ideas that we can share here with each other are priceless. If someone needs some help with something, speak up. We can all brainstorm to share great ideas.

      I have been researching the cheapest way to get a greenhouse built to keep off the "acid rain" and keep the deer out of my food since I can't afford fencing. So folks feel free to share ideas...they will be appreciated.

    3. Biffie check out Pinterest. Just search for greenhouse and you'll find many ideas. Everything from using old windows or shower doors to using softdrink bottles.

    4. Biffie, here's a bit more. I'm doing something like right now, but it's because of the chickens are free range (more destructive than deer).

      How to Make a Productive Patio

      It would be great if we all had an acre or two, the time, and inclination to grow our own food, but the realities of the day are that the majority of people have moved into more confined, urban and suburban settings in order to be closer to jobs, entertainment, school districts, conveniences, and whatever else tickles our fancies. It’s the world as it is: Over half of us live in cities and suburbs.

      While this can be a bit restricting when it comes to home food production, it certainly doesn’t spell the end to it. For every suburban lawn, there could be a beautiful herb spiral providing fresh, medicinal ingredients for breakfast, lunch and dinner. For every bathroom, kitchen window, or sunny corner of the living room, there could be productive, edible houseplants. Then, those small outdoor spaces like patios and balconies can be amazingly abundant as well.

      Read more:

  39. THX John we know that getting the PPs rolling will help all of the economies around the globe, hope that your time spent with the Elders is enlightening while progressing with global issues.

  40. 4/29/15 7:30 PM Dear Jim: [I agree with both of Gail's posts today.]

    I applaud you for including different viewpoints on your incredibly important blog about the "reset of the government." This page of yours is about more than the reset. It's about freedom and peace on earth. Many revelations are coming as we go through this extremely difficult transition/paradigm shift.

    I agree with both of Gail's lengthy posts today. She includes many verifiable facts in both commentaries.

    Jeff wrote in his post today, "I assume the BRICS system is the Hegelian alternative solution." Jeff said he is making an assumption. An assumption is not a fact. I'm not criticizing Jeff. He's stating his opinion. He could be correct. However, looking at the numerous facts and various chess moves, I don't think so. I learned about the Hegelian Dialectic when I was writing my book in 2004. What's been going on in recent years does not look like the typical Hegelian Dialectic scheme.

    Putin has done everything humanely possible to avoid military conflict and especially WWIII with the Western controllers.

    The countries and people of Russia, China and India, the three primary countries in the BRICS, have been savaged by the banking cabal and their associates over several centuries. They stole their gold and silver, overthrew governments, and were responsible for the deaths of countless human beings. "The Wealth Watchman" wrote several great articles about the "Dragon" and what they did to the people of Russia, China and India. Here's one of the articles:

    While Russia and China are building bridges with numerous countries around the world, the Western controllers seek more war, death and destruction. Most of the rest of the world has had it with the U.S. dollar (Federal Reserve Note), U.S. military bases everywhere, and numerous U.S. wars over the decades.

    I look forward to the day when the truth about 9/11 is shared with the American people in a big way. Jim, I've told you before that when I was in D.C. I was one of the top airline reporters in the country. Later, I was a spokesman for the world's largest airline, United. Below is C-SPAN's coverage of the Annual White House Correspondents' Association dinner one year when George W. Bush was president. Watch Bush, Lieberman, Pelosi, and hundreds of others from the government, media, banking and corporate world laugh about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. (BTW, I attended the dinner in 1988 when Reagan was president.) The laughs start at about the five-minute mark, but watch it from the beginning to see the faces in the audience and take in the scene. This is one of many pieces of evidence that they lied about 9/11 and reasons for war: Dan

    This video just makes me very sick!! BUNCH OF MONSTERS!! ~darylluke.

    1. I did not see anything humorous about anything that shrub thing said.

    2. Biffie,

      Well, it is very funny to them because the WHITE HATS of the day(at that time) were ALL
      "asleep at watch", and knew their lies would go unchallenged!! Plus, the UK "had their backs"
      helping perpetrate the BIG LIE by default, because UK backed it(so it MUST be true!).That is
      water under the bridge, and let me be clear here. I am not pointing fingers at UK, yet it BOILS
      me INSIDE when JOHN repeatedly blames us US PATRIOTS for allowing this Bush Cabal do
      what they did, when the UK gave full support to their crimes.By the time this WMD LIE happened
      to allow for the invasion of IRAQ, the Cabal had the MSM lock, stock & barrel already, so any
      meaningful resistance was stopped before it ever started in this ONCE GREAT COUNTRY.


  41. Thank you John. Peace and blessings everyone.

  42. Rockefeller gets sixth heart transplant. Sell your soul to the devil, and you sure can buy a lot of stuff.

    1. So, this MONSTER gets a sixth reprieve from death, and continues to walk free daily!! ~darylluke.

  43. Truth Has Been Murdered
    from Paul Craig Roberts:
    The Obama regime and its neocon monsters and European vassals have resurrected a Nazi government and located it in Ukraine. Read this statement by Elena Bondarenko, a member of the Ukrainian parliament:
    The Western media has created a fictional account of events in Ukraine. The coup organized by the Obama regime that overthrew the elected democratic government in Ukraine is never mentioned. The militias decked out in Nazi symbols are ignored. These militias are the principle source of the violence that has been inflicted on the Russian populations, resulting in the formation of the break-away republics.
    Instead of reporting this fact, the corrupt Western media delivers Washington’s propaganda that Russia has invaded and is annexing eastern and southern Ukraine. British and European politicians parrot Washington’s lies.

  44. 12 Unanswered Questions About The Baltimore Riots That They Don’t Want Us To Ask
    Why did the Baltimore riots seem like they were perfectly staged to be a television event? Images of police vehicles burning made for great television all over the planet, but why were there abandoned police vehicles sitting right in the middle of the riot zones without any police officers around them in the first place? W
    Why was the decision made ahead of time to set a curfew for Tuesday night and not for Monday night? And why are Baltimore police officers claiming that they were ordered to “stand down” and not intervene as dozens of shops, businesses and homes went up in flames?
    Yes, the anger over the death of Freddie Gray is very real. Police brutality has been a major problem in Baltimore and much of the rest of the nation for many years. But could it be possible that the anger that the people of Baltimore are feeling is being channeled and manipulated for other purposes? The following are 12 unanswered questions about the Baltimore riots that they don’t want us to ask…

  45. This comment has been removed by the author.

  46. From hellfire and damnation to trolls under the bridge; from commies under the bed to the Y2K bug; from witches in Salem to sailing off the edge of Earth; if we are waiting for the perfect time to do this (in fact, to do anything in our lives) then we will go the way of the dinosaurs long before it happens.


    Thank You for your great in-depth posts here to this thread. Your writings are sorely missed,
    by this person, who values such great research which you do to bring some truth to the front!!
    It does NOT look very good does it presently does it?


  48. Saturnalia and DL

    1. Good recent contributions from both of you. Saturnalia, as the Elders recently met key Lords and extended their stays, assume they were then full availed of both who they met and the full agenda of the very High Level people they met. Also the historical links and why. Fully accredited and the T Veils de cloaked for them. So, assume therefore the intense ongoing dialog has reason and synergy for a higher cause. Also that a T identity gave them the depth of help and confidence needed to now feel they wish to progress more. As is seen by the key 3 Elders now coming over in June plus. That does not deter from our current teams in Taipei and HK, or those extras leaving on Saturday. Global project undertakings are in discussion hourly. As are Global policies.
    Also as are the needed Global Political changes and new Monetary policies excluding Zionist racketeering. The new order will simply exclude them within emerging domains.

    2. DL, because we are not yet showing our progress do not assume nothing is happening or hope is dead. From 1307 some re shaped and re integrated for the future. Knowledge is power. Even more is Gold.

    A Trilogy of 3 articles is coming out. Each will help you understand where its going. And why. Changes are inevitable and the likes of the Shrubs and other mediocrities simply do not have the intellectual capacity to deflect the moves unfolding.
    Re shaping societies by profiled Project and Infrastructure funding is emerging. Targeted support where justified. It will be a flat Global level playing field. No Political affiliations, it is way beyond that amebic pond life. 708 years is a long time to plan Payback. Revenge is a meal best eaten cold. Those who know, know the moves needed and concur.
    Good contributions keep hammering. It gives you life and reason and you are heard. Trilogy Part 3 may shake you. A step at a time. Be prepared to be surprised. Nothing is written nor predestined. It is ours to make or lose.

    1. Saturnalia,

      Agreed. Great information. These Venetian Black Knight families, in my opinion, are the tip of the sword for all of this Chaos.

      Bush, The Vatican, The Khazars, The Rothchilds all answer to them.

      Hidden from the spotlight. Working in the shadows. The rest are just too visible.

  49. John, your words seen to have much deeper meanings to them. As you said, '708 years is a long time to plan Payback.'

    I also like this, 'Changes are inevitable and the likes of the Shrubs and other mediocrities simply do not have the intellectual capacity to deflect the moves unfolding.'

    It is exciting and an honor to be a part of such magnificent history being made.

  50. Found this interesting...

    How Hitler defied the bankers

    Many people take joy in saying Wall Street and Jewish bankers “financed Hitler.” There is plenty of documented evidence that Wall Street and Jewish bankers did indeed help finance Hitler at first, partly because it allowed the bankers to get rich (as I will describe below) and partly in order to control Stalin. However, when Germany broke free from the bankers, the bankers declared a world war against Germany.

    Read more:

    1. P.,

      Yep, Hitler "FLIPPED THE BOARD" on the central banskster zionists, so they declared war on him.
      What was his first objective when he invaded each nation? They went straight to the central banks and took all their gold. All he did was steal from the robbers!! Plus, there is a LOT (mountains) of documentation online that the "6M dead jews holocost" number is fiction. How many German civilians did the allied "liberators" kill? Some say 10M, but nobody really ever wants to talk about that.

      Yet, in the end we know that ALL wars are caused and created by bankster zionists.Many, but NOT all happen to be jews. I read some convincing stuff a while back, too that a majority of these zionists
      "jews" just changed their names to become jews to hide amongst them.The deeper you go down the rabbit-hole, the crazier and crazier it becomes!! ~darylluke.

    2. DL agree. Found more on the German civilians and it furthered what Canauzzie had posted a while back. You're right, the further down the rabbit hole the crazier it gets. Will keep an eye out between doings for more on that crazy and ever deeper rabbit hole.

  51. Another interesting article, but Jews should be replaced with Zionists. Found this on facebook.

    "Napoleon after the Battle of Waterloo"

    "When Napoleon became the master of Europe, he discovered, to his dismay, that the Jews were the only force over whom he could exercise no control. In an attempt to limit their international activities, he issued a decree in 1808 which the Jews termed the Decret Infame, the Infamous Decree, because he sought to make them obey the laws which governed other people in France.

    Read more:

  52. I've been trying to figure out why the Euro moved 7% against the dollar in the last 10 days. Now we know. This corruption and rigging of markets makes me sick. This is why "THE PEOPLE" will never get ahead. It takes more than just working to be able to live and stay ahead of this beast. When you can't even find a safe place to put all you worked for...what do you do?

    It's more than just the Dinar that is a giant ponzi scheme. The forex market, stock market, real estate market, trading platforms, commodities markets etc. ALL rigged and ponzi. What about the dollar? How much of that has been printed and computer generated just to walk out into the hands of the fraudsters?

    The entire system is an Illusion!

    UNITED States of America - At this hour the privately owned U.S. Federal Reserve is illegally (even under Dodd-Frank) using the savings and checking accounts, along with U.S. pension funds, of U.S. citizens to co-opt a collateral discount aka non market to market ponzi scheme to allow the European Central Bank (ECB) to use U.S. citizens bank deposits and pension funds as illegal margin as collateral, accordingly, enabling the Fed, the ECB and now the totally corrupt Central Bank of Japan to write even more naked short Japanese yen derivatives and then use these un-collateralized derivatives to buy euro currency as to reduce the exposure and borrowing costs of JPMorgan Chase, which now faces massive debt exposure to the euro currency collateralized debt tied to the nation of Greece.

    P.S. ECB President Mario Draghi has done a total flip flop worthy of W.C. Fields (the noted star, along with Mae West, in the famous 1930s movie "The Bank Dick"). Draghi, who over a month ago wanted to use an alleged ECB stimulus to reduce the euro currency to parity versus the U.S. dollar, now is supporting a higher valued euro currency so as to 'Bail-Out' JPMorgan Chase who, once again, is exposed to massive margin calls to un-collateralized short positions in the Japanese yen and massive derivative debt tied to the massive Greek derivative debt tied to the euro currency at 1.25.

    P.P.S. The back sweep to this latest pyramid ponzi scheme developed by the Fed, the ECB, and the chief prostitute, the Central Bank of Japan, is that the clearing houses in Asia, Europe and the United States aka the lynch pin Terry Duffy's CME Group, are totally broke with no liquidity and no cash but just cross-collateralized derivatives that are worthless between the aforementioned banks.

    1. JV

      Correct and such vast Commissions have been taken out of wild Derivatives contracts as to have left the lot insolvent and beyond patching. Pigs at the trough following a daily stampede. While half wits whine about Maahh Blessings. They have no idea how close total melt down is. There is no Plan B for the laid back Western Cannon Fodder if it goes. Especially in the US and why they are tooling up fast with Drills and exercises. Once a cattle herd breaks free of the range and start stomping the crop lands under foot, all you can do is gun them down to stop the stampede losing all. Japan is blackmailed by the Bush team who are heavily exposed by Derivatives losses. How do you cover Futures Oil calls posted at $110 dollars and now clearing at $60 dollars? Just like the Dinars, the Bush / Baker / Cheney Cabal thought all they had to do was write the Insurance tickets and cash in with No Calls. Then Oil " Happened". Now every Bottom Feeding Oil Broking Son of a Bitch is standing there with his Margin Call cover calling. Couldn't happen to a worse species. A Hookers party off the tracks.

    2. JV, I guess maybe Hennegen isn`t off his rocker, he has been calling out Duff and others for quite a while now and has been written off as a kook. Man it gets more confusing daily where the truth begins & ends.

    3. JVThursday, April 30, 2015 at 9:02:00 AM MDT

      JV, do you have a link or source for this information?

      Thank you

    4. Scott,

      As with most things in this mess. I think there is a little truth in all of it.

      The trick is knowing what to keep and what disregard. And yes, it is confusing as hell.

      I've been re-reading the Billy Meier "Henoch Prophecies" that were published in 1986. NO ONE would have believed then that the US will have 2 civil wars back to back. Or that we will have to defend ourselves from the Eastern invaders. Here we are 30 years later and it really appears that this information given to him by the off-world Plejaren is coming true.


      How could I forget the biggest Ponzi scheme of all...the derivatives. As you said, this is the achilles heal for the world.

      I keep thinking about the Ken Fromm quote from about 5 years ago. The interest rate derivatives will collapse the entire world market. GET OUT OF PAPER AND INTO TANGIBLES. Europe will go 1st, then you will have about 3 weeks to get your money out of US banks before it's gone.

      I really want to disappear right now onto a small, sparsely populated Island.

  53. MW&P,

    JV is quoting Tom Heneghan

  54. Mom, Wife, Patriot
    Here's a link to a lengthy audio I'm still listening to. VT staff all spilling the beans. Very brave. They need to install a missile shield over their studio.

  55. Clinton Foundation in campaign tailspin
    A handful of deep-pocketed donors are reconsidering their gifts to the $2 billion

    Clinton Foundation amid mounting questions about how it’s spending their money and suggestions of influence peddling, according to donors and others familiar with the foundation’s fundraising.

    One major donor who contributed at least $500,000 to the foundation last year said a 2015 donation is less likely because of revelations about sloppy record-keeping and huge payments for travel and administrative costs.

    “There are a lot of factors and the reputational is among them,” said the donor, who did not want to be identified discussing philanthropic plans that have not been finalized. “We had some questions about how the money was being spent — and that was long before the problems were in the press.”

    Read more:

  56. Canauzzie this is off topic but I've come to see you guys as my online family, and so if you don't mind and want a 20 min break I've compiled a short vid of life in Sao Paulo if you'd like to see what it's like. These are some of the people of BRICS and I notice a definite up kick in development and spirit the west seems to lack. Going by the architecture, the last time this happened was in the 50's.. Please enjoy!


    1. Thank you for the video . I am in need of a holiday after watching. Brazil looks to be a place very worthy of visiting. One thing though, I am looking for a third party to translate what Sante' said. Did he really say, "we have a cool friend, Andrew is very nice company"?


  57. AjnaAndy Thanks for sharing. So very beautiful ! Oh, and the music- DeLuka !

    1. Thank you for sharing AjnaAndy. There is a spirit of life/living that is growing there, the dullness is lifting. You are right! )

    2. Guys you're welcome!

      Another thing it has taught me is how much governments own their people, simply because of passports and visas, ability to work where you need or want, and worst of all, if I did any work here then my own gov would tax me even though I'm not in Aus!

      This is the same as serfdom. I'm reading a huge novel called 'London, which traces it's history from 250bc to now, and I'm up to 1380 now. But the life of economic serfdom is well documented in medieval times. Why should 2 countries tax me on the same income?!

      The idea of government owning people is what stinks. Sure I pay fair tax. If I've got the skills I should be able to work anywhere so long as I respect that culture. Right?

    3. I mean, John says move to where the jobs are. Governments need to stop stopping us if it's another country. We are not their chattel.

    4. AjnaAndy, in full agreement. We need to be free to go where our skills can be utilized or perhaps build on or learn new skills. Earthship building in Fiji, pooshing to help restore a barn in Norway, a Permaculture restoration project in Haiti or so many more opportunities to help others. There's Open Source opportunities to help build new ways of sharing information or an app that needs an engineering tech to help bring into it's full usefulness in sequencing land forms/topography, etc. which would be very useful for those in land/mudslide prone areas.

      The world's people need freedom to become who they can be and at the same time benefiting that very same world. Yes, if you have funds and/or are creative you can do some of these things, but what if that dark hand of government reaches out for you? That's not freedom.

  58. Taken from:
    4/30/15 4:30 PM Dear Jim: [Regarding China Factions]

    Per Fulford in an interview with David Wilcock in 2009, there are three main factions vying for 'control' of China:

    "Then in Asia, I think China, I believe, there are basically three factions. There is the Chinese Communist Party; there is the Shin Emperor – in other words, the last Emperor, who supposedly died as a gardener, was not the last Emperor. The grandson is now the Emperor and he controls an awful lot of gold and money.

    Then there’s a faction in Taiwan that wants to restore the Ming Dynasty. A lot of them have been bribed by the Federal Reserve Board and this is the Ming that Christopher Story refers to."

    Over the past 5+ years, the situation has been clarified a bit. My understanding from various sources is that these can geographically be represented as Taiwan, Hong Kong, and mainland China...but this is a gross oversimplification (it's also a bit different than Fulford has described back then).

    Taiwan can be seen as the 'base' of the Chinese Elders...i.e. the Dragon Family. These people go WAY, WAY, WAY back...allegedly even to off-planet civilizations and conflicts (not going there at this time). Chiang Kai-Shek (spelling?) was the last leader of China with significant ties to them, and they have been in the background for a many years. Jim Willie says, these people take their time making decisions. But a change in leadership in 2015 will allow them to take a decisive role in removing the Cabal from power within the next few years.

    Hong Kong can be seen as representing the "Capitalists" appears to be the base of operations for the Banksters at present. These people are at the height of their power now - which has been increasing since Deng Xiaoping took over from Chairman Mao in the late 1970's (see link to Henry Makow's website below).

    Lastly, the Communists...they are officially "in charge", but their power has declined behind the scenes over the last 40 years since the death of Mao Tse Tung. They are being quietly but systematically removed from power; my suspicion is that most of those who are being arrested on corruption charges recently are related to this faction, but likely some are Capitalists as well.

    Further complicating things is the influence of the Jesuits, Rothschilds, and Rockefellers within the country and how they have been playing all three factions in an effort to gain superiority within the Cabal's power structure. This started after a key event in the 15th century which has been largely ignored or forgotten:

    If this event is indeed described accurately, this would explain why the Jesuits' influence goes way back...because the powers controlling the Vatican saw the threat that Chinese culture and technology represented to their control over Europe:

    The Rothschilds' influence came later via "The Opium Wars":

    Boxer Rebellion was an attempt to throw out the Jesuits & Rothschilds:

    Remember - the Rothschilds are essentially 'private bankers' for the Vatican's wealth. Read Chapter 17 of the following PDF (specifically P. 183 of PDF; P. 160 of the book):

    However, the Cabal strengthened their grip over China over the rest of the 20th century:

    The history within these links should more clearly lay out the agendas of the factions, as well as the obvious blurring of the lines regarding "Who is working with whom". A Long-Time Reader

    1. This sheds more light for us about "Elders" JOHN has been meeting with! WOW!! ~darylluke.

    2. Excellent work DL. Good Detective tracking.
      Now, assume a certain Brit has a very advanced contract proceeding to be the focal head of all the Wealth of the Third, the Ching Dynasty, across the 3 principalities but with the assets moved to London for safety and Global redevelopment to reshape our world.
      Assume his group reshaped the future, what hope then? Assume within the Lords there are Higher Powers? Expand your thinking potential.What then?
      Assume the Elders and the London Elders have close synergy in Ethereal consciousness and Mans true role as a Cosmic Soul Being. Empowered with the vast assets, who wins?

    3. It's interesting that it mentions the Ming Dynasty elders coming from another planet.

      In "The Thioubba Prophecy", those off-worlders from a 9th level planet who purport to watch over our planet and many others said:

      The Chinese race and the Aborigines both came together over 1,000,000 years ago from a planet called Bakaratania. Their planet was cooling down so they moved all but the elderly and infirmed to earth. They were THE FIRST people on earth. It took them 50 years.

      Then a sect of the aborigines migrated to Africa and this is how Africa came to be predominately black.

      The reason the aborigines look different is because a cataclysm happened the area where Australia is located and split open the continent shooting radioactive uranium into the environment. It altered their dna and genetics.

      The various asian cultures all developed from this original race of yellow people from Bakaratania.

      The polynesians are not from this line. They arrived later from a planet called Aremo X and settled the continent of MU which was in the Pacific and sank during another cataclysm. The islands are all that is left and these islanders are their decendents.

    4. A little more detail about the Ming Dynasty Chinese Arrival on earth 1,350,000 years ago.

      Thus, the two spacecraft headed for Earth. The first landing took place where
      Australia is now found. At that time, it should be explained that Australia, New
      Guinea, Indonesia and Malaysia were all part of the one continent. A strait
      existed, about 300 kilometres wide, exactly where Thailand is now found.

      In those times, Australia possessed a great inland sea fed by several large rivers,
      so that diverse and interesting flora and fauna flourished there. All things
      considered, the astronauts chose this country as their first immigration base.

      I must say, to be more precise, that the black race chose Australia and the
      yellow people established themselves where Burma is now - here too, was a land
      rich in wildlife. Bases were quickly set up on the coast, on the Bay of Bengal,
      while the black people constructed their first base on the shores of the Inland Sea
      in Australia. Later, further bases were established where New Guinea is presently

      Their spacecraft were capable of super-light speeds and took approximately 50
      of your Earth years to bring 3 600 000 black people and the same number of the
      yellow race, to Earth. This bears witness to the perfect understanding and
      excellent association between two races determined to survive on a new planet
      and exist in peace. By common agreement, the aged and infirmed remained in

      The Bakaratinians had explored all of the planet Earth before establishing their
      bases, and were absolutely persuaded that no human life existed before their
      arrival. Often they thought they had located a humanoid form of life, but on
      closer inspection, realised they had made contact with a species of large apes.

      Gravity on Earth was stronger than on their planet and it was quite
      uncomfortable initially, for the two races, but eventually they adapted very well.
      ‘In building their towns and factories, they were fortunate to import from
      Bakaratini, certain materials which were very light and, at the same time, very

      I have not yet explained that, at that time, Australia was on the equator. Earth
      rotated on a different axis - taking 30 hours and 12 minutes to complete a
      rotation, and achieved a revolution around its sun in 280 such days. The
      equatorial climate was not as you will find it today. It was much more humid than
      now, for the Earth’s atmosphere has changed.

    5. Thanks for more Thiaoouba Prophecy JV. It is another year and time to read the book again:)

  59. Interesting new comments over on WHA. Some have grasped what is really playing out in London. The new 3 Trilogies coming out will help all understand our options. The key forces are cognitive of all and engaged in conscious debate to reshape our Global needs as a species of Being, unified for all. London is " On the Ball".

  60. I always liked Jim Stone. I never trusted Gordon Duff ever since he admitted he does put out dis-info on purpose last year. This Veterans Today thing is just completely blowing up these last couple days!! People are starting to talk some crazy stuff Re: JadeHelm,etc.... And, MSM is still pumping the Baltimore fake BS story,etc.... Insanity everywhere I look!! ~darylluke.

  61. Great find DL, this really shines a light on the power structure in China, it's been driving me crazy trying to decipher if the Chinese Government was on the side of good. THX

  62. Thank you for the kudos gentlemen. I do what I can and am happy I could help. It's all I can do. I feel so extremely powerless in these MOST dangerous and dark days.... ~darylluke.

  63. DL, I too appreciate you posts. You did deep and find some pertinent information for us all to further our understanding of so many different topics. Thanks.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  64. Any thoughts on this persons opinion? The Shocking Consequences of IMF’s October Announcement.

    According to currency expert, Dr. Steve Sjuggerud (recently featured on CNBC, and Bloomberg),

    “I’ve been active in the markets for over two decades now… but I’ve never seen anything that could move so much money, so quickly. Hundreds of billions of dollars could change hands in a single day after this announcement is made.”

    “The announcement will start a domino effect, that will basically determine who in America gets rich in the years to come… and who struggles.”

    Dr. Sjuggerud says if you own any U.S. assets—and that includes stocks, bonds, real estate, or just cash in a bank account–you should be aware of what’s about to happen, and know how to prepare.

    Experts say this announcement, expected Oct. 20th, could trigger one of the most profound transfers of wealth in our lifetime.

    1. Thanks Christopher. Could you supply a link? Thanks!


  65. How to train a horse.
    To get a horse to do what you want is a simple matter of pressure and release. If you are training him to go a certain direction, pull on his halter rope to walk him in that that direction. When he starts walking the direction you want him to go, praise him and release the pressure. The praise and immediate release of pressure are his reward. If you are riding and you are training him to go a different direction, apply pressure with your legs and/or reins. When he complies and changes direction, praise him and release the pressure. The praise and immediate release of pressure are his reward. If you are training him to stop, pull back on the reins and say “Whoa”. When he stops, praise him and immediately release the pressure. The praise and immediate release of pressure are his reward. If you have many horses and you want them to move out of a pasture, get behind them and clap your hands, give them verbal commands, snap a whip, honk a horn or whatever technique they understand applies pressure. When they all start to move the direction you want, praise them and immediately release the pressure. The apply pressure, release pressure technique works on almost all species of animals.

    Including us. In a macro view, if someone wants us to go a certain direction, they apply pressure to move us that way. When we do, they praise us and they release the pressure. The praise and release of pressure are our reward. If they want us to go further, they apply more pressure. Once more people, or a selected group, moves that way, they praise them and release the pressure. The praise and release of pressure are their reward. Apply pressure and release pressure, and repeat until the goal is met and there is compliance. Even if it is a direction people don’t want to go. It is a technique that works with all micro and macro groups: spouses, families, friends, companies, cults, religions, communities, societies, countries. Apply pressure. Praise and release pressure. It is how change happens. For better or for worse.

    It also works on them.

  66. John,

    I was researching the material that DL brought over about China`s power structure and came across the quote.

    The Taiwan based Elders are "the other China", have LOTS of assets, do not trust the Chi-Coms, and are offering alternatives with support from the "Breakaway Brits" (anti-pedophile, etc) and other global anti-cabal splinter groups.

    Would the Breakaway Brits referred to in this statement possibly be your group.

  67. This seems to be getting more attention into some well known alternative media outlets.

    USA Watchdog News Site Sounds The Alarm On Climate Engineering
    By Dane Wigington

    Greg Hunter is a highly respected veteran news reporter who has worked for many major news networks in the past. Greg continues to make his voice heard as the producer and creator of The site's slogan is "analyzing the news to give you a clear picture of what's really going on". Unlike those in the corporate media propaganda circles, Greg has the courage to thoroughly address the most critical issues that most of his peers are afraid to even mention. In the article and video below USAWatchdog helps to shine the light on the extremely dire issue of global climate engineering and the planetary devastation it is causing.

    Click here for the full article & video interview >>

    Dane Wigington

  68. Just an observation from nature this morning that made me wonder if there isn't something inherent in a species that causes them to act as they do?

    I have been visiting a beautiful place in the Northwest US where large numbers of hummingbirds can be observed regularly. Each morning, while enjoying a cup of coffee, I watched them coming to the feeders and the resultant behavior they displayed while there.

    While they are all hummingbirds, they come in many varieties and color patterns. I began to notice that those of similar markings and coloring were content to sit side by side on the feeder perch and partake of the sugar nectar. However, when another hummingbird with distinctly different markings and color came, he acted as a bully, darted and pecked at the other hummingbirds and drove them away from the feeder. Even though there was plenty of nectar in the bottles and the owner of the home kept them filled, this particular hummingbird with a red throat always made a point of bullying and trying to scare the other hummingbirds away. He was very territorial to say the least.

    My point in sharing this? I wonder if there isn't something in some humans as well that make the thought of sharing with others impossible. They seem to always fret that there is never enough even though the evidence says otherwise. Therefore they are in a never ending quest to horde MORE! I am beginning to see the Cabal as the red throated hummingbird. They will peck, and badger us incessantly until we, as a like minded group rise up and chase them away.

    I'm still waiting for the group of similar marked and colored hummingbirds to drive away the bully as I watch this morning. So far, the bully is winning but he sure exerts a lot of unnecessary energy doing so. If he'd only chill out and sit down next to the other hummingbirds, they could all enjoy a nice meal without stress or worry.

    Message to the Cabal: Stop bullying the rest of us, sit down, enjoy your meal, and know that you don't have to try to grab it all for yourselves!


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