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China says Iran joins AIIB as founder member

OWoN: Yet another F U sign to America from more nations. The US is sinking in a smelly brown liquid right now.

How can anyone deny a new trade direction is being taken? One may venture to predict that Iran will now become a member of both the Eurasian Economic Union and the SCO.

The trade winds are shifting. America is left behind. Again!

China's President Xi Jinping (front C) poses for photos with guests at the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank launch ceremony at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing October 24, 2014
- Image: Reuters / Takaki Yajima

China says Iran joins AIIB as founder member

By Ben Blanchard
8 April 2015

Iran has been accepted as a founding member of the China-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), Chinese state news agency Xinhua reported late on Tuesday.

The decision was made by existing members, including China, Britain, France, India and Italy, it added.

The United Arab Emirates has also been accepted, Xinhua said.

The AIIB is seen as a potential rival to established lenders the World Bank and Asian Investment Bank, which are dominated by the United States and Japan.

China and Iran have close diplomatic, economic, trade and energy ties.


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