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Zeitgeist - the movie

OWoN: As part of the move to remove the false veils and false mysticisms fed for generations, challenge the pseudo mumbo jumbo making naive idiots of otherwise intelligent beings. Although this is a bit dated now, it still challenges many of the implausible and ridiculous religious stances and faces down their nonsense, as it asks the key issues of societies.

Well worth settling down for an hour and a half viewing at least the first video submitted. Real viewing instead of TV Cretin junk and feed your mind for a change. Challenging consciousness is much more fun. Your are all here for that very purpose.

It does cover the games and roles of the Vulture Banks and questions 9/11 for what one day may be finally exposed.

But expect no justice while an Undocumented Illegal falsely occupies the top job by blatant Electoral Fraud.

It also questions now what financial recovery is possible while a posing Goffer for the Cabal hogs the Oval Office.



  1. This is the new #1, please place general comments here

  2. Just look at the bigger picture for all.

  3. Yet, 8 years later, these same monsters walk free daily. Only a small handful of scapegoat prosecutions for non-major offenses to date. These videos do a good job of covering a lot of issues in a coherent manner for the sleeping masses. Yet, way too few actually saw it. Probably half if not more just simply shut it off when the religion aspects began. Bottom line is that Spirituality should not be turned into a mind kontrol mechanism for tax-free profit as their bonus for "teaching"!! This is why Martin Luther nailed his papers to their doors!!


    1. Excellent point's all relative it's all an illusion perpetrated on an unsuspecting population...but zero hour for them has been reached and we shift into a new paradigm...not a world with them still in false positions of power, but a world totally extinguished of them...this provides a cleaner, pristine, hope for our futures...not one of them left to corrupt again.

      We're there , it's just a matter of one knows the time or the hour...they do have a clue that this time is growing ever so close for them.

      Don't worry be happy!!!! Love them to death!

  4. I wanted to bring over to the new number one. We're going to try just a little longer. As I said we won't be mentioning either site if we hit the news. Though it doesn't look like well hit the goal to worry about that. Just want to keep it visible for a little longer.

    just an update for those following along. Mike was able to receive the first deposit of monies. He is receiving local help in his job search. Ive been told that hes extremely grateful to those who have helped and allowed him to do the most basic things in life. Like showering and eating. John and canuzz did a wonderful piece and have had numerous mentions of Mike and his struggles. If you are new, as you show up to read these, the story of Mike is a true test of what these two sites are about. While wiling to help others through this community, it was discovered that Mike was on the verge of losing it all. He shared how he could only get internet access once in a while, but would remain diligent to coming around and lending a helping hand. It was then that a couple people in the community stepped up, and screamed, LETS HELP MIKE. Setup an account, share it around, and lets all try to help one of our dedicated and beloved members. I was touched because here was a guy losing all hope, and cared more of others than his own situation.

    As of my last update, he still has his trusting dog by his side. As a dog owner myself, I don’t know what Id do if I lost my closest mate. While he continues down this journey, we want so desperately to help him keep most of his things, as they will be needed even more now that hes hoping to enter the workplace. This is where these two sites come in to play. Things have slowed down, and time permitting, im trying to help keep this campaign alive. As a few individuals are incredibly nice, we do a lot more as a community. I think at some point in life, weve all been at some level of being a Mike.

    Our goal was to try and keep the word out, and hopefully getting 2000 people to help with 20 or 30 bucks, or whatever any one can. As a community we could show our strength in numbers. As they say in Star Wars, “let us display the true power of the force”.

    If you are able, please help us share this around, and show the true power of these site.

    No help is too small…

  5. Pretend you are Neo in The Matrix and simply watch it all for a while. New perspective. Start to feel the real you. Just.. energy.. consciousness. Independent. You choose.

  6. By WakingTimes March 19, 2015 24 Comments
    Read More →
    20 of the World’s Weirdest Religious Beliefs

    PastafarianProphet (1)Valerie Tarico, Guest
    Waking Times

    Americans in past generations lived in a sea of religion inherited largely from the Middle East by way of Europe, with home grown refinements. Most still do. When Americans venture off the continent, one of the things many find fascinating is the religious beliefs they encounter. Some people worship flying monkeys, or magical big breasted dancers, or Prince Phillip.

    From the outside, beliefs like these seem fantastical and unlikely. They played a key role in evoking such ethnocentric ideas as noblesse oblige and manifest destiny and white man’s burden. But if we could see our own culture from an outside vantage point, as if we were travelers, the world might look a little different. Even one of the Bible writers pointed out that self-examination is the first order of business. Why are you looking at the speck in your brother’s eye, he asked (to paraphrase), when you have a plank in your own?

    So, how well do you know what your neighbors believe? How about the church to which your parents are quietly tithing away your inheritance? For that matter, how about the actual details of the creed to which you yourself give a nod?

    All of the following beliefs can be found in your own back yard, still today. They have been long taught by religions that either are considered part of the Abrahamic mainstream or are home grown, made in the U.S.A., produced here and exported. Some of these beliefs are ensconced in sacred texts. Others are simply traditional. All, at one time or another, have had the sanction of the highest church authorities, and most still do.


  7. CIPS is China's alternative to SWIFT. Now that Russia has been kicked out of SWIFT by imbeciles a while ago, they have the temerity now to invite them back even offering them a seat on SWIFT!! Good Luck with that invitation, now that CIPS will wreck SWIFT very soon!! ~darylluke.

    Does it get any funnier than this? Well, arguably, we’ve already seen an even funnier episode from these financial “Wile E. Coyotes”. But let’s begin with a look at the most recent “botched operation” by the psychopaths of the One Bank.

    To any readers with even a moderate comprehension of global events, it has been completely obvious that the Western financial crime syndicate which rules over us (the One Bank) has targeted Russia for (at least) economic destruction – and perhaps political destruction, as well. It has commenced this campaign by unleashing its most-ferocious attack dog on Russia: the United States (aka “the Fourth Reich”).

    The political/economic terrorism against Russia began with the coup in Ukraine, which was fully and completely orchestrated by U.S. Neo-Cons (most unelected), who actually “run” the U.S. government. This was immediately followed by a two-pronged strategy, directed squarely against Russia itself.

    One-half of the campaign was an enormous, steaming mound of anti-Russia propaganda, continuously defecated by the West’s corporate media monopoly. This absurd, nonsensical propaganda relentlessly attempts to “blame Russia” for anything-and-everything even remotely connected to the West’s cannibalization of the Ukraine, and often simply fabricates “acts of Russian aggression”. This has continued even as these fascists have ordered their Ukraine Thugs to perpetrate ever more-aggressive and barbaric acts, primarily against the large, ethnic Russian population within their own nation.

  8. For one island, but how any times around the planet could like solutions suitable for the conditions of each place could this happen for?

    A New Permaculture for Pemba Island – Will you help us build it?

  9. Clinton Foundation’s Deep Financial Ties to Ukrainian Oligarch Revealed

    1. Ukrainian Oligarch gives money to Clinton Foundation
    2. Foundation trains puppets to work with Europe
    3. Puppets enter parliament after Nuland coup.
    4. Oligarch buys a country for $1.8M with Clinton's help.
    5. Oligarch is in the pipe business. Gas pipes perhaps?

    The Clinton Foundation: Countries Are Us
    Clinton Realty: Countries for Sale!! Basement Prices!!

  10. Many of the claims about the Christ are factually wrong, or a complete fabrication.

    Was Jesus a copy of Horus or others?

  11. For those of you who missed this(I did!), Germany college tuition: $0.00! ~darylluke.

  12. Woman Helps To Create Awesome Car That Works With Wheelchairs

    Stacy Zoern was born with muscular atrophy, her movement is limited and she needs a wheelchair to get around. When she has to drive somewhere, she has to rely on her friends to help her or use a clunky wheelchair van. But one day she found about the Kenguru, a special car for wheelchair users. She thought it was a brilliant car that would be perfect for her, but unfortunately the company that made the car didn’t have the funding to continue.

    Instead of giving up, she went out there, found investors, created her own company, and then merged it with Kenguru in order for the cars to be made. Watch the story of this woman who will not take no for an answer:

    Only car in world built from ground up for wheel chairs users

  13. Did China take the gold price away from London and if so what kind of mayhem will that cause

    1. No, China is close with London on this its the Kazakhs and Fed / Wall Street crooks we want out and China will soon link to price settings with London. .

    2. Sounds like some great news John! Can't wait to hear how it turns out. I hope things are progressing well with you and the Elders.

    3. I guess what I meant does this add more pressure to force the release?

    4. Whenever the release comes it will be controlled for sure. Global money is finite. Their is no way on this planet we are unleashing a few million few hundred buck chancers loose with multi millions causing havoc. They are not owed, do not deserve it beyond vast millions of real hard workers, and its not happening. When those doors open get in fast because sure as hell they will close fast. If in and out well done. Most will miss it. Those awake cash, those tailgating crash. Reality. Money is limited.
      None will be printed because a Gu - ru-ooo told you so. Not happening. Reality rules.

      It is a by the day thing. No one can call it. Watch, wait and pray. No point asking us is it tomorrow? Once the PPs are done, if safe we will advise. Snooze and lose. After that miss out and head to the Wailing Walls. $6T at best cash out. If true c$600T was printed expect a lot of whiners. $594 T with broken dreams. As will be for sure. It does not exist. So, the Gurus helped scammers sell coloured paper to greedy chumps. Greed fed the market. The Gurus got fat. No one still gets it. What can we say? Even worse, the idiots Brothers, More Rons keep, pontificating no it will be OK because.
      Sad to read.

    5. A good article would be someone digging into the gurus exposing all and any payouts they get.

    6. Agreed but I have no time yet.

  14. Canauzzie, thought you might have some interest in this if you haven`t already seen it.

    Former Defence minister of Canada Paul Hellyer ------ Paul breaks down very important historical events about the banker mafia and more
    Paul can be reached at 416-850-1375 or e-mail
    Hon. Paul T Hellyer important, heartfelt message to the world; "We have been given a few months, not years.....We are the ones destined to write our own history"
    Former Defence Minister of Canada talks about urgent issues we face today, and how we can act on them as individuals, with a common coal of freedom and truth. Paul touches on topics such as:
    US Politics and Secrecy, NATO, Obama, Islam, Christianity, Judaism,War, 9/11, Exotic Energy, ISIS, Moral Leadership, ET Reality, Monetary Reform, Global Elite, Sovereignty of humans
    Paul's Website:


    1. Thanks Scott. i have not seen it yet but will watch when time allows.


    2. Soon it will be our new #1 article.

  15. Have you heard the term technocracy? Me either! Do you wonder why Obama is tearing apart the fabric of our nation? Do you wonder why he is so zealous to use Executive Orders to "legalize" illegal immigration and climate change initiatives? Hint: it's because he is a puppet in the hands of Trilateral Commission members who surround him. Technocracy is their agenda and Obama is going to give it to them.

    One of the most important interviews I've heard recently. Explains strange global happenings of last few decades, the agenda, who's behind it and why. Patrick Wood who's been researching technocracy for 40 years on Caravan to Midnight Mar 18.

  16. Another wake up call.

  17. So many Americans do not understand our fiat monetary system: that debt must be borrowed into perpetual infinity to maintain the system. Everyone is held in bondage in the current system to debt.


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