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Vladimir Putin reappears on television as rumours ranging from him being under threat of a coup to the birth of his love child rock the Kremlin

OWoN: For so many who have followed the wild Putin speculations of his alleged death, we give you a reality check report. Here he is, live and kicking-Ass as usual. Vlad - The Impaler of US Imperialism is fine. As is the mother of his new "Alleged" child, his girlfriend.

Seems he has been Putin it out OK.

Vladimir Putin, left, met with the supreme court president Vyacheslav Lebedev, right, earlier today

Vladimir Putin reappears on television as rumours ranging from him being under threat of a coup to the birth of his love child rock the Kremlin

  • Vladimir Putin held his first public meeting in more than a week today
  • The Russian president met with the head of the supreme court in Moscow
  • The pair are believed to have discussed judicial reform and the economy
  • Russian government sources say Putin has further meetings on Monday
  • Reports claim Putin's 'girlfriend' has checked into Swiss maternity hospital
  • It's claimed Alina Kabayeva, 31, is giving birth or had recently done so
  • Her stay at the hospital has been linked to recent disappearance of Putin
  • It comes as the Kremlin fends off allegations of an impending coup
  • Former aide said Russia's prime minister will be replaced by Sergei Ivanov
  • This to be followed by an announcement Putin needs a break, it is claimed

Mail Online
By Will Stewart
13 March 2015

Vladimir Putin has appeared on television for the first time in a week amid health fears and suggestions that he is being subject to a coup, while rumours persist that his 31-year-old 'girlfriend' is about to give birth.

Putin, 62, had cancelled several planned meetings during the week leading to speculation over his health and even claims that he was fighting to retain his position.

Channel NTV showed footage of Putin meeting with supreme court president Vyacheslav Lebedev, which it claims was shot on Friday.

According to Putin's staff, he was discussing judicial reform and the likely increase in the number of bankruptcies as as result of Russia's economic collapse.

Putin is due to meet with the president of Kyrgyzstan in St Petersburg on Monday according to the Kremlin.

The Russian president was last seen in public on March 5.

For the past week, the Russian government has been reluctantly answering questions about Putin's health and suggestions that his unofficial girlfriend Alina Kabayeva had checked into a Swiss maternity clinic.

Rumours about 31-year-old Alina Kabayeva surfaced with reports in Switzerland, Italy and Russia suggesting the gymnast had either given birth or was about to do so.

It comes amid increased speculation over what has happened to Putin with the Russian leader not having been seen for a week.

The claims focused on an elite clinic in Lugano, in the Italian region of the neutral country, with some accounts saying she had a new daughter.

Putin's spokesman - who has never confirmed a relationship between the 62 year old strongman and the Olympic gold-medal winner - insisted:

'Information about the birth of Vladimir Putin's child does not correspond to reality.'

The Russian embassy in Kiev refused to comment on a report on the speculation in newspaper Blick.

Russian Tatler yesterday repeated gossip that Kabayeva has two children already by Putin but adds there is no official confirmation.
Alluring: Many Russians consider Alina
Kabayeva the country's undeclared
First Lady

Kabayeva has been largely out of sight since quitting as an MP in Putin's United Russia party last September, when she took over as head of a major media conglomerate.

Meanwhile, the Kremlin today issued a new picture showing Putin meeting the chairman of the Supreme Court Vyacheslav Lebedev at his out-of-Moscow residence Novo-Ogaryovo.

The image was meant to scotch suggestions that Putin was not at work amid speculation over a coup or illness.

However, there were immediate claims the picture and TV footage was old, and that it was further evidence of his mystery absence.

Current rumours in Moscow include Putin suffering a stroke, or an unfolding palace coup, following his sudden cancellation of a scheduled trip to Kazakhstan.

With Moscow in febrile mood, a former senior aide to the strongman claimed another ex-KGB spy is being urgently lined up to take over from him.

The theory suggests the Kremlin's chief of staff Sergei Ivanov - a former defence minister - will become prime minister in place of the lacklustre Dmitry Medvedev.

After this switch, dubbed a 'conspiracy of generals', Putin - currently the subject of swirling rumours over his health after not being seen in public for more than a week - would be swiftly ousted.

Under the Russian constitution, in the event of a president leaving office, the prime minister replaces him in an acting role pending elections.

This latest forecast of an imminent sea change in Russian politics came from Andrei Illarionov, Putin's former chief economics aide, who last year predicted Putin's land grab against Ukraine three weeks before it happened.

While the Kremlin insists Putin is healthy and in full control of his government, Illarionov claimed:

'In the next few days we should expect the resignation of prime minister Dmitry Medvedev, and Sergei Ivanov being appointed in his place.'

After this, 'the public is likely to be informed that the national leader (Putin) needs a well deserved rest'.

Putin hands flowers to Olympic gold medal-winning gymnast Alina Kabayeva after awarding her with an Order of Friendship at an award ceremony in the Kremlin in 2001

It has been claimed Russia's former defence minister Sergei Ivanov (pictured) will become prime minister in place of the lacklustre Dmitry Medvedev

Observers note that in recent days, Ivanov - who retained the military rank of colonel general and whose eldest son was killed in a mysterious drowning accident in Dubai last November - has been little seen in public.

And Medvedev, who served as president for four years to 2012, is also out of the limelight.

Some Kremlin-watchers say that Western sanctions have created huge tensions inside Putin's fractious entourage in recent weeks, with cash streams closed off.

The murder of opposition leader Boris Nemtsov - branded a 'provocation' by Putin - has only intensified the infighting with blame for his slaying blamed on the president's close allies in Chechnya.

Illarionov, a senior follow at the Cato Institute in Washington, earlier alleged a cover-up by the Russian authorities over Nemtsov's shooting yards from the Kremlin.

Putin is said by his spokesman Dmitry Peskov to be 'exhaustively' working on documents but has - most unusually - not been seen publicly since 5 March, more than a week.

Miss Kabayeva performs her routines during two events in Kiev, Ukraine, in 2000 (left) and 1999 (right). The former gymnast is rumoured to be the president's girlfriend

The Kremlin insists he is healthy, but this has done nothing to end speculation from Russians who for years were lied to over the health of geriatric Soviet leaders, and also Putin's predecessor Boris Yeltsin.

'Peskov's assertion that Putin is in good health, however, could also mean recent developments in Russian politics required Putin's presence in Moscow,' stated The Moscow Times today.

'A heightening of the conflict in eastern Ukraine and the murder of opposition politician Boris Nemtsov, the investigation into whose death was reportedly accompanied by signs of an increased power struggle within the Russian administration, could have kept Putin busy behind closed doors.'

In December, Putin brushed aside claims he could be overthrown.

'I can assure you that we don't have palaces, so a palace coup isn't really possible. The official presidential residence is the Kremlin. It is well protected,' he said.

Ivanov, at 62 the same age as Putin, was a career KGB who studied English in Ealing during the Cold War.

He is wooden in his public appearances and lacks Putin's common touch with ordinary Russians.



  1. This is the new #1, please place general comments here

  2. Wow, she looks like a baby next to him... however, she is a flexible baby.

    Well good for Vladimir...

    ~Get Real

  3. Ay caramba! No wonder Vlad looks happy if Alina is to be the next First Lady of Russia, while gay Obama has to make do with the Wookie Trannie. Putin certainly has class.

    1. Don't get me wrong - I'm not against gays or wookie trannies; I'm against the lies and deception that got Obama elected and keep him in office.

    2. At least the wookie can get a job in solar warden and fly o away back to tatooine. wait.. its a trap!

    3. OMG Valdi, your first comment completely cracked me up. Brilliant.

    4. Between John's "Putin it out" pun and Valdi's Wookie Trannie comment I am cracking up big time!

      Interesting though, when you consider this article and the other one that says the Kremlin is planning a major announcement soon. There definitely could be a correlation. Hmmmmm.....

  4. What can we expect? First we get news that UK is going by way of BRICS. Then we hear that O is having a tantrum. Then we hear that Spain, Italy might go by way of BRICS. Germany continues to repatriate gold from Fed Reserve. And the news we hear everyday; UsA is moving closer to "gutted finances."

    These monsters live off of 'fear porn,' without it they cannot muster the power from us to crank up CERN, or to open a portal for their escape, or to do anything that they are perpetrating.

    There's no fear in love, perfect love casts out all fear!

  5. What this information leads me to conclude is that President Putin was in Swiss Hospital to admit his girlfriend & be there during birth under a strict reporting news black-out. Maybe he will announce the birth along with a wedding date soon!!

    This cover story is interesting to read between the lines, too!! "We here in Russia have RULE OF LAW." with his meeting with the highest Judge in the land. Maybe I am reading too much into it, though... ~darylluke.

    1. Poor guy - if he's not in the public eye 24/7/365 they declare him dead. Gosh I'm glad not to be in his shoes.

  6. Your right Hanlo, on the world stage Mr. Putin is followed everywhere. I would not wish to be in his shoes either.

  7. Who got us into the Iraq war?
    A List of prominent Jewish Neocons who got the U.S. into Iraq and Homeland Security
    Richard Perle
    Paul Wolfowitz
    Douglas Feith
    Scooter Libby
    Charles Krauthammer
    Stephen Bryen

    David Frum

    Robert Kagan

    David Wurmser
    Dov Zakheim
    Henry Kissenger

    Norman Podhoretz
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    Max Boot

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    Marc Grossman
    Joshua Bolten

    This fifteen minute video is giving testimony by doctors, scientists, and pilots about the dangerous chemicals being sprayed on us and the startling amounts in our air, water, soil, and food. This needs to go viral.

    1. Biffie

      To see who is doing the spraying, look up in the sky and determine the location of the aircraft. Then log into

      and drag the map to your location. Click on the aircraft that coincides with your visual observation. A window will identify the aircraft and flight number.

    2. Oh, thank you Observer24, I will do this.

    SUNDAY, MARCH 15, 2015 AT 4:26:00 AM MDT
    Who got us into the Iraq war?

    A List of prominent Jewish Neocons who got the U.S. into Iraq and Homeland Security
    Richard Perle Paul Wolfowitz Douglas Feith Scooter Libby Charles Krauthammer Stephen Bryen David Frum Robert Kagan David Wurmser Dov Zakheim Henry Kissenger Norman Podhoretz John Podhoretz Elliot Abrams Frederick Kagan Donald Kagan Alan Dershowtiz Daniel Pipes Eliot Cohen Bill Kristol Irving Kristol Max Boot James Schlesinger Marc Grossman Joshua Bolten

    This a list of ENEMIES OF HUMANITY. These are satanist/zionists POSING as Jews. ~darylluke.

    1. Thanks much darylluke, its so nice had to be done twice ! However mines are more dramatic. Am sure you would agree. One must scroll through and read each fuging name, and let the sour taste linger before the next. Reality Bites. Living in Amerika.

    2. YOU ARE MOST WELCOME. (Sometimes its seems nobody is reading.....) ~darylluke.

    3. We are definitely reading Darylluke. Thanks to all the posters and John and Canauzzie for your efforts.

  10. 3/14/15 9:30 AM Jim's Rant For The Day. Holy Shit Numbers

    Who's your daddy? For two thousand years the holy mother Catholic church has been answering that question for us. For twelve years of catholic schooling I was told that it was the Pope, being that he was infallible and all, being the earthbound representative of God. In case you are unfamiliar with that word “infallible”, that is a full notch above being Mom. It means that the Pope cannot make a mistake in his churchly pronouncements.

    Yep. He's the man. One of his super powers is that when the Pope tells you to, “go to hell” he means it. That directive will be backed up by Jesus himself and his Daddy. So the Pope is not fooling around when he gives you the finger. I have often wondered if he blows smoke off the end of it like in the Westerns.

    Please forgive me here as I do not mean to trivialize all of the millions of poor souls that got the finger but I read history and just a few are mentioned in the big books. The rest were simply sorry non-following scum that didn't matter, I suppose.

    Allow me to just list three that jump out of the encyclopedias, our official given history. I will start with Galileo, the Italian who was condemned by the church around 1615 for daring to say that the earth spins around in the solar system instead of the church's view of the solar system spinning around the earth. Then in 1992, after 377 years, the church said “Oops, sorry.”

    My personal favorite was Johannes Gutenberg, the inventor of the printing press. He got fingered for printing the bible in Italian rather than Latin, the then secret language of the church, allowing the common man to read the good book for himself. Thus, giving to power to the common man to think for himself. Gutenberg escaped death by the church when he fled to England which had broken ties with the Vatican. That was around 1650. Then in 1992, some 340 years later, the church apologized to his family.

    And now today, after 700 years, the church admits that the burning of the Knights Templar was an error. I guess now the church is implying they that they have always been good buddies with the Templars and that whole burning thing was a mistake. It was originally planned to be an honorary comedy roast that kinda got out of hand.

    Why now? Why is the truth suddenly coming out now? Why did a recent Pope resign making it the first Pope resignation in 600 years. Why just today did the current Pope say that he will probably leave office in two or three years? I must confess that Jean Haines said it best this week in the closing of her website when she said that most of us do not know our history – it has been concealed from us. Holy shit!

  11. Rumors presently are gaining a bit of traction that President Putin was behind 3/11, or Fukashima dissaster. Smells like more BS to me. Makes no sense. Desperate rumors to discredit a brilliant tactician by someone NOT very smart. Supposedly one alleged source for this is purported to be the king of Nutters, NetyinYahoo himself.

    President Putins response should be right now: *RELEASE ALL THE 9/11 FILES.
    {*Include as an Adendum the complete results of the black-box analysis of Malaysian flight shot down over Ukrane.} ~darylluke.

    1. Here's one for you: Abel Danger's - Field McConnell - British Constitution Group and UK Column Conference interview (Scroll down 3 part interview...

      Abel Danger's - Field McConnell - British Constitution Group and UK Column Conference interview

      You know when you are hearing the truth!?

  12. At least Putin has a hot girlfriend unlike the tranny we have for a first lady.

  13. You're absolutely right All OR NAA, the silence is here is deafening. We can only hope!

    John, you are SO naughty. Just the way I like my men. Your seat is reserved :).


    Robert David Steele – a 20-year Marine Corps infantry and intelligence officer, the second-ranking civilian in U.S. Marine Corps Intelligence

    Note: If this is true? then, treason prevails...

  15. Something to ponder:

    The Top 10 Tricks Used by Corporate Junk Science

    Corporate junk science is an all-pervading

    presence in our society. It’s everywhere. The scientific journals of the entire world, offline and online, have been flooded with so much fake science that it has, sad to say, become practically impossible for the average person to wade through all of it and sort out the wheat from the chaff.

    1. Fedup, this is outrageous but expected from those greedy, non-caring folks. All about the money and status and the heck with reality and good health for us all. That is why we study for ourselves and learn the truth. Great post. thanks.

    2. Yes Biffie; these monsters have lowered the expectations of the average citizen to gutter level. What I do believe is that we are shocked at the level of "evil" that is perpetrated against hard working citizens...for worthless paper????

      It is often said, be careful of the hole you dig for others...this same hole will be the one the digger falls into...

  16. 'Innocent mistake': UK’s nuclear weapons web data routed through Ukraine

    Sensitive data from around 170 major companies, including the UK’s Atomic Weapons Establishment and Lockheed Martin, might have be compromised after British Telecom web traffic was accidentally rerouted through Ukraine.

    A map of all the underwater cables that connect the internet


  17. I am now forced to delete comments, enough please.

    1. This coming week the US hits its debt ceiling again and will try to use that to delay settling. So, who Stole the Debt Obligation Accruals????????????? Time for the big stick.

    2. ....overdue now for over 2 years..... ;-)

    3. When they have no consequences for their actions why change the behavior.

      The criminality is so deeply rooted into the executive, judicial and legislative branches they have no fear of consequences.

      Makes me sick.

    4. John the time has come to stick your hands down their necks and rip out their lungs .

    5. If the debt ceiling is maxed out seems an even better reason to release. What amazes me more is the world sits idle and let's them do this

    6. There is no rule of has to be re-established.
      However, here's an opinion by and interview published by Kirwan; it's very interesting.

      The Balance of Power has Shifted

  18. John,
    Time to take off the velvet gloves and call out the spades? You publish...we'll circulate!

  19. John,

    Bring out the British bulldogs and their rottweiler buddies.


  20. John, the US snake infested GOV claims to be broke but owes numerous patriots, countries etc dept obligations which they stole or borrowed and have not paid back. The theives have agreed to pay back these obligations but keep delaying for one reason or another and must have these funds in hidden accounts that you and your comrades know about.

    1. We need the consent of certain US parties who seem to fear for their own mortality if we do. It is very much a fear over reaction,.but nevertheless we do have a Duty of Care not to put them at risk also. That said, we have many ways to skin a cat. More exposures will start.

  21. It's Sunday Dear Jesus be in our hearts and minds .

  22. American Friends,

    Today We are more than One Million people in protest in the streets in Sao Paulo. We protest again endemic corruption and mismanagement in this country.

    ENOUGH is ENOUGH!. There are No Party flags around only our National Flag, Yellow and Green colors representing our Values.

    In this day We make history again as revolution begins. The government stole so the people are broke and We Refuse to Choke. We are taking it BACK by force if needed.

    Watch and learn, Move and Act. If we can make it, So do you.

    1. I took some video as we passed on the bus an hour ago.. Loving the energy

    2. Yes BoB, be safe and more power to you all. Thanks for sharing that.

    3. BoB and AjnaAndy - Great to see the protest. Thanks for the updates!

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. Brazil have the backing and support of Russia and China; UsA have the backing and support of???? who? Oh, nobody...well, we are left to our own devices...which might be more than our gov't have.

      Our militias are said to be cocked and loaded!

    6. Jack, Biffie, Phoenix, Calgirl, FedUp

      Thanks for the support friends. Hard working families were out there in a peaceful protest screaming freedom, we ain't taking anymore. These are millions of individuals working 44hrs weekly showing their disapproval and contempt for corruption and Welfare State, lack of Education and Health system. We won't pay for the loser, wasters and lazy one, and I agree with that.

      Now I wait for our American Friends to organize and do the same. Is the least We expect from you, because we support you and want to see you free.

      To start you can scream FREEDOM and Kick their behind up to your knee and leave their for a while. That is a start.

      Great to see you out there participating. I'm very happy to have you among us experiencing our kind of revolution. You are part of revolution.

    7. Sending love and light to AJ and BoB and all Brazilians; in hopes for the fulfillment of your requests...

    8. AjnaAndy, watched the video. That is great you are there. I bet you met a lot of wonderful people. Make a difference, enjoy the experience, and stay safe. Peace

    9. Thousands Crowd Brazil's Streets: Demand Military Intervention & Rousseff Resignation, Impeachment

      It appears the 'people' are growing more and more dissatisfied with their corrupt and greedy leaders across the world. As we noted recently, Brazil's economy is imploding, consumer sentiment is at record lows, and with the Petrobras scandal providing a glimpse at just how deep the corruption might go, Brazilians are revolting.

  23. BofB

    Awesome show of strength and support. Way to go Brazil. Show the world how to do it.

  24. Hopefully I'll be ok to post this here. After checking it today I really thought we would have done better. I mentioned at WH Aux site I would try to post over here for Mike. We were hoping to get 2000 individuals at maybe 20 to 30 bucks to help this verterans goal. Hes a loyal follower and good guy.

    1. Ricky, glad you re-posted this. It reminds people, and allows new visitors to see it for the first time. If it goes viral then you will reach your goal. Keep at it!

    2. Ricky please repost a specific appeal for Mike under the new exclusive coming up by tomorrow. That will be well read and leave his coordinates. Make a clear case for him.

  25. Ricky,
    I left a message for Mike several says ago at WHA that we have a contact in Phoenix who's willing to network Mike's resume and even put it in professional form. We haven't heard anything from him. Just need an outline of his work experience and interests. Tony at WHA will give him my email and I can get info to Phoenix. Will also need a way to contact Mike through a friend if necessary.

  26. Cern's Large Hadron Collider re-starts after two-year shutdown

    The Large Hadron Collider (LHC), which was at the origin of the discovery of the long-sought Higgs Boson in 2012 and which was shut down for upgrades in 2013, is now improved and ready to do science again, the scientists of the European Centre for Nuclear Research (Cern) said on 12 March in Geneva.

  27. Russian Federation Processing Treason Doc Request

    McCain/Netanyahu treason/espionage proof request to Russian Federation being discussed...

  28. RT: Putin Cites US Role in Ukraine Coup

    “The law was thrown away and crashed. And the consequences were grave indeed. Part of the country agreed to it, while another part wouldn’t accept it. The country was shattered,” Putin explained.

    He also accused the beneficiaries of the coup of planning an assassination of then-President Viktor Yanukovich. Russia was prepared to act to ensure his escape, Putin said.

    “I invited the heads of our special services, the Defense Ministry and ordered them to protect the life of the Ukrainian president. Otherwise he would have been killed,” he said, adding that at one point Russian signal intelligence, which was tracking the president’s motorcade route, realized that he was about to be ambushed.

  29. Woody Harrelson Presents: Ethos, Ethos, a powerful investigation into the flaws in our systems Sun, March 15, 2015

    Ethos opens a Pandora’s box that has it’s roots in the cross-roads where capitalism-meets-democracy, implicates every power-elite puts profit before people and finally offers a solution whereby you — the viewer — can regain control using the one thing they do care about — your cash.

  30. Russia: Vladimir Putin Head of Security DEAD?

    1. MW and P...I just viewed this youtube...this is incredible...if this is true then I think that this might be in response to Putin releasing 911 info as he threatened. Then I posted an article by VT that states that the Russian Federation is filing treason charges against politicals in UsA...Wow...

      Then Ifind this:
      What Happened In Russia This Weekend? Rumors of Murder and Kremilin On Fire


      Sources in Moscow confirmed the information about the death of the chief guardian of Russian President Vladimir Putin General Viktor Zolotov.

  31. Ron Paul lays it out.

    A Green Light for the American Empire

    The American Empire has been long in the making. A green light was given in 1990 to finalize that goal. Dramatic events occurred that year that allowed the promoters of the American Empire to cheer. It also ushered in the current 25-year war to solidify the power necessary to manage a world empire. Most people in the world now recognize this fact and assume that the empire is here to stay for a long time. That remains to be seen.

  32. The legal case against Internet rules

    As legal challenges loom for new net neutrality regulations, GOP members of the Federal Communications Commission are offering some of the first lines of attack.

    The dissenting opinions of the two Republicans ran 80 pages, and they telegraph some of the arguments on which critics could rely as they prepare legal filings to scrap the new rules.

  33. Updates
    Yes, another attempt is on for resolution asap. Pressure is continuing seeking to get the necessary releases. That is as much as anyone can advise. As and when it is resolved, it will happen quickly.
    It is as much as any of us can do to help parties be ready. That is free and constructive help for those who understand that this is a very arduous and complex process contaminated by Special Interests. After such a long haul for many, whenever it is accomplished will be a relief. We are only a messenger of goodwill.

    For the odd vexatious wannabe sounding off at us on other sites when it slips, go forth and multiply your kind elsewhere, these sites are for mature, reasoning and multi focused parties seeking to accomplish more than a gratuitous free lunch at other nations expense. Those able to be part of a new emergent society, not just gratuitous grabbers and whiners. Return to Guru Land from whence you came.

    For all others, we are with you in spirit and hope. Dedicated Patriots and others seek resolution daily at their own expense and with focused dedication. It is not for want of trying, but for other parties lying.
    Those seeking balanced information continue monitoring. Gratuitous grunts of a Green persuasion move on to where your free loading kind form their own collective.

    1. Vexatious wannabes need to be eliminated from the gene pool...

    2. John, thanks for the update...and the laugh! Odd Vexatious Wannabes! Still cracking up....

  34. Thank you very much for the update John, it is very much appreciated. And thank you also for your continued effort in all areas.

  35. So, are we back to "Where is President Putin?" again? (Some strange articles surfaced last 24hrs...) ~darylluke.

    1. The exercises of the Russia's Northern Fleet will be held on land, in sea and air and will run for five days beginning March 16, Defense Minister Shoigu said.

      MOSCOW (Sputnik) – Russian President Vladimir Putin gave the order to bring the country’s Northern Fleet to full alert in a snap combat readiness exercise Monday, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said.

      Read more:

  36. The U.S. Treasury has temporarily stopped issuing state and local government bonds ahead of the looming breach of the debt limit, Treasury Secretary Jack Lew told Congress on Friday.
    The step will be followed by other "extraordinary measures" the Treasury can take to fund the government temporarily once the U.S. reaches its statutory debt ceiling on Monday. It sets up a political chess match to raise the government's borrowing authority before it exhausts its cash and defaults on its obligations.

  37. Hi Canuzzie,
    Just a special thank you to you for the incredible work to do each day both with this website and beyond. I sincerely appreciate having the opportunity to visit here each day to share, learn and grow. You truly are a champion. Thank you so very much for your amazing contribution.

  38. Brazil's Protest Update:

    Unbelievable protest yesterday, let me tell you. The greatest demonstration of collective power we have ever experienced in this Country. The event culminated in the 30th anniversary of the end of military dictatorship and re democratization.

    We were not protesting in pro of impeachment or military coup, that was only a minority and a very small segment of the Event. We were protesting for the same reasons hard working families protest worldwide, which is Lack of Everything that is basically Ethical. However, President Dilma did not have the "balls" to show up for a government discourse afterwards, instead she sent a couple of invertebrates maniacs for a futile discourse in national tv. What a disgrace!

    The present government and Party is still shocked by the size of demonstrations and collective power. They are shacking because they know this is only the start. So, better introduce new measures now and put your acts together in pro of citizen's betterment or take the hit and heavy consequences sooner rather than later.

    People were screaming Dilma Out, Dilma Out. Me and family were screaming Corruptors, Traitors and their rotten class Out and take your Dollars Out with you, as we produce everything in abundance but don't dictate prices of anything. Screw that!

    Enough is Enough and We are taking it back folks. The masses are waking up against the Nazi-Zionist-Thugs behind the steering wheels of Parties. Their days are numbered, so are the days of Wasters and bloodsuckers. Hard working families built this country and city, so deserve to survive.

    We just hope PPs are released soon, so we can hopefully take advantage of this glorious wave to push Change further.

    1. BoB initially I suspected that there may have been an element of 'Maidan' or supported coup activity. But then seeing the amount of people, their passion and voice, I realised that this is a genuine public movement of 'I've had enough and I'm not going to take it anymore'! I wonder though, if PT is toppled, would US puppets take it's place?

  39. President Vladimir Putin Appears As Scheduled In St Petersburg With President Of Kyrgyzstan

    1. The question remains, "What the heck was all that about?"!!

    2. Vlad is back laughing at the incompetence of the Western MSM. Clearly most cross bred with a Steer from Pillock County.
      Lots of new articles coming out over the next 48 hours plus a large exclusive with lots of pics to arrange and set. Many will interest you a lot. Share the road and ride with us. Road bumps and all.

    3. The liars are so deeply entrenched, they need our fear...with Putin at 88% approval rating the world population would definitely be speaking out...I think many, many people are awake...more than we know.

      No panic, just questions...and checking the source of the "panicked news."

      They need to bring back "burning of the witches" as they did in Salem back in the day!

  40. World’s Biggest Class Action Lawsuit Now Imminent

    Judgment Day for the 9-11-01 Perpetrators is fast Approaching.

  41. I'm not great at the link posting but making the regular news....Russia is showing off some military muscles, but why?

    1. This is on our list to post today. Good find JB Loss and welcome!

    2. Canauzzie, I bet it is J. Bloss...

      JBLOSS, which is it?

    3. I see now by his profile it is J Bloss...

  42. calgirl and anyone else interested,
    Field McConnell will be broadcasting today, Mar 16 at 3 pm CST from LIGHTHOUSE VETERAN'S RANCH, TX.


    It seems Bush Sr. sent a message to O telling him to sic his pit bull Jarrett on Hillary. Bush Sr. is pretty invested in continuing his ilk in the White House? Jeb is genuflecting at poppa's knee as I type? Frankly, matters not to me. Clintons, Bushes-they are all the same.

    1. Correct! Correct! Until we get these cabal families out, it will be the same...doesn't matter which party hat they're wearing. They are not representing the people.

  44. Pope declares a jubilee?

    The Argentine pontiff acknowledged that "I have thought about how the Church can make clear its mission of being a witness of mercy," and concluded that "it's a journey that starts with a spiritual conversion. For this reason I have decided to declare an Extraordinary Jubilee that has the mercy of God at its center. It will be a Holy Year of Mercy."

    It will begin on Dec. 8, the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, and will come to an end on Nov. 20, 2016, the date when the Solemnity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe, is celebrated.

    1. It is also worth noting that on last Friday, the 13th, the Vatican released documents that had been suppressed for 700 years showing the Knights Templars were innocent. Friday the 13th has been considered an unlucky day ever since King Philip IV of France and Pope Clement V ordered had hundreds of Templars rounded up and jailed on Friday, October 13th, 1307.

      HISTORY. L. ~darylluke.

    2. Did they show any mercy to those little children, sacrificed, raped and murdered all around the world? They asking for forgiveness should be them asking our One Creator who forgives...we never forget...they do exactly opposite of what they say and they cannot be relied upon. The noose is tightening and they are running for the hills, but the hills will cry out and there will be no place to hide. Our One Creator's revenge is perfect..."revenge is mine and I will repay."

      They lied and created the deceptions that we are untangling ourselves from these days. They created the re-lie-gions...they created and transcribed the bible as a control mechanism to keep us thinking that we are worshiping the One True Creator when in actuality we are worshiping their god...the great snake, set-an/ who has set out to destroy Our One True Creator's creation...all from the beginning...harvesting our energy and earth's energy to empower themselves...

      Need I say more?

  45. You guys read Fulfords latest? BIG Battalions are marching!! Or, this is just great fiction....

    HISTORICAL TIMES, SURELY!! ~darylluke.

    1. DL
      Incredible coincidental news that aligns with much of what remains unclear from other sources...this brings everything into alignment much clearer....

      Great information, if true...

    2. Fulford always has interesting stuff, but you can find posts from him during Bushes days that say the cabal is almost dead.

    3. JV
      Often we have to put our intentions behind what we really want to happen...everything is fluid and everything is energy...with the right level of divine energy we can move is the things hoped for the evidence of things will happen because WE are designed to "wish for a thing and allow it to come to pass" with our energy signature that our One True Creator gave us in His image...we have the power....Truth will always prevail over untruths...over deception, lies, and unsolicited is happening!

    4. Fedup,

      Respectfully, life is not an episode of "I dream of Jeannie". You can't wish something into existence. Creative action brings things into existence. If all it took was wishing, I'd be on a beautiful Island right now.

      I will agree that you visualize or conceptualize something first. But, then you need to implement that vision through actions.

      Are there machinations happening behind the scenes for change...certainly.

      Is Fulford correct all the time...No.

    5. JV
      This is not to say pull a "jeanie" out of a hat; but it is to say that where our intentions are focused can be a force for good, no matter what other's intentions are. And, it's not about right or wrong, it's that the substance in the article is very relevant and can be viewed from others who are reporting some of the same, but inconclusive news.

      Wishing won't do it, having faith in your own knowing will...

    6. I think we are saying the same thing, but in our own way...and it's debate, but may this excerpt can give you a glimpse into what I might be trying to say:

      "But there is a universal absolute Truth that resides beyond these relative truths. It is independent, sovereign, eternal and pure. It is the way things Actually are. Not what we think they are, not what we assume, nor what we believe things are. The vast majority of people have been deeply programmed to believe an illusory reality that has nothing to do with the way things actually are."

      "This divine Truth is who you truly are, so you awaken to it. It does not come from external sources, nor is it downloaded from the cosmic realms. It springs forth from your deepest Self."

      JV, it's always great discussing issues and subjects with you...and you bring much truth and insight...and you are right...but my take is that there is another process that deserves consideration, that's all...

  46. This article coincides with information a friend who is employed in the middle east with a VERY LARGE oil company told me months ago. His employer told him "to be ready to flee their location (not Saudi Arabia-another oil rich small country) on a one hour notice.

    1. Wow, MW &P...I did read last week that the UsA closed their consulate in Saudi Arabia and gave travel warning to UsA citizens with no other explanation of what was really going on...

  47. John. Gladly, you bet I will. Mike is one of our own. Im not sure if anyone saw, but Mike tried to help Tony’s friend Philly over his own situation. If you haven’t seen, Tony did a very emotional piece of her nightmare of being beat in a senior care facility paid to help her. This guy is one of our own. As John says, the Elders and others are watching us for how we want to help those in need and help better humanity. I think helping one of our fallen hero’s, shows two things. 1, we support our community members. 2. We show that we actually mean what we say about helping others. We could really have a shot here to wow those watching us.

    Phoenix. Thanks. I really hope someone here knows how to help get something to go semi-viral. Imagine if we blew the top off of this, how the community here can make a difference. I would think many would love our stepping up, and want to use us for humanities cause. Just my thoughts. But remember these two sites are being watched.

    Texian. I have been in contact through the donation group, and the contact information hasnt been shared. This is why you haven’t heard anything. I have sent over a contact person to help Mike make a resume and get him started. They say he doesn’t have internet access, so he comes on from time to time. The first money has been transferred to him, and it take two to five business days. Its that sites rules. If he gets work its going to be awhile before he gets that first check.

    I will take the lead and stay on this for John. Lets crank this up. Lets show the world what arm and arm, love across the world, means.

    No one person has to do a lot. Lets get strength in numbers. 2000 people at 20 to 30 dollars and we blow the goal out, and save this guys livelihood and spirit. All will be seen, and final tallies will be shared. I will take lead on that too.

    I cant do it without you guys. I don’t posses the skills to send this viral. But if we did, imagine how we’ll look to those looking at us. If anyone posses these skills, maybe you can help shows us how.

    Lets challenge the eyes across the World, and show them we mean business, when it comes to helping strangers. One of the most difficult things to do is help a total stranger. The perception is mankind only looks out for themselves. We here, know that is absolutely not true.

    The “I wanna be like Mike” campaign. Ok, im a Tarheels alum. Go easy on me.

    1. For those who don't know about this Mike is a person over at wha. He was talking to Tony about helping a situation but didn't have much. He asked for no help. He actually posted he would never ask for help and suffer in silence. Another poster Don stepped up and wanted to help. Asking for a PayPal or something to be setup. Then the community over there wanted to step up and blow this out of the water. John had mentioned the love and support over here, so I thought I'd brimg the campaign over. None of this we Mike's asking but the communities doing. It's just a bit further back on a previous fact check over at wha. I thought I would try to keep it visible and see how close to the goal we can get. That's what this is all about.

    2. Ricky...I did donate also, but we're really looking to help Mike get employment in the long run. If Mike will email White Hats Auxiliary blog, I've asked Tony there to share my email with Mike so he can send me the information. The people in Phoenix have offered to put Mike's info in professional looking form. We just need an outline with some approx dates of his experience in military and whatever else he's done and what his skills and interest are...nothing formal.

    3. Ricky,
      Alternately you could email Tony at WHA to share my email and get Mike's info to us.


    4. Mike will also get prominent mention in our coming soon exclusive article LtV Report #4.

    5. Guys, I took a look at the site, can't say I'm comfortable giving my card info on it. Howabout a paypal donation? It is secure and already established. I'm willing to help a fellow vet but i want to donate via paypal.

    6. LG I asked the same question. I was told it's the same setup as PayPal and banks encrypition and systems. To my understanding the savings account setup is under Mike only. So no can touch the funds other than Mike. I assume PayPal wasn't used because of credit. At least my PayPal account required me to register a credit card. If he's almost homeless I'm sure his credit is shot. I called my credit card befoe my donation and they said they would support me for any fraud but they have been a part of funding others on this site. They were aware of this site being used.. i used Citibank MasterCard. Part of the sites response also points to those concerns In the q and a. I though the same way and had to check into it. If it helps.

      GoFundMe uses the same secure & encrypted payments technology as your bank. If you're uncertain about giving to a certain campaign, you can easily contact the campaign organizer for more information. Learn More

    7. Also I found this on PayPal. Kind of makes me wonder about PayPal at all anymore.

      GoFundMe campaigns created in the US only accept credit card and debit card payments. Due to a high-number of complaints, PayPal is no longer supported in the US.Learn More

    8. I have used gofundme several times without issues. Fyi.


    'While there are many movies that expose the globalist agenda, four movies particularly caught my attention.

    There seems to be several agendas going on simultaneously, such as the alien agenda and the New World Order agenda, but one other agenda is being shoved down our collective throats for at least 30 years: The transhumanism agenda.

    The premise of transhumanism dates as far back as man’s first search for the elixir to immortality and in recent years has segued into glorifying the idea of combining man with machine.'

  49. Hi everybody,
    This is Don from over on the WHA site. Just wanted to say thank you to everyone who donated to Mike's fund. I also would like to thank all of you who have been helping him in so many other ways! It is so nice to see kind hearted people helping others.

    Much appreciated!!


  50. Dear Don and Mike,
    Remember "No man left behind"? We will never leave our fellow Veterans behind. EVER! Mitakeyu Oyasin (We are ONE).
    Looks Far Woman

  51. Replies
    1. We've been through enough storms already. Perhaps some velvet glove holding a hammer diplomacy? Hope so, anyways.... ~darylluke.

  52. When it gets like this, I always think there is so much going on behind the scenes.

    1. I believe you are 100% correct on this. When it gets quiet it surely means things must be happening which are not wise to telegraph publicly. I just PRAY that the Chinese Elders have reached a consensus which will help the American people who are innocent of any wrong doing. I believe they now know the names of all of the guilty parties, which put the world into the present state it is in. Like JOHN stated earlier, "What kind of world would we have right now if all those funds didn't get taken starting over 60 years ago?". ~darylluke.

    2. Hopefully a sharing and caring world as one, Darylluke.

  53. Australia joins the China AIIB. Another ally moving away from US hegemony.

    "The decision by the Abbott government to sign on for negotiations to join China’s regional bank, foreshadowed by Tony Abbott at the weekend, represents another defeat for Barack Obama’s diplomacy in Asia."

    1. LOL

      Britain and Australia might be too polite to tell the US straight up– “Look, you have $18.1 trillion in official debt, you have $42 trillion in unfunded liabilities, and you’re kind of a dick. I’m dumping you.”

      So instead they’re going with the “it’s not you, it’s me” approach.

      But to anyone paying attention, it’s pretty obvious where this trend is going.

      It won’t be long before other western nations jump on the anti-dollar bandwagon with action and not just words."

  54. Next Europe..

    "France, Germany and Italy have all agreed to follow Britain’s lead and join a China-led international development bank, according to European officials, delivering a blow to US efforts to keep leading western countries out of the new institution.

    The decision by the three European governments comes after Britain announced last week that it would join the $50bn Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, a potential rival to the Washington-based World Bank."

  55. And if these western nations join CIPS then what?

    " "Misunderstandings under the current clearing system happen from time-to-time due to different languages and codings. The CIPS is a breakthrough since it will offer a united platform and enhance efficiency," said Raymond Yeung, an analyst at ANZ in Hong Kong."

    The ANZ is the Australian and New Zealand Bank... is Oz lining up for entry??

  56. To all
    The deafening silence is the frustrated fury of so many connected hands on parties seeing yet more delays while vested interests use these funds to patch over their own derivatives bad calls, and to maintain this unaffordable and unsustainable Military Industrial Cabal. Both Eisenhower and Kennedy warned you it was the real danger to Americas democracy but the likes of Bush,Baker, Greenspan.Cheney and a whole chain of both Military and Zionist Flunkeys get rich on the entrails of the carcase of America. They want it all. Zero for the rest. Then what? They miss the point of it all. Material is immaterial. The journey is about Soul enrichment. Learning, being a part of all. Creating and achieving. Putting back.
    I deal with it front end on 25 x 7. Pressure included and self interest wannabe Elites hysteria.
    It's coming, its happening, and it owes no one a dime. Work on being real yourself so you are fit for purpose when it comes. Problems are for fixing. Paper Tigers dont kill you, bullets do. So, if your in a bad place, move to another and start afresh. Move it or keep bleeding. We are grazing animals. Try new pastures if you have soiled your own.
    Most of your pressures are delusional. Move on to new territories. The whole world waits. Full of opportunities. People, make things happen.
    We are busy handling a retaliating Cabal. Somewhat more complex than you realise. Their world is disintegrating also and they are as confused.

    1. Was there an oxymoron here ?? You said more delays and they are retaliating but then said its coming it's happening. As a useless eater I'm now confused

    2. Its like a Ping Pong game. Table tennis with life.

    3. Like canauzzie I'm a long time hockey player and still play. Let's change the game and make it full contact not some sissy table game LOL

    4. Then Bush, Baker and Greenspan wont man up to attend.

    5. Hello John, I hope all is well with you. Based on everything that is going on with Obamination and his cronies, the post you made in another article might be a good idea now.

      John Friday, March 6, 2015 at 11:46:00 AM MST

      "Dongs, who knows? Do we wait for the GCR or go now?
      How do we deal with the Fed when we cream the Zionists? Jesus that will be some Wailing Wall."

      As understood, if the Dongs are able to go now, it will have to be carefully planned. Keep up the good fight. I feel that we are close.

  57. I know that generally speaking that Asian people place a lot of validity to astrology. Theirs is a bit different than western people are using. So, I wonder just what relevance/importance they give to this Super Moon March 19th event and the March 20 Solar eclipse in relation to PP's, RV's, etc...? ~darylluke.

  58. Hi John,
    Thank you very much for the update.
    Also, I wanted you to know how much I appreciate all the hard work you and the other Elders have done to get us to this point. This site is about the only one on the net that I can count on to give me the truth, whether good or bad. I'm a bottom line kind of guy and appreciate a no BS approach to the information at hand.
    Just know that there are a bunch of us hard working Americans out here that don't expect anything from you, but have our sleeves rolled up and our boots on tight, ready to rebuild this place if there's anything left at the end.

    Keep fighting the good fight and know we're behind you 110%



    1. You should be proud of what you started for a fallen hero. I salute you.

    2. Don

      Thank you and always be sure what you get here is a no BS approach. Those who can't handle truth re educate or move on.
      1. This problem is NOT the American people, it is the Cabal Traitors and thieves within. The new report coming out names a few.
      2. It is NOT about the lack of UC citizens capability, it is about why those of Dubious character or capability are running America? Where are the Good Leaders?
      3. It is about why the Zionists or Jews now totally control the Fed, Banks and US Treasury have been taken over by them and the scale of Theft,Fraud and hijacking of America by them with their hidden Israeli bolt hole passports to run if caught.

      It is about SAVING America and its people for vermin and parasites.
      We ask the real questions of real issues.

    3. JOHN,

      Respectfully my deepest bow tp you, especially for that last paragraph(I believe YOU meant "from" instead of *for*)
      ----"It is about SAVING America and its people *for* vermin and parasites. We ask the real questions of real issues."----

      As you stated you are pressed now "25/7" in daily exchanges, meaning more in a day than hours!! I thank you for your unending service to humanity. Sincerely, ~darylluke.


    4. Yep typo apology on the from but I have to create 25 hour days with my work load. 24 is not enough. A play on humour.

  59. Dawninglight. Thanks. That's exactly why I'm taking up this fight. A dedicated wha and own partner has fallen. We can all help pick him up. Lots of support is happening. But more is so desperately needed.I couldn't imagine going through anything like this. God willing I won't ever have too.

    Don. Good to see you over here now.

  60. Indictment of a U.S. President for Mass Murder

    Bugliosi Presents a Case Against George W. Bush for Mass Murder

    While U.S. Main Stream Media continues to fail and provide “We The People” anything of value to confirm and buttress our democracy, today Free Speech TV frankly kicked their ass taking huge giant leap forward for democracy and justice airing America’s # 1 prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi’s documentary “The Prosecution of An American President“.

  61. Ricky,
    Thank you for the kind welcome and comments!
    I appreciate very much all your efforts to keep Mike's cause alive. Awesomeness!!!


  62. The World if Gore Had Won - Gordon Duff

    Oh my, what a doozy. Methinks if the shrubs are getting fingered they'd likely say 'well we were better than if gore had won' right? This smells like Miss Info to me. She's a crafty gal.

    The end result would be astoundingly worse than the Bush – Cheney disaster, which in itself was 8 years of financial looting, illegal war and police state oppression. This is what was envisioned:

    Lieberman would assume the presidency either on 9/11 itself upon the death of President Gore or soon thereafter based on a carefully orchestrated campaign to force Gore’s resignation
    Iran was to be blamed for 9/11 and an immediate war would commence
    Senator John McCain would be nominated as the new Vice President.
    The crash of the financial markets would disrupt electric utilities, transportation including food processing and distribution and gasoline supplies, disrupting many governmental functions as well
    The Department of Homeland Security would be created with immediate powers of martial law in order to deal with riots caused by a freezing and starving population, a population ready to go to war with “no questions asked”
    First appeared:


    1. You don't prosecute based on woulda shoulda coulda in another timeline maybe. You prosecute people based on what they did in this timeline. They must be up to it, this is an admission of guilt IMO. Close to the end.

    2. Gee, how could America freeze with all that global What a mess gore would have been.

  63. Replies
    1. $9500.00 for the smallest unit, it is not very economical & out of reach to most people....

    2. I thought this was pretty cool. Thanks for posting it!

  64. “All life demands struggle. Those who have everything given to them become lazy, selfish, and insensitive to the real values of life. The very striving and hard work that we so constantly try to avoid is the major building block in the person we are today.”

  65. Everyone. Please help us if you can. A fallen wha patriot and friend. Anything helps. Look into your hearts and souls and know we would do it for each and every one of you. We so want to meet this goal and were way behind.

  66. Conservative Post digs up a high school acquaintance of Obama: Listen and see video to it here.

  67. Germany, France, Italy to join Chinese-led Asian bank....

  68. Everyone. Please help us if you can. A fallen wha patriot and friend. Anything helps. Look into your hearts and souls and know we would do it for each and every one of you. We so want to meet this goal and were way behind.

    1. Hi Ricky,

      I contributed but just noticed there hasn't been a change in the contributions since yesterday. So sad just $1,125. My prayers go out to Mike and his beautiful puppy. I know your efforts will pay off with all you and several others are doing to help him with his resume and a job.

      Keep the faith everyone for Mike and many more who are in a bad way.

      Please continue to keep us informed on any news.


  69. Over a dozen Congress members are currently under fire for taking unlawful campaign contributions.

    Over a dozen Congress
    members are currently
    under fire for taking
    unlawful campaign

    Are we finally ready to
    call out the bribery?

    1. Hi Fedup,
      Hope you are well. I just wanted to thank you for your amazing contribution you endlessly offer to everyone with the information you share here. You sure have got some energy and fire and I sincerely appreciate all that you do to assist in enlightening us all and turning our world around to become what we all know it can be. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

  70. ANOTHER rigged election in Israhell!! Grrrrrrrrrrr.....

    Plus, what the heck? The leading opposition party is called the ZIONIST Union??? ~darylluke.



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