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Thousands Crowd Brazil's Streets: Demand Military Intervention & Rousseff Resignation, Impeachment

OWoN: The next proposed color it is being suggested as wild speculation is that of Agency games sparking revolution to slow down the BRICS, except the train has left the station and it will not be long before most of Asia has adopted the alternative, rendering Brazil irrelevant in a sea of change. Brazil is erupting because of corruption, and even BRICS at this stage does not factor in. BRICS will go on with or without Brazil.

This is the simply the visible Will and anger of the people surging forwards. Bring out the guillotines. It worked for France. Time to sell some to the US for Washington. Wall Street and Crawford Texas. The situation is simple Brazilians want heads now. Lobotomize and sell them as Brazil Nuts?

Thousands Crowd Brazil's Streets: Demand Military Intervention & Rousseff Resignation, Impeachment

Zero Hedge
By Tyler Durden
15 March 2015

It appears the 'people' are growing more and more dissatisfied with their corrupt and greedy leaders across the world. As we noted recently, Brazil's economy is imploding, consumer sentiment is at record lows, and with the Petrobras scandal providing a glimpse at just how deep the corruption might go, Brazilians are revolting. Hundreds of thousands are crowding the streets in several regional Brazilian capitals, dominated ironically by the middle and upper classes. Demands for "Dilma Out" and "Impeach Dilma" are also interspersed with calls for a quasi-coup and "military intervention."

As 24 Horas reports,

Hundreds of thousands of people protested today against Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff , in Rio de Janeiro, within a day of demonstrations in dozens of cities across the country.

The protest in Rio de Janeiro started at 9:30 local time (12:30 GMT) on the beach of Copacabana and far exceeded the expectations of the public of the organizers, which are groups of citizens without opposition political parties declared link.

The man ifestantes chanted slogans against Rousseff and the ruling Workers Party (PT) and rejection of corruption.

"Out PT", "PT stole" and "PT anymore" were songs sung in repeatedly by the Cariocas protesters, who were dressed mostly in yellow and green colors of the Brazilian flag.


The vast majority of the protesters in Rio were citizens of middle and upper class, a group that in elections last October voted en masse to the opposition.

Many protesters carried signs calling for impeachment to start Rousseff f towards the removal of the president, who began his second term last January 1st.

Besides Rio de Janeiro, morning mass demonstrations were reported, with tens of thousands of people, in Brasilia, Belo Horizonte (Minas Gerais), Salvador (Bahia), Recife (Pernambuco) and other regional capitals of the country.

* * *

#Brazil Protest against the government of president Dilma Rousseff. Photo @YasuyoshiChiba #AFP #Copacabana

— AFP Photo Department (@AFPphoto) March 15, 2015

Cientos de miles de brasileños protestan contra #DilmaRousseff en Río de Janeiro.

— Revista Vistazo (@revistavistazo) March 15, 2015

Alerta: miles de brasileños salen a las calles para manifestarse en contra de Dilma Rousseff

— Infobae América (@infobaeamerica) March 15, 2015

Miles piden la destitución de Rousseff en Brasil.

— Héctor Sandoval (@HectorSandu) March 15, 2015

Rio de Janeiro en este momento. Manifestación contra Dilma Rousseff

— El Cipayo Argentino (@ElCipayo) March 15, 2015

@AleAlejajandra Rio de Janeiro diz NÃO ao Bolivarianismo Comunista de Dilma Rousseff e Maduro !

— Marcos Venezuelano (@MarcosVenezuel) March 15, 2015

Miles protestan en Río de Janeiro contra Dilma Rousseff

— AZUCENA AYALA (@azu_ayala) March 15, 2015

* * *

Of course, shouold Dilma resign or be over-run, it will be a disaster for Miami's burgeoing condo market...

* * *

As we concluded previously,

If the Petrobras affair doesn’t bring Rousseff down, her decisions will. You have to be an exceptional politician to survive the kind of huge economic downturn that Brazil finds itself in. Rousseff is no such exceptional politician. And of course most ‘leaders’ are not (that makes the few exceptional). That in turn means we will see increasing numbers of leadership changes as economies go downhill. Argentina went through 5 presidents in less than 3.5 years at the beginning of the century. Don’t be surprised if Brazil goes down that path too. And many other countries.



  1. Yeah,
    If our government don't put Its act together, we welcome RICS. If that happens, we will make negative history again and seems will not be a surprise to anyone. But not before We Shaft them all. For dignity purpose, we are trying One Last Time.

    Let's not spend more money we Don't Have on the guillotines. I keep telling them, "make sure No one touches the light posts and cables and keep good maintenance of it. If the economy goes and the people explode, we are going to needed it, sooner rather than later".

    Dilma is least of our problems, let's shaft Congress and Senate before. These are the first perpetrators, scumbags and usurpers of this Great Country trying to hide behind a desperate face. I don't want impeachment, what We want as Brazilians is for the government to put its act together and rule for all.

    If we become RICS, I'm ready to benefit from european passport and leave. But Not before We shaft some of them.

    We are Mad as Hell.

  2. By the way, the total protesters nationwide on Sunday were 1.8million according to the Military Police report, 1.2 million only in Sao Paulo and the rest spread among 23 States. The present government were not expecting a crown larger than 100 thousand in Sao Paulo...but surprise surprise huh?

    We already hear this is only the beginning and the volume of corruption only the tip of the iceberg. We heard from a couple prosecutors " The worst scandals are still to come. When the population find out the size of corruption in Petrobras, in Congress and Senate, people will revolt. Prepare to be shocked when you hear the prosecutor's report when comes out in the Media."

    We are Millions and growing
    We don't forgive the unforgivable
    We don't forget as We are Alive and Thinking
    Expect Us!

  3. Canauzzie,

    For the sake of information among this readership and association to the main feature article, I appreciate if you allow me to repost some of my previous comments regarding the protests, in case anybody is interested or missed.

    Thanks Friend

  4. Brazil_of_BRICSSunday, March 15, 2015 at 1:00:00 PM MDT
    American Friends,

    Today We are more than One Million people in protest in the streets in Sao Paulo. We protest again endemic corruption and mismanagement in this country.

    ENOUGH is ENOUGH!. There are No Party flags around only our National Flag, Yellow and Green colors representing our Values.

    In this day We make history again as revolution begins. The government stole so the people are broke and We Refuse to Choke. We are taking it BACK by force if needed.

    Watch and learn, Move and Act. If we can make it, So do you.

  5. Brazil_of_BRICSSunday, March 15, 2015 at 6:19:00 PM MDT

    Jack, Biffie, Phoenix, Calgirl, FedUp

    Thanks for the support friends. Hard working families were out there in a peaceful protest screaming freedom, we ain't taking anymore. These are millions of individuals working 44hrs weekly showing their disapproval and contempt for corruption and Welfare State, lack of Education and Health system. We won't pay for the loser, wasters and lazy one, and I agree with that.

    Now I wait for our American Friends to organize and do the same. Is the least We expect from you, because we support you and want to see you free.

    To start you can scream FREEDOM and Kick their behind up to your knee and leave their for a while. That is a start.

    Great to see you out there participating. I'm very happy to have you among us experiencing our kind of revolution. You are part of revolution.

  6. Brazil_of_BRICSMonday, March 16, 2015 at 5:37:00 AM MDT

    Brazil's Protest Update:

    Unbelievable protest yesterday, let me tell you. The greatest demonstration of collective power we have ever experienced in this Country. The event culminated in the 30th anniversary of the end of military dictatorship and re democratization.

    We were not protesting in pro of impeachment or military coup, that was only a minority and a very small segment of the Event. We were protesting for the same reasons hard working families protest worldwide, which is Lack of Everything that is basically Ethical. However, President Dilma did not have the "balls" to show up for a government discourse afterwards, instead she sent a couple of invertebrates maniacs for a futile discourse in national tv. What a disgrace!

    The present government and Party is still shocked by the size of demonstrations and collective power. They are shacking because they know this is only the start. So, better introduce new measures now and put your acts together in pro of citizen's betterment or take the hit and heavy consequences sooner rather than later.

    People were screaming Dilma Out, Dilma Out. Me and family were screaming Corruptors, Traitors and their rotten class Out and take your Dollars Out with you, as we produce everything in abundance but don't dictate prices of anything. Screw that!

    Enough is Enough and We are taking it back folks. The masses are waking up against the Nazi-Zionist-Thugs behind the steering wheels of Parties. Their days are numbered, so are the days of Wasters and bloodsuckers. Hard working families built this country and city, so deserve to survive.

    We just hope PPs are released soon, so we can hopefully take advantage of this glorious wave to push Change further.


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