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Saudi court hands gang-raped woman 200 lashes, 6-month jail term

OWoN: What a repressive regime. Don't be born a woman in Saudi.

Saudi court hands gang-raped woman 200 lashes, 6-month jail term

Press TV
7 March 2015

A Saudi woman who had fallen victim to a violent gang-rape has been sentenced to 200 lashes and six months in jail after being found guilty of speaking to the media about the crime and indecency.

The Shia woman, 19 years old back in 2006, was in the car of a student friend when two men got into the vehicle and drove them to a secluded area, where she was raped by seven men, the Middle East Monitor reported on Friday.

She was initially sentenced to 90 lashes for being in the car of a strange man, because the Saudi law dictates that a male family member must accompany a woman at all times in public.

The rapists were, surprisingly, sentenced to prison terms up to five years, which were regarded light considering the fact that they could have faced the death penalty.

The woman’s lawyer, Abdul Rahman al-Lahem, appealed to the Saudi General Court after the sentences were handed down. The court, however, more than doubled her sentence because the victim had spoken to the media.

“For whoever has an objection on verdicts issued, the system allows to appeal without resorting to the media,” Saudi officials said in a statement published on the official Saudi Press Agency.

The lawyer was also banned from the case, his license was confiscated, and was summoned to a disciplinary hearing scheduled for later this month.

The verdict has been criticized by a number of politicians and human rights organizations around the globe.

Moreover, former US State Department spokesman Sean McCormack said:

“I think when you look at the crime and the fact that now the victim is punished, I think that causes a fair degree of surprise and astonishment. It is within the power of the Saudi government to take a look at the verdict and change it.”

The Human Rights Watch also noted that the ruling:

“Not only sends victims of sexual violence the message that they should not press charges, but in effect offers protection and impunity to the perpetrators.”

International human rights organizations have repeatedly lashed out at Saudi Arabia for failing to address the rights situation in the kingdom.

They say Saudi Arabia has persistently implemented repressive policies that stifle freedom of expression, association and assembly.



  1. Scary bunch of folks. So barbarian.

  2. Agree Biffie, lot can be said here, but it comes down to the basic human right to live free and without harm ever threatening.

  3. Well excuse me if I express my honest opinion here please. Those persons that sentenced and treated this woman as they did should be strung up and left to rot right along side the dirty pigs that committed this beastly crime. What, are we back in the barbaric caveman days in Saudi Arabia or what? Oh sorry, we always have been haven't we? How dare they treat a woman of such a disgusting crime in this manner. This is all about controlling woman and keeping them submissive and in fear of men in my opinion because the men do not have enough balls to deal with the true capabilities and capacity of a woman who does express herself in all her magnificent beauty and truth. Those that treat woman in this manner will have hell to pay one of these days and I hope to God I am there when that happens. You Saudi men guilty of this type of behaviour toward women should grow a pair and start acting like decent men should. And I don't give one crap what your so called Government thinks or any of your religions, or any of those twats running around calling themselves royalty either because that is all just plain and simple made up bullshit to enable them to have control and power over you. WAKE UP. Have the guts to allow the woman in this world to contribute to making this world a better place for us all. In my opinion you are all just too bloody scared of what a woman is capable of. And in saying that, if I were you and guilty of this type of behavior you probably have good reason to be scared because your cards will be dealt one day and you will have nowhere to hide and you will face the repercussions of your barbaric, inhuman, disgusting ways. Start packing boys and get some nappies in your backpack because you will need them if I have anything to do with it. You are an utter disgrace and you need to go back to wherever it is you came from until you understand how to act like a civilized human being.

  4. A step in the right direction
    Putting an End to Women’s Harassment Around the World


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