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Neocons Clear & Present Danger To USA & World Peace

OWoN: We live in such a dangerous world of disinformation and greed. A world trapped between the scheming Zionists, the thug brutal ambitions of the Neocons, with on the outer circle, the manipulating Vatican Jesuits. All akin to the 3 witches in Shakespeare's Macbeth story.

For most, they live, then die, and learn nothing. How can America re-emerge unless real Leaders step up to the plate? None of the current bilge discharge that is Washington, have a clue about the forces now facing them, and even less, an innocent American public who would die for the Neocon Lie.

Neocons Clear & Present Danger To USA & World Peace

By Karl W. B. Schwarz
10 March 2015

As events are unfolding in the murder investigation of Russia opposition leader Boris Nemtsov it is becoming more apparent to me that the USA, the desperate Neocons and their proxies may well have been behind the murder. Suspects have been arrested in the Russia provinces of Ingushetia and Chechnya. Both areas have been part of the Neocon’s “Grand Chessboard” strategy against Russia for over two decades, and attempting to create more areas that are ‘former territories of the U.S.S.R.’ as per the Wolfowitz Doctrine (Neocon) that was finally stated in 1992.

Reportedly 5 people have been arrested, and one man has confessed. Another one in Grozny, Chechnya committed suicide by blowing himself up with a hand grenade rather than face arrest by Russian authorities. That was after he threw another hand grenade at the police officers coming to arrest him.

What will be interesting to watch is whether these are the same “Islamic rebels” that the USA has been backing on and off for more than 20 years in Chechnya and the immediate area provinces. This has been part of the larger objective of hemming in Russia and trying to get the smoke back in the jar so the Neocons can pretend the USA is the sole superpower in the world.

Since many Americans cannot seem to read a map or find world hot spots to even know where they are, I have provided a few below as to where Ingushetia, Chechnya, Dagestan and NATO wannabee Georgia are located.

The map below indicating “Disputed territories” is a Washington DC and Neocon lie. Abkhazia and South Ossetia voted in 1991 to remain aligned with Russia rather than Georgia. There is a third small area named Ajaria in the southern part of Georgia adjacent to Turkey and fronts on the Black Sea.

The problem with the Neocon’s chessboard strategy is these areas are autonomous, aligned with Russia and very close to major pipelines the USA has been behind to grab their share of the Caspian Basin oil and natural gas.

The Bush fiasco in Georgia August 2008 was an attempt to establish the Caucasus Mountains as the new border with Russia. That would have made any military land movement to the South very difficult due to the rugged and steep terrain. There is a tunnel under the mountains that links North Ossetia with South Ossetia that was built by the USSR. The Bush ‘strategery’ was to take control of that tunnel and keep Russia and its powerful armed forces on the north side of the Caucasus Mountains. They failed, just like all of the other Neocon plans have crashed and burned.

Bush wanted to push Russia back and create more ‘former territories of the U.S.S.R.’ but failed miserably.

In hindsight, I cannot think of one Bush “Mission Accomplished” except for burying the USA in debt that will take generations to pay off and killing a lot of US soldiers for nothing but political lies and a lot of dead foreigners that were no threat to the USA at all. I guess we can all add his attempt to totally destroy freedom and liberty in America as ‘mission accomplished’ while trying to cram the new version down the throats of all of the nations he intended to regime change. In all seven nations in five years but Bush sort of got bogged down and high-centered when his and the Neocon’s ‘walk in the park’ illegal wars of aggression proved to not be winnable.

Now Russia is permanently parked just 25km from multiple pipelines across Georgia that the USA has built as part of the Neocon’s Grand Chessboard scheme regarding the Caspian Basin / CIS region that are also ‘former territories of the U.S.S.R.’

Azerbaijan figured out many years ago to get along with Russia rather than constantly trying to provoke them as the USA has done over and over and over again.

Note that the original US plan had a pipeline running north from Poti Georgia into what is now and will probably remain Russia-aligned Abkhazia.

Even as Bush and former President Mikhail ‘Mick the Tie Eater’ Saakashvili were planning the August 2008 fiasco, Bush had stationed up to 4,000 Blackwater USA mercenaries there to protect the Georgian president, the government and that multiple pipeline ROW you see on the map above.

“Mick the Tie Eater’ is a US educated Neocon and was recently appointed by Petro Poroshenko as the top foreign advisor for Ukraine. That one has ‘disaster’ written all over it and over time Mick will probably eat some more ties. The USA wanted lots of US-approved Neocons surrounding Poroshenko including their new American Finance Minister Natalie Jaresko, who has been accused of fraud and embezzlement regarding an NGO investment fund in Ukraine. She will be a perfect fit with the Neocon agenda in Ukraine, now considered in some polls to be the most corrupt nation in the world.

The BushCo people were also intentionally stirring up trouble in neighboring Dagestan, the most southern province of the new Russia Federation. I have reported on this before because it is all part of the lunatic Zbigniew Brzezinski’s grand vision that he set out in his 1997 book “The Grand Chessboard”. It is the Neocon blueprint, scheme and road map as to how to take over the world and subjugate Russia, China or any other nation refusing to kneel to these idiots in Washington DC.

I reported on “Operation Dagestan” in 2008 along with key articles about the Georgia­Russia matter to prove that it was not ‘Russian aggression’ as Bush and Condoleezza Rice were stating. Even Brzezinski chimed in with a lot of useless and untruthful observations as to why Russia has to accept its role as a vassal state of Washington DC in an absurd TIME Magazine article he did during the 2008 hostilities in Georgia. It was a decisive Russia counterstrike to put an end to genocide of unarmed civilians in South Ossetia and yet another illegal war of aggression by the USA via their proxy Georgia.

For those readers old enough to remember, the CIA funded, armed and launched two “Islamic” proxy wars and a long-term insurrection in Chechnya, which is north of the Caucasus Mountains and is still part of the Russia Federation as an independent republic. Russia granted them the same sort of autonomy that Kiev and the Neocons want to deny the people of Donbas region in the Ukraine states of Donetsk and Lugansk. The US Neocons are also still trying to flip Abkhazia and South Ossetia back under Georgia control and insert NATO in as a new neighbor to Russia.

I give that one a chance along the lines of ‘a snowball’s chance in Hell’ on them ever getting their way in Georgia.

The First Chechnya War was 11 December 1994 ­ 31 August 1996 during the Clinton Administration and was after the USSR disbanded in September 1991 and had pulled out of Europe where the World War II battles ended and then framed the Cold War from 1945 to 1991. That was also during the same time Clinton and west elites were making their play through President Boris Yeltsin and his ‘CIS region advisor” Boris Berezovsky to get into the CIS / Caspian Basin region and into control of the Russia energy might within the new Russian Federation itself.


Chechen separatists

Arab Mujahideen
Turkish Mujahideen


The Arab Mujahideen was a direct byproduct of Al Qaeda, which was created by President Jimmy Carter and his elitist, Russia-phobic National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski. They thought that was a nifty ploy to get major oil and natural gas areas like Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and other ‘stans turned against the USSR so the USA could step in and take over.

My last article provides a clear and unambiguous statement as to why the USA has an undying and obsessive lust to control the Caspian Basin region:

“On the day before September 11, 2001, the real reason for their fascination (i.e., national interests) with the CIS / Caspian Basin region was published in Houston Texas, USA:

September 10, 2001: "Those who control the oil routes out of Central Asia will impact all future direction and quantities of flow and the distribution of revenues from new production," wrote energy expert James Dorian in Oil & Gas Journal.”

The ‘belligerents’ party mentioned above as UNA-UNSO is even more interesting because it is a Far Right Fascist Ukrainian political group and was disbanded in 2014. It is now part of the Fascist Neo-Nazi party in Ukraine known as Right Sector. That is one of the Far Right Neo-Nazi groups the USA spent $5.1 billion on to get the 2014 illegal regime change in Ukraine, and then lunged at the opportunity to go kill Russian-speaking Ukrainians (and Russian citizens) in the states of Donetsk and Lugansk, also known at the Donbas region.'s_Self-Defence

Are you following me on this? First attack Russia itself in Chechnya under Clinton and Bush administrations, then Georgia 2008 under Bush-Cheney while still attacking in Chechnya, and when that fails turn Ukraine to fascist with an illegal regime change under the Obama administration and try to attack Russia to reach the same desired end.

Ukraine also sent a light armored group to Georgia for the George W. Bush lunacy in August 2008, and also were directly involved in an “Islamic versus Russia” war just north of Georgia in Chechnya as UNA-UNSO. In short, certain factions inside of Ukraine have now attacked and killed many Russians in Chechnya (Islamic rebellion funded and supported almost entirely by the CIA, aided by certain factions in Ukraine), Georgia in 2008 (aided by certain factions in Ukraine and US mercenaries), and now Ukraine itself from November 2013 to the recent Minsk II cease fire.

The Second Chechnya War was in two parts as a fierce war also during the Clinton Administration, aided and abetted by the CIA, and then an extended insurgency during the Bush Administration. Note the dates below and that hostile US actions towards both South Ossetia (August 2008) and Dagestan were in progress during the same period when the Bush Administration’s GWOT was in total failure mode. However, the constant harassment and provocation of Russia at every turn was still in progress.

While Bush was using Georgia as a proxy south of the Caucasus Mountains the USA was still engaged north of those mountains to create troubles for the Russia Federation.

Battle phase: 26 August 1999 ­ May 2000
Insurgency phase: June 2000 ­ 15 April 2009
(9 years, 7 months and 3 weeks)


Russian Federation

Chechen Republic
Republic of Ichkeria

Caucasus Emirate

Caucasian Front
Turkish Mujahideen

Also note in the dates and ‘belligerents’ above that the Chechen Republic, which has a very high percentage of people that are Muslim, was on Russia’s side in “Chechnya II’ once they figured out the full extent of the USA belligerence towards Russia and using “Islam” in a bogus Global War on Terror. They remembered very well how badly they were used and abused by the CIA and USA during the First Chechnya War.

Still the issue of UNA-UNSO, far right Ukrainian fascists being involved in Chechnya, Nemtsov murdered in Moscow and the trail to his murderers apparently goes to Ingushetia and Chechnya is a flashing red light when the entire history of actions against USSR and Russia are known and understood.

Former President Jimmy Carter and his National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski are who created “Al Qaeda” as a means of constant Islamic harassment and destabilization against the USSR to help force the break up so the USA could rush in to seize all it could in the Wolfowitz Doctrine defined areas of “former territories of the U.S.S.R.” Why?

Oil and natural gas in colossal amounts, and if Russia were to develop it as the USSR, the USA would not have been able to push for their Neocon mantra and Neocon Global Empire America.

Old Zbig is a Russia-hating dinosaur that apparently cannot distinguish the difference between the USSR and the current Russia Federation. He needs to be kept completely out of the discussion on what US foreign policy should be. But… as a Neocon, the creator of Al Qaeda, and author of one of the Neocon bibles “The Grand Chessboard”, we are all left with the unpleasant reality that the only way to shut this idiot up is when he kicks the bucket and leaves the rest of us and the world alone with his high-toned weasel phrases, idiot strategies and lunatic visions of a world totally dominated by the United States.

When challenged in the past about his underhanded dealings in creating Al Qaeda, backing the Afghanistan Mujahideen, and constantly stirring up ‘Islamic problems’ in past and current Islamic areas or Russia, he was candid about his position:

Of course, the ‘do it again’ means to use Muslims to achieve his ends as they have through the last 6 US presidential administrations. Where Bush tried to stir up Neocon troubles in August 2008, Georgia is mostly Muslim, too. That is why the Georgia provinces of Abkhazia and South Ossetia decided to remain with Russia since they are Eastern Orthodox Christians for the most part just like the Russia Federation.

For you US Christians… one possible alternative would be to pray to God so He will ‘pre-emptively strike’ to shut up the lies of Zbigniew Brzezinski. The man is a Russia-hating Neocon that is truly a clear and present danger to the USA and world peace.

He is always coming out with new maps, new weasel words and phrases, equivocations, rationalizations and even bald faced lies to provide cover for the Neocons and US foreign policy makers and yet again the USA goes rushing off into another ‘Zbigniew brain fart’ and another failed Neocon gig.

I feel compelled at times to ask this idiot whose side he is on for it is most certainly not the United States of America or what is truly in its best interest. He is definitely not for World Peace. With an endless line of Neocon failures that he has either been the initiator or a proponent of, it is time to ask the hard questions, hold them accountable and get rid of every one of these morons.

Old Zbig’s latest diatribe against Russia on February 6, 2015, since Ukraine has turned into a total Neocon failure, was to get on CSPAN and issue a lame, and untrue, warning that Russia wants to attack NATO. This is typical Neocon Strategy 101, turn the facts around 180 degrees backwards and tell America and the rest of the world a Big Fat Neocon Lie.

The actual truth of the matter is it is the US and NATO provoking and attempting to play out their “Grand Chessboard” scheme of parking NATO on all borders of Russia. They have tried twice to take over Chechnya, backed Georgia in their attack on South Ossetia, have worked for years to flip Dagestan to being under US control, and now Ukraine.

The ‘aggression’ the US keeping mouthing off about has been US and NATO aggression towards Russia regardless of what they say on TV or are doing covertly through CIA, Special Forces, US mercenaries or proxies.

There is an old saying that goes “if the man’s word it not good, the man is not good”. That very much applies to nations, too. In this instance it is the word of the US and NATO that has been ignored that they would not move east to the Russia border if the USSR would pull back and give freedom back to the Europe nations it had occupied since the end of World War II. Russia honored its word and the USA and NATO have not; just as totally breached as US treaties with the Native American Indians.

It is the word of the USA and NATO that are suspect and not to be trusted. The US and NATO have proven in spades that their word is ‘dirt’, hollow and meaningless. The Neocons have proven the same, too.

It is NATO and the USA that are pushing against Russia, not vice versa… yet, and I emphasize ‘yet’ because Russia is running out of patience or good will towards the arrogant, lunatic Neocon plans it has for Russia. Russia is making it plenty clear that they need to back off. Just recently NATO and USA armored troop carriers were parading about 300 meters from the border of Russia in the Baltic state of Lithuania. There are no Russian armored groups parading along the Russia border, so the paranoia of certain EU and NATO parties is bordering on delusional when they claim they are seeing ghosts where there are none.

That the apparent murderers of Boris Nemtsov just happen to be from Ingushetia and Chechnya, where the CIA was waging a covert war as part of this overall ‘Grand Chessboard’ lunacy might be more telling than the media is reporting yet. The provocations in Chechnya have not stopped, nor has the US stopped trying to flip Dagestan so they can run a pipeline from Kazakhstan across the Caspian Sea, through Georgia on the same ROW shown on the map above and get the oil and natural gas to the Black Sea.

Recently ISIS / ISIL was making threats toward Chechnya and it is a long way from Syria and Iraq to the southern part of Russia. Of course there is the problem of US people being arrested in Iraq for getting caught arming and supplying ISIS / ISIL. This time they could not use the “accidental airdrop mistake” excuse. Too bad Neocon and terrorism abetting John McCain decided to not make the trip for another photo op with his terrorist buddies.

That NATO and the USA are now trying to dominate the Black Sea and even sending naval ships into that area to further agitate matters is all part of the overall NEOCON AGENDA towards Russia. It has been since September 1991 and the utterance in print and otherwise of what the Wolfowitz Doctrine is all about in 1992.

The Neocons leave a trail of lies and deceit wherever they go, along with death and mayhem. If there is a ‘clear and present danger’ to America and the rest of this world it is the Neocons and their desperation to fulfill their lunatic vision for the world.

In the map below “South Ossetia” (Bush 2008) is just below North Ossetia. That should not be too hard to figure out for map challenged Americans if North and South is understood. Ingushetia is between North Ossetia and Chechnya, which has now had two CIA funded and sponsored proxy wars against RUSSIA FEDERATION, not the USSR. That was outright US aggression inside of Russia under Clinton and Bush.

Dagestan is next to Chechnya and Georgia, and Bush was hammering away to flip that region. Dagestan has beachfront property on the Caspian Sea and on the east side is Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan, their “Al Qaeda” targets going all the way back to when Zbigniew Brzezinski was National Security Advisor to President Jimmy Carter.

You can check… Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan were not a ‘national security threat’ to the USA then or now. What has changed since Bush launched the Global War on Terror is most of the oil and natural gas holders decided to stick with Russia and leave the USA and UK plan behind when it was apparent to everyone in the world except Americans it had failed.

George W. Bush and Tony Blair promised the EU and NATO members the Moon in energy supplies if they would side with them on the illegal and unjust war of aggression in Iraq in 2003. When it was apparent it was a total failure, certain EU nations clearly saw that Russia was the solution for their energy future, not the yet to be built Trans Afghanistan Pipeline or getting enough from Iraq to meet EU needs. That of course infuriated the Neocons because that meant Russia would have the revenues from oil and natural gas to keep building and growing as a true global Superpower.

Of course, that is a Neocon version of ‘foul’ and ‘violation’ of their Wolfowitz Doctrine and no one but the USA can be a superpower. Russia is, China is and more coming, so this is yet another Neocon failure in thinking straight.

The map below shows a little wider view and where the various areas are located in proximity to each other. Of course, Georgia is not entirely intact since three regions (Ajaria, Abkhazia and South Ossetia) voted of their own free will to remain part of the new Russia Federation in 1991.

Who has resented that vote of self-determination since it occurred?

THE NEOCONS because it screwed up their planned moves in their chess game, that they are not going to win regardless of how wishful or desperate they are otherwise. If you pay attention these idiots apparently could not beat a 10 year old at checkers or a card game hand of “Old Maid”. Their planning sucks, they just excel in wordsmithing and weasel words, but really suck at thinking their plans through as to being doable or feasible.

In case you missed the recent Paul Craig Roberts article or my last article, this is the statement as to what the Wolfowitz Doctrine, Neocon lies and Zbigniew Brzezinski lies are all about.

1992, by Neocon Paul Wolfowitz:

“In 1992 Paul Wolfowitz stated the neoconservative doctrine of American world supremacy:

“Our first objective is to prevent the re-emergence of a new rival, either on the territory of the former Soviet Union or elsewhere, that poses a threat on the order of that posed formerly by the Soviet Union. This is a dominant consideration underlying the new regional defense strategy and requires that we endeavor to prevent any hostile power from dominating a region whose resources would, under consolidated control, be sufficient to generate global power.”

Now let us come forward past the Chechnya and Georgia fiascos to Maidan in Kiev in 2014. All three have been Neocon and USA fiascos and all three aimed at Russia as it has emerged as the Superpower the Neocons did not wish to see happen.

What we are witnessing is a USA and Neocon temper tantrum and aggression against Russia because they refuse to kneel to the Neocons, their Wolfowitz Doctrine, PNAC manifesto or the lunacy that this world is “The Grand Chessboard” that only the USA can win.

Many people outside of Ukraine did not recognize most of the flags at Maidan, especially the ‘yellow with modernized Black Swastika” that dates back to Stepan Bandera and collaborating with the Nazis during World War II, or the ‘red and black’ flag of UNA-UNSO with light gray symbols and letters’. The photo below was taken in Kiev as things heated up during Maidan and the illegal regime change the USA went out of its way to get done.

I had seen that flag in Ukraine before when there on business but no one I knew could tell me what the flag stood for or what group had put one on display. It has the trident symbol of Ukraine but the rest was not discernable at the time.

I am probably not the only person or American that has noticed that the Ukraine Neo-Nazi groups wear masks, just like ISIS / ISIL.

The USA has repeatedly claimed that their $5.1 billion for regime change was not used to fund Neo-Nazi Fascists, but that is yet again another bald faced lie from DC and the Neocons.

That is the flag of UNA-UNSO and is Far Right Fascist, now merged into the Far Right Neo-Nazi group Right Sector and even has a seat in the Ukraine parliament. The leader of Right Sector is Dmytro Yarosh. In 2014 at the request of Russia law enforcement authorities, Interpol has issued an international wanted person notice for Yarosh. He was in Chechnya during the first war during the Clinton Administration, all the way from Ukraine.

Think about that one for moment, all the way back to mid-1990’s; the Clinton Administration and Ukrainian fascists involved in the First Chechnya War killing Russians and trying to make a chessboard move inside the Russia Federation. (That is US aggression towards Russia, not vice versa.)

This is what your taxpayer dollars went to fund, America; terrorists, murderers, Neo-Nazi Fascists, and even Ukrainian nationalist that have gone out of their way to lash at Russia in Chechnya, Georgia and now Ukraine itself. I am not surprised at all since the Neocons are Fascists that hate freedom, liberty, democracy and self-determination when it stands in the way of their Neocon New World Order and their lust for Global Empire America:

“In March 2014 Russia launched a criminal case against Yarosh, and some members (including party leader Oleh Tyahnybok) of Svoboda and UNA-UNSO, for "organizing an armed gang" that had allegedly fought against Russian 76th Guards Air Assault Division in a First Chechen War and for "public calls for extremism and public calls for terrorism".[32][33] Yarosh has been placed on an international wanted list by Interpol at the request of the Russian Federation.[34] The charge last alleges he "incriminated [himself by making] public appeals to terrorism and extremism." These two actions are a crime according to Russian criminal code (205th and 280th articles, respectively).[35] Yarosh has been placed on an international wanted list by the Russian Federation.[34] According to an article on Russian-government funded news site RT, on March 16, Yarosh threatened to demolish the entire Russian gas pipeline to Europe if a diplomatic solution was not found for the Ukraine/Russia standoff.”

The reference above about ‘blowing up pipelines’ are the Russian pipelines across Ukraine to supply Europe with the natural gas they need to heat their homes and power their industries, i.e., jobs. I was not surprised that the EU bowed to US pressures to kill the South Stream pipeline that was intended to go around Ukraine because this Neo-Nazi Ukrainian attitude towards Russia dates back to the mid-1990’s and the First Chechnya War, then Georgia 2008, and now Ukraine itself.

I saw an article about 6 months ago where some Neocon moron on Wall Street was drooling at the mouth about all of the money they could raise if they ‘privatize’ the pipelines across Ukraine. The problem with that idiot idea is the pipelines belong to Russia, not Ukraine, not the EU, USA or Wall Street.

Putin’s move to redirect South Stream to Turkey has them really wigging out in DC and certain quarters in the EU. That is because even after the Turkish extremists helped in attacking Russia in the First and Second Chechnya War the leadership of both Russia and Turkey have decided to move on to the future regardless of what the Neocons think, want or demand, or put on display as public temper tantrums and bald face lying in preposterous proportions.

The Svoboda party mentioned above is who John McCain was posing with in Kiev. Their platform was based on getting rid of all of the Jews in Ukraine, and Russians. They helped man the brigades that have been attacking the Donbas, too.

This is McCain doing his usual thing, backing the wrong side and being an embarrassment to America. The man to his left (left photo with John McCain) and in the photo on the right is the head of Svoboda Oleh Tyahnybok. “Heil Hitler” from Fascist Neocon McCain and Fascist Ukrainian Tyahnybok.

These commingled connections tell an interesting story when people read and follow what has been done to achieve this idiotic “Grand Chessboard” and Wolfowitz Doctrine, but failed:

1. What the CIA did against Russia in Chechnya in a proxy war and certain Neo-Nazi Ukrainians directly involved in the bloodshed, and are now exposed as Neo-Nazi Ukrainians and fully backed by the United States; and

2. My sources say the Maidan snipers were funded, trained and armed by certain parties in the US and EU to force the illegal regime change; and

3. The continued harassment of Russia at every opportunity from any angle, vector or direction the Neocons can dream up; and

4. Three failed chess moves in a row for their “Grand Chessboard” in Chechnya, Georgia, and Ukraine; and

5. The Far Right Fascist Ukrainians involvement in both Chechnya and Georgia 2008 as US proxy wars; and

6. Now actively involved in Ukraine itself where the new Neo-Nazi fascist government in Ukraine has been attacking and killing the Russian speaking and 34% or more Russia passport holders in the Donbas region; and

7. Nemtsov’s murderers are apparently from Ingushetia and Chechnya, the same place the Neocons lost in Chechnya War I and II. Odds are high enough that they are former CIA assets in that region but lost in those two wars; and

8. The Neocons have lost in Ukraine, so time to go at Russia directly in some way; and

9. The Neocons and USA will still have to face the music and their lies about the Maidan snipers and the shooting down of Malaysia Air MH-17 and the absurd sanctions they levied against Russia to cover their trail and change the conversation.

Hillary, where did that $6 billion go that disappeared when you were Secretary of State and you were helping to line up the illegal regime change in Kiev while Tefft was still ambassador there?

All have connections and correlations that show a repeated pattern of conduct by the USA towards Russia even after the USSR disbanded in September 1991, let the Europe nations have their freedom back and NATO and USA have pushed, pushed and pushed some more to put NATO at every border of Russia.

That might explain why the Boris Nemtsov murderers just happen to be from the same areas the CIA and USA have tried for over two decades to get its way in Russia and the ‘former territories of the USSR’ as Wolfowitz so succinctly stated in the Neocon manifesto he helped create.

That there have been Neo-Nazi Ukrainians involved in Chechnya in the 1990’s, Georgia 2008 and now in Ukraine against the Russian-speaking and passport holders of Donbas, is a matter that needs to be fully examined.

Also to be considered is when a known Neocon John Tefft was US Ambassador in Georgia leading up to that Bush fiasco in 2008, then Ukraine leading up to that Neocon regime change fiasco and now posted to Moscow as the US Ambassador to Russia, things have a pattern and a stench to it.

It is known that Boris Nemtsov met with the US Embassy on January 17, 2015 and there were other Russians in that meeting. Reportedly Ilya Ponomarev, a Left Wing politician and a member of the Russia Duma (parliament) was there with Nemtsov, as well as Evgenia Chirikova, a Russian environmental activist and now a Russian political activist.

It is highly irregular and with regards to Ilya Ponomarev improper as a sitting member of the Russia Duma to meet with the US Ambassador unless… the US is trying to stir up trouble within Russia itself as Ambassador John Tefft has already done in Georgia in 2008 and then involved to some extent in the underhanded matters in Ukraine that led to the illegal regime change in 2014.

Victoria Nuland has already stated that they invested $5.1 billion and that was over a period of time that Tefft was in Kiev part of the time and then the current ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt was put into that position.

As with all things involving Washington DC, follow the money, mayhem and the misdeeds.

I think if you think all of the foregoing through carefully, you will agree the Neocons and US foreign policies they formulate are a clear and present danger to the USA and World Peace. They play musical chairs to make it hard to follow what they are doing.

With this long line of Neocon failures in carrying out their agenda towards Russia, John Tefft being stationed in Georgia and Ukraine for two back-to-back Neocon fiascos, Nemtsov meeting with US Ambassador to Russia John Tefft on January 17 and now Nemtsov dead… my gut reaction is the US has just changed their emphasis to regime change in Russia since they cannot otherwise win any of their chess moves.

We Southern Americans are known for our use of special words and even compressed phrases into one special word. One such special “Southern English” fits these Neocons quite well: SHITFORBRAINS.


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