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Humor | Amazing Holes

These holes are not only amazing, but some are really terrifying! The sheer scale of these holes reminds you of just how tiny we are.

Kimberley Big Hole - South Africa

Apparently the largest ever hand-dug excavation in the world, this 1097 meter deep mine yielded over 3 tons of diamonds before being closed.

Glory Hole - Monticello Dam, California

A glory hole is used when a dam is at full capacity and water needs to be drained from the reservoir. It is the largest spillway of this type in the world and consumes 14,400 cubic feet of water every second.

Great Blue Hole - Belize

This incredible geographical phenomenon known as a blue hole is situated 60 miles off the mainland of Belize . There are numerous blue holes around the world, but none as stunning as this one.

Sinkhole - Guatemala

These photos are of a sinkhole that occurred in Guatemala . The hole swallowed 2 dozen homes and killed at least 3 people.

SHIT HOLE - Washington D.C.

This hole swallows trillions and trillions of U.S. Dollars annually!

The money that falls into this hole is never heard from again, nor do we see any good come from it.

It is reported to be filled with thousands of "ass holes".



  1. Replies
    1. Biffie, as soon as I finished reading before I scrolled down I thought the same thing...
      "You got that right!"

      That Washington DC hole is a money pit for sure!

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHA. I knew something like that was coming. That is a ripper OWoN. And so very very true. That shit hole noted above sure needs to be cleaned out. Thanks a bundle for the laughs.

  3. But nothing compares to Sweaty Betty after working a full 3 shift overtime at the Chicken Ranch in Nevada.

  4. canauzzie,
    Hahaha! Last photo should be a collage with White House added and quite a few state capitols as well. Once the 'holes' are gone, is there a fumigation/sanitation process to remove the stench left behind?


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