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Guest Post
Name withheld
19 March 2015

(Published with permission)

I grew up in a family of four, raised by a single mother on welfare with in a subsidized project where second generation welfare was common. My father left when I was just a toddler, he was abusive to mom, he had to go, and after all he was not providing and holding his end of the deal... While the material things were rather illusive we always had food and love at home, my mother had no deteriorating habits and was a smart woman. She found time to go back to school; she is now retired in her home with a small pension. Let's just say that I got most toys after they were discarded by most. Like the big wheel with the thin back wheel and the quasi broken worn out green machine. Back then stuff seemed to be and mean allot. I laugh at that mindset now as I have evolved a great deal since. I was a good student but not a conventional one. High School was great but college was horrible. I could not focus and get through it, something always pulled me away. I thought that because of that I would never have a good job and be successful.

One day while working my second job; cleaning after party room rentals I noticed the PA system was still on. I locked the whole facility and returned to the microphone. The hall was empty so I gave myself a speech; a speech I can now say changed my life forever.

I am of small build but I am strong. I cleaned floors, put away up to 100 tables whenever the hall was booked. I felt it was time for a change. My body would be worn out in no time constantly doing stuff like that...

That night I yelled, I cried, I was authentic. I was speaking to myself so what is the point of lying!

After that night I felt something had shifted.

I came to the realization that if I wanted to "be" anything, one way was to get any entry level position in the industry I wanted. At that stage you are like a seed deciding to crack open the shell, you choose to be exposed and vulnerable to what is around you... I was laughed at for aspiring to be someone important (or respected) without any formal education. Somehow it helped me to be more focused, I felt I just knew where I was going. I found a job in a telecom call center. Call centers tend to be stressful with high turnover rate work places. I did it for a year. Just before I was going to breakdown I left. It was Halloween, people were laughing at work, I was just starting a day shift and I felt like crap... I could not take it anymore; my manager did not want me to advance because I was doing really well at the job I was currently in. I went home at 10am and just felt like sleeping which is what I did, I was totally burnt-out.

I woke up and little did I know my life would take on a new turn.

The phone was blinking a red light signaling a voice message! It was a specialized IT company inviting me for an interview. I was filled with so much hope that my body was trembling then started to feel buoyant. I dressed for success and was all nervous; I was committed to selling myself to best way possible. Two hours before that interview I was sitting on the end of my bed with my suit praying to be enough. Well, I got the job!! I was suddenly being paid more than I ever had and it was salary with benefits (health and dental). I was doing overnight shifts, evening shifts and day shifts. I was learning at high speed because I was immersed and committed. I was mentally prepared and I had set my goals. Every moment I had I was studying to earn professional industry qualifications which might help me get ahead.

I have now had 15 years of continuous growth, every year earning more income than the last. While now most of it goes to taxes I am still able to buy all my family needs to be safe, secure and feel stable.

I wish to share this story in hopes of encouraging others to face the music and change the tune. You are light, shining bright singing your song. Decide you are worth more and do what is necessary. The ways and the means will come about to see it to its manifestation. I have hope for this world and I have a vision to shape it and I will see it through to its manifestation. Like the singer P!nk says in her song, "..We are not broken, just bent, and we can learn to love again."

Be well,


  1. Nice... thank you for sharing your courageous story of overcoming what could have beaten you down... You deserved what you got and got what you deserved. Perseverance is key...

    "Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen." M. Jordan

    I believe you made it happen.

    ~Get Real

  2. I wonder why pipol dont read till to date...when pipol are still blinded like thisπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


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