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Full Disclosure - Hon. Paul T Hellyer

OWoN: So it's out there, which gives you all the chance to listen, learn and understand. Yes you ARE lied to and so deeply.


  1. This is the new #1, please place general comments here

  2. Interesting video. ET should just take out the cabal.

    New number ones are popping up quicker than normal.

    If you are new to own or wha, we are trying to help a fellow community member get back on his feet. Were going to try to stay helping for 30 days. Were now almost half way to that. Weve had a lot of very kind and generous people contribute to Mikes cause.

    Mike is a long time community member, and though down and almost out, he still wanted to help a fellow community member with the little he had. Some other members have stepped up to return this favor, and try to provide help for Mike. Over at wha, we refer to this as the “be like Mike” campaign. If you are reading this for the first time, you can follow this campaign over at

    J, here on own has asked that we keep this going for a bit to hopefully get more eyes on this and maybe spark a little more love. So that’s what im trying to do. Also since these new “number ones” have been adding pretty quickly lately, it might get some to miss some really good write ups. I particularly thought this was a god article and things, everyone needs to be aware of. This particular article has a nice mention of Mike, these two’s sites, and links also to the campaign. If you are new, make sure you read the “Lifting the Vail” pieces. They are pretty good.

    You will helping a great person, and be apart of what these two sites try to represent, in bettering humanity.

  3. I watched this video a few days ago, it is really good.

  4. Is this real?

    Don’t look now, but Washington just blinked. As we’ve documented exhaustively over the past week, pressure has been building steadily for the US to strike some manner of conciliatory tone towards China with regard to the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, a China-led institution aimed at rivaling the US/Japan-backed ADB. Britain’s decision to join China in its new endeavor has prompted a number of Western nations to throw their support behind the bank ahead of the March 31 deadline for membership application.

  5. Canauzzie,

    Saw this on yesterday. He is very passionate and it hurts my heart and soul to see the pain. It saddens me to know we have come to this. That we were not given an opportunity to change the path. That previous presidents were aware and did nothing to inform us. That we have lived cloaked in a cloud of secrecy. I fear we are swimming up stream and there is little hope. O is as enmeshed in the problem as the rest of them.

    I was listening to some of the interviews of Peter Levenda - "Sinister Forces", his trilogy about the "paperclip" nazi movement into the US. All of his work is very interesting, well researched and well documented. He is worth reading to educate yourself on the nazi movement aka neo-nazi. Which he says is enmeshed in many countries.

    While this is old, it still is fascinating the connections he has made to the JFK assassination and the secret space program and the nazi's.

    Peter Levenda: Secret Space Program Conference Amsterdam 2011 -

    ~Get Real

    1. Get Real,

      Hello dear friend. Last year's Secret Space Program Conference was also full of fascinating talks, which I have yet to go through on Youtube. It's my belief that certain extraterrestrials exploited the Cabal and MIC because they needed humans to develop and implement the technology necessary to transform earth into a suitable environment for them; not terra-forming but terra-deforming. Once that has been accomplished they will have no use for us - or the Cabal.

      I have downloaded Paul Hellyer's book, The Money Mafia. His recommendation to read it and petition our politicians applies as much to Europeans as Americans. Our efforts, I'm sad to say, are just as likely to fall upon deaf ears: we also lack inspiring leaders and true statesmen. As John would say, "You can't educate stupid".

    2. Valdi,

      Hey.. friend. I would agree, the Nazi's were mesmerized by the technology, which they have used to take advantage of all other governments. It is one big screwed up mess and I am sitting right in the middle of it with 299 million sleep walking zombies. What's a girl to do? :) If it weren't so sad it could be a good movie in the making.

      I personally want to cut to the chase and know what the end game might be? You say they are terra-deforming the planet... I am assuming this is so they can survive here? I am not up on the ET stuff. Have saved that rabbit hole for last.

      ~Get Real

    3. Get Real,

      Agreed. It was hard enough to accept what psychopathic humans are doing; let alone get my head around the involvement of ET's, inter-dimensional beings, devils, Jinns, Lucifer, Satan, the Galactic Federation of BS, angels, fairies, hobgoblins and God-knows (or doesn't know) what else. Ha!

      If earth is being transformed to host an alien species, then they might want to engineer slaves capable of surviving the changes - the real agenda behind transhumanism. They would of course never have the co-operation of the people and their controllers unless they sold it as progress and had them voluntarily enslave themselves, in keeping with their interpretation of Universal Law.


    4. Thanks for the video Get Real, I will give it a watch.

  6. Board of Governors of World Bank and IMF announce transition to asset-backed currencies

    Sounds like the states are taking back their power....if true?

    [PRESSWIRE] Washington DC, United States - 09 March 2015 - The Board of Governors of the World Bank and IMF announced that fractional reserve fiat currencies will be replaced with gold from a trust created at the end of World War II.

    1. Fedup, that info came from Karen Hudes so you would have to assume its BS

  7. US Officially Loses Battle Over China-Led Investment Bank

    Add the IMF to the (now long) list of those who apparently share the UK’s view that joining the China-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank is an “unrivaled opportunity,” as Christine Largarde says her institution not only sees a “massive” opportunity for cooperation with the AIIB but is also “delighted” to explore the possibilities.

  8. The New “Water Barons”: Wall Street Mega-Banks are Buying up the World’s Water

    This article was first published on December 21, 2012. A disturbing trend in the water sector is accelerating worldwide. The new “water barons” — the Wall Street banks and elitist multibillionaires — are buying up water all over the world at unprecedented pace.

  9. As quotas are coming in for the Big Battalions, including the PP's, it's time for most to start brain storming what if your not in for a big pay day? What other way out of the mess is worth trying? Don't put it all on the line for what for most may be a never pay day.
    However much we indicate Real World Cash scarcity, yet another complete Palooka blogs Yes. But we have it sorted.
    Nothing is sorted, and No Cavalry is coming. No one is conjuring up vast Trillions and for most, it really is time to plan on what if not. No one knows how much was printed or how many Mugs there are blindly believing. Any chance will be to get in first and fast. If it gets ugly bank windows will close fast. Who made Billions mugging Americans? Gurus took in what? Who serviced bogus note to the Gurus? How much have they made?

    Real money PP's will help some, but not as give aways. Major funding will be Project directed. Neither the IMF nor Fed will condone or allow vast millions to wallow in unearned fortunes. Get real.
    A few will get out fast, and well done. Smart movers. Then decisions will have to be taken on a window to convert and launch new currencies. A lot of these vast pallets of notes will end up as Bio Fuel. The sooner the dream time saga ends the better. Time for most to focus on the day job, or getting one. America must soon face up to the need for a 6 months time limit on welfare. Bring in Infrastructure Projects to employ masses and those who wont work, or work away to earn money, don't eat. That wake up call is coming. The worlds biggest fiscal threat right now is Welfare Bunnies. There are no Rights! We earn them! The herd keeps growing. Someone has to call it. Time for the " Leaders?? " to face up and Fess Up to where this is going to end. Be Truthful!. For most, badly! When the window comes is is likely to be fast. The big battalions are ready.No guessing how it is likely to end. As always in life. Go to where the money is. Or don't eat. The freebies have to end to save the majority. The Welfare madness can not go on. Time for what's left to be put to work to make profits. America needs it to survive. There is NO Multi Trillion Cash giveaway coming for most. Guru Gobshite Madness. They don't have it to give. Those who do, won't! Conversion WILL be limited and finite.

    1. It is what it is .... bring the pain!

    2. You're right the longer they wait the more get sucked into the rabbit hole. Time to shit or get off the pot and make a choice good or bad to end the ride b

    3. By the looks of this post John, it sounds like they finally caved in and are now releasing the PP's. If so, that is good news! So everyone hold on tight to your Dongs! LOL

    4. John,

      What do you mean by quotas for the big BT's? Is this essentially a limit on what they can exchange or receive?

      When this goes how long will it take for the big guys to clear? Is it a push of the button or a few day thing? Will we see a change on Forex right away?

    5. I couldn't agree with you more Griffonred!

    6. It means a cap on how much they can trade out. It will take days to clear. A good option then is to convert those Dinars taken in for new notes,and simply negate the rest. Dongs will be OK but Dinars are madness and tough love is needed. Too many blind unreal hopes are riding on them. Its time to face up and bring them down to a controlled landing on Reality Street. Set a realistic rate for the Dongs and go to Forex. Time to sort the Dinar madmen. Fantasists. Few apart from the big groups can expect to get lucky with Dinars. For most its a South Seas Bubble Con. You can't educate stupid. George W in the Oval Office?

    7. The day we get to watch those parasites GU-FKING-RUUUS blown out of the water, will be a victory in itself!

  10. End of the road hopefully. Lets get it over with good or bad.

  11. Thought For The Day:

    "The money powers prey upon the nation in times of peace and conspire against it in times of adversity. It is more despotic than a monarchy, more insolent than autocracy, and more selfish than bureaucracy. It denounces as public enemies, all who question its methods or throw light upon its crimes. I have two great enemies, the Southern Army in front of me and the Bankers in the rear. Of the two, the one at my rear is my greatest foe.. corporations have been enthroned and an era of corruption in high places will follow, and the money powers of the country will endeavor to prolong its reign by working upon the prejudices of the people until the wealth is aggregated in the hands of a few, and the Republic is destroyed." -- Abraham Lincoln

  12. Bibi to Congress – “You work for me and don’t you forget it !”

    Bibi Netanyahu came to America to remind Members of Congress that they work for him and Israel, and better torpedo President Obama's upcoming treaty with Iran or else they will never be re-elected.

  13. One-Heaven: Pactum De Singularis Caelum –

    Covenant of One Heaven – Power and Authority –

    Treaty of The Earth

    WE must renounced their secrets openly or they view silence as "giving our consent."


  14. Got it.


    Either way it's been as much fun as betting on black or red in Vegas and the ride has lasted alot longer!

    But...everyone has to go home sometime.

    1. Agreed but Dinarians waste lives on basket cases for most. Time to re track most. Lobotomize?

    2. John,

      I guess this is really good news if it is finally going down. I think for most of us the waiting and not knowing is the problem, human nature cannot be changed to seek , look and wonder "what if" "lets check the site". For most even it its wash and we get nothing, it will be over and can accept that and move on. My bills will still be paid with or without this as I work and will until I am 75.....which I have a long way to go!

  15. The real pope is an actor....just like all the others before him!

    Hoaxes and fakes appear to be everywhere around us!
    It is not really surprising because virtually everything is a controlled blatant lie, lie by omission, hoax or fake in our Earthly conducts.

    Legal system – Fake/Hoax
    Economy – Fake/Hoax
    Money system – Fake/Hoax
    Religion – Fake/Hoax
    Spirituality – Fake/Hoax
    Health care – Fake/Hoax
    Entertainment – Fake/Hoax
    Politics – Fake/Hoax
    Science – Fake/Hoax
    Nuclear weapons – Fake/Hoax
    Governments – Fake/Hoax
    Country Borders – Fake/Hoax
    Personal IDs – Fake/Hoax
    Corporations – Fake/Hoax
    Aliens (as they are presented) – Fake/Hoax
    Ascendance – Fake/Hoax
    Transcendence – Fake/Hoax
    Security – Fake/Hoax
    Order – Fake/Hoax
    Your claimed awakening – Fake but can you admit it? Those who flap their jaws how much they are awake are the ones who are in the deepest sleep!

    How easy to fake events!!! There is no limit to fakery! One is better than the other. Just because one appears to be impossible to you, that doesn't mean it is. One can't be a little pregnant. Everything you see on your TV is a fake and a hoax. Even your life with your artificial mask and all the artificial surroundings you submitted yourself to. And you love every minute of it on the surface but hate it on the inside.

    Can you leave behind you the illusions, the fakery, the frauds, the lies and the hoaxes with gladness? Or you'll or would be too sad to do it?

    1. Fed Up, I don't want to sound disrespectful but you need to take a chill pill. People here are "more awake than others" and we know of the fraudulent deceit that has plagued our existence. (some longer than others). We know the powers to be are using us as guinea pigs with the GMO's and chemtrails. The charades with Hollywood and keeping up with the Jones.

      The biggest backfire I believe for the cabal was the discovery of the internet. Now anyone can access the massive amount of theories, stories (imaginary or real), news, solar activity.... The news of the powers to be genocide has come out and is biting them in the as*.

      It's no longer getting the "real scoop" from magazines, newspapers, Auntie Jane who lives on a farm in North Dakota, church or social groups, One now can watch documentaries, news and every Uncle Joe's theories online and get so wrapped up in shock or negativity that your mind literally becomes numb. The first thing you want to do is tell other people what you read because you are right and they are wrong. One wants to wake those who are a sleep to our point of view. It's a vicious circle, entrapment in a way.

      I believe most of this world is fake and who the hell knows why we are here, who is God? Was there more than one? Was God a female? Why is the world run by males?, What is the purpose of the Vatican? What will happen when the usa loses it's power of the world? Will I ever find a lover? Will my cat that is skin and bone because of thyroid issues and I can't afford her medicine, will she gain weight if I feed her…? Is it safe to go outside because of what is in the air? So many questions…. Maybe if was easier when we weren't awake. But for some reason we are now and we have to stick together to rebuild our world. We have friends in high places that will help. I feel OWON and WHA sites should remain positive and the post should continue be about what needs to be done, what ideas people have, teamwork getting the projects started.

    2. Disclosure is what it is...and I know that more and more people are awakening each and every hour. Because I choose to post some information does not mean that I am right. It only shows what others are reporting, and saying. Whether you agree or disagree is a matter of opinion; and it is yours to determine.

      All inner questions are ours to discover the answers to...however, but disclosure really is about information.

      I feel for sure that the money side of this team is one main focus; forgetting that we cannot for one minute take anything for granted; I do not believe for one second that those who are in power will give up that power without a fight. Being reminded of the type of "monster" that we fight everyday keeps us focused and determined...although the fight has been won...they just refused to wave the white flag...

      Much of what we are reading is fear porn, complete with experts as "yes men." But it is what it is, and what I post does not mean that I am right...seeing all things from different perspectives is what makes for a great conversation.

      Somethings and subject matters just happen to make us think! Think about more things than money, self, and this construct that is such an illusion. And some have talents that lend itself to many outcomes...sometimes I believe we have to see the whole picture and not just put blinders on to focus on one part of the struggle.

      We all bring our talents to the table...each one contributing, each one of the same objective, each one helping others, each one of the one world of think is a thing of the past.

    3. "Those who flap their jaws how much they are awake are the ones who are in the deepest sleep!" And there is one person on this site that flaps their gums(posts) more than all the others.

  16. Replies
    1. FEDUP.... Mother earth is round my friend!

    2. We all choose to have our differences this is what makes us unique...and it's good! No convincing here; it will be disclosed by all of the experts very soon...they lied about everything...and we don't have the extensive tools to prove anything...only what they say.

      But for me, common sense rules!

    3. Can't use common sense and the earth is flat in same sentence - not in the place called reality. Maybe in fantasyland.


    There is a lot of evidence that shows the moon is not what we have been told it is. There is a lot of evidence that shows there was a time on Earth when there was no moon. NASA has no workable explanation for how our moon came to be in our sky – literally, yet they can explain most other moons in our solar system. The moon is not what you think it is – the cat is out of the bag.

    1. FedUp, the theory for the moon formation is quite sound, when you say NASA has no workable explanation, that is simply someone's conjecture, as NASA does have an explanation, Rather, it comes from astronomers and planetary scientists.

      You are right that the Earth did not always have a moon. It is acknowledged by the scientists. No mystery or disclosure there.
      Fact: the moon has similar mineral composition to the Earth, but without the water content. Analysis of rocks collected during Apollo show this. The analysis also shows the moon was formed as the Earth was cooling and still undergoing bombardment, I recall something like 3.5 billion years ago when the solar system was still awash with planetoids and planetesimals.

      At that time, a planetoid of quite a size is said to have had a glancing collision with the Earth, knocking off a lot of its crust and some mantle. All of this debris settled in orbit around the Earth and formed the Moon by well-understood gravitational processes based on Newtonian and Keplerian physics. The heat during the collision vapourised the water, hence low water content on the Moon.

      The two alternative theories developed during the 20th Century have been eschewed in favour of what I have described, because of the physical evidence collected during Apollo. They were 1. That the Moon was formed separatel to the Earth and was captured, and 2. That it formed at the same time as the Earth.

      Jupiter's moons are way more mysterious, since the four closest ones couldn't be more different - how did a water-ice moon covered in ice (Europa) form alongside Io, which cannot be mapped ever because its surface is constantly being reformed by volcanoes spewing sulphur, or Ganymede that is rocky and Callisto that is pock-marked with craters? NASA knows less about these moons than our own.

      Note how I said 'the theory for the moon formation is quite sound', not that it can't be changed. Simply, the science is correct. I am not one to throw centuries of science out the window just because I think a few crooks have taken over the government. Of course we have not been told everything, but that doesn't negate science.

    2. AJ
      I did not say anything, I just posted a report that is interesting; this is not my writing...

      However, in this construct anything is possible...everything we have learned under this construct has been manipulated, and I for one do believe that we will have to learn new truths...however, it's all in what we are willing to accept because none of us can explore the true reality that is being presented to us in academics, science, medicine, and other subject matters.

      I question everything, it does not mean that I believe anything because I am told. Science is based on theory, based on someone's hypothesis that made sense to them...they will never allow either of us to travel out to these planets to investigate ourselves; and going against the grain seems to be more of what we have learned from what we are told...can man really travel to the moon, or mars? NASA just published that human's cannot survive through the Van Allen Belt?

      There is nothing in this construct that is absolute; nothing has absolute's all relative and subjective and depends on all of the resources and how they were utilized to come to an answer...but there are many answers, and to absolutely know leaves one to question all.

      Your analysis above is very interesting and worth investigation. You bring investigative information that is well worth evaluating. Thank you.

    3. Thanks FedUp, we do need to look at all angles, yes. Sorry, I didn't see quotation marks so I assumed it was your opinion (others may have too).

      Can I expand on your post?

      "Science is based on theory, based on someone's hypothesis that made sense to them" Science, by definition, is not theory. Opinion is theory. Science is the process of reaching conclusions about how things work after observation and experiment, ie seeing something again and again and again. That theory then becomes fact. So, science is not based on theory, but observed fact.

      Re the Moon. Technology is the application of scientific fact. Knowing how to get to the Moon using fact-based science, and telling people you went, does not mean you went. You are absolutely correct. But this does not negate the science of getting there. Scientists are a very conservative bunch, and only accept new theory as truth once it has been proven by experiments. Like seeing birds fly. They don't go to a room and listen to the cabal tell them to lie.

      I think I am starting to understand your point: "There is nothing in this construct that is absolute". Well, I agree. But everything in this construct is as it is. The science of 3D is what it is. The cabal do not make science. They may lie about it, but they are not creator gods and did not make this matrix. Humans have discovered the science of this (third) dimension. BEYOND is another matter. But having other dimensions to live in does not negate how this one works. And we know how this one works - why else would the cabal try and stop us using it?

      I LOVE your discussions. I can well imagine a lively and awesome chat in front of the fireplace with a good bottle of whiskey :) Dad and I had discussions like this all the time. What is real? Indeed. It is a VERY good question and I thank you for asking it. All the best to you and yours.

    4. AJ
      Very true points, and well worth this discussion.

      In biology, we had three teams to perform the same experiment; and each team came up with differing results because of certain limitations or expansions which upon further discovery produced similar but different results than the original hypothesis produced.

      There are factors such as timing, objective, needs, and human factors that render science as a useful way of explaining the outcome of an investigation based on limited evidence...then there are inferences, and logical conclusions based on assumptions leading to that outcome.

      Much of what we call investigation really depend on the objective of the investigator; and I can prove a point by manipulating some of the facts by expanding or limiting some factor in the equation. Using the exact equation still will yield differing results because objectives change based on human capacity to see the same result. Much of what I view as science is a framed conclusion.

      2 people witnessing the same car accident will give differing conclusions when asked what they saw.

      It's all objective and based upon someone's point of view or point to prove, or satisfying research and development funders who are seeking a certain outcome.

      I know when I see the advertisements on TV regarding medicines with numerous side effects; however, the bottom line is that it affects the dis-ease and the advertiser is inferring that regardless of the side effects the end result is that it does treat the dis-ease...well what about the other dis-eases which are going to crop up just from taking this medicine?

      So, I am just pointing out that with all other factors ignored, the end result was achieved when scientist formulated a certain drug for a certain purpose.

      And, within this 3D construct, everything is fluid; and Everything here moving in linear motion...time.

      I do believe that tptw created it all, created the equations, and everything; and then they change it when they want to.

      Thank you AJ; maybe one day soon we can sit down with that bottle and just enjoy life! It's stranger than we know, for sure.

    5. Good find Fedup, whether we already were on the moon or were not, this sure gives one food for thought. There is so much that we just do not really know for sure, but we are learning as best we can.

  18. John,
    Do you expect the dong to RV same time frame as Dinar? Is safe to give ball park estimated rate? Much thanks for the update, been a long time in the making for many.

    1. Should do but no idea on rates yet. Guru projected rates make no sense at all. It would bankrupt their Industries, China with vast holdings would never allow it, there is no such money to meet such projections, and the world will not be happy to see the worlds biggest Terrorist nation cash in again after murdering millions, to cash out for millions? There simply is not the cash to meet these wild expectations, and Gobshite Gossiping Talking Heads building people up to think they are all Lottery Winners need headbanging. Time to pay back the PPs and after the the big battalions are sorted for Project Funding.

    2. John, kindly tell me who or what are the big battalions? It would really be a paradox if those are the ones responsible for the murders.

    3. Hanlo
      They are the organised private groups in place waiting on the front line. Spending real money to close.

  19. John
    If the dinar goes with a limited-to-none payout for the useless eaters, won't this make everyone plough into the dong and other currencies in the speculative hope of a quick cash in? So surely there must be an absolute minimal delay between the dinar wallpaper and the dong? Else it'll be too much of a signal for the entire world to jump on board and the jig will be up.
    Also, you say the powers that be will not allow millions to be earned from this rv, yet you keep saying dongs will be ok. So this makes me wonder what you know regarding likely dong rates OR likely profit caps per person.

    Hard to work it all out.
    Best wishes

    1. Agreed, and that taxes all right now.


    2. I can solve that problem by having the Dong go RV first.
      Really, why are people thinking otherwise. Vietnam is with
      AIIB as of 2014, I believe. ISIL or ISIS is apparently being funded by the usa. So why even have the IQD RV?

      This way there won't be double dipping because people will be in shock, and the DInar is difficult to get unlike, the Dong. In the mean time IQD could reprint their money and only allow say 50,000 IQD be traded. Just saying…. it would make life a lot easier.

    3. That sounds like a good idea Lisa33! John had actually mentioned that a few weeks ago, about whether they should wait for the GCR or go now for the Dong.

  20. Some big meeting in China and LeGarde was there. Fulford is stating today "US Republic announced they would work with the AIIB". Remember a few weeks ago he stated the currency was gold-backed? Maybe he let that cat out of the bag pre-maturely? I think he's saying today that BIS & IMF are now under Chinese control. He says we are now (the USA Corp) officially bankrupt because a gold payment was just missed. I can't yet see more than his first 2 paragraphs of today's newest news article.... ~darylluke.

    1. DL
      Can you give me your email address? I will ask Canauzzie in the Contact section to give you my email address so that I can send you something.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Benjamin Fulford 1 hr interview from March 18,2015:

    4. ....sorry.He's on first 20mins only. Vinny does a wonderful rant after, asking some on point questions with clear eyed observations made....

  21. From JOHN'S several latest comments, it sounds like I won't be able to fund an animal shelter(employ our family) to prevent them all getting killed....I wanted to fund a new modest food kitchen, too. I love to cook.... ~darylluke.

    1. Work away it works for most. Go to where the work is. The sooner the US stops this dam Welfare the better. Its stupefying the nation.

    2. I wanted to have an animal shelter too! Maybe a bunch of us could pool our money together and have a shelter! At first it was for dogs and cats but seeing farm animals and rejected animals for slaughter I just want to adopt them all, buying thousands of acres of land and love, feed and protect them!

    3. go to fund is a good way to get help. Also, most investors are pulling out of the markets and are holding on to what they have been investing after their losses...and wanting to get money to work.

      Partnering, joint ventures, angel investors, hedge funds; and the like are many ways to explore the funding side of projects. You first have to have a bona fide business plan and marketing plan. And you have to be able to show that you are "married" to your endeavor...have to have skin in the game.

      What makes you different from what others have already done? You have to be able to qualify your idea.

      And by all means, keep everything close to your chest...people with money are looking for plans to implement themselves...just my experience.

  22. ‘Argentine archaeologists explore possible Nazi hideout’

    Team discovers ruins in remote location believed to have been built for war criminals fleeing in aftermath of WWII

  23. ‘Water Gandhi’ of India Turns Dust Bowls Into Lush Villages Using Ancient Ways

    A $150,000 prize has been awarded to the “Water Gandhi of India” for his wildly successful work that turns abandoned, impoverished “dust bowls” into lush villages bustling with life again using an ancient method of rainwater harvesting.

    For teaching thousands of villagers in India’s most arid region how to build earthen dams to catch the monsoon rains and revitalize their land, Rajendra Singh was honored Friday with the 2015 Stockholm Water Prize.

    30 years ago, Singh went to the poverty-stricken state of Rajasthan with the aim of setting up health clinics. He was told by villagers, however, that their greatest need was not health care, but water. Their wells had dried up. Soon after, crops wilted, rivers and forests disappeared, and many able-bodied villagers left in search for work in the cities. Women, children and the elderly were left behind without hope, as their villages became barren dust bowls.

    So, instead of clinics, Singh showed them how to build johads, traditional earthen dams.

    Read More

    1. P this is awesome. My mother traveled to Africa in an attempt to help with humanitarian projects. The main focus was to get water into some of the isolated villages.

      Here goes the mantra, "Each one teach at least one." This is true sustainability...using what mother earth gives us...awesome.

    2. Thank you Fedup, have seen a really good group of awesome Hero/Heroine stories in the last week. Everything from two really handicapped Chinese friends planting trees on a large scale, Barefoot College in India, Burmese woman doing like with their country's version of Barefoot College and so much more, just didn't want to flood OWoN. Been busy doing my own thing here and trying to watch some of a new friend's videos from the Superhero Academy that works with the Valhalla Movement.

    3. I appreciate all the posts that get put in here, both the positive, helping kind and the ones that make you go hhhmmm. It gives me food for thought. I can then do research on my own to decide what I believe. So thanks to everyone for the posts. I have such a limited time to do research and it helps to be able to come in here to get some 'homework'.

    4. P
      Biffie did ask about you and we have been sending you our One Creator given Love; and wishing for successful progress on everything that you are doing. Glad to hear and see that humanity iw moving forward with some real projects...and oh how do we need trees, water, clean air, and people who are willing to sacrifice time and energy to make it happen.

      Always wishing you the best.

    5. Indeed so, and will continue to send Love. Looking forward to growing organically lots of food to share with others. As soon as we can get the air, water, soil, and seeds cleaned up, we can help folks have better health

    6. Thank you Biffie and Fedup, have had a few problems with my hi-speed the last little bit but will try to get a few more heroes and heroines posted. Can't tell you both or any here how much I appreciate all here. With one exception locally, that being the guy who hunts coyotes, most seem to think what have worked on for years is just crazy. But that one pilot has seen the difference. That's the kind of difference means to me here on OWoN. Not sure that makes sense, but it's meant in the highest and best way. Sorry tired.

    7. Does he just hunt coyote for game or food? I never heard of coyote meat? The guy should allow the natural ecosystem to take care of itself; otherwise he might find bears and wolves in his back yard.

      It's much like the deer population here; they cull the deer population almost once every three or five years and it is horrible. What people have to realize is when humans build new homes in rural areas we are disrupting nature and the home of many animals. And then we have a nerve to feel threatened by the presence of these animals when all they know is that we are in their backyards.

      It makes sense...

    8. No, he hunts coyote for the ranchers. Not sure if he's a Vietnam era veteran or later, but am sure he is.Please understand with my situation as it is with my LGD's gone, that there is no doubt I benefit also. When you have milk goats, a few hens and geese they tend to become meals for the local predators. So, needless to say am grateful and will stay that way. Until can find replacements for my two LGD's I am dependent on that pilot doing his job.

      I work hard to work with my natural neighbors, and we have a long held understanding, but those that come from outside this immediate area pose of threat until an understanding can be had, if possible. The LGDs are instrumental in that, their sphere of influence discouraging those that come from the outside, but for months now haven't had those, so appreciate all help had.

      Most ranchers here haven't yet learned to work with their wild neighbors. My LGD's effectiveness surprised them and can be used to some degree where fencing is adequate, but in those larger pastures fenced with barbed wire, donkeys, mules and some horses provide a fair amount of protection. It's important to use animals bonded to cattle,sheep, goats or whatever is being raised, but the ability to live at peace within the local ecosystem is worth the time taking to finding the right livestock guardians that can work with a specific ranch/farm/location.

    9. I do understand P
      And you have quite a task. I am entertaining a group of investors right now with my supermarkets. I would love to discuss later with you having my own private label, manufacturing plant for eggs, chicken, crops, and milk...I met with some farmers in Lancaster County who will provide fresh milk...their business is nice and they have also introduced me to some Amish who are in the sausage making business, soups, and potatoe chips...

      I am going to do my own thing and get away from GMO's and offer the freshest, most nutritious foods under the sun.

      I also met with farmers in South Carolina who are willing to grow crops for me; and I plan to grown fruits and vegetables in a controlled environment by erecting greenhouses for hydroponic gardening. I have plans for 20,000 sq ft of indoor growing with a nonperishable warehouse on the premises. This one site will house a 50000 sq ft supermarket...our own.

      My sister in law is from Peru and her family is into coffee and jewelry; and she even knows how to splice branches of trees to create roots to create more trees.

      I am awaiting funding, and I will definitely look you up for two way opportunities.

      I appreciate you P,
      I know here I can get dogs and cats from SPCA for a small donation or the local PET Shops who give away donated dogs, cats, rabbits and New Jersey.

  24. Another curve ball is coming, leaving us again holding our dongs.....
    What a never-ending nightmare. ~darylluke.

    1. Are you stealing the catchers signs? Curveball??

      Where did you get that from?

    2. J7,

      It is what happens every time. If not a curve ball, they bomb something or worse they start a war. When will this dark chapter in History end? HUMANITY wants what was supposed to happen over 60 years ago!! ~darylluke.

    3. DL,

      Thanks for clarifying your curve ball statement. I was wondering if something was mentioned in the comments that I missed. I agree with your assessment that just as the clouds open up and a ray of sunshine peeks thru, the parasitical Cabal pulls a toxic rabbit out of their black hat and turns the world sideways so the 99% can suffer more.

      Karma is racing towards these Rat-bastards. Most unsettling for them is.......

      They know it and cannot stop it!

  25. Replies
    1. If it is anywhere near that we little people will not be allowed to cash out, or it will be heavily capped/taxed. No way TPTB are going to let everyday people cash in 5m dong for nearly 2.5m dollars! It's outrageous! I don't think the rate really matters; what matters is a). Will you be allowed to cash out upon the rv and b). how much will you be allowed to keep?
      John never said you'd be ok with dongs, he said dongs will be ok. Stark difference. It doesn't necessarily mean you will cash out. There are a hundred reasons why you will be blocked. When I say "you" I mean "we".

    2. Well you know JW I am sure anxious to find out. Good or bad bring it. I dont have to have millions. A couple of hundred grand and I will do backflips. Lets just get it over with.

    3. Barry
      Same here! I'll do backflips across hot coals for a couple of hundred grand... naked as well!!

    4. Heavily taxed if course. I was thinking at about 40%.

  26. Supper time in the UK. Most of China is now sleeping. The world holds it collective breathes now... If O flies to Hawai'i now to play golf, I'd speculate he signed. Fulford stated Prince Charles was in DC to sign documents/treaty on the 20th.... ~darylluke.

  27. Prince Charles signs nothing thats H Opium.

  28. Explanation of why there really is no water shortage. 52min


    1. I know; they're buying the water up and sucking it out of the ground and selling it and shipping it to China and other countries...who ever will buy it.

      Everything is engineered!

  29. 4 Aeta Tribal Women Return From India As Solar Engineers

    The Barefoot College had 32 attendees from 11 countries that included these four women for this latest class that graduated. Not only did they get along peacefully and not knowing each others languages, they learned to work together in learning the skills the college provides.

    MANILA, Philippines-Six months flitted like a dream for four Aeta grandmothers who traveled 4,800 kilometers to undergo free training in India and are now officially solar engineers.

    Wearing shades and cheerfully recalling their experience at Barefoot College in Rajasthan, India, the four were a far cry from the group of introverts who left in September last year.

    The four-Evelyn Clemente, 49; Sharon Flores, 40; Cita Diaz, 40; and Magda Salvador, 42-flew home on Monday from India via a Cathay Pacific flight.

    “Time went by so quickly it feels like a dream,” Flores told the Inquirer in Filipino, recalling the kindness of strangers that gave her and her companions the opportunity to literally light up their communities.

    “We know only a little English. We know how to write only our names. But it was enough,” she smiled.

    Read more

  30. Perhaps RULE OF LAW will return if the US Republic is here & the USA Corp is really bankrupt. Maybe all those illegally gotten gains holding in so many offshore accounts will get seized. Naahhhh....just more hopium. Wherein does hope lie? More wage-slavery? ~darylluke.

  31. DL - please stop pouting, nothing has happened and you're crying in your cereal. Please work towards positivity and/or work towards what you will do if it doesn't happen. Wallowing doesn't ever save anyone. Like ever....

    1. JBloss,

      Please be more respectful. Positive thoughts start with positive reinforcement of which your comment has none. Asking someone to be positive when handing them a negative cancels it out.

    2. Please then understand as someone who reads here daily that it generally appears to me that DL does this to make you or John deliver a different answer or outcome. Additionally that it happens nearly every time the news is not to his liking. I personally am attempting to either remain positive or work towards a different solution and I would like to not be dragged down by constant "woe is me". I was feeling particularly exhausted by it when I commented today. This is hard on all of us and we are in this together....

    3. Sometimes words of inspiration can lift anyone out of a difficult place. For some this economy has bleed all of the joy of life, and then we are here to replace it...It takes us, We all are or have been where DL is coming from...and as I remember; someone directed inspiration my way and all I can do is give it back...Be inspired through all things because "we are our brother's keeper."

      It's one thing to say something, or to declare something; it's another thing to be about it...words are empty...the proof is in our actions and how much we are willing to assist others. We are a team and sometimes we have to take the burden on our own shoulders to help a brother or sister along. We are all individuals and all our needs are different...this is what make a team...yes, these are some of the dynamics...

  32. Chin up DL. Did you notice this in Fulford's post? "the US Republic announced they would work with the AIIB." If the Republic is calling the shots instead of the corporation its a huge game change, past tense! I don;t know how far to trust Fulford. His use of 'Republic' is deliberate though methinks.

    Secondly, "an “attempt by Rothschild to start a nuclear war with Russia,” has been stopped, according to Pentagon sources. A total of six nuclear weapons were prevented from being fired, the sources say." As I posted another time, the ETs working with the alliance are authorised to prevent nuclear war, or any war, though they still allow skirmishes according to cosmic law of our free will. Everything is pointing to containment of the bcc. No need to lose hope.

    FedUp, I like you wish for truth in the matters of the Moon landings and other things that are currently seen to be ambiguous (or have evidence both ways). It will come friend. We will both rejoice. When things are posted that say 'science is all BS' it gets my goat, pulls my chain, whatever. I hope you don't mind me posting a reasoned rebuttal now and then..

    1. Thank you Ajnaandy, Ben's post today is definitely on a positive note.

    2. AJ
      I love your treatise. Your answers assist me in formulating reasoning beyond just what we read.
      I thank you and both inspire me...

      I did read Fulford's report today and I go with what resonates with me. I am naturally a bona fide skeptic; which always lead me to further research, or investigate. I research and retrieve information for my own purpose and while I am at it I see stuff that might interest our team's all a learning experience and a days work.

      Thank you again...

  33. FROM: "Carol Bundy"

    Dear Friends,

    Please allow me to apologize for not sending you emails for the past while. Sometimes we almost get too busy. But, with your support we are making a difference.

    Today we have something very critical on the table, and we need you to take action.

    The Nevadan's Resource Rights Bill (NRR) has been given a bill number (AB408) and will go before the Resource Committee on March 31st. This is a tremendous accomplishment, one that could not have been achieved without your actions. We started out thinking that if a group of people would act together in unity we could make a real difference. So far each of you have proven this to be correct. THANK YOU!


    Go this link to show support for the bill, select bill number AB408, select FOR, and put in your name and address. This is the official website for the Nevada Legislature and legislators use it to determine public support. If you are a citizen of Nevada it is a bonus, but it does not matter where you live, we need the support of all the States around us including those out east. Please click on the link and fill in the form to show your support for the bill.

    Show up in Carson City, March 31st at 9 am. Over 15 Nevada State Legislators sponsored the NRR bill and have asked that we fill the house during the committee hearing. We must show up in person and make our presents known. If we fill the house, the committee will pass it and the talk of the 2015 session will be the NRR bill (AB408). With enough of your physical support in Carson City the committee will pass the NRR bill and it will have a substantial chance of becoming Nevada law soon after. Plan on making the trip. I will get you more details in a few days.

    Send this to your family and friends and ask them to support as well.

    As always, my honor to stand with you,

    Ammon Bundy

    1. Nevadan,s Resource Rights Bill (NRR) - AB408

      "It is simple, the land and resources belong to the people, not the government"

      AN ACT relating to the right of an individual to beneficially use the natural resources on public lands, and the right of private property owners to beneficially use the natural recourses on deeded property, the right of the public to access the land; prohibiting the Federal Government from owning or regulating certain lands, natural resources and the right to use public waters without proper cession from the State as set forth in the U.S. Constitution; requiring the State Land Registrar to adopt regulations that provide for the appropriation and registration of grazing, logging, mineral development or other beneficial use rights on public lands; requiring the State Land Registrar to sell permits for grazing, logging, mineral development or other beneficial uses on public lands for which such rights are not registered and appropriated; requiring the board of county commissioners of each county to impose a defense tax on production from the beneficial use of public lands; and providing for matters to defend the rights of the people.

      Link to the NRR outline,

    2. To get on their email list:

      "Carol Bundy" -

    3. Outstanding piece of information DL

  34. Talk about full disclosure.. FedUp, you will love the beginning of paragraph 2.


    An illusion it will be, so large, so vast, it will escape their perception.
    Those who will see it will be thought of as insane.
    We will create separate fronts to prevent them from seeing the connection between us.
    We will behave as if we are not connected to keep the illusion alive.
    Our goal will be accomplished one drop at a time, so as to never bring suspicion upon ourselves. This will also prevent them from seeing the changes as they occur.
    We will always stand above the relative field of their experience for we know the secrets of the absolute.
    We will work together always and will remain bound by blood and secrecy.
    Death will come to he who speaks.
    We will keep their lifespan short and their minds weak while pretending to do the opposite.

    We will use our knowledge of science and technology in subtle ways so that they will never see what is happening.
    We will use soft metals, aging accelerators and sedatives in food and water, also in the air.
    They will be blanketed in poison everywhere they turn.
    The soft metals will cause them to lose their minds. We will promise to find a cure from our many fronts, yet we will feed them more poison.
    The poisons will be absorbed through their skin and mouths. They will destroy their minds and reproductive systems.
    From all this, their children will be born dead, and we will conceal this information.
    The poisons will be hidden in everything that surrounds them; in what they drink, eat, breathe, and wear.
    We must be ingenious in dispensing the poisons for they can see far.
    We will teach them that the poisons are good with fun images and musical tones.
    Those they look up to will help. We will enlist them to push our poisons.
    They will see our products being used in film and will grow accustomed to them and will never know their true effect.
    When they give birth we will inject poisons into the blood of their children and convince them it is for their help.
    We will start early on, when their minds are young. We will target their children with what children love most, sweet things.
    When their teeth decay, we will fill them with metals that will kill their mind and steal their future.
    When their ability to learn has been affected, we will create medicine that will make them sicker and cause other diseases for which we will create yet more medicine.

    1. Part 2

      We will render them docile and weak before us by our power.
      They will grow depressed, slow, and obese, and when they come to us for help, we will give them more poison.
      We will focus their attention towards money and material goods so that the many never connect with their inner self.
      We will distract them with fornication, external pleasures, and games, so that they may never be one with the oneness of it all.
      Their minds will belong to us and they will do as we say. If they refuse, we shall find ways to implement mind-altering technology into their lives. We will use FEAR as our weapon.
      We will establish their governments and establish opposites within. We will own both sides.
      We will always hide our objective but carry out our plan.
      They will perform the labour for us and we shall prosper from their toil.
      Our families will never mix with theirs. Our blood must be pure always, for it is the way.
      We will make them kill each other when it suits us.
      We will keep them separated from the oneness by dogma and religion.
      We will control all aspects of their lives and tell them what to think and how.
      We will guide them kindly and let them think they are guiding themselves.
      We will foment animosity between them through our factions.
      When a Light shall shine among them, we shall extinguish it by ridicule, or death, whichever suits us best.
      But if they ever find out that they are our equal, we shall perish then. THIS THEY MUST NEVER KNOW.
      If they ever find out that together they can vanquish us, they will take action.
      They must never, ever find out what we have done, for if they do, we shall have no place to run, for it will be easy to see who we are once the veil has fallen. Our actions will have revealed who we are and they will hunt us down and no person shall give us shelter.
      This is the secret covenant by which we shall live the rest of our present and future lives, for this reality will transcend many generations and life spans.
      This covenant is sealed by blood, our blood. We, the ones who from heaven to earth came.
      This covenant must NEVER, EVER be known to exist. It must NEVER, EVER be written or spoken of, for if it is, the consciousness it will spawn will release the fury of the PRIME CREATOR upon us and we shall be cast to the depths from whence we came and remain there until the end of time of infinity itself.
      Author unknown.

    2. EDTA cleans the poisons out of the body, as does activated charcoal.

    3. I do AJ...this thing is right in our face. It has been hidden from public view. This is why I consciously oppose many things and I definitely find myself verbally renouncing all such "hidden agendas" where human's are giving quiet consent for not knowing. This deception is so massive that it's unbelievable to most scholars, most's impossible to accept anything at face value once you know.

      Is this what they call "business as usual?"

      When I refer to the flat earth I am familiar with the Norse 9 worlds description...and it's not far off the mark. Somebody had it right until they found out that they could fool us and they manipulated everything...I continue to sift the hay and for me there is no right or depends on our level of indoctrination and whether we can abandon "group think" and begin to think outside of the all is worthy of research and investigation.

    4. The Secret Covenant makes my blood boil...the good news is, 'they' will have to answer for this.

  35. Here is some news for everyone.

    US abandons Israel at United Nations Human Rights Council.

    I guess some real changes are taking place behind closed doors.

  36. Two More States Added To Jade Helm 15 Exercises - Will Include 'Surgical Strikes' And 'Extractions'


    With Jade Helm 15 having gone viral across the internet, US Army Special Operations Command is having to push back against 'alarmists claims' that we're actually witnessing 'martial law-style' drills according to Stars and Stripes while 2 more states, Florida and Mississippi, have added exercises to their states that will include 'surgical strikes' and 'extractions' according to a news conference addressing Jade Helm 15 included in the 1st video below for you to hear for yourself. Interestingly enough, the US military is unable to view websites reporting on Jade Helm 15 due to their sophisticated firewall which prevents them from accessing 'truth' websites. From the Stars and Stripes story:

  37. "UNIVERSAL practice of the GOLDEN RULE is the solution." 23:45 mark.

    "DESTROY EVIL" fits harmoniously into this when you think about it!! ~darylluke.

    1. Some people call it ascension, some call it earth cleansing; from what? Evil...Our One Creator is going to destroy all evil...we have won the war; and we will soon see the results. Everything has debt attached to it; and the debt that they owe is too great to they had to relinquish their claim, and now they are left to their own devices...the ones that they created for humans will now be their fate...Universal Cosmic Law Rules!

  38. This Next Generation 3D Printer Uses Light, Builds Objects In Just Minutes

    Today’s 3D printers are by nature incredibly slow. It takes a long time to do any printing. But researchers have developed a new 3D printer that replaces the extruder nozzle that squeezes out melted plastic one layer at a time with light and oxygen.

    They call it the Carbon3D Printer and have demonstrated a technique with it that they call continuous liquid interface production, which grows 3D printed parts out of a liquid resin bath. Light and oxygen are employed to build a stronger part in layers. Build times are reduced from hours to minutes.

    Read more

    1. P, it just keeps getting better, thanks for posting.

    2. I am anticipating seeing these 3D printers in action. I priced them and they are expensive; however, the engineers are creating mechanical hands, houses, cars, body parts and now this...this is an exciting time to witness the true nature of our existence...our One Creator provided for all of our needs... because of the scarcity of this technology it is soon as it is released to the general public we will have miracles at our finger tips...Awesome...

  39. The synergy on site is growing dramatically.

    A valued contribution by all now is collectively group brainstorm how to create alternative industries or cash making ideas which can fund Independence to help millions swerve the Welfare Curse of becoming dependent Bums on the system, all of which will have to be cut loose at some stage. No one has a right to be kept by the State and other people taxed for it. No one. We need to develop equitable systems of Self Help, Now instead, we live in a world of Whiners wanting it brought to the door, bleating incessantly about no opportunities, but won't move their Butts to find them. The Industrial Revolution was part forged by Cottage Industries which created work in their homes, weaving etc. We need Industries outsourcing to homes, so they can be booted off Welfare and made to produce on a measured basis. Wealth creating ideas need to be cross shared as this is fast becoming a Non Self Help World of Welfare Wannabes, most fantasising their Dinars will fund the worlds biggest Free lunch, but it won't and can't. Nobody is owed and nobody cares. Reality check time. Dinars have been a vicious scam enriching many selling fantasies of greed. Morons thought they could spend $500 and get c$5M. As if. Smart crooks could print those notes for maybe $5, pay off the Gurus and the rest is pure take out. So the Printing Promoters made vast Billions selling Fiat promises to Mugs. Just do the Maths, look at hard reality. There is a Global liquidity crisis growing. No one wants T Bills or US Bonds, so no new Cash to redeem US debt with. America faces ever escalating US debt. The greed of the Fed is coming home to roost. Debt will implode America and The Fed. Rothschild's raped you.,
    China is NOT going to mass bail you for hundreds of T's. Nor is any Fantasy Trust. Money is finite!

    So, the new smart people will think out new fallbacks themselves and prepare new cash sources. Communities like the Amish survive. So do the Jewish Hacidics. The world needs Community Development rethinking. Community Banking. Self sufficiency.

    Money is limited, finite. This oversold fantasy the world is going to mass bail Trillions for Dinar fetishes is madness. Almost total hype. Again, Iraq at best needs and can afford c$6T so, if as projected figures of c$600T have been printed expect a lot of sore Butts. $594T of dreamers in the gutters whining what about me, Whaa, Aaa want Maaahh Munnneeey! Whaa. Sorry folks, but smart money will grab the c$6T and the rest will get the Hemorrhoid treatment by life. Do the Maths. Sucker punched and mugged. Iraq at best will exchange c $6T and re print. The rest will become Biomass Fuel, But the Gurus, who deals with them next for this giant Scam? Churches piled in and crooks by the boat load. Aaamm gonna make me a Billion. Lol. As if! The Gullible got scammed. That was cruel because it created false reality in the desperate. For every one able to cash out probably 1,000 will fail. Tough odds so if we flag it to go, move it. Once the banks see how much crap is out there, windows will close fast. Snooze and lose.
    Survival of the fittest and fastest.

    For the rest, Self Help. It's a thriving multi tasking site. Dynamic to see it evolve. So, how about ideas for Income creation to help many. Welfare WILL crash so prepare for it and get weaned off it. Blowing 50M Grunts off Welfare enriches America. It's a burden no one needs. Help many to help themselves. Ideas please. What produces income ? New Cottage Industries? Self help to help many. Get off the State back. This is real value, Self Help for all. Our greatest asset is intellect, and you are here because you Do Think! So Think outside the box, new Home Industries for income. What works to help our communities? Self help. Ideas? Your forum, go for it. Let's help others break free. What brings income or food? Otherwise the Tri Laterals will decide, do you want that?

    1. John, I share your disdain for the Welfare Mindset but to put it all back onto the "whiners", I believe, is too simplistic. Many of these people have just given up. For many it has been passed down through generations. They don't just need a job, they need direction, they need encouragement and they need hope. Their need for hope (and a way out) is where the gurus have capitalised to extort every last bit of spirit from them.

      Most (we'll never help all of them) people just want to feel valued and to be able to contribute; contribute to their better their own position and contribute to feeding and helping their family. We can help them do this, we just need to return their value.

      This does not require vast trillions; not even billions or millions.

      Take, for example, the local shop owner who is working 70 hours a week just to pay his bills and feed his family. He doesn't have time to paint his fence or mow his lawn or fix the leaking tap. But someone in his neighborhood does. A simple exchange of skills for goods could see the shop owner's problems fixed and the other person's family fed.

      How many old people within communities need similar things done for them? These activities could be organized by church groups or community groups. It's very basic but it's what we have lost and what we need to rediscover.

      How often do we see when a family experience a tragedy and then find the whole community rallies to support them. It is within these tragedies that we see the best of human spirit.

      Well, these communities are faced with a tragedy right now. They just need people to come together to offer whatever skills they have.

      Paint the local school to cover school fees; patch a roof for food or clothing; organize a community group and pool resources to clean up the streets; all of a sudden we get momentum and that is what will change things for the better.

      There are a billion good ideas out there, we just have to inspire the spirit within all of us.

      Giving a bum a million dollars will not help him; give him hope, give him a purpose and watch him shine.

    2. But is the Bum on Welfare or not? The system can not carry them. In a herd on the plains of Africa, the old and weak drop off and the scavengers feed. We try to solve nature by Welfare funding which just encourages more Baset Cases to grow and cross breed. Its a total nightmare and crippling economies. Yes, let communities work together but not funded on welfare. It just builds crippling Government Debts and borrowings just to feed never pay back Bums. Tragedies are a state of mind. So are Bums. I went to where the work was as a Student, always found it, travelled anywhere for money to work, and always found jobs. Building, Scaffolding, Bakeries, Bread Vans, Foundries, Bars, jobs are plentiful. Bums want it on the doorstep. Too bad. Extend the grazing territory or don't eat. Welfare has to stop. We can not leave this magnitude of debt for tomorrows kids funding todays basket cases. Raw economics will come home. Asia will dismantle the Western Industrial base. Can't pay any more will implode Welfare hangers on. Work rotas, they don't turn up they don't eat. Don't give them a choice. Assign them jobs, no work no pay. Welfare has created idleness and Welfare is cross breeding more hopeless cases. Money simply is is not there. We must stop Taxing workers to pay for Shirkers. Schedule the lot to the Factories or Infrastructure projects. Temporary labour. Post War we had no Welfare, people found work and Bums starved. We build Industries and wealth. No work, no food and no home. Out. It sorted them.
      If the Shop owner will pay them fine. if not? Altruistic wishes become esoteric. I see National and Global Debts rising. All to feed Hogs at the trough producing nothing? Why? What has been done is to saddle the kids with this reckless debt burden. How dare we? We have no right. Nor should they pay it. We have to learn to balance our books and balance the herds. Reduce stock when overstocked ! Reality thinking, Move them on and slash state spending. Cut taxes. Give a Bum a real choice, work on the jobs given or don't eat. Welfare costs are impossible burdens. The Public are just Pig Ignorant of what's coming down. We need a War on Welfare not Russia. The Free Lunchers are stealing the stability of nations. Economics will sort them all. Let them go to where the work is. No one is owed.

      We will help many with jobs post the PP releases, but idle dogs will be gone in a heartbeat. Yes, the willing will thrive, but time to clear out the trash. Help the willing and trash the trash. We need to face reality. We pay our way or fade away.

    3. The first idea that pops in my mind is to find the many good projects out there already and fund them. P gave a great example yesterday of the handicapped lady who created a company to fund the creation of a car that can be driven by someone in a wheelchair. She didn't start from scratch, she found a company that had the plans but needed funding.

      There are lots of these types of projects in America and the world, which will improve lives and create jobs. The have the ideas and the drive, but are usually lacking the funding. Perhaps we can help with that.

    4. Hanlo
      Once we are able to give the green light on the Dinars, dash for the cash or crash. Some will get through ahead of the herd. Even if you have to cash out in London do it via the overnight flights from Joburb. once those quotas are filled??????? I doubt Joburg will cash dinars. Ask FNB ahead.

    5. Thanks John. Will ask FNB today. Flying to London will be out for me, as I have no passport at this stage and it takes months to get one.

    6. Encourage the ideas to come from the grass roots and from within the communities themselves. Bottom up instead of imposed top down. Nurture, grow and support those ideas by offering a micro-financing facility that provides zero / very low interest loans and cash grants to help kick start small home and community based businesses. The facility would be set up as a “revolving fund” such that as loans are repaid the monies are lent out over and over again. Other non-cash support services could be offered too (help with business planning, accounting, legal etc). Not a new idea by the way. There are other micro financing success stories out there such as the Grameen bank and Kiva.

    7. John said, "Welfare WILL crash so prepare for it and get weaned off it. Blowing 50M Grunts off Welfare enriches America. It's a burden no one needs. Help many to help themselves. Ideas please. What produces income ? New Cottage Industries? Self help to help many. Get off the State back. This is real value, Self Help for all. Our greatest asset is intellect, and you are here because you Do Think! So Think outside the box, new Home Industries for income. What works to help our communities? Self help. Ideas? Your forum, go for it. Let's help others break free. What brings income or food? "

      My immediate thoughts:

      1. Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) - teach them to work the farm for food and to support local families who can now purchase their food at a lower price. The farm gets a worker at a reduced price, which allows them to sell fresh produce to the community at large at a reduced price. What is CSA?

      2. A Community Support Daycare | a child care center for working families who need someone to watch their child while they work for a fraction of the cost. Because the system has produced many families who believe having babies is a way to "milk" the system for more monies, they should be well versed in the care of babies. However, I think some "reprogramming" is in order due to the mindset in place at this time...

      3. Of course I have strom thurmond to thank for all of the highways in my state... for this reason, we need people to re-work the roads. The wear and tear on my vehicle at this time due to bad highways is frustrating - also the realignment problems. If we have the monies to put toward the infrastructure of repairing the roads, then we could hire the people to work the job.

      4. We need a massive re-education for those on welfare. They need basic economics courses, if I make 500.00 dollars.. and my rent is due and my family needs food and I need clothes and shoes, how much money do I have left over and where do I put that money? another is, what does is take to provide for a family, emotionally, physically, spiritually? So now we can put teachers who have lost their jobs back to work. We can basically expound on the rehabilitative programs that are in place for the disabled to include those on welfare. As far as I am concerned, they are disabled to a greater extent and needed it equally as much as those who might be defined by the system as disabled. North Carolina is doing a program that is for the disabled but represents my idea...

      5. Those on welfare can help the government repair many of the buildings that are falling down around us. Or dismantle the buildings that are no longer operational. Take the materials from the buildings and recycle them. Make the communities environmentally clean and safe.

      6. Trash pickup on the highways. Huge service. No brainer. Also, need to re-educate those who believe it is okay to throw trash on the highways to have respect for the earth and their environment.

      Okay... that is it for now... :)

      ~Get Real

    8. One more thing... need to re-educate the masses on what is REAL food. No more filling their bodies with fast food - we need to reduce the number of type II (adult onset) diabetes in children. It is sad what is happening to these children who have no idea what they are putting in their bodies. Those who produce this type and food and sell it to the masses should be incarcerated for lacing the food with these chemicals that enhance their foods and keep the public coming back. America is in a sad state regarding childhood obesity, as well as, adult obesity.

      If you ever have a chance to watch the children's movie "wall-e", it is the story of american's and where we are heading... I watched it for the first time a couple of weeks ago and was astounded by what I was watching... the "people" who are in the "spaceship" wallowing on their lounge chairs while the robots do all the work is our welfare system and our people ... it is disgusting.

      ~Get Real

    9. John I read an article where these two heifers (mother daughter ) who had a combined weight off 600 plus pounds, were to fat to work. So they say at home on welfare and we're proud of it. Saying they have a medical condition and they don't and should not work. Welcome to USA.... obviously one two many free lunches and surly with dessert included!

    10. thanks for the update John. Just wondering if Chase bank will exchange the dinar when we get the green light? And if not will Wells Fargo let us open a account via iqd exchange? Again thank you, canauzzie,the white hats and also Tony at WHA. Peace and blessings to everyone.

    11. John, for sure I won't be able to exchange locally, as it's no legal tender here. Ain't legal tender in South Africa either. So London is the only alternative. But which bank in London? And what if one does not have an account there?

    12. Get Real

      Great response and good comments, well done. Exactly what a hard nosed Brit accustomed to daily Bear Pit battles seeks to encourage. That we can take to the Innovation Banks.once the PPs clear. Self help-, but with constructive funding. All a hard nosed Realist Brit does, tongue in cheek, is boot the unrealistic Freebies aside to allow innovators to come through. Exactly as you did. But then to seek to create support for merited projects.

      Many on both sites show collective innovation can be achieved.Self help. If we are to help nations post the PPs, it will have to be via Projects and Community development. Money will be controlled and for targeted projects.
      Countries simply cannot afford the Welfare trap, it's beyond justifiable and its long overdue time for a wake up call for each society. We can't saddle the kids of tomorrow with today's welfare bills. Even worse many are unemployable now. Then cross breeding OMG!. Producing what? RealityTV cannon fodder.

      Get real

      When the first PPs clear we will activate a site Think Tank.


      FNB's correspondent Bank is Barclays. That may help fast.

      Christopher Graham
      Chase are a gutsy Bank and highly likely to help the first wave. WF are nailed on.
      But speed is key here because once those limits are hit expect a Bankers Knee Jerk reaction fast.

      My real concern is for parties who have a few notes and still wont face up to a likely restrictive scenario. All need to find alternative wealth creation models and not base all on a Dinar Freebie. For most it won't happen, and too many are sitting back in life like Goldfish blowing bubbles in a bowl. Dinars glug , glug. Wasted lives. What if it doesn't come for most? What ideas can be brainstormed instead? Intellect is a powerful weapon. Use it.

    13. John
      This is what I've been trying to echo. For many many reasons many of us won't be allowed to cash out even if we are fast. There is a world of genuine obstacles with it. Even with dongs.

    14. John: "Exactly what a hard nosed Brit accustomed to daily Bear Pit battles seeks to encourage."

      Well, I know my ancestors had some Brit blood... you can't have a name like "davis" and not be... imo... but maybe you were not referring to me as the hard nose brit and it was a reference to yourself... lol

      And always glad to be a part of the solution...

      ~Get Real

    An Afrikaans proverb that fits this situation: an African lady that runs a creche for 95 abandoned children without any financial means, relying solely on donations, has come up with a plan to improve her situation. She aims to sell 20000 lottery tickets for a car worth N$200K for N$50 each. From the proceeds the car will be paid first. With the rest she can then put up a proper building to house her creche. I think this is resourceful and will help her with promotions. Would have liked to sponsor the car, but seeing I only have Dinar, that dream seems to be dashed.

    1. See how the rain damaged her simple structure here:

    2. Hanlo:

      I replied to your latest entry on your Google + account. I had a question for you. Let me know what you think and if you want to proceed.


  41. Have to agree that 'work for the dole' programs are required for 1 main reason: workplace training. The idea being that the 6 months is an integrated re-training program with the aim of landing a job at the end after a track record of job and learning.

    1 thing I need: washing! The laundries here charge a fortune. So, help peopke set up home laundries. They come and collect your clothes, wash and dry and return and undercut the current industry. Or just ironing.

    2. Home delivery of nutritious food. Once a week deliver a box of veges fruit and some meat and charge.

    3. Water delivery. Here everyone buys bottled water. Deliver to homes.

    BoB and I have begun talking about these kinds of projects. The program would employ ppl and train them according took the program: small business management (cash flow etc like what Get Real said), food nutrition, marketing (growing business). The program would use profits to employ more people. They could then, once established, buy their territory as a franchise and if they move on pass it back to the parent program. Just like pizza hut stores but for community services: work AND training.

  42. John, a killer app for govts: change minimum wage laws for a dispensation to create the following:
    Have a work for dole program contract into commercial positions say at factories, businesses and the program will be paid reduced wage fir each position by the company. The program to then fill the post with work for dole people and pay them even less, so that the company gets labour at reduced cost and the program can skim some to remain viable. The incumbent gets real work and experience.

    1. Sell the Dole Meat to Employers. Work or!

    2. AJ
      We have to revise and rethink what our government has done. We have to create programs that free people from government intervention. Government should not be in control of our choices in life. We should have the freewill choice to choose and make our way in this world without government intervention. This is where costs increase and where controls are in place; therefore they have their hands in the funds. We have to get rid of them and their slave programs.

      We have to redesign based on human needs; and we don't need government to do this...they create backlog, confusion, and delays...unless they get paid.

    3. Maybe your govt FedUp, but as an Aussie my experience is vastly different and I know it does good in alot of ways. When done properly the Westminster system works. Eg because of my govt, we have free healthcare and free education for all, both with high standards and our taxes are the same as the US and we have a lot less on welfare. Our govt-provided system has us near the top of global literacy and numeracy. We have few people on the street comparatively because of govt programs. I also work in the public service, an agency of govt that provides health. All advanced societies need some coordination of common resources. We need responsible government, not no government.

      What you speak of reminds me of George Orwell's Animal Farm. Not sure if you've read it?

  43. Friends,
    John's message and focus were clear in these comments.

    I'm here to support, develop, share ideas or hands on any educational and business project we can conceive As Long Minimum Requirements are established.

    Here in Brazil, we already identified major gaps in Education, but there is an immense gap in our welfare system as a visible gimme gimme gimme freelunch society among the "poverty line" and "lazy bums" population like anywhere, were the Welfare State rules.

    As we are All equals and share the planet, all deserve the same treatment, benefits and Duties. So basically, if hard working families Can educate their lineage, produce and build something from scratch without government intervention, so can the "lower class" emerge from an ENFORCED slogan. You got that right, enforced if need to be by "Enforced Duties".

    Child education must be freely expanded an adult education mentored, but so has Parental Work be enforced thru social business to partake the benefit from these projects. That is Our Firm Standing in this matter and why welfare benefits reduction to complete elimination has to be part of every project agenda when using PP funds or Your Personal ROI.

    This is Not only about creating jobs folks, but is Creating Jobs to Eliminate Welfare. That should be our main focus and minimum requirement as "business owners, project managers and assistants from good Samaritans to Leaders".

    There are fundamental ideas for sustainability in business we intend to implement, but Welfare has to stop at any cost because is a waste of energy. I believe Education and Business are a good match and has to be interconnected for any collective-in-need project to succeed.

    Good luck to All of us

  44. Well said BoB. This is also about people reconnecting in their communities and learning work together in positive manners for all's benefit. The creation of short, mid and long term localized economies doesn't just happen, it's something that takes commitment and planning from the community.

    1. Totally Agree P,
      Our hopes and dreams are in the communities. My heart is open to impact our locals. We need to empower them working towards love but also rejecting ignorance from energy suckers. There is so much to do right?

      Take care Friend

    2. The best way to do this is to become a member of the City planning Commission; and it allows one to vote on different funding programs, and different economic revitalization programs, and help plan a community needs.

      It's educational and fun, and you get to get one on one with the legislators who create the budgets.

  45. Small communities and groups can also form co-ops for financial independence. An example would be a family restaurant in my area where the employees jumped in together to buy the restaurant- they now co-own it and each participates in the profits of the said restaurant.

    Another idea for a co-op is an example of a small Mexican town that needed public transportation. A group got together to buy used buses, and now operate a thriving business for the public.

  46. ----man o man I wanna speak, but will hold my tongue for respect to all. Suffice to say john is now on record as ZERO EDUCATION to people on welfare. Work, or die. TELL me I am wrong, because this is how I understood what was said. ~darylluke.

    1. If people on Welfare want education, it's there for them to seek it if merited. But if they won't work, and won't or can't be educated?????? Reality TV's shows emulate what's out there feeding off the community. So they need to either get educated to become employable, find a job or be struck off the system. Bums just want to be kept. Stop their rice bowls. Focus on the genuine needs and face reality on Reality TV trash candidates. Wastes of Space face it and call it.

    2. DL and John,
      My understanding is that this system of welfare hand outs would never have come into government as a program unless a bank saw that they could gain leverage and profits from these programs. We can thank one bank for this JP Morgan because they are the biggest recipients of those welfare and foodstamp dollars.

      These programs become stumbling blocks for the public because they created them as such. They suppress the job market, they shrink and expand monetary policies which cause employers to hire and fire their most valuable capital. humans. Then TPTW can actually take an inventory of just how much money will roll through the banking cartel by way of welfare benefit payments and they can forecast and create financial statements which include "unusual income" on their balance sheets.

      This is a self fulfilling prophecy and the system is designed to be just that. These social programs are not funded by taxpayer money; these programs are directly funded by government directly from debt...borrowing from central banks. Taxpayer funds go off shore...

      This is one of the line items that is funded within this debt based financing currency...This is a budget line item and borrowed funds- this creates deficit spending . Although we end up paying our portion of the debt, taxpayers are not on the line for this money directly.

      We pay for this through price controls, inflation, deflation, and any other economic micro or macro system that they have designed for us to eventually pay for. There is no free ride and we end up paying one way or the other. So they need bodies to qualify their welfare system funding; and they create the circumstances to fit their agenda.

  47. How much education can be provided with just simply TEN BASE CLOSINGS!!! TEN!! Out of 970 worldwide which spread hate just by their presence there. THIS problem was a think-tank result for social engineering to support their monstrosity! And, you want to throw the VICTIMS under the bus and NOT POINT THE FINGER at the real drain on money spent(MILITARY)? Sorry, your position is weak, sir, respectfully. ~Steven.

    EDUCATION. Then training, then work or starve, okay? How about that for humanity in this once great country?

    1. my shirt is all unravelled...... ;-)

    2. DL for example my profession is providing work-based training programs. Many employees complain they don't get training at work.. and these on welfare who take up a position like this will get it. That isn't throwing ubder a bus, that's treating them with dignity and giving them a leg up from the welfare heap.

  48. I have always thought that the answer lies in the community. Keep it small-keep it local. People can identify with others in their community and know best what each member needs based on climate, local economy, etc. Americans used to understand this.

    Cooperatives are a good solution. They deliver goods and services as well as a sense of ownership, but they are not easy to establish. I love the idea of 'cottage industry', however the reality is what has killed it. The first hurdle is to remove governmental constraints. In example:

    -A home business will be subject to (hefty) tax liabilities and require mandatory accounting that is beyond the capability of the people that need it. It may require licensing (i.e. daycare).
    -Most communities currently have zoning regulations that prohibit creating a sustainable garden in your yard...they also prohibit 'livestock' such as chickens
    -Did you know that you can be fined for distributing food (free) without the proper licensing? Forget about selling the excess from your garden, or canned and baked goods.
    -Bartering for goods and services is another good way to invite governmental entities bearing odious paperwork.

    The American people have demanded laws and programs to cover every contingency. This has come around to bite them right in the you know what. WE created the Nanny State. WE have permitted, or in some cases demanded-that we be governed into extinction. We have very few avenues to be self sustaining. This is where the change needs to occur.

    Programs, like the WPA (Works Project Administration from the 1930-1940’s era) were meaningful in addressing sustainability. They provided financial assistance for work. People understood the concept of work. People took care of their own. The issues that got us where we are today need to be addressed before we can move forward.

    1. Well written Luckfully, my exact thought and sentiments. Don't leave a crack in the system designed for the needy and allowing the scum to ruin it for others. Our system also really lacks the proper needs for the ones with mental health disorders.I really feel that BIG PHARMA plays a role in keeping drugs on the street for the homeless to use as a way of making money to survive.Its so easy because it's FREE for them. Guess who pays for that!

  49. Guys, I'm all for education. When I first came out the Army, I worked in a warehouse loading and unloading trucks. Talk about unskilled manual labor. I pulled my first student loan and went to a tech school. Once I finished, I switched to graveyard so I could have the days free to look for a new job. It took me a year but I finally got my chance and was full steam head since. Afterwards, I pulled another student loan and got my degree. Needless to say, I'm 100% for education.

    I worked with this lady who had two little girls, single mother. She was a secretary making low wages. BUT SHE WAS WORKING. She told me it took her almost 10 years to get her degree, and she became a social worker. Afterwards, she got her Masters. I have great respect for her. She went from making 30k / year to about 85k.

    But on the same token, I have friends in church that have their masters degree that were out of work for over a year before finally finding something. Not everyone on welfare stays on it and it does help those that fall into hard times. What I'm against is people pumping out kids and use the kids to stay on welfare, thats what needs to be revamped.
    I hope the dinars and dongs revalue at a good rate and those of you on this site get to exchange. You need the break but you need to multiply it when you get it and make sure you get the proper advice to help you structure what you have. I've got plans on what I want to accomplish but its no lifeline for me. That's why I sacrificed and drove 160 miles a day round trip for 7 years, 10 hour shifts and 3 hour commute.

  50. Many great ideas. I believe that we need to start by transforming the individual's character. Empowering the individual to take back the take actions that are accountable and responsible in the local community for one-self. Education, retooling, repurposing the skill sets for more pragmatic daily living. One example, maybe IT as trade...(re)train many in the basic foundations of productivity software provide entry to mid-level workforce in many industries.

  51. the school systems in the u.s. needs to be reestablished,reorganized. Re everything!! That is a MAJOR factor in why alot of the people here are disfunctional.

    1. Christopher,
      TPTW created the entire educational system and standard by which we are required to receive an education. And this is not really the reason a lot of the people "here" are dysfunctional...this is a misnomer.

      Our One Creator has endowed us from birth with all the knowing that is required to live in this construct. What TPTW have designed is to take away these natural abilities and replace these abilities with their sinister indoctrination; to convince humans that we don't have natural abilities to think for ourselves. The entire system that we function under in this construct is totally dysfunctional by design...

      They use the contaminated and poison food, air, water, television programming, MSM...everything at their disposal to keep us from "knowing who we really are." We have been programmed from birth and we can thank our parents, and their parents and their parents' and on and on until we get to the ones who designed this system of dumbing down the masses.

      It's not our fault, and the educational system need to be abolised; and true education needs to be implemented. We have been lied to about everything...

  52. BLM seeks Congressional OK for new fees, private donations

    Agency woes range from too many wild horses to not enough drilling inspectors.

    The director of the Bureau of Land Management sat across a big oval table from members of the U.S. House of Representatives this week and made his case for more money. The agency needs increased funding, he said, to manage challenges as diverse as a drilling boom and an overabundance of wild horses across vast stretches of public lands.
    But before BLM Director Neil Kornze even had a chance to pitch President Obama’s $1.2 billion budget proposal for his agency, the chairman of the panel, Rep. Ken Calvert, R-CA, said the request didn’t match the “very constrained funding environment” in Congress.

    Read more

  53. All aboard San Francisco's startup bus craze

    Late Friday afternoon, I was sitting in the back of a Leap bus with CEO Kyle Kirchhoff when the bus manager, a young blond guy named Richard, approached, holding his smartphone like a menu. Kirchhoff had just shown me how riders can use the Leap app to buy snacks. He ordered himself a bottle of Happy Moose Juice, a San Francisco-based brand that sells organic libations in saturated primary colors. Blue Bottle coffee and Boxed Water are also available for purchase. "Sorry sir, we’re actually fresh out of that particular flavor of juice," Richard told Kirchhoff. "Would you prefer a different flavor?"

    Kirchhoff had ordered Tropical Roots, but settled for Strawberry Fields. At $7, the cold-pressed beverage was more expensive than the bus ride, but not by much. Leap, which has raised $2.5 million in venture capital, charges $6 for a one-way ride. (MUNI charges $2.25.)

    Read more

  54. So many great ideas, but as Luckfully stated earlier, "the laws, fines, rules" curtail expansion of small business here in the US. So many "Mom and Pop" businesses have been destroyed by huge retailers.

    We need to put a stop to the big corporation model that eliminates all competition from smaller business. It will be a grassroots/local solution in my opinion.

    1. I think this is by design, Tammy. Large retailers and industries (insurance, pharmaceuticals, etc) have lobbyists that help draft (dictate) legislation designed to kill entrepreneurial spirit and small enterprise (competition). Lobbyists need to be stopped and eliminated from our political system-they are the backbone of it. This is a monumental ask!

      More easily addressed would be local zoning issues that prevent 'Mom and Pop' as well as basic sustainability. Zoning issues commonly prevent/disallow home business as well as gardens. Zoning boards have open meetings and can be challenged based on community interests. It's a great place to start grassroots efforts.

      There are so many 'economic' disparities that big business has orchestrated to their own benefit. For example, why MUST I include anyone living in my household on my auto insurance policy, but I don't have the option to include them on my medical insurance policy?

    2. Indeed there is many such contrivances to keep mom and pop business from even beginning, but there are ways around those. I've fought the battle locally here for a Farmer's Market. It took many months and some dollars to get it done and only with a local heavyweight in politics friend could it get done finally.

      People need to work together to bring change, taking the time to research local laws, ordinances and possibly tax structures that may prohibit a business. Some communities like Austin, TX love the local fresh food, but have been slow to accept change for urban farming, that which has been somewhat prohibited there. That's just food though.

      It's the small business for local communities that needs the most TLC. Whether a small business makes cookie cutters or designs for 3d Printers, it's innovations that people come up with often lead to new industry. Or doing something differently such as some of natural building methods or earth-ships. Or perhaps providing local hi-speed networks for a community. What does your community need?

      We're only limited by our own small thinking or that which we find endless limitations or can't do's. It's finding ways to make things work, getting around issues, doing what you have to do to make it happen. What does your community need?

    3. Much of what we are up against is gentrification; and this is by design especially within urban enclaves. They redline these areas for various reasons, such as bank loans per capita, household income, race, zipcode...and then they sell the properties for pennies on a dollar allowing outsiders to come in and fund economic revitalization which put money into city/state government cauffers...sort of pay to play environment which disenfranchises all of the small retailers within these enclaves. It's a vicious cycle and it's repeated over and over again from one zipcode to another. Then you have the banks who will only situate in certain zipcodes which causes retailers to abandon retail security...not for lack of profit, but to create a profit center which has to be herded into a higher price zoned sector...creating an unusually strong secondary market sector.

      These areas are basically untapped buying power; and are abandoned by big box retailers who create the fallacies stereotyping an economic class and leaving them in a "desert."

      And for just people like you and me; we have to jump through hurdles and spend exorbitant amounts of money just to enter the market sector because TPTW have paid to keep you out so that they can succeed in their for profit endeavor; they do not want to give up any market share. (I call it unfair trade practices).

    4. Agree Fedup whole heartedly. Just thinking about what medical marijuana does to help in healing or the many uses of hemp and its many by products or better yet, value added products- got reminded about who and what are behind this.

      The bookkeeper is at the end of this short video about a loving dad and his young son. Those trials at the Hague can't begin soon enough.

      This Dad Gives His Sick Son Marijuana Extract. The Results… Mind-blowing!

    5. Yes P...I have been tracking much of this information including the effects of hemp on's supposed to reverse the dis-ease...(this is the reason that they outlawed it from the beginning...hemp is useful for many, many purposes).

      Thinking about erecting greenhouses since NJ, and Pennsylvania just legalized medicinal use. Will have to hire growers...

      It is a miracle substance for sure...

  55. Now we see the sheer scale of innovation you are collectively achieving. That is the purpose of OWON. Collective strength and innovation will save America. People, not the perverse and corrupt Political Zoo, are Americas best hope, and today is proof. YOU are Americas hope.

  56. Bringing this over from WHA from Greg. Welfare works both ways - needs to be cut from TBTF banks, who need to put back to our community and stop with the handouts to them from the taxpayers.

    Greg says:
    March 24, 2015 at 10:29 am
    The BANKS are the BIGGEST welfare recipients of all
    1. trillions in taxpayer bailouts
    every man woman and child in US could have received 1 million dollars
    2. 1 Quad trillion in bets
    if they loose taxpayer pays
    3. laws to steal saving
    New Rules for Money Market deposits:
    1) No withdrawals in the next stock market collapse (As I understand it)
    2) Money Market deposits (your cash deposits) will float, like the price of stock. No longer guaranteed.
    3) Cash deposits in Municipal Funds (if you own muni’s, interest pay’ts. into your account) will be subject to fees if you withdraw them.
    Something smells awfully fishy here. Does the SEC expect something nefarious to happen in the near future?
    4. wars for profit
    billions in new fighter jet that cant fly
    5. print money with key strokes
    1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000.00 deposit in said account
    their that was alot of work
    who is causing a burden for the world

  57. One of my passions is organic farming. I want to have a large organic farm and apprentice learning center. Besides learning to farm organically using cover crop rotation, proper soil and composting amendments, the importance of using non-GMO seeds and plants, harvesting, drying, you would be taught how to use the foods in nutritious meals.

    There would also be a ‘true history’ center where you could learn from video and printed material with a mentor available.

    There would also be an apprentice center where you could learn the basics in welding, mechanics, small engine repair, construction, road work, forestry, cooking, 3D printing, and more added as the need arises. These folks could then be sent out to work as apprentices at real jobs in their communities until they get hired on. For folks who didn’t finish school or go to college, this would be a great opportunity.

    To pay for this schooling, you would have to work on the farm and would get to bring home a large basket of food each week after being shown how to use those foods in nutritious meals.

    All would be required to learn to organically farm, the true history, and would get to learn as many things as they want to at the apprentice learning center.

    In season food would be given to them from greenhouses in the colder seasons and from outside in the warmer seasons.

    These farms and centers would be located every 25 to 50 miles apart so that all could afford to drive to and from where they live each day.

    I think from the concept of sharing, bartering and trading, and really like The Venus Project idea we learned about in the video

    The opportunity to learn at a center like this is huge and could be varied as the need arises. I have more ideas, but this is one of my favorites.

    1. This is a new wave and many small businesses are doing just this. Also with the advent of new technology being released it would be great to create a building trade apprenticeship program where they learn the implements of green energy, including LEED certified building to drain rain water off of a site to utilize the water in recycling for flushing toilets or watering lawns (water harvesting), and composting, and solar energy, wind energy, along with the building trade codes...this is a wonderful idea and it can spread like wild could also team up with local colleges/universities to devise curriculum, and utilize SCORE where retired businessmen mentor owners/operators.


    2. Fedup thanks for your input. All great ideas to teach others and use on the farms.

  58. Biffie,
    Have you seen this video...Back to Eden? Great ideas on organic gardening!

    1. Not yet but thanks Texian I will watch it.

  59. Let's not just focus on welfare. The noses in the trough at the other end of the spectrum is equally as draining of the coffers and more dispicable.

    The tens of millions spent on Obama's holidays and golf games every year could re-train many thousands.

    1. FliptheBoard...your moniker is true to flipped the script and put the blame for the real welfare recipients right on the table...this is what they live and steal for...they never had it so good????


    A Resolution, "Calling on the President to provide Ukraine with military assistance to defend its sovereignty and territorial integrity," stealthily made its way to the House Floor today without having been debated in the relevant House Committees and without even being given a bill number before appearing on the Floor!

    Now titled H. Res. 162, the bill demands that President Obama send lethal military equipment to the US-backed government in Kiev and makes it clear that the weapons are to be used to take military action to return Crimea and parts of eastern Ukraine to Kiev's rule.

    Congress wants a war in Ukraine and will not settle for a ceasefire!

    The real world effect of this Resolution must be made clear: The US Congress is giving Kiev the green light to begin a war with Russia, with the implicit guarantee of US backing. This is moral hazard on steroids and could well spark World War III.

    The Resolution conveniently ignores that the current crisis in Ukraine was ignited by the US-backed coup which overthrew the elected government of Viktor Yanukovych. The secession of Crimea and eastern Ukraine were a reaction to the illegal coup engineered by US officials such as Victoria Nuland and Geoff Pyatt. Congress instead acts as if one morning the Russians woke up and decided to invade Crimea and eastern Ukraine.

    1. They may be beating the drums of war only because war is a racket and selling and transporting weapons create wealth for these scum bags. The only thing left for them to sell besides our water is order to sell weapons there has to be war.

      Then on top of this, some of the weapons are substandard; and malfunction when in full operation. They're stuck with all of this equipment and have found a "guinea pig" to buy this trash.

  61. The main thing that brought about much of these problems is the fact that governments went into debt. Governments should never be allowed to go into debt ever. If governments do not have the money, they simply should operate with what they have. The world will not stop if governments stops. It will stop if all businesses stop functioning. It should have a supportive role, yet it can also direct economies like Japan's government previously used to do until international bankers gained control over it. If a society has control over the creation of their own money, they should never have to go into debt! Creation of additional money with simply come in the form of inflation, not inflation AND debt as it is now. Those international bankers should thus be thrown out of practically all countries. They work the least of all and seize valuable assets of countries all over the globe without ever having worked for it. They are the worst of all and should be dealt with first before welfare is dealt with. It will amount to nothing if welfare is removed, only to see all those funds from then even more working people go to the same good for nothing international bankers. If one watches the video called Princes of the Yen listed below one will notice that Japan used to function like a real community until these international bankers decided to purposefully destroy those communities and the social fabric:

    There used to be work for everyone in Japan. Now that is no longer the case. Yes, it is true that those who are flexible will find jobs more easily, but jobs are destroyed by vulture capital of all sorts. People should not be able to profit from the misery of others. As such the whole concept of puts and short positions should be banned permanently. I have seen the effects of naked shorting first hand countless times....stocks being decimated to a thousandth of their previous trading range in a year or less. A constructive society does not bet against any component of that society. The debts to those parties who created money out of nothing and indebted entire nations should simply be wiped after proper audits have been done or they should be repaid in a fiat currency nobody uses....apt compensation for swindlers. The debts to those parties who offered goods and services of real value should of course properly be compensated.

    1. In addition, we have the advent of fiat dollars...valueless paper. Money is debt and therefore to get rid of debt we have to change the monetary system. All money should be backed by a precious commodity which gives it value.

      Their secret covenant declares that they will never let gold have any value...????

      I am looking forward to the RV in UsA because all of the fiat dollars that they have stolen and amassed by the sweat and tears of citizens will be revealed. Thus, changing the money over to new money will yield a bunch of questions as to where they got this money? Who gave it to them from UsA Treasury Dept. and what did you do to earn this money?

      All these drug dealers (true drug dealers) will have their funds confiscated! This will end the war on drugs once and for all!

  62. In regards to Ukraine.....there will not be a WWIII at this time. Ukraine might be split into three. What most people might not have noticed yet is that the two main oligarchs in the Ukraine are facing off against each other. Poroshenko versus Kolomoisky. The following website has some highly interesting articles into this conflict immediately at the top:

    Kolomoisky might actually be sending his private militias out against Poroshenko who tried to annex Ukrnafta which is controlled by Kolomoisky, even without a majority real oligarchs do. The Black Ops department of select Western interests is probably furious as it backs Poroshenko above everyone else, but Kolomoisky has a private army of 10,000 soldiers and the support of many people in Ukraine who lost just about everything whilst Poroshenko was 'saving the country'. Poroshenko is hated far and wide in Ukraine. It thus seems as if Kolomoisky wants to acknowledge Donetsk and Lugansk as separate territories as he cannot possibly fight on two fronts and he knows that. Furthermore considering Kolomoisky is the Governor of the Dnepropetrovsk region, it could be that that region will split of from Ukraine and it might take other territories along with it.

    There really is no chance a WWIII is going to start there right now. Some soldiers from private mercenary companies might be killed if they are not careful. If anything....this might give Donetsk and Lugansk some peace....even though there were significant preparations for another assault in motion with the backing of select US interests.

    It remains difficult to say what will happen. Poroshenko and Kolomoisky are both oligarchs and leeches. Now that the Ukrainian economy if failing, they turn on each other in order to keep their little empires sizeable....for the victor that is.....

    1. Kolomoisky's son was just killed in an accident...I read it yesterday. These dirty, heartless, criminal, monsters.
      They have no regard for humanity...

    2. Hello Fedup, it might have been a warning, but doing that against any oligarch is not always the best move...he might just risk everything when feeling he has nothing to lose anymore. Kolomoisky and Poroshenko might both be Zionists.

      Maybe this entire conflict has been planned to divide Ukraine's remaining assets amongst Western powers via the destruction of Ukraine's last remaining oligarchs. Kolomoisky seems to have ties to Joe Biden's son and thus in essence none of these oligarchs is better than the other. They might be stabbed in the back by these elitist US interests at the time when they least expect it.

    3. You hit it right on the head! And, these oligarch's are beginning to notice the theft...

      U.S. takeover of Ukraine wipes out 25% of country’s economy

      It appears that they will have to divide what is left after the West emptied the cauffers...

  63. Benjamin Fulford – Khazarian Satanists Shake their Fists in Fury as Global Financial Control “Slips Out of their Hands”

    Vatic Note: >Alert: they are messing with my font size, so read it anyway. I do try to fix it, but I can't sit at the computer all day to make sure they don't do it again,so just read it all. Its worth it. I just put up this comment on the article I have posted here below and BEFORE ITS' NEWS (BIN) won't let it post. So I am doing it over here, for the whole world to see. Its amazing, the manipulations and deceptions these NWO alternative news blogs received through the infiltration by the satanic cabal that is doing all of this.



  64. Replies
    1. Yahoo again. Folks need to keep pounding this slimey company.

  65. DC Dipping Into Retirement
    Savings Accounts To Fund Itself

    The Feds use the people's retirement accounts and the social security trust fund like it was their own personal ATM.

  66. U.S. takeover of Ukraine wipes out 25% of country’s economy

    I guess they are beginning to rethink the reason that they are at war in the first place...was it to confiscate the wealth of that nations? Hummmmmmmmm

    Ukraine's economy has contracted by a quarter due to the conflict in the south east of the country as hundreds of facilities are closed, said Prime Minister Arseny Yatsenyuk.

    "We've lost a quarter of the Ukrainian economy. Hundreds of facilities were closed because of war..."Yatsenyuk said on Tuesday in a conference call to regional governors over budget fulfillment.

  67. Sharon Tirabassi is a generous soul. So generous that she gave away half of her $10.5 million Lotto Super 7 winnings and blew through the rest.Today, the 35-year-old “penniless millionaire” rides the bus to work and struggles to make ends meet until her next paycheck.Nine years ago, Tirabassi, of Hamilton, Ontario Canada, cashed in her winning Powerball ticket and collected $10,569,000.10.At first Tirabassi and her then-boyfriend, Vinny, also 35, were ecstatic at their good fortune. They shared the wealth with family and close friends, lavishing their loved ones with gifts, cash, cars, and exotic trips. She gave her parents $1 million cash and divided another $1.75 million among her siblings.She married Vinny in 2004, and they bought a dream home together for $515,000. They spent money recklessly, and at one point owned 4 cars — a bright yellow Hummer, a Mustang, a Dodge Charger and a $200,000-plus, customized Cadillac Escalade. Most of the $200,000 was spent on the Caddy’s elaborate sound system, which didn’t endear them to their neighbors.Her personal license plate read: “BABIPHAT,” after Kimora Lee’s now-defunct clothing line.Tirabassi said she didn’t like her neighbors. “They didn’t like young people,” she says.Her available cash reserves seemed endless. Tirabassi said she would check her bank account from time to time, but there were so many zeroes she thought everything was fine.“You don’t think it’ll go (at the time), right?” she says. Then one day she checked her bank account and the money was almost gone.“And that was time for fun to stop and to just go back to life,” she says.Her husband Vinny served 2 stints in prison and, eventually, she lost the house and all the cars (Vinny crashed the Mustang).Even though she’s broke, she says she’s happier today than she was when she was a millionaire.She’s employed as a personal support worker and she provides for her husband’s 3 kids and her 3 kids from a previous relationship.What’s left of her jackpot is locked in a mandatory trust fund for the children, which they will receive when they turn 26.Tirabassi says she’s happy that at least her children will be okay. Money is tight now, but she appreciates the little things in life.“Money is the root of all evil,” she says, recalling all her “friends” who disappeared when the money ran out.“Money doesn’t buy you happiness. It caused her a lot of headaches,” Vinny says.“All of that other stuff was fun in the beginning,” says Tirabassi, “Now it’s like … back to life

    1. Hoping this doesnt happen to those of us that get threw. Just know it can happen. Like John says money is finite!


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