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D.C. Whispers: Hillary Clinton’s Secret Meeting With Obama/Jarrett/Rice

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The above three women are said to be intertwined in a cover-up that would “shake the very foundations of Washington D.C.

D.C. Whispers: Hillary Clinton’s Secret Meeting With Obama/Jarrett/Rice

DW Ulsterman
By Ulsterman
28 March 2015

The White House played coy regarding the possibility Hillary Clinton, who was said to be in D.C. for a Center for American Progress meeting that morning, would be stopping by the White House. Only after an unscheduled meeting between Clinton, Valerie Jarrett, Barack Obama, and Susan Rice took place did the White House acknowledge the president and Mrs. Clinton took time to “catch up” and discuss a “range of topics.”


Concern for the administration’s well-being was apparently enough to force Jarrett to agree to the meeting between the president, current National Security Adviser, Susan Rice, and Hillary Clinton. Valerie Jarrett despises the Clintons, and the feeling between them is definitely mutual.

The March 23rd, 2015 meeting took just over an hour. Mrs. Clinton was accompanied by her longtime assistant Huma Abadin but it is believed Abadin waited just outside the presidential study adjacent to the Oval Office where the meeting is said to have taken place. (The participants can enter through the Oval Office and then enter the study without being seen.)

One of the subjects broached by Mrs. Clinton is said to be her demand Harry Reid not remain a member of the Senate after 2016. This claim comes from Hill staffers with knowledge of rumors linking Reid’s recent announcement to retire with the Clinton Machine’s desire he do so. Reid was willing to ignore the Clinton’s demand. He was apparently not willing to ignore that same demand when it came directly from Valerie Jarrett’s office, indicating Jarrett and Clinton made an agreement to ensure this happened. What each might be paying the other to push out the current Senate Minority Leader is unknown, but it is likely significant. (Reid has been a much closer ally to the Obama White House than the Clintons. His likely Senate Minority Leader replacement, Chuck Schumer, is very close to both Bill and Hillary Clinton.)

Word reached the office of Trey Gowdy that his name was front and center during the secret White House meeting between Clinton, Jarrett, Rice, and Obama. (Which would also indicate “they” wanted him to know he has a proverbial target on his back) That knowledge is said to have initiated a preemptive media strike against Hillary Clinton with the South Carolina congressman’s public statement that the former Obama Secretary of State “wiped” her server clean, thus implicating her in an effort to destroy potential evidence pertinent to the investigation. Congressman Gowdy’s statement was even more aggressive than first intended, hinting he would be seeking felony obstruction of justice charges against Hillary Clinton:

“While it is not clear precisely when Secretary Clinton decided to permanently delete all emails from her server, it appears she made the decision after October 28, 2014, when the Department of State for the first time asked the Secretary to return her public record to the Department.“

David Kendal, (above) the attorney for Mrs. Clinton, admitted that any emails pertaining to Hillary Clinton’s time as Secretary of State have been “permanently erased”. Mr. Kendal is also attempting to argue that the 900 pages of State Department emails already submitted to the Benghazi committee are “sufficient.” (Though most of those emails did not actually involve communications from Hillary Clinton herself.)

“Rumor ripples” are now circulating on the Hill that Susan Rice (above) has been given the green light by Jarrett/Obama to use her position as National Security Adviser to initiate a counter-attack to Gowdy’s accusations. It is assumed Hillary Clinton signed off on this effort as well so long as she is insulated from any resulting implications.

Congressman Gowdy is said to have found himself with a surprising ally in his pending public relations war with the Obama administration and the Clinton Machine – longtime Senator Diane Feinstein. Interestingly Feinstein’s long held just under the surface animosity toward the Obama White House is said to be focused almost entirely on Valerie Jarrett and not the president. (an old debt yet unpaid, perhaps?) Feinstein is also said to be remaining loyal to the Clintons, so if such an alliance with Congressman Gowdy does exist, it must be particularly complicated and wary one held together by the two powerful politicians’ shared animosity/fear toward de facto President Valerie Jarrett.

Staffers from Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell are said to have repeatedly warned Congressman Gowdy he will not be party to a “senseless and silly witch hunt” regarding the ongoing investigations into Hillary Clinton. Still other rumors suggest McConnell has put enormous pressure upon Republican House Speaker John Boehner to “keep a leash” on Gowdy. It seems likely McConnell fears the retribution Susan Rice’s efforts against Congressman Gowdy could inflict damage upon the Republican party as a whole as the country heads toward the 2016 election cycle.

Interestingly, (for those who know his often perpetually passive approach to politics) longtime Republican Senator Lindsey Graham is among those few in the senate who has reached out to offer support to Congressman Gowdy’s office. Some have suggested this is more a matter of Graham fearing Gowdy running for his senate seat, while others maintain the support is genuine in the two men’s shared desire to see the truth about Benghazi and other Clinton-related scandals revealed to the public. (And likely related to the above information, a few months ago Senator Graham did indicate he would like to see Gowdy on the Supreme Court.)

The secret White House meeting between Clinton, Jarrett, Rice, and Obama is alleged to have been orchestrated by current White House Director of Communications (meaning she answers directly to Valerie Jarrett) Jennifer Palmieri. (upper left) Palmieri was former head of the Center for American Progress Action Fund, the George Soros-sponsored political action wing of Center for American Progress – the very group Hillary Clinton was said to be meeting with prior to her “unscheduled” White House meeting in the afternoon of March 23rd. Palmieri has announced her intent to take a senior position within the Hillary Clinton 2016 campaign thus making her the likely primary link between the Soros political influence machine and the Clinton Machine. Her involvement appears to signal a shift in interest by Soros back to the Clintons, likely giving the Clintons some much needed leverage against the power and influence of Valerie Jarrett.


D.W. Ulsterman is an author and freedom-loving political commentator.


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