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Cyril Smith was spared court because he would have exposed other high-profile child abusers says former police detective

OWoN: This is disgusting, tragic and harsh evidence of Self Policing as they fail us all then lie, cover up and deceive our nations. These Police need to be Jailed! They colluded in the unchecked systematic rape of these children. Name, shame and prosecute them all.

Detained: The late Liberal MP Cyril Smith (pictured) was apparently arrested at a sex party involving boys but was released without charge

Cyril Smith was spared court because he would have exposed other high-profile child abusers says former police detective

  • Detective says his investigation into 29-stone Liberal MP was also blocked
  • Jack Tasker said officers took 'every scrap' of evidence and threatened him
  • Smith was also snared by undercover police sting on child abuse but let off
  • Police allegedly targeted London houses suspected of hosting sex parties
  • Smith was reportedly held at property in Streatham but released hours later
  • Officers were then ordered to hand over all notebooks and video footage
  • Extraordinary claims made by sources in BBC Newsnight investigation
  • Smith was outed as serial child abuser in Parliament by MP Simon Danczuk
  • Calls for PM to lift Official Secrets Act to allow whistleblowers to speak out
  • Theresa May today insisted police with evidence should come forward
  • She said officers would not be prosecuted under the Official Secrets Act

Mail Online
By Jaya Narain
and Martin Robinson
17 March 2015

Cyril Smith avoided prosecution because other establishment paedophiles feared he would spill their secrets in court, a former senior police officer said today.

Lancashire detective Jack Tasker spent years compiling evidence on the 29-stone Liberal MP's child abuse only to have his investigation shut down and threatened with the sack himself.

Mr Tasker believes there was a network of spies and obstructive forces at a local and national level to protect Smith from facing justice.

It came as it emerged today that Smith was arrested at a sex party with teenage boys but police were told to cover it up and threatened with prosecution under the Official Secrets Act, according to an investigation.

Home Secretary Theresa May today insisted police officers with evidence of child abuse had nothing to worry about if they came forward today.

Mr Tasker told Sky News: 'Other people were rather worried that if Cyril Smith went before a court, he would open his mouth.'

He described how his investigation into the child abuser was closed abruptly despite having evidence from at least eight of the MP's young victims.

Mr Tasker said other police officers told him: 'We're taking over the inquiry. We want every scrap of paper, every statement, every recording, every lead.'

He said he knew he had no choice but to comply. 'After they'd bagged it up, they asked: 'Is that everything? If it isn't, and we find out you've held something back, there will be trouble.' Then they left.'

Last night Newsnight revealed that the 29-stone Liberal MP was snared by an undercover police operation gathering evidence of child abuse only to be released without charge.

Sources say officers had targeted several properties in south London suspected of hosting sex parties and the paedophile was secretly filmed and photographed abusing boys.

According to the BBC programme, Smith was seized at a house in Streatham. But within hours of being taken to a police station he was released, with officers being ordered to hand over all their evidence – including notebooks and video footage.

They were then warned to keep quiet about the investigation into the MP or face prosecution under the Official Secrets Act.

The Home Secretary Theresa May today said police should not be prosecuted under the Official Secrets Act if they give evidence on historic child sex abuse.

Mrs May told the Home Affairs Select Committee: 'I am concerned about the issue that has been raised – as to whether individuals are able to give evidence of child abuse to the child abuse inquiry or to the police because of the official secrets act.'

She added: 'If people are giving evidence of child abuse I would not expect them – I would hope them not to be prosecuted under the official secrets act.'

The Home Secretary's remarks came amid growing pressure from MPs to protect police and intelligence officers who give evidence on an alleged Westminster paedophile ring.

Campaigning backbenchers Tom Watson and Simon Danczuk said David Cameron must guarantee officers will not face official secrets charges for aiding an inquiry into Scotland Yard.

Mr Watson, the Labour MP who first made allegations in Parliament about a Westminster paedophile ring in October 2012, said: 'It is now clear that the Prime Minister must guarantee that former police and intelligence officers who wish to help the IPCC with their inquiries will have the threat of the Official Secrets Act lifted.

'With this new inquiry it is also clear that the duty of all former police officers, intelligence officers and civil servants who have knowledge of a cover-up to come forward.'

Mr Danczuk, who is MP for Smith's old seat of Rochdale and helped expose the late Liberal MP as a child sex abuser, also said ex-officers must be given the 'freedom to speak out'.

'There has to be a more formal response from government which says that former police officers who co-operate, give evidence and share their knowledge of what went on with regard to this alleged cover-up should not be disciplined in any way, with regard to the Official Secrets Act or in any other way,' he said.

The Home Secretary Theresa May today said police should not be prosecuted under the Official Secrets Act if they give evidence on historic child sex abuse

Conspiracy: Cyril Smith was close to facing a prosecution by Lancashire detective Jack Tasker, right, said he was approached by other police officers who took 'every scrap' of evidence he had compiled

The claims last night came after the Daily Mail revealed the full sordid past of the Rochdale MP who died in 2010. The serialisation of Smile for the Camera: The Double Life of Cyril Smith by MP Simon Danczuk laid bare the full scale of his crimes.

Outing him in Parliament as a serial child abuser, Mr Danczuk revealed that Smith used his profile to groom and sexually abuse young boys, frequently in children's homes he had helped to establish.

His victims, often troubled boys from broken homes, had no voice against their attacker and, though rumours were rife, Smith's appalling crimes went unnoticed by the public.

They also went unpunished by the authorities and Mr Danczuk is convinced Smith, who was knighted in 1988, was protected by powerful friends.

Labour MP Simon Danczuk outed Smith
as a serial child abuser during a session
of Parliament
Last night Mr Danczuk said: 'Time and again what we have learned more recently is that a number of police officers investigated Smith up and down the country and those investigations were quashed and officers were told to stop investigating.

'It is my view that Smith was being protected and being protected by some fairly powerful people. It is my view he was protected because he knew of other paedophiles in the networks in which he operated and had he been prosecuted then I think those other people would have been named by Smith and that's why they ensured they would never be put before the courts.'

The latest revelations come after an investigator, fearful of being identified, spoke to Newsnight about Smith's arrest through an intermediary. They told the BBC a three-month inquiry was launched in 1981 and officers working on shifts had gathered a substantial amount of evidence of men abusing boys aged around 14.

The detectives were stationed at Gilmore House, a large police headquarters in South Kennington Road, south London.

They targeted six or more addresses but one focus was a flat in Coronation Buildings, in Lambeth – a rundown tenement block less than a mile from the House of Commons.

The evidence included pictures and video taken from inside the flat – a hidden camera had been installed with the help of a caretaker.

According to sources Smith was seized at a different property in Streatham at a sex party involving teenage boys and taken to the former Canon Row police station – opposite the House of Commons. But he was released that same night with the police desk sergeant being harshly reprimanded for wanting to keep the MP in custody.

The BBC was told the squad also had evidence on a member of the intelligence agencies and two senior police officers. Boys from care homes were apparently being provided 'to order' for sex parties.

According to the source, the investigating squad was called together for a meeting and told to hand over all their notebooks, photographs and any video footage.

They were then read passages from the Official Secrets Act to stop them from speaking out, according to one account.

After a shouting match, the inquiry was closed and officers were assured those who had been caught 'would not be playing a role in public life any more'. In fact, Smith continued as an MP for Rochdale until 1992 with Nick Clegg paying fulsome tribute to him when he died.

The Metropolitan Police has refused to discuss the Smith case but yesterday confirmed the force was investigating allegations that police officers acted inappropriately in relation to historical child abuse investigations.

Former Scotland Yard detective Clive Driscoll told Newsnight he thought the claims were 'credible'. Mr Driscoll, who investigated claims of child abuse in Lambeth in the 1980s and 1990s and was the officer who convicted the killers of Stephen Lawrence, said: 'I have looked at them as I probably would have done as a police officer and I have to say on the balance of probability they look very credible.

'Never forget that detectives are fathers, husbands, sons, they have their own families.

'It's incredibly difficult. If you felt that by coming forward and just telling the truth that you might have your livelihood taken away from you or you, worse still, may be taken to prison, then that's very difficult.

'If it's true that there are officers that want to come forward but they feel inhibited by the Official Secrets Act and if the general information that appears to come from them is true, it's disgraceful.

'It's just wrong and it would undermine our democracy.'

'Certainly the timing and the type of allegations that are made are ones the Met would take very, very seriously and it is my personal view they probably are looking at them but keeping their cards very close to their chests, which sometimes the police do, for the right reasons but I certainly found them to be very credible and very frightening.'


A former newspaper editor has described how police raided his office in the 1980s and took documents relating to alleged child abuse by senior political figures including the late Liberal MP Cyril Smith.

Don Hale told BBC Radio 5 live Breakfast he was working for the Bury Messenger when the former cabinet minister Barbara Castle passed the documents to him.

He said he is 'certain' that the police raid happened a day after Cyril Smith came and threatened him about the investigation.

Don Hale told BBC Radio 5 live's Nicky Campbell: 'In 1984, I started making enquiries to get a response from various MPs I'd spoken to a number of Liberal MPs named in the document. Cyril Smith came into to see me.

'He came storming in, said it was all rubbish, demanded that I hand everything over to him straight away and he was really aggressive. I mean he was quite a big guy anyway. He was about six foot tall and quite heavy and he was really poking his fingers at me, threatening, spitting at me, all sorts of things. He was a real horror.

'In the end I refused to give it. He walked out of the office, stormed out the office. And the very next day Special Branch arrived with three plain clothes officers and about a dozen police, you know, raided the place, pushed me against the wall, were very, very aggressive again, threatened to arrest me on the spot for perverting the course of justice if I didn't hand over the documents to them. I agreed obviously to do that, showed them what the documents were and they took them and then disappeared.'

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