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Central Banks Buying 100% of Sovereign Debt | Jim Willie (Parts 1 & 2)

OWoN: We specifically want Britain out of the EU asap. IF the EU does go, it will take down most of the West with it and also collapse China's economic recovery. As Britain is not part of the Euro, its best chance of survival is strong Commonwealth links to Asia, Africa and South America. If the US goes, we will slip back a Century. Some will just total out. The US especially. There is no viable Public infrastructure, it's all built on Insurance Cash and contractor corruption. State contracts are based on kickbacks. Everyone is greased. If that goes, what then?

The EU is a weevil sack of grabbing slime-balls riddled with corruption and laziness. There is a saying on the Island of Corfu in Greece, that in the Olive groves, the Greek men are so lazy they take a basket to the trees and lie down to sleep waiting for the olives to fall off the trees into the baskets. Similar to most of the Mediterranean nations. Who ever expected it to work? Lie down with Dogs, wake up with fleas.

So Yes, they wait, but why not leave?

Will America fare any better? How? Unemployment, Immigration and soaring Welfare bills will collapse America. Anyone with half a brain can see it's all untangling. When it goes it won't be Olives hanging off trees but millions of Zionist Bankers and the Political deviants. State City Halls everywhere won't see it coming. If the EU goes, have no doubt, you will go with it. BRICS and Asia have it right. Step away. Build now, ready in case the lot goes.


  1. Europe to start €1.14trn ‘easy money’ program on March 9 - ECB President

  2. German NSA probe chief’s phone ‘hacked’ after sending by regular mail

    The German parliament’s head of the inquiry into NSA spying on the country asked security experts to check his phone after he believed it had been hacked. The only problem was it was tampered with when he sent it by post to be examined.

    Patrick Sensburg, a Christian Democratic Union MP in the Bundestag, complained his Blackberry, which had been encrypted was not working properly last month, the German newspaper Die Welt reported. Believing that it may have been hacked, parliamentary officials sent it to be tested at the Federal Office of IT Security (BSI) in Bonn.

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  3. New York telemarketers keep more than half money raised for charity – report

  4. Senate fails to override Obama veto of Keystone pipeline

  5. John
    If the EU goes and then the US goes, I'm sure the UK will go too (or, as you put it, the UK will slip back a century).

    Same for vice versa (US goes before EU).

    Either way I'm 99% sure we in the west will all go... US, EU and UK. I think it is when, not if. I'm thinking before the end of 2015.

    Just my take, but I think you personally know many things you cannot say on this forum <> and I'm noticing your last couple of reports have suddenly got urgent and dark. I think you are signalling us without putting predictions or guarantees on things you say.

    Thank you for all your info. I'm trying to read "you" as much as the things you write.

    Thanks again


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