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Argentina arms deal is China's springboard to Latin America market

OWoN: Arms sales and drive for market share. It's funny. America has fueled world conflict and and made profits from Military murder. Now it's on South America's door step. What goes around comes around.

China's FC-1 Xiaolong fighter

Argentina arms deal is China's springboard to Latin America market

Want China Times
26 February 2015

China's cooperation with Argentina on military technology could open new doors to the Latin American market, according to the UK's Jane's Defence Weekly.

The report comes following the visit to Beijing by President Cristina Kirchner of Argentina at the start of the month, when the two countries agreed to create a working group to facilitate the transfer of a variety of military equipment.

Based on a Feb. 5 communique, the two sides will cooperate on several fronts. In the naval sphere, China will reportedly manufacture a new icebreaker, new tugboats and new offshore patrol vessels for Argentina, the latter of which will probably be 1,800-ton P-18N corvettes.

Affirmed army programs reportedly include the exchange of officers, construction of field hospitals,and the co-production in Argentina of Norinco 8x8 VN1 amphibious armored personnel carriers.

China is also said to be looking to introduce Chinese-designed fighter jets to the Argentine Air Force, with the likely candidates being the low-cost FC-1 Xiaolong multirole combat aircraft, or its Pakistan-built variant the JF-17 Thunder, as well as the J-10 multirole fighter aircraft. Both the FC-1 and the J-10 are built by the Chengdu Aircraft Corporation.

Fabrica Argentina de Aviones, or Fadea, is said to be interested in co-producing the FC-1, raising the prospect that the fighter would also be marketed to other Latin American countries.

In the space sphere, a separate communique of cooperation outlined that China would build and man a new space tracking and control station on a 200-hectare facility in southern Argentina. The facility will provide China with a vital base for global ground-based tracking and control in the southern hemisphere, but in return Beijing must provide Buenos Aires with strategic information from its surveillance satellite constellation.

Though doubts linger over Argentina's ability to pay for the weapons programs, the increased cooperation could significantly increase China's military influence in Latin America, Jane's said, adding that the deal is believed to have angered Brazil for denting its ambitions to become a regional leader in military technology.


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