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Understanding the Nine Veils

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It does explain the difficulty of finding out the reality of life, and why so few can.

Understanding the Nine Veils

The Story Behind The Story
By A. True Ott PhD.
28 December 2010

Nearly a decade ago, a dear friend and colleague of mine named Don Harkins authored a wonderfully thought-provoking piece entitled “Slavery and the eight veils. Prior to Harkins’ untimely death, we discussed this “Eight-veils theory” for literally hours together – and in the end, Don asked me to write a piece about this for his newspaper, “The Idaho Observer.” He did this, because I had shared much of my research with Don, and we together came to the conclusion that in reality, there were actually NINE veils placed on the human soul (i.e. intelligence), and that spiritual progression and thus a full knowledge of TRUTH would require the piercing of these Nine Veils.

I joked with Don that this topic would take an entire edition of The Idaho Observer, and then it would only scratch the surface. That was one of Don’s editorial talents – taking a complex story and compressing it to a more readable format. In memory of Don Harkins, here is the writing we discussed, in as compressed a format as possible.

Why nine veils instead of eight

Any dedicated seeker of truth eventually stumbles upon the incredible symmetry and structure of mathematics, which is especially true in fractal geometry involving the integers 1-9. For a most basic example, just take a look at these nine equations:

(1 x 8) + 1= 9

(12 x 8) + 2 = 98

(123 x 8) + 3 = 987

(1234 x 8) + 4 = 9876

(12345 x 8) + 5 = 98765

(123456 x 8) + 6 = 987654

(1234567 x 8) + 7 = 9876543

(12345678 x 8) + 8 = 98765432

(123456789 x 8) + 9 = 987654321

Amazing, isn’t it? I find it very interesting, furthermore, that all of the great philosophers in history such as Archimedes, Copernicus, Socrates and DaVinci all were mathematicians first and foremost. I submit that everything from biblical prophecy to DNA strands are built and based on quite simple mathematical formulas and patterns – but I am getting ahead of the story, for understanding the role of mathematics is in itself one of the nine hidden veils.

Consider also the so-called “mystery schools” of antiquity. In shadowy temples in Sumer and Babylon – the Kabala showed the way to the ultimate “Holy of Holies” – the re-veil-a-tions (revelation, i.e. the parting of the veils) of life, the creation, of God and when embraced in honor and truth, the very Origins of Man. This involved systematically piercing and embracing 9 levels of understanding or “Truth Plateaus” before finally entering “Nirvana” (or the ultimate unity with God) as depicted in modern “tracing boards”.

Like a giant Sudoku Puzzle board, the human experience we call life truly revolves around the numbers 1 – 9 in so many remarkable ways. Everything has a place in the system, and everything fits neatly and precisely in the eternal grid of time and space. This then, is but one definition of Truth – hidden, arcane knowledge that fits completely in the mathematical grid called logic. Yeshua (aka Jesus of Nazareth) declared this to His disciples: “Ye shall know the Truth, and the Truth shall set you free.”

Why can’t people see the truth?

This question is best answered by Don Harkins’ wise words written in 2001:

“Over the last several years I have evolved and discarded several theories in an attempt to explain why it is that most people cannot see truth — even when it smacks them in the face. Those of us who can see “the conspiracy” have participated in countless conversations amongst ourselves that address the frustration of most peoples´ inability to comprehend the extremely well-documented arguments which we use to describe the process of our collective enslavement and exploitation. The most common explanation to be arrived at is that most people just “don´t want to see” what is really going on.

Extremely evil men and women who make up the world´s power-elite have cleverly cultivated a virtual pasture so grass green that few people seldom, if ever, bother to look up from where they are grazing long enough to notice the brightly colored tags stapled to their ears.

The same people who cannot see their enslavement for the pasture grass have a tendency to view as insane “conspiracy theorists” those of us who can see the past the farm and into the parlor of his feudal lordship´s castle.

Finally, I understand why.

It´s not that those who don´t see that their freedom is vanishing under the leadership of the power-elite “don´t want to see it” — they simply can´t see what is happening to them because of the unpierced veils that block their view.

All human endeavors are a filtration process. Sports are one of the best examples. We play specific sports until we get kicked off the playground. The pro athletes we pay big bucks to watch just never got kicked off the playground. Where millions of kids play little league each spring, they are filtered out until there are about 50 guys who go to the World Series in October.

Behind the first veil: There are over six billion people on the planet. Most of them live and die without having seriously contemplated anything other than what it takes to keep their lives together. Ninety percent of all humanity will live and die without having pierced the first veil.”

Indeed it can be said that less than 1% of the world’s 6 billion humans ever pierce all nine veils, and it would appear that even this small minority is ever-shrinking. In order to keep the “virtual pasture” green, the global elite also successfully bribe many who have pierced multiple veils, in order to misdirect others who may be approaching truth in many areas. I call this simply intellectual prostitution – selling the birthright of Universal Truth for a worthless mess of pottage. The gilded glitz of wealth, fame and social elevation have seduced many a gifted intellectual.

With full credit given to Don Harkins, here now are the newly updated “Nine Veils”.

The first veil: Ten percent of us will pierce the first veil and find the world of politics. We will vote, become active and develop an opinion. Our opinions will be shaped by the physical world around us; we will have been “conditioned” from our days in public education to accept that government officials, network media personalities and other “experts” are the primary voices of authority. Ninety percent of the people in this group will live and die without having pierced the third veil.

The second veil: Ten percent of us will also pierce the second veil to explore the world of history, the relationship between man and government and the meaning of self-government through constitutional and common law. Ninety percent of the people in this group will live and die without having pierced the third veil.

The third veil: Ten percent of those who pierce the second veil, will eventually pierce the third veil to conclusively find that the resources of the world, including people, are controlled by extremely wealthy and powerful families whose incorporated old world assets have, with modern extortion strategies, become the foundation upon which the entire world´s economy is currently indebted. Ninety percent of the people in this group will live and die without having pierced the fourth veil.

The fourth veil: Ten percent will then pierce the fourth veil to discover the Illuminati, Freemasonry, and the other secret societies. These societies use symbols and perform ceremonies that perpetuate the generational transfers of arcane knowledge that is used to keep the ordinary people in political, economic and spiritual bondage to the oldest bloodlines on earth. Ninety percent of the people in this group will live and die without having pierced the fifth veil.

The fifth veil: Ten percent will progress to pierce the fifth veil to learn that the secret societies are so far advanced technologically that time travel and interstellar communications have no boundaries and controlling the very thoughts and even the very actions of people is what their members do as offhandedly as we tell our children when they must go to bed. As in the days of Noah, this technology is even creating synthetic life forms, as man seeks to displace God. Ninety percent of the people in this group will live and die without having pierced the sixth veil.

The sixth veil: Ten percent will progress to pierce the sixth veil where we learn the dragons and lizards and aliens we thought were the fictional monsters of childhood literature are real indeed and are in reality the actual controlling forces behind the secret societies uncovered in the fourth veil. Ninety percent of the people in this group will live and die without piercing the seventh veil.

The seventh veil: Ten Percent will progress to pierce the 7th veil where the incredible world of fractal geometry and the universal law of numbers will be fully understood and embraced. The creative force of the entire universe will be shown to be linked to numerical code formulas and sequences, and all “mysteries” including the very fabric of time, space, parallel universes, and access therein is unlocked. Those whose intellects allow them to pierce the seventh veil often succumb to the lure and promise of massive wealth offered by the ruling elite, and thus over ninety percent of the people in this group will live and die without piercing the eighth veil.

The eighth veil: Piercing the eighth veil reveals God and the pure energy known as LOVE that is the pure life force in all living things – which are one and the same. Deep-seated Humility is needed in order to ever pierce this veil.

The ninth veil: Piercing the ninth veil means perfecting the pure energy known as love and thereby becoming truly one with God and His formulations. By perfecting this pure energy, one then fully embraces charity and therein gains full understanding of the universal plan of sacrifice, death, and redemption; life itself then becomes complete and one truly comes full circle and looks at the world through the eyes of an innocent child, yet with the deepest wisdom born of pure LOVE from the eighth veil.

Consider this: If this theory is correct, there are only about 60,000 people on the planet who have successfully pierced the sixth veil. The irony here is too incredible: Those who are stuck behind veils one through five have little choice but to view the people who have pierced the veils beyond them as dangerously insane. With each veil pierced, exponentially shrinking numbers of increasingly enlightened people are deemed insane by exponentially increasing masses of decreasingly enlightened people.

Adding to the irony, the harder a “sixth or better veiler” tries to explain what he is able to see to those who can´t, the more insane he appears to them. This truth is self-evident. Moreover, institutions such as the venerable “Southern Poverty Law Center” are formed and financed by the ruling elite to effectively label many such awakened individuals “hate-mongers” and “terrorists”.

Our Enemy, The State

Behind the first two veils we find the great majority of people on the planet. They are tools of the state: Second veilers are the gullible voters whose ignorance justify the actions of politicians who send untold millions of first veilers off to die in foreign lands as cannon fodder — their combined stations in life are simply to believe that the self-serving machinations of the power-elite are matters of national security and are worth dying for.

Third, fourth, fifth and sixth veilers are of increasing liability to the state because of their decreasing ability to be used as tools to consolidate power and wealth of the many into the hands of the power-elite few. It is common also, for these people to sacrifice more of their relationships with friends and family, their professional careers and personal freedom with each veil they pierce.

Albert Jay Nock (1870-1945), author of “Our Enemy, the State” (1935), explained what happens to those who find and embrace the final two veils: “What was the best that the state could find to do with an actual Socrates and an actual Jesus when it had them? Merely to poison one and crucify the other, for no reason but that they were too intolerably embarrassing to be allowed to live any longer.”


As Don Harkins has written: “And so now we know that it´s not that our countrymen are so committed to their lives that, “they don´t want to see,” the mechanisms of their enslavement and exploitation. They simply “can´t see” it as surely as I cannot see what´s on the other side of a closed curtain.”

The purpose of this essay is threefold:

1. To help the handful of people in the latter veils to understand why the masses have little choice but to interpret their clarity as insanity;

2. To help people behind the first two veils understand that living, breathing and thinking are just the beginning and;

3. Show people that the greatest adventure of our life is behind the next veil because that is just one less veil between ourselves and God. (I would say ‘The Highest Vibration”)



  1. This is the new #1, please place general comments here

  2. OK
    As the site is now filling with so many inquiring minds, we feed you more in stages. This is your voice and your site to debate. So, another curve ball. Thinking time while you wait for the RV's. Your journey of life has meaning. What?

      I love this new info. Great New article and makes allot of sense to me~

      I have a quest. if you have time....
      I am wondering which currency you were referring to? Dinar or Dong?

      On other page you posted this;
      JOHN MONDAY, FEBRUARY 23, 2015 AT 1:48:00 AM MST Also, you may be very pleasantly surprised at the rate soon. Very!

      JOHN MONDAY, FEBRUARY 23, 2015 AT 6:15:00 AM MST You will be fine but the rate may amaze you.
      Thank you for answering.
      Looks Far Woman / dawning light

    2. Dinar but the Dongs are still tracking.

    3. John,

      Any idea how far behind dongs will be? Sold all my dinar cause I was worried about overprint. Didn't seem like a good bet.

    4. yeah jv sold all my dinar too. Did not have many though around 400k

    5. What an incredibly intense article! I love it! Very well written! I really appreciate all that Canauzzie, John, Tony from WHA and all of the readers and contributors of OWoN/WHA. My first time chiming in but I have been following both sites for quite a long time. Nothing is by accident , it's all by design. Looking forward to seeing this thing through and paying it forward several times over! Namaste!

  3. No wonder everyone says I'm out there.

    By the way, in the Thioubba Prophecy, those advanced being said everything revolves around the number 9 as well.

    Some examples they noted

    1) There are 9 planets around each sun

    2) Each sun has 9 suns with 9 planets that revolve around each other all the way back to the center of the universe (Ether)

    3) Our higher self is one of 8 Higher selves

    4) We evolve through 9 levels of physical planets in the reincarnational process. They come from a 9th level planet, one of only 3 in the universe. Earth is a 1st level planet, a planet of sorrows, the lowest level.

    Interesting article.

    1. JV, I too noticed that about The Thiaoouba Prophecy. I really like this article. It certainly gives one a goal to continue to work toward.

  4. Thank you Canauzzie, John and staff for posting this.

  5. John,
    If this article has any merit which I believe it does I would be stuck in the 7th veil.
    I have to learn and accept true humility to evolve to the 8th.
    That is a tough one with the years of cabal conditioning deeply imbedded in me, the anger and deep seeded hatred I feel towards them for the abuse and satanic control they have had over humanity is something I will have to conquer in order to move to the next veil. THX

  6. A Vatican Jesuits exposure is coming over the next 2 days

  7. This is a wonderful article. Thanks Canauzzie and John. Tis the 7th for me also. Now there is inner work to do. The old duality mindset probably says it is an either/or situation, money or Truth. I ran across that one in early 80's when it came up at keeping my good paying job with an airplane and new Buick, or Truth and Spirit. I sacrificed the good job and ended up destitute. Now I understand my natural state is one of abundance and having money does not mean I cannot know and be truth. I accept the coming windfall; without guilt or concern, as I know I will never give up the quest to return to the ultimate. I am also aware that sometimes it may take lifetimes to work through the final 3 veils; and then maybe not. It is all OK. Tis like we are walking up the stairway to Heaven, only to discover there was no stairway to begin with; that it is all right here and right now.
    Thank you John; thank you Canauzzie. It is a good day.

  8. The veils are similar to the term "normalcy bias," people cannot see what is directly in from of them. People are too caught up in their busy lives, most live in the future- not the present.

    1. Yes Tammy, in a nutshell these veils are nothing more than the slave system bogging us down by deception. They created the whole money system, including the work week, corporations, banking with fiat currency, racism, religion, education, government, welfare system, entertainment, and a job...J=just, O=over, B=Broke...the system keeps humans trapped for the reason of not having enough...always wanting more and never able to attain.

      Sports is just a poor man's war, and it keeps us captivated just like the Coliseum in Roman times. To see through the veil is an awakening, and most people don't believe that this systematic herding of the population is real...everything that we know as reality is a construct where time is the measurement of everything we do...
      Time to wake up
      Time to get the donuts
      Time to go to work
      Time to go to sleep
      Time to eat
      Time to go to the doctors
      Time to die

      Time, Time, Time; which is basically an illusion that we were trapped in.

      Then we wonder what is at the root of all of this evil in this construct..."money." And the thing about money, is what we think is money is nothing more than paper that accumulate as debt...

      What we have is the "now." Each moment, all we have is "now"...and that future is "now.

      Thank you for reminding me of how narrow minded one can fault of our own...just underestimating our true potential.

    2. Fedup, thank you for your reply. You have enlightened me further regarding the "existing system" and placed it in a better perspective for me.

      The value of the US sports such as NFL, basketball, etc. has such a high priority and money base in US culture, the comparison to the Roman Coliseum is correct. It keeps the masses occupied.

      I have been trying to break out of the present system since I found this site and WHA. When I say break away, it means to me to think out of the box, live in the present, live for myself and others.

      The current system controls everything in our life, from birth to death.

      I reject this system and its control on my life.

    3. Tammy,
      People are waking up, more each day. And just outright renouncing this current slavery system weakens their resolve and strengthens the light quotient on earth. We bring our consciousness down to earth and align it with our desires.

      Thank you Tammy...

  9. John, you say our journey of life has meaning and you ask: what?

    As we pull back each veil until we go full circle, to me, our purpose is quite simple...


    Perhaps we may soon be better empowered to do so.

    1. Hi there FTB,

      WOW! Your statement "TO CREATE HEAVEN ON EARTH" brought back some memories for me. I recall at the age of 14 years as I was about to attempt to end my life, I very emotionally expressed to Source, "I cannot bring Heaven to Earth alone."

      But, all is well, I'm still here many many years later and probably way more crazy and rebellious than ever lol. And it seems I have found a great place to share here at OWoN with like minded people and a wealth of information that seriously clicks for me. MAYBE WE ALL TOGETHER CAN BRING HEAVEN TO EARTH. Thank you everyone for your amazing contribution.

    2. Well, Baku, I'm glad you chose to hang around. As John has implied here, Earth has always been Heaven, it's just that we have all forgotten to treat it as such.

      If we all commit to bring Heaven back to our own little parts of this world we can collectively bring great positive change.

    3. Hello Baku and FTB, heaven is on earth. The sensations, experiences, the ability to love your self and others- to care for other people.

      I met a gentleman a few years ago, he was an electrician who was installing a generator in our house. It was summer, and he made several comments to me about the beauty of the day, the sensation of the sun on our skin, and the moment of enjoying all of this now. I've thought about this person lately, and realize how happy and content he appeared while working.

    4. Hello again Fliptheboard & Tammy,

      Thank you both so much for your lovely comments, they are sincerely appreciated.

      Fliptheboard, I hear you there. I just hope there are enough of us with the strength, will and courage to turn things around in a speedy fashion. The battle/task to transform this earth and every component of it is enormous. I suppose it is said, change begins with one small step. Maybe this is why so many good people are gathering here at OWoN.

      Tammy, thank you for sharing your experience. On the good side, I see and feel so much magnificence in this reality. Even to look upon a patch of grass I see so much beauty in a single blade. Just to sit quietly and truly feel the sensations in my environment is staggering and fills me with wonder. To watch new shoots on a plant begin to grow truly lightens me with happiness. Unfortunately, I seem to be the only one in my family/circle that gains these magnificent experiences which I consider an enormous shame.

    Exposing the truth about our corrupt world and what humanity has become.


    There’s no possible way that this info could reach every person on this planet via the internet…
    Our souls have already got the inside scoop on what is going on…
    The subconscious knows all, the conscious doesn’t seem to have all the answers because of all the EF’s tampering with every damned thing in this construct…
    to be frank…
    Which I am not ashamed of doing from time to time…It is all of us, who are the good souls who have volunteered when The ONE gave his request for help to free his children within this confinement called the abyss, who were being experimented on, murdered, raped, sodomized, eaten, sacrificed, etc…
    We are the one’s who have become the Allied Forces. We are able to leave our bodies at will, when the time arises to assist in the fight for our sovereignty in the “astral” aka REAL WORLD…
    We expect people to get upset when they find out the truth…
    It’s a fuckin’ blasphemy that is a hard pill to swallow. We’ve all had a hard time, and some sense knocked into us and believe me, it was a sonofabitch because every angle of deception we have been spoon fed has fucked our heads up pretty bad. You litterally have to re-learn EVERY SINGLE THING, because we have been lied to about EVERYTHING…

  12. Flip

    Not to create, its already all around us. We abuse so much. The wonderful love of our children, our wives or husbands, partners, and the high from being in love. Downsides is a bitch though, Lol. The unconditional love of an animal. Total. Nature, music, art, culture.
    If we had no Zionist Bankers or Cabal, all would be so good. They cause 90% of all the poverty creating the trouble in the world today. Zionists run Crime,Drugs, Money Laundering, Middle East terrorism. They have gutted BANKING. They have criminalised Wall Street and The Fed. Fact, they want it all. As always. Jews need to step back from them. Values versus Varmints. Zionists are akin to Bloodsucking Vampires and a scourge on the Souls of our Nations.

    Time to rethink Man. Values and Varmints. Time for Zionists to Vamoose back where they came from. Leech Land.

    1. I believe there is a spiritual reason for our senses (not just survival). It is a gift that is given to better understand what has been created. Why do we see in color. To see the sunset over the ocean, a rainbow in a waterfall, or the red rock desert. To hear Bach or Mozart (listen to Mozart's Requiem in the dark...I know it may not all be written by him... maybe someone else added to the beauty) is like the creator speaking directly to us, and it does not matter where you come from or how you were raised...we all feel something beyond us when we listen. To hold someone you love so that it feels like home...not home here on Earth, but the home from where we came. I call the creator God, but also realize that there is no name. When Moses asked what name to give the Isrealites, the answer was "I am". The Tao begins with, "The Tao that can be spoken is not the eternal Tao. The name that can be named is not the eternal name". Once we give the creator a name it presents limitations because we project physical traits onto a spiritual entity.

    2. Agree Fedup, having lost some of my closest friends this past year, the hurt still isn't quite gone. That close association with our canine friends is why they are doing that. It is criminal and helps bolster a veterinary industry not unlike our own medical programs. Fortunately there are veterinarians that care.

    3. I have two doxies. When I first got them, I put in the search engine 'dogfood toxicity'. What I found was gross and horrific. I then set about finding the correct healthy food to feed my dogs. I feel so sad for the folks that don't know any better or can't afford something better. Our animals deserve better. It reminds me of when I looked at the label of what is in similac formula that is given to infants, that for whatever reason are not nursed. It made my tummy turn ill when I read it. Poisons.... Folks are so programmed by commercials and what is already on the shelf, trusting that if it is on the shelf it must be ok, that some just don't know any better.

    4. I have 2 dogs.

      They have been on raw grass fed chicken or beef meat with bones ground in, raw organic eggs, sardines, chia, oatmeal flakes, green food and various whole food supplement their whole life.

      Their water has been double filtered.

      They have never been vaccinated.


      My beagle got parathyroid cancer at 9 and has been hospitalized 4 times for serious infections. He now has testicular cancer.

      My Vizsla has prostrate issues and drips blood if I don't give him saw palmetto 2 times daily. He has a large mass on his side and is going insane, I swear.

      They are both 12.

      Neither is fixed.

      They get walked regularly.

      Even with a good diet and a good life you may still deal with issues that make no sense.

      It baffles me.

    5. JV, it may be the chemtrails that rain down upon the grass, that the cows eat, the air that we all breath, and the water that the animals drink or that the other ingredients get watered with that is the final culprit. It is so hard to get a way from all the poisons. "Chemtrails, HAARP, and the Full Spectrum Dominance of Planet Earth" by Elana Freeland (2014) made me realize how really, really, horrible the chemtrails are. I know we love each other, our children, and our pets so much and it hurts us to see when they suffer.

    6. According to some, all animals were not supposed to eat meat but they were meant to be vegans. Nobody is supposed to eat dead flesh but maybe worms, vultures, and flies. I don't know if that is why after the healthy diet we feed to our pets that they still get ill. Mine still eat meat but it is frozen and barely thawed when fed along with raw veggies and some fish and hemp oil for their fur. Not sure how to transition them off meat.

    7. I never give my dogs grains.

    8. Don't forget offgassing from carpets and furniture. Our poor pets are closer to these items and spend more time at home than we do, thus their exposure is greater. Plus, their bodies are smaller, so per pound they are also getting more exposure.

      Cats are obligate carnivores. They must eat meat to survive. Dogs are omnivores and can eat a wider variety of foods. There are quite a few other obligate carnivores out there too, like dolphins and sea lions, hawks and eagles.

      My cats have eaten a pretty healthy diet since they were kittens, but they have health issues too. I think it is hard to avoid that these days.

    9. In my research I found that most conventional dog food have "road kill" in it. My grandfather raised hunting dogs and our dogs ate what we ate. They were very healthy and was so use to eating table food. We also grew our own crops...what we call food today is nothing more than fake, manufactured, products which hold not nutritional value. Monsanto's gotta GO!

      I have been working on private label food products; which offer nutritional value that has been lost in food because of the degraded soil and the climate that we are in now we have to be very selective as to what we put in our bodies...Their aim is to degrade our DNA...

      Just as we don't know what is in medicine and vaccines, we don't know what is in our food! We only know what they tell us...and for a are definitely sold out.

      The oligopolies don't care about feeding us...they only care about how many dollars they put in their pockets.



  13. are the dongs looking to come out at the projected .47 to 1.00 range still?

    1. Matthew

      I don't think it's about the range I think it's more about how much your government will allow you to exchange/profit. At .47 I should imagine there will be mighty caps on it with restrictions on you gifting the rest away etc. I do not think we will be allowed to just cash in X million dong. Rather, a fortunate few will get through the narrow door and find a realistic cap, with the rest of us scrambling to even find the door. As John always says: ugly, messy and many of us with no idea what to expect. I do not expect everyone on this site even to actually cash out. Real world, real hurdles. Just my opinion.
      Best regards

    2. I think the problem is mostly with the dinar not the dongs JW. Too much overprinting and fraud. The dong dont have those issues.

    3. As an example: I have been to many HSBC branches in London as part of my research. I have put the legwork in. I asked questions. I can honestly conclude these branches are in no way ready for this. These are in the capital of the FX world (London) yet many if them can't even handle exotic notes properly om site. Oh dear. I fear John wasn't messing around when he said "you got yourself into this, now get yourself out". Expect heart breaking rejections from the first bank to the last unless you just get, for want of a better word, lucky. Even then, what will your government do to your windfall? Even then, what will the bank do to it too? In a keystroke they can freeze it pending criminal investigation. I don't want to be the negative voice but I don't mind being the voice of balance. I guess this is my long winded way of saying "forget the rate, that's the last of our problems with this investment!".
      Best regards

    4. Barry
      Overprinting is by far not the only issue with any of this. It's a world of potholes from start to finish. I know our banks are not our friends by any stretch of the imagination and will not just hand you over a fortune, nor will the taxman smile on you. There is a different level in this somewhere and I cannot quite crack it. Expect a lot of confused and suspicious looks when you try to cash out.
      Best regards

    5. oh i agree JW it wont be easy just that the dong is the lesser of the two evils so to speak.

    6. Barry
      Yes indeed I agree. I wish there was a central location we could all go to and cash out easily. But, alas, the actual cash out day will turn us into the very thing we hate on this site: every man for himself :( I don't mind admitting: I'm nervous about this, especially after what I have seen.

  14. Matthew T
    A number have asked about the VND rate etc; including me, and it has been made quite clear that answers of that type will come as a notification and that questions will not be answered directly. Earlier in this thread john answered a similar question about Dong rate with this comment "Dinar but the Dongs are still tracking."

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. US Proxy going down in flames in the Ukraine

    Crushing Defeat

  17. Thank you so much for sharing this information OWoN team, it has truly assisted me in gaining an understanding of the many struggles I experience with others. I just never could understand why others cannot see what I see and refer to me as the nutter or the crazy one. Those names never bothered me to be honest, I always enjoyed being different to most others.

    I have two questions if anyone has an opinion that they may care to offer me please. Can anyone tell me what an actual veil is? Is it a form of energy, a substance, a physical mind/body blockage? Also, who brought these veils into being, where are they located and how and why did they do that?

    Thank you so much OWoN for this awesome site and for all the incredible work you do.

    1. I don't see a veil as anything physical, although as one progresses through a partcularly difficult layer, it is common to experience physical discomfort and distress.

      A veil is a deep and profound understanding of the topic of the veil. Where the topic is no longer being "considered" but you have integrated this new knowledge with the prior layers to form a more complete "Big Picture".

      Hope that helps.

    2. Hello Cindy,
      So nice to meet you here. Thank you so much for your wonderful comment. I truly appreciate you being so kind as to offer me your time and effort as you have.

      Your information offers me a possible answer to the practically unbearable physical feelings of compression I experienced a couple of years ago when going through a rather strange period in my life.

      Your second paragraph has made me want to ask another 100 questions lol, but I will just pause for now and ponder what you have shared here.

      Again, my sincere thanks to you Cindy. And yes, you most certainly have helped me.

    3. You're very welcome Baku13.. And since after lurking here for months, I am happy that my first public post was meaningful, at least to you.

      For others reading along, this is my coming out! I am known as "angry tiger" at WHA (also my signoff was CML).. I decided I am not going to hide in fear any longer.

    4. Good on you Cyndy/Angry Tiger. I'll sort of come out with you. I'm Aurataya from WHA. I have been lurking too, in a sense. I have had enormous difficulty trying to work out how to comment here at OWoN as I'm rather technically challenged. But, I wanted so much to be a part of this group so would not give up until I succeeded and here I am. We sure have got some fabulous girl power here now LOL. Look out Johnny and Canuzzie. Ha Ha Ha.

    5. Well done for posting, both of you. It gives life to so many of you to be a closer part of it all. Welcome.

    6. Hi there Canuzzie. I know you are the cheeky quiet one. The ladies will be keeping an eye on you. LOL

      And Hello to you as well John. Thank you so much for your welcome note, it's very much appreciated. I love this place, it has such a fantastic mix of people, ideas and energy. I'm just getting a feel for it now and enjoying a little fun but will get down to some serious business shortly. Keep smiling.

    7. Baku 13

      Getting down to some serious business and girl power? Hmmm Lol
      As you will soon ascertain, where OWON differs is the variation of content, and global awareness of all parties developing so rapidly. It is in itself, a living, breathing Think Tank of communities,cutting edge and with a radical edge to challenge cultures and content. The comments sections are all wild card and curved ball areas. A daily plethora of information and new concepts of being. Expanding, creating, challenging and re shaping. OWON is a living, thinking self motivating dynamic of the intellectual power of all.
      Even Girl Power allowed equality, hmm, progressive. Lol.
      Hands, and minds across oceans. To inform is to empower aided by free choice and will. Evolution comes from revolution of thought process.

    8. I like this Girl Power stuff. It reminds me of Flower Power. After all, I am a child of the 60's. Maybe I should rename myself ..."AgingHippie..." (I do live in WA State so (now) I am not doing anything wrong.. D'oh!)


    9. Hello John,
      How incredibly generous and kind of you to offer such a thought provoking message to me, I sincerely appreciate your generosity of heart considering your current undertakings and your schedule involved in dealing with that. Oh, I have to very honestly admit, I am quite addicted to your incredible website and your rather passionate energy bursts lol. I have been here in the background for a long time but have only been commenting for a couple of days owing to my klutzy technical skills in dealing with this very naughty machine which I think they call a computer lol.

      Yes, your content is quite the mind blower. The mix of topics is outstanding. Some of it completely freaks me out though and makes me seriously angry I must admit, particularly where innocent children are concerned. And that image of that beautiful dog taken inside one of Merkel’s legal bestiality brothels has caused me many sleepless nights. I honestly just do not understand how the behaviour of some of these monstrous creatures calling themselves human beings can even develop such evil revolting thoughts in their head to carry out such demonic acts.

      I pretty much read everything presented here, even the articles that completely sicken me to my core. Once known I cannot turn around and pretend these things are not happening and return to living some kind of unaware so called normal life. And it's my opinion that while we can still think, breathe and have the ability to take some form of action, we absolutely must. This is exactly why I love your gathering here so much. You and your team have access to so much hidden information and knowledge, you have positions of power and leadership capabilities and you know what changes are needed and exactly how to go about achieving the desired outcome we all so desperately seek and we all have the passion, energy and awareness to walk the path with you. I am seriously becoming excited at the real possibilities of what can be achieved with all of us pulling together to start making the changes we desire in this reality.

      Well, I had better start to draw this comment to a close or you may never get any rest. I do tend to enjoy a good yapping session as you may have noticed lol.

      John, from my heart to yours THANK YOU for giving so endlessly and genuinely of yourself. It is an honour to communicate with you and I sincerely offer you my deepest gratitude for your incredible contribution to turning the tide in this reality we share. I’m sure we all know it will be a tough road ahead but I also believe that we all have a very serious purpose in being here at this time together as we are.

      PS. I know you get angry, completely frustrated, disgusted and royally cheesed right off with so many things going on in this world and I completely understand that with what you must witness on a daily basis but I can also see in many of your comments that you are actually incredibly sweet and caring and that side of you is actually really beautiful. So, thank you for sharing the many wonderful facets of your being.

      See ya later Alligator.

    10. Oh heck Cyndy, I'm starting to wish I had not started the girl power stuff as every time I hear the term now it reminds me of the Spice Girls. I sure did not need that reminder I can tell you. Those songs will be spinning in my head again driving me absolutely nuts.

      Actually, I don't consider a person gender is really such a big deal, unless you are seeking a partner of course lol. I was just stirring the pot a bit being silly trying to make Cannuzzie's and John's knees shake a bit lol. To me, a persons mind, emotional freedom, desire for knowledge and passion in living life is way more exciting.

      And I consider the 60's were absolutely fabulous years to be born, the best actually. Heck Cyndy, that means you are only in your 50's. Look at the fabulous combination of qualities you possess being in that age group. I personally think that is an awesome period in a persons life.

      Shall I ship some of my hippie clothes over to you? LOL.

      Wake to a gorgeous day everyone. Keep smiling knowing the best is yet to come. Au revoir.

  18. Borrowed from SlashDot:

    Australian carriers are bracing for a mass recall after it was revealed that a Dutch SIM card manufacturer Gemalto was penetrated by the GCHQ and the NSA in an alleged theft of encryption keys, allowing unfettered access to voice and text communications. The incident is suspected to have happened in 2010 and 2011 and seems to be a result of social engineering against employees, and was revealed by yet another Snowden document. Telstra, Vodafone and Optus have all stated they are waiting for further information from Gemalto before deciding a course of action. Gemalto said in a press release that they "cannot at this early stage verify the findings of the publication" and are continuing internal investigations, but considering Gemalto provides around 2 billion SIM cards to some 450 carriers across the globe (all of which use the same GSM encryption standard) the impact and fallout for Gemalto, and the affected carriers, could be huge.

  19. Movie about the effects central banks have on the structure of societies named ¨Princes of the Yen¨:

  20. I am one of those who is talked about by my siblings. You can tell the conversation in the present is one that appears to be filler and their real thoughts about my stability were discussed via telephone the day before and, most likely, in group discussion... Only I was not present to the moment or the discussion.

    I try to hold back on what I know. Many times I no longer participate in conversation, I sit in silence. I have wondered what happens to those who become enlightened, is there a colony where all can commune? Or will they have an "ah ha" moment as we watch the light bulb finally come on?

    I don't profess to be within the final veils... only to be wandering in the desert struggling to get there... knowing in community we are more likely to reach the end of our destination. While it helps to understand those in veils one and two are only seeing with opaque vision, and have no desire/understanding to see beyond, it doesn't change the fact for those who have moved beyond the first two or three... it can be lonely. I believe it is the reason we seek like minded souls in forums and on blogs on the internet. While there is no visual exchange, there is an exchange with like minded individuals.

    ~Get Real

    1. I've been there too. What I do to get through family gatherings is to pretend everything is normal. Light topics, nothing even remotely close to the truth. Smile and nod. Ask about the nieces and nephews.. A couple years of that and they will forget and think it was a phase. That way you can at least keep the family intact in the meantime.

      I learned it is not my job to wake them up. You can't force folks to go through veils any more than you can force an alcoholic to put down the drink. Relax. You can't save them. Focus on yourself and your plan.

      Hops this helps!

    2. Get Real,

      I am glad there are more of us beginning to show themselves. I know exactly what you mean. I have uncovered the 6th veil and I too sit quietly amongst my family and friends. Actually most of the people I use to know I have let slip through my fingers because there really isn't anything we share anymore. Sometimes it is so hard because I am excited and inside I can't stand it. My son who is 25 said unless it's a proven fact then it's not real. He is a really awesome boy and I love him dearly. We have a lot of fun together but I never even try anymore to tell him what I am feeling about all this.

      I am trying to wake people up. It would be helpful what we say would come out on the news or other media not just on the conspiracy sites. I have never felt apart of this world. What matters to most doesn't to me. The Oscars - I have no clue who majority of the actors are. I stopped watching TV years ago. My son and I have watched all the Sci-fi movies ever produced. You would think the boy would believe something. I hear that most of the technologies in movies are real. I want to see the new Matrix movie but not Jupiter Ascending.

      I haven't listened to the radio in several years. However, I am stuck on Spotify, making my own playlist which at 53, I still play very loudly in my old rusted minivan. The songs have changed to more in the Epic style that tug on an inner cry for home. Music has always been important to me. How about you? I lose myself in it, getting high just by the notes that tease my soul.

      I owned a business several years ago and the shop owner next to me invited me and her employees to have drinks at her house. I pulled up to a mansion with a circle driveway. The door open and the space inside was unbelievable. She gave everyone a tour and then as people piled into her bedroom she tapped a book and the bookcase shifted and she opened the doors and drawers started unfolding and lights illuminated the background and shoes were everywhere. She had more than 163 pairs of spikes, flats and wedges. (That is the extent of my shoe language). She and the other ladies talked in code of the shoe designers. Really? I snuck out and went back downstairs and saw her husband struggling on cutting sausage and cheese. I asked it I could help. He gave me an apron and I explained I had 8 pairs of shoes most being winter boots.

      Now, give me a few seeds, dirt, water, a bee, sunlight without tiger stripes and a chair and I will talk to the sprout as it blossoms or gleams with it's fruit. I feel most comfortable near trees and water. I was called an old soul by a Sharmin years ago.

      I have seen over the last two years on FB that people are posting and sharing items of love for each other, pets etc..
      As a selfish thought, just once I would like my family to see what I talk about is real so they will stop thinking I am completely bonkers.

      I feel there is something big coming which is why "we" are here, at this time on earth. I am afraid that those who aren't awake are going to have a disturbing crash course soon like our space family uncloaking their ships. That would freak many people out.

      What are you feeling?


    3. There are a lot of like minded, enlightened people on this site. Stay tuned...

    4. Getreal, Cindy, Lisa33, I hear all of you regarding the points you have raised. You guys are better than me if you have the ability to stay quiet when at family gatherings. I cannot stand to listen to stupidity and voice my opinion no matter what the subject. Although, I do believe I am reaching the point where it is becoming rather obvious that I will never get through to them. It just seems we are living in two different worlds and it frustrates me enormously.

      Lisa33, thank you for sharing as you have above. You sound like an absolutely gorgeous woman in my opinion. And that shoe talk would have bored the heck out of me too. I'd personally much rather be barefoot every chance I get. I also communicate with all of my plants too so you are not alone there. People ask me how I get my potted plants looking so fantastic. My answer, just love nurture and appreciate them.

    5. It gets lonelier the farther you go. And while it's good to find like minds on the net, the need for real communication stays and grows. When we think of Jesus, he eventually had 12 people left. Only one of those had reached a level nearly as far as himself, John. .

    6. Hanlo, it can be difficult, but the higher you get, the more you are in contact with. Although I spend much time "alone" am not. I have many companions that see at all times. There are the steadying hands that help when my balance in not its best. The two LGDs that passed in the last year are always by my side and they brought friends, many friends to help with needs here protecting the animal and bird families.

      We still need physical contact with others and to hear speech as well as practice speech. It's how we are wired, but if one does not mention the aspects of what they see or are experiencing it does make it easier. It's small price to pay to maintain sanity.

    7. Lisa
      Tell your son of 23 he knows the square route of squat. That comes with time and age, and with respect, he's diaper level yet. It will come, and the exuberance of youth, is to know all at 20, then to realise you know dam all at 40, and start to learn at 60.

    8. John, glad to hear that 60 is when we start to learn, guess I am on schedule. Can't say for sure which veil I've crossed. Probably still working on seven. Hoping for eight sometime soon.
      I find it humorous people still ask what the ding or the dong will come in ay when one of the best articles I've ever read is sitting right in front of them.
      I spent every last available dollar I had on my employees because it felt more fitting to help feed their families instead of playing roulette on the ding dong game!
      Thanks for all you do In all of our names.

    9. Thank you all for sharing your own pain and frustration. It really helps to know I am not alone. I can relate to each and everyone of you.

      ~Get Real

  21. NWO Genocide in Ukraine: Victims Pleading for Help

    In February 2015, millions of peaceful people are living in hell in eastern Ukraine while the national government starves, freezes and murders them because it benefits the New World Order.

  22. Thanks OWoN this puts a lot in perspective socially. The intro talks about the basis of mathemathics and it is that that Id like to expand if ok.

    Sacred mathematics: base 12 mathematics seems it could be the basis of the universe and life. DNA has 2 strands, 4 letters and each letter is made up of 3 base pairs, 2 nucleotides in a pair. All of these are factors of 12.

    10 dimensions in string theory. 11 in the encompassing M theory. What I haven't seen described yet is the zero-th dimension that I believe serves as the fulcrum for the 11. All together thats 12 dimensions.

    3 quarks make a proton or neutron. 3 major mass variants of subatomic particles, each with a particle and anti-panti particle. 3, 2 and 6 feature there. 2 types of particle exist, bosons and fermions. Again, 2.

    Forces: electric, magnetic, strong and weak. Again 4.
    (I don't consider gravity a force as it occurs as a result of a body following a path of least resistance through the geometry of space-time. That is why their search for gravitons has been fruitless in my view).

    Human systems: 12 months, 4 weeks a month, 2 x 12 hours a day and even the imperial measurement system is based on factors of 12. 60 mins an hour: 5 x 12. A leap year every 4 years.

    So the factors of 12 seems to be constantly interacting to produce our phenomenal universe. Cobstants such as the Golden Ratio, e, pi, etc seem to determine how this occurs, the set-points or calibration of the system.

    Even all animals have 2, 3, 4, 6, 8 toes/feet.

    Humans are the anomaly. 5 digits on each limb. Or is that 4 plus a stabilizer thumb/big toe???

    1. I personally like when you multiply something by 11. 15x11=165. Add the 1 and 5 and place it between the original number. 72x11= 792. No calculator needed

    2. AJ,
      And even in this there are exceptions to the rule. There are some who have double strand DNA, and some people have 6 fingers and toes...we have to break out of the matrix and see all. A discussion does not promote a right or wrong answer. There are many ways to skin a cat. Attempting to discuss a matter that someone might be wrong about would promote references to the right answer in a method of understanding why this information is wrong...just because I was told it was wrong doesn't make it wrong...give me proof.

      We are all learning something new here...we are waking up. Our belief system has been scorched!

  23. In my opinion this is perhaps the most important article I've read on this site! It's clear, informative and beautifully stated. Canauzzie, thanks for publishing.

  24. I really like the graphic at the top of this article. 'THE BEGINNING IS NEAR'. Oh so true!! Since there is no end, every death is a new beginning.

  25. Replies
    1. Thanks AJ. will watch these.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Biffie it's cool stuff but the material at 17 mins is incorrect. I believe higher frequency consciousness does or can affect gene expression, but not in the way that guy describes. Pseudo science that has no basis. If ur going to use science to make a point you need to use real science! The general premise is correct though.

    4. AJ and BIFFIE
      Science is not an exact "science." Science is based on presumptions, hypothesis, and outcomes are relative to the examiner. Science is man's effort to explain interaction within subject matters, although some things might be true there are other aspects that are truer in some cases. All things can be reasoned , however, true or not; everything does have a reason.

      We have to unlearn what we think we know; because they are attempting to conquer the impossible and what use to be is now not the exact expression. Just as there are infinite way to express a number, there are many many ways to express scientific's all flawed and it's all relative to a person's objective.

      Possibilities are infinite! This we have to be open to because not one of us created any of it...and human's are prone to error...only our One Creator is perfection and without question.

  26. Hi all,
    So often I have heard others say they knew what their job, their function, their part to play in the new unfolding world was to be. I have not known what my part of the great awakening play was to be. Well. I think I do now. I want to share with you all here what that is. There are many details, over decades, that now are falling into place, that has led to what I now know; however I will not bore you with that stuff because I know I can be too wordy and quite boring at times. :-) My dear friend Mary Ann points that out quite often. :-)

    I just recently got past my fear of giving any credibility to a voice inside that said it was my guide. It said it was part of a Council of Twelve from the Sirius Star system. This voice has been with me for a long time; for years I would get angry and upset because I was afraid of being deceived and conned, so did not give it any credibility and more than once told it f off. It was never insistent or manipulative; just patient and always there if I was willing to listen. There were times my ego got interfered in self evident ways which I just used to keep justify not listening. Anyway I finally decided maybe I should try listening and evaluate afterwards. So, after considerable time praying and asking in every way I could think of for protection yada yada yada; I listened. It proceeded to tell me what I had planned and agreed to do at this stage of my life, in these times. It said a large windfall will arrive soon, as I had expected of course ,as I have purchased as much VND as I could possibly do, some of it on credit. Was just pushed from within to do so, so I did.

    Anyway; what I am do to is this. When this financial windfall arrives I am to find the right place, which they say has already been arranged, and create a place where Spiritually aware persons and leaders, as well as those simply looking for a place of quiet reflection, can come for meetings, retreats, etc. It is to have facilities for Internet broadcasting etc. It is to have facilities to grow pure food etc using the latest and best technologies; including energy technologies. It is to have meeting rooms with all the needed things present. It is too be beautiful, and as best I can determine at this time, will be located where a clear water stream meets a clear water lake in a mountain valley. That particular ideal has been with me for decades as my fantasy place to live. Ask my friends who got tired of me talking about that. :-)

    Anyway, that is the basics of it. I could not think of anything more I would like to do as Heaven for me would be to have some wonderful aware beings sitting around a dinner table enjoying good food and having an enlightening stimulating conversation. That would be Heaven for me. There are lots of other details that I will not bore you with.

    I will say one. It will have a helicopter pad, not so much for helicopters but to be available for off planet visitors after disclosure happens. :-) Here is another one. It will have a rock lined freshwater swimming pool with water being diverted from the stream and returning to the stream. It will have private cabins. There will never be any request for monies, however no name donations will be possible for those who choose to do so. It will be set up to accumulate energies and higher vibrations as time goes by. Oh, one more little detail. Each private cabin will be fully equipped so if someone wanted and needed to be alone they can be. One of the things available will be the ability to record a video by the guests in each cabin which then will be added to the other videos of the previous guests in that cabin. Just lots of little things that can add character and history to 'The Place'. That will be its name.

    I am feeling so great about this. I now know what I am to do; and I could not imagine anything more wonderful.

    It is a good day. :-)


    1. Paul thankyou v much for sharing! I would love to visit. Beautiful vision.

  27. I like this too Paul. Sounds so zen, friendly, serene, and relaxing.

  28. Call out

    Wherever you are on, around, in or over this blue planet, all those who carry within them the God/Creator spark this call out is for you.

    Let go of you hurts, harms, fears, concerns, and illnesses. Just let go. It doesn’t matter who you are; the grandchild of an elder of Six nations, a farmer, a nurse or any of the many types of people in any of the places on our dear planet.

    This doesn’t cost “money”, but is letting go of something that holds you back. Fear.
    It’s time to let that go.

    Whether you’re in the bread basket of Eastern Ukraine or the South Sudan, a leper from India, or a cutter from Budapest, it is being asked you give your cares, concerns, hurts and harms to the planet or source. Just letting go of you fears is all that’s being asked.

    This process is already well underway on our wonderful planet; we’re just adding more layers of light, by letting go.

    1. P, your post above reminds me of something that I learned to do recently.

      You sit in a comfortable position and close you eyes. You surround yourself with your energy in a circle. Then you push that energy out to surround your house. Then push it out farther to surround your country. Then push it out farther to surround this planet. Then push it out farther to surround our galaxy. And then further out until you are connected with Oneness. While you are connected with Oneness, leave all your fears, negative feelings, negative thoughts, or anything that you want to get rid of and leave it there with Oneness. As you come back, bring with you joy, love, caring, helping, empathy, forgiveness, compassion, and everything you want for the better good.

      Each time I do this, I feel so much better and focus on all the good, joy, and love. It is so cleansing.

    2. Thank you for sharing Biffie. I try to do that in a slightly different way. Agree about surrounding with light. For me it's drawing up Love, Compassion and Peace from my heart and giving it to the planet.
      It's simply drawing deep breaths and on exhaling, that breath carries that which is given. This is done 5 times. Can be done many times in a day.

    3. NIce P, thanks for sharing.

  29. Hello everyone,

    In reading the article and comments: I also see the veils as "materialism"- we need the right house, the best job, cars, clothes, etc. We never have enough, and just keeping wanting more!

    The existing money system is debt based materialism- you can never get ahead, always living in the future- not in the present.

    We need to live in the present, and not be judged by the amount of materialism we have collected over the years.

  30. So why is the blooming fiat dollar getting stronger by the day? When will that stop?

    1. Hanlo, you might want to check Jim Willie's interviews for an explanation on why the dollar is getting 'stronger'. It will go higher and higher to die in the end (as per Jim's analysis) .

    2. Thanks Krzysztof, I did listen to that, still don't get the why. And how high does it have to go before crashing? This is killing us now. With every rise our prices rise here rise. People can't afford to eat anymore.

    3. Market manipulation is why the dollar is held higher than the spot price of gold. They artificially manipulate the dollar so that it will remain a viable trading commodity, thus move away from precious metals.

      Hanlo, you have it right; because the dollar is inflated and it causes inflation...we are definitely paying more for less...and then we are paying more for inferior food products with no nutritional value. (Kinda shows what our dollar is really worth!)

    4. Hanlo, here's some news that is relevant to your question.

      Ex-Plunge Protection Team Whistleblower: "Governments Control Markets; There Is No Price Discovery Anymore"

      What we were taught in school about economics, market equilibrium, supply and demand have no meaning in a market where prices our set based upon factors outside of the market...factors like "greed"
      Governments impose prices on markets

  31. Iraqi Army Downs 2 UK Planes Carrying Weapons for ISIL:

  32. John I know you are extremely busy now. When you do find time, can you respond to this question ? Is there an explanation for ISIL support from western countries including Israel, and if so , what or whose purpose does this really serve? Thank You.

    1. He's probably busier than a one legged man in an ass kicking competition πŸ˜‰

  33. To force Middle Eastern Nations to pay for US protection and buy weapons. Plus Israeli supports keeps the Arabs attacking each other not Israel. It also gives Israel hope to collapse regimes for land grabs. Pawns on a aboard.

  34. We will issue a Vatican Ass kicking article once pics are set. Interesting issues, many!

    1. Hello John, I wanted to say that I wish you all the best in your work. And as you said, I am watching the site daily. I also was able to get back all the Dong I previously had to sell, so I am ready for this to go. Will we still get a pre-notice when it is time? And are things still progressing? I didn't buy and dancing shoes but I will dance in the ones I have now though.


    J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. is preparing to charge large institutional customers for some deposits, citing new rules that make holding money for the clients too costly, according to a memo reviewed by The Wall Street Journal and people familiar with the plan.

  36. BUSTED: Hillary Caught in Massive Act of Corruption That Should END Her Career

    According to the Wall Street Journal, “the foundation has raised at least $48 million from overseas governments” since 2001. And some of this money comes from worrying sources.

  37. Seems banks do not use currency machines these days, at least the ones I asked do not. They authenticate them by comparing them to a picture on a screen. Can you imagine the problems this will cause with the dinar? It's an exotic note they've never seen before. Plus I was recently told any dinar from DinarTrade or their sister companies are no good and so I presume will not be honoured. Seems the safe dinar maybe those sourced from Iraq itself! Where did these companies even get permission to print/issue a middle eastern country's currency anyway? Seems all a bit suspect when I think of it with my clear head on. I do have some dinar from DinarTrade but I wish it was from elsewhere now I heard that. Goodness knows how a bank will deposit a large sum in an account off the say so of a bank clerk holding the paper up to a computer screen! Dong or dinar! Hmmm. Interesting times ahead. Don't mean to sound negative but I need to be realistic to myself. My bank research of late hasn't filled me with much confidence concerning actually cashing out.
    We will see.

    1. So jw who told you about dinar trade hsbc?

    2. JW,
      You are not been negative. You are wiser than many, you are a smart man. You keep raising the correct questions. Most are only delusional and use their behind to think. Gimme gimme gimme shadows all reason.

      Don't stop, keep going pushing the right buttons friend.

    3. Yes, would like to know that too. JW

    4. Thanks for your kind replies. Sorry I realise I didn't explain properly. Nobody at HSBC told me about dinar etc (I don't see any point asking a bank anything like that) it was a friend of mine who has been "in dinar" much longer than I have and has a lot more vested interest in it than I have. He seems to know a few things and believes DT dinars are pretty much duds in the final equation. I do not know his reason but I have no reason to doubt his belief and he has no reason to misguide me. He gets his elsewhere but I do not know for sure where from. He has associates in this area and I do try to listen to him. Anyway, just worth saying on here in case someone knows more about it. Does make me wonder how did DT get any such "permission" to issue this stuff anyway. But as for HSBC they just blew me away with their lack of note checking machines and methods to authenticate. Maybe it will be enough? It made me a bit nervous about the attempt to cash out.

    5. Well JW, DT sent Authenticity Certificates with each batch and was always willing to buy back what they sold. Would they do that if their notes were fake? I don't think so. but we will see soon enough.


      I had the same reception as you when I enquired about making large currency exchanges at both HSBC and Barclays. They didn't have a clue about SKR's, KYC regulations, De La Rue machines or exchanging for Cashier's Cheques - let alone the GCR, IMF Reforms, BRICS, the SDR or a return to the gold standard, and looked at me as though I had escaped from the funny farm.

      I suggest taking a black (UV) light with you, which will illuminate the holographic seal on the IQD.

    7. JW,

      Remember when John warned us about banks not been close to be ready, so don't expect much positive feedback in that regard. Also don't expect most of them to have a Delarue machine to validate these exotic paper. I tell you in advance, will be a mess unfortunately. John is been saying that for a year now, detailing all hardships we will have to cash out. A cakewalk?, think twice.

      Also remember, most of "not circulated" dinar notes are fake overprints. That's right, doesn't matter if is DinarTrade or any other dealer. Most are fakes, period. John is been saying that for a year now and why heavy payouts should be denied.

      If the note is fake, so it is the certificate of authenticity, simple as that.

      I exchanged most of my dinars for dongs following John's advice few months ago and the few I have left, are all old and circulated notes.

      Sometimes something new has No value.

    8. Hanlo
      The cert of authenticity isn't worth the paper it is printed on sadly :( it's the same as if I personally drew one up myself.
      Valdi thanks for advice but what is a "black" UV light excuse my stupidity, I have a regular blue light one knocking about.
      Brazil yes it will be a mess and new fresh dinars are probably going to end up as complete rejects sadly.

    9. JW - I don't know why it's called a black light because you are right, it is blue. Here's an example:

      I read that immigrants to NZ are entitled to a four-year temporary tax exemption on foreign income; plus there is no CGT. See ya there, mate! Lol.

    10. Valdi,
      Hi, my friend. Has been a crazy couple of days. Trying not to react to situations, only to respond to the moment. My admin doesn't make it easy... she challenges my very soul. :)

      ~ Get Real

    11. JW,

      I really hope I'm wrong, but Que sera, sera right?
      On a more positive side if we can't exchange in the form we expect, we still have the projects to come. To me, that is more important and effective as a planetary change, than personal RV returns.

      I wish all the luck to all of us

    12. Get Real,

      Lovely to hear from you, mi amiga. The Tenth Veil is learning to fly without wings. Once you can do that, the other veils and your admin won't matter a toss. Your soul will soar to the heavens.


  38. John:
    Oh man am I glad you kick ass within the corridors of Power. Fortunately, there are people like you in positions of influcence and of course that is not a coincidence and it is "meant to be".

    I have been following the OWON blog and the previous ones for the last 3 years and i want to THANK YOU you for your commitment and effortless work and contribution towards a better world.

    John, I resonate with the view you share on Consciousness - all being one.

    There is a saying in old Indian scriptures:
    "Cosmic reality is one, and the wise perceive it in many ways."

    The platform that you and Canauzzie have created here is really solid and covers a multitude of topics and allows for real dialogue. 

    Awareness is the key of growing.
    And OWON stimulates awareness and growth.

    It is important to see what is rotten to move on and create a better world.

    The problem is that the bulk of humanity remain “unaware” and trust the governments, corporations and elites to act “for the good” of the masses.

    Well, at least here we know that is not the case for the most part.

    And, thank you Canauzzie and all contributors on the OWON site.

    1. Awarenesskey, so well said. thanks for your post.

  39. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Can you sue the NSA

    2. If there is a strong enough argument, and a class action cause of action; I am sure...but will we win? They have rigged all courts, judges, lawyers, legislators; and they justify it as national security when in fact it is sheer terrorism. We live in a pay to play society where "money" is the motivator at our expense.

    3. Agree Fedup, but sometimes good things can happen if we've taken the time to do the homework.

    4. P
      I am all about possibilities...I am proof positive that nothing happens if you never initiate it...however, when determined things do happen and for the best.

      These issues are so vast, and many countries and states are suing the NSA for this type of terrorism. I would think to research cases and find out the parameters, and outcomes, and language; and follow the same precedent. This is a good idea.

  40. Replies
    1. Fedup, sadly Michigan is one of the worst about this. Have heard many small farmers have left for that reason.

    2. My mom came back from Michigan and she visited devastated, abandoned areas...unbelievable, she told me. There is definitely a land grab going on here...there is an agenda we just don't know about it right now...I read that they threatened to cut off all water supply to these neighborhoods. Sad...

    3. I'm sorry Fedup, until people say enough, we can expect this. Development, breaking larger farms and ranches into one acre and smaller lots, all to make a buck and rape and pillage the planet.

      Years ago, back before I knew enough, there was large ranch for sale that was a major watershed. Having a number of things happening, would have enough to buy outright and to help restore it as well as make a decent living. Certain somebodies made sure my pay day never came and the ranch was sold for subdivision. Have seen it time and again since then. It's all about a fast buck.


    I believe the Chinese on this issue since they have forbidden GMO in China. Our DNA is repaired by the RNA it sends out when damage is done, so the question is "Will the GMO impact on our RNA, somehow change, or damage our DNA, since it carries the blue print of our bodies at its best condition and guides all repairs according to the original blueprint."

      Continue to vote with your dollar

      This phenomenon is explained clearly in “The Genetic Engineering of Food and the Failure of Science” (full text available for download here) published in The International Journal of Sociology of Agriculture and Food.

    2. GMO Inside Announces Victory for Consumers: Hershey's Milk Chocolate and Kisses to Go Non-GMO by the End of 2015 Latest Move by Hershey's Follows the Removal of GMOs by General Mills, Unilever, Post Foods.

    3. Inside the food industry: the surprising truth about what you eat

      The history of food processing is littered with ingredients that were initially presented as safer and more desirable, yet subsequently outed as the opposite.

    4. Great posts Fedup, more homework for biffie. lol

    5. Hey FedUp, thanks for raising. The article is incorrect though in its assertion that RNA corrects DNA damage. When DNA damage is detected, it is repaired by protein complexes that can be made up of a number of large proteins.

      RNA has different kinds and different uses. The article cites GMO microRNA as being passed from food into the bloodstream and from there into liver cells where it acts to modulate gene expression ie turn on or turn off genes. Yes that's a worry if true!

      If the authors of the article made a fundamental error about DNA repair I wonder what else? Its like that YRFT material. Last week yrft said the pole flip of earth was underway. Well how can that be when she said the earth is flat?!

      Thanks for raising the GMO issue. It's important. Cheers AJ

    6. AJ
      We have to sift the hay, 85% truth mixed with all lies...YRFT is giving us her interpretation which is to lead us to research for ourselves...the earth is in a flip...yesterday the waters off the coast of California was zero degrees; while our water was registering at freezing? There are some signs and anomalies; this is just to get us thinking and looking. Signs in the weather, sky, and sightings???? They won't tell us!

      I have been reading journals about GMO's and I find that there is a sinister plot to destroy our DNA or atleast degrade it; everything else is speculation.

      According to
      titled: Bujnicki Lab/
      "Our ultimate goal is to identify complete sets of enzymes involved in particular metabolic pathways (e.g. RNA modification, DNA repair) and to design proteins with new properties, in particular enzymes with new useful functions, which have not been observed in the nature."

      We study the rules that govern the sequence-structure-function relationships in proteins and nucleic acids and use the acquired knowledge to predict structures and functions for uncharacterized gene products, to alter the known structures and functions of proteins and RNAs and to engineer molecules with new properties.

      Then you have,
      Cell division is also necessary to repair damaged cells. Imagine ... In human cells , our DNA is divided up into 23 pairs of chromosomes. ..... DNA sends out a message, in the form of RNA (ribonucleic acid), describing how to make the protein.

      AJ, in these days and times we have to research everything, and by the look of it; what use to be impossible is now possible through their "frankenstein methods."

      AJ, I didn't major in science in college but I am an A student in biology..and I am developing my own supermarket brand with uncontaminated much as I can put on my shelves. I am planning a private label to blossom into a national brand that guarantees contents, ingredients, and non-gmo...I am on it!

      YRFT is not for everyone, each of us have to find our's out there...much of it we forgot through reincarnation and changing of the language and coven names.

    7. BIFFIE
      You are so on it! I find all that I can to disseminate to our group because I love humanity; and in order to fight TPTW we have to have knowledge...sometimes it comes in spurts, then all of a sudden we are inundated with information that is useful. Some stuff might not resonate with you, but then you have to sift the hay and wha...laaa...opps there it is...a light bulb goes off and now we have conquered some of the unknown.

      Much love to you Biffie, and I never fail to be in service to humanity.

      You make me think, maybe you didn't like homework when you were in school? This is make up time...LOL :o)

    8. That's awesome news Fedup we all do need natural uncontaminated food. I am with you on that; I don't agree we should be making new genes and proteins yet - our social ethics are not there yet. Esp how they will patent and control. I am with you.

      Your point that science is not absolute.. is one I will have an open mind on, if there is good reasoning and evidence then let's add to what we know. I love your metaphor if shifting the hay. All the best.

    9. They are splicing genes and more, and have been doing this for many I hear on the news that a baby can have 3 parents...gene splicing, and the baby is born already. This is unbelievable stuff...and they are messing with God's creation.

      Have you done any research on the chimera's? These experiments are incredible...any time they can create a human ear on a rat...what the heck? They can create synthetic humans, cloned humans, cloned animals for food, and robotoid humans...and they keep inventing that which is not natural in nature...Oh, but we can agree to disagree...this is great dialogue and promote learning and research.

      From what I have read there are numerous clones for each head of state around the world...cloning has been going on since about the 60's although they tell us it's unethical, they tell us one thing and do the opposite...only trust yourself!

      Once full disclosure happens we are going to be in awe of what we really don't know that's been going on right under our noses through deception.

      I thank you for your contributions...

    10. OMG I have just seen the UK has approved (?) three - parent children (in a genetic sense). I cannot agree with designer babies.

      If I found out I was designed by my parents I'd most likely hate them. As a natural biological product I am my own. I do not support same sex or any other couples genetically engineering babies - you all know I stick up for the rights of homosexuals but this? Genetic composition of a person is completely different to raising a child already formed by nature. This is no longer about sexuality this is about the rights of children to grow and be as they would naturally be. How many orphan children need a home? How mindless and selfish and parochial to need to create a child like this? I am sorry for the blatant judgement.

      Brave New World type scenarios will lead to a decline in the genetic health of our species - just so a few rich 1st worlders can fulfill their just-so fantasies?

      We need to protect our genetic health more than promoting such rampant individualism-at-any-cost decadence.

  42. IQD had a curve ball.
    VND is still tracking. FINGERS X here!! ~darylluke.

    1. What curve ball? Where did you hear this?

    2. JOHN MONDAY, FEBRUARY 23, 2015 AT 1:35:00 PM MST

      Dinar but the Dongs are still tracking.

    3. I hope we will be "surprised and amazed" when the rate comes out here for the VND.....

      I truly want to run out nude in the freezing cold to get my box of Depends man-sized diapers!! In all seriousness! ~darylluke.

    4. mom, wife, and patriot,
      That sounds like a curve ball post to me.

      johnMonday, February 23, 2015 at 11:30:00 AM MST
      So, another curve ball. Thinking time while you wait for the RV's.

    5. BoB,

      Like Paul says, we don't have any idea what rate will be, so "thinking time" is useless & futile. Others have simply posted repeated speculations of others here.
      My best speculation is $.80/VND presently. Can't do any sort of planning on speculation. ~darylluke.

    6. Darylluke,
      the post above is from John. His advise of "thinking time" is not about rates, its about life, spirit and beyond in this article lol.
      But speculating on a rate, I would take any because it's a privilege and not a right ;)

    7. I agree bob at this point I just want to get it over with

    8. DL
      I hope the rate is decent too but please do not build your hopes up on a rate which may be either much less or heavily restricted on the cash in amount. If .80 comes in they will surely restrict it. I'd hate to think you base your plans around an idea of a rate only to find that the real world restrictions and emergency taxes blocked most of it from ending up in your own account. Plan for it not to even bring you one penny and anything else is a bonus.
      Best wishes

  43. Interesting ZeroHedge on CIA creating the label CONSPIRACY THEORIST

  44. Replies
    1. FEDUP,

      This is HUGE!! They probably caught the zionists trying to steal their Sovereign Funds which is well over a trillion$. Unlike the USA Corp, Norway gets a large percentage of all oil from their permits given to companies to drill.ALL that money goes into a fund belonging TO THE PEOPLE! LOOKS like Norway is FEDUP!!


    2. Well DL...the monicker is true...Countries are FEDUP and change is on the horizon...KICK THEM ALL OUT!

      In New Jersey yesterday a tanker truck exploded on a major highway closed for two days, then a train blew up behind some homes in a residential neighborhood, and today a house exploded off of the foundation...some real mysterious stuff happening all of a sudden..

      Then the courts demanded that the Governor of NJ pay back pension for workers into the fund to the tune of billions...on the books, but the funds have never been made available...meaning they never really deposited the funds to back up the transactions...stuff is happening.

    3. NJ is famous for crook-haven since Prohibition days!!



  45. part one

    I see a lot of attention given to the negativity in our world. In my opinion we need to be aware of it; but also need to keep a centred balance when doing so by giving attention to what Love is in relation to the negativity. The following is my perspective of how to maintain a balance to have most effective and efficient result of the collective who participate here. I emphasize it is my opinion and in no way am I trying to tell anybody what to do; or not to do.

    I would like to put forward a viewpoint that can/may help us individually to not be overly concerned/unbalanced about all the negativity happening in our world. If we have 'fear' happening inside of us triggered by all the negative stuff going on, and are acting from that motivation, I submit we are adding to the problem. It can take deep wisdom and awareness, for any individual, to go within to determine their deepest level/foundation of motivation. It can be very easy to believe we are coming from Love, only to wake up some time down the road to realize we had, in truth, been coming from fear. This can happen repeatedly as we grow into greater awareness. The speed we wake up is determined by how willing we are to become aware of our deepest motives.

    A classic example of this would be the one marching in the street screaming in anger to ban the bomb. They generally are coming from fear of the use of the bomb and do not realize they are adding energy to the negativity; that they are tending to create the very thing they are trying to defend against. The appropriate answer always is Love. I believe it behoves us to go deep within to determine our deepest level motivation and what that motivation is founded on, and then to always remember there may be more and deeper levels of more subtle and hidden levels of fear down the path. Love always IS, but has been hidden by our addiction to fear. When fear is gone, only Love remains as it has always been present. We are free to choose what we want to experience. That choice is ours and only ours. It will and cannot be taken away form us by any power but our own.

    Another aspect of deeper understanding is the realization that the only persons perception that needs to change, in the whole world, is one's own. our own healing is also the healing of the whole world we are seeing, one might say. It is also the only one we are responsible for. Interpretation of ones perceptions is nothing but the brain doing its best to make sense of a whole lot of electro chemical packets of energy; ultimately like a computer 000's and 111's It is not directly seeing images, it is making them up. What it makes up is dependent upon the beliefs sets and previous experiences etc.

    1. part two

      I submit that what happens as we rise into more and more conscious awareness is that the interpretations of the electro-chemical packets changes and thus the images we seem to see [ the dream moment] changes. I submit the old paradigm images based on fear fall away and we then literally start to see a more evolved world/reality; one that is not based on fear; but more based on Love. The scales we have been seeing through fall away, so to speak. If we are seeing an unhealed and sick world the only persons whose perception needs to change is our own. The miracle of it all is that we can do this all together, on any vibration level, from a horrific nightmare to a Heavenly very happy dream.

      In my opinion, we need to be mindful of trying to only fix/change the outer appearances by seeing the outer as the primary source of the problems. The real power resides within. We need to remember that time itself is a made up construct that is quite meaningless in the higher dimensions. The only time and place where change can happen is in the present moment. What we get to see in the dream is up to each one of us; and as we awaken more and more, we get the see the healed/Real dream of our Unified Grand Cosmic Being Self. All the negative stuff but becomes like faint shadows. The One that is the gathering of all the cells that each one of us is, so to speak, is the larger Unified Consciousness Being. The great miracle is that we do not need to give up our individuality in the process of remembering our Wholeness/Holiness; our unified Oneness.
      In my opinion the last breath of individuality, in returning to source, is the giving up of our very sense of individuality; however I think that may be a ways off. :-)

      My 2 cents worth of opinion.


    2. Paul, that is beautiful. So real. Good points. Food for thought for sure.

    3. Thank you Paul, it's all within each one of our hearts and intentions...but we have to know what we are dealing with on a contemporary basis; and expose the lies and deception that we are railing against in this current climate.

      Much of what we are dealing with is "consent." Because we read something and because we don't give our consent or say anything about it one way or the other...these beasts view our silence and lack of response as "quiet consent." We have to acknowledge and then rebuke...and I do this because of my love for humanity...I have no other motive. Don't worry, be happy...

    4. Agree Biffie and Fedup.

    5. Thanks fedup for saying that. I want to know what they are doing to us so I can deal with it. When it is something negative, I just don't let the emotions get involved with most things. Other negatives, you can't help but emote. I still want to know. I am not o e to go through life with rose colored glasses.

    6. Yes Biffie...I do understand. They (TPTW) think that we can't handle the truth...they need to wake up! They're lies are being exposed like no other time I can remember.

      We are covered by our One Great Creator; we abide with our Creator, and our Creator abides with need to worry about a thing! We are under the shadow of the Almighty!

  46. Chicago off-the-books black site operated by the Police Dept.
    Secret Black Facility Run By Police Detaining-Torturing Americans

  47. Replies
    1. We'll never be that lucky..

    2. Exactly! Although they had until the 17th to pay interest due and probably couldn't meet it...and the beat goes on. Can we say bankrupt...

      DHS has the amnesty executive order attached to it...

  48. One of my favorite people

    Waste Not! Transform your waste into soil, water, and energy

    Published on Jun 3, 2014
    A short fun educational video featuring Brad Lancaster, Watershed Management Group staff and author, about rethinking wastes all around you.

    1. Awesome P
      We have developed supermarkets with composting units on the grounds and we are offering teaching for grade schools...growing fruits, vegetables, composting...etc...

      So funny, my mom grows a garden each year. For two years in a row the rabbits and ground hogs began eating out of her garden and destroying everything. Well, we decided to dig a trench about 6 feet from the garden and compost in this trench...and it worked...they (the animals) began going to the compost ditch and left the garden alone. Plus, we planted posts at knee level and attached plastic store bags to act as a deterrent...when the wind swirls the bags make noise and the animals flee.

      She went out to pick her cabbage and the whole plants were gone...I laughed and laughed...but helped her out.

  49. Tomorrow see the new number one. Read, think, stand alone from the Plebeian masses who were sold such a Pup. Be at one with the Real World. Challenge false Gods. Being close to Spiritual enrichment comes from within. How can you ever lose what you are part of?
    Great comments from all of you. Newbies and all. Enlightenments is growing.

    1. Keep them coming John, I am loving these spiritually enlightening articles. Thanks.

    2. Biffie,
      we are the most powerful beings in the universe...we have been shanghi'd; but not for long...true freedom is coming and it's because of our awakening that this is happening.

      We get tremendous help from John and Canauzzie...and I cannot fail to "thank them!"

    3. Yahooooo! Bring it on John. This is so exciting. Thank you.

  50. Hmm I think im around the seventh or eigth veil

  51. US War drums seem to still be beating. We need the fat lady singing and this nonsense ended for all our sakes.

    USA army invasion in Estonia!!! Next stop Ukraine!!!
    23.02.2015 USA army vehicles and tanks in Narva!!!



    1. Seems somebody is trying to provoke the Big Bear.

      NATO's endgame in the Baltics

      Does NATO's logic carry to its 'defensive' manoeuvres in the Baltic States?
      Laurence Lee

      The drunk Russian had me in a neck-lock. 'Rossia, davai Rossia!!' he was shouting. Go, Russia. And please get off me.

      It's this image of an aggressive, out of control Russian nationalism that is being pushed by western leaders as being so dangerous at the moment: a nationalism which they say is being stoked by President Vladimir Putin, used to reconquer Crimea without a fight, to partition Ukraine, and soon perhaps to destabilise one of the Baltic states too.

      Back to the drunk Russian: he had me in a neck-lock because we were trying to film the Russian border from the Estonian town of Narva. He didn't like outsiders, and thought we were American. And his suspicions of us play directly into an argument increasingly used in the west as to why Putin can't be trusted in the Baltic states.

      Narva sits on the Estonian side of the border, yet the population is almost entirely Russian. The NATO argument goes that the Russians might make up a reason to invade Estonia – like, say, protecting the Russians in Narva – just to see if NATO has the courage of its convictions.

      So Estonia, a tiny little country which could fit nearly 400 times into Russia, has accepted a NATO 'fast-response' force it can shelter behind.

      On February 24, Estonia's national day, a whole load of NATO troops will parade around in the main square in Narva to celebrate the country's independence. They will do so no more than 300 metres from the Russian territory. But what NATO calls defiance, Russia says is a direct provocation.

      And that's because the most cursory investigation of NATO's claims of Russian intent in Estonia doesn't seem to stand up to much scrutiny. While 98 per cent of Narva is Russian speaking, they all have European passports.

      The deputy mayor says that they look to Brussels to sort out their problems – which, he says, are entirely non-military and much more social. He wants the European Union to fund Russian language classes for children in the town because (in his opinion) the Estonian government in Tallinn doesn't want to.

      He doesn't look to Moscow to sort anything out. When I ask him if he sees NATO's actions as being provocative he'd rather not answer. But it doesn't take much working out that if you want a Russian minority in a European country to feel loved by Europe then perhaps cultural funding might be a better way of doing it than a NATO expeditionary force.

      Back in London I meet Rein Mullerson, who was an aide to President Gorbachev, and who drafted the paperwork which gave Estonia its independence. Which seems to me to make him fairly important in Estonia's modern history, as he naturally values Estonia's freedom and also understands how Moscow works.

      And he couldn't be more scathing about NATO and its arguments. Estonia, he says, isn't the same as Ukraine or Georgia, simply because it's already in NATO, and there's no way on earth that Russia will attack a NATO member – and he agrees with the deputy mayor of Narva that the Russians there don't look to Moscow to solve their problems.

      And yes, it's provocative to Russia – but he hopes, not provocative enough to prompt Moscow to retaliate. But the point is that he believes that rather than reacting to a problem, NATO is helping create one.


    2. Sorry John, not Dolly, but my exact sentiments
      Pray For Peace

      Published on Jul 24, 2014
      The official music video for Reba's "Pray For Peace"


    3. Looking at this video am sure it was a setup including family with baby buggy, police car, ambulance and a lot of people just stopping and looking at the convoy. Think there better ways to celebrate Independence day than helping to provoke a big bear.

  52. This comment has been removed by the author.

  53. Whoaaa!!! ~darylluke.


    US dollars are now backed by gold as well as by China and are thus relatively safe. If you can get Chinese renminbi they are also relatively safe.
    Benjamin Fulford ε€ζ­©ι“γƒ™γƒ³γ‚Έγƒ£γƒŸγƒ³

    1. DL
      We have 6 inches of snow here now...some melt...and ice...and night are below zero...
      With what you're posting's time for the "man diaper." Please take a picture when you go out into the subzero weather shouting and jumping...

      Things are on the move!

    2. I AM sure my wife & son will follow me out the door with camera-phones for YouTube!! HA-HA!!

      But, I patiently just wait. I cannot get too excited, because of all the let-downs to date. This was supposed to happen, what 2 years ago when obongooo\Obbummmerrrrrrr.... signed off on it?

      Fingers X.....with mild anticipation. ~darylluke.

    3. Of note, I believe today.....GREENSPAN said something BIG is coming!! I pray he was referring to this, and not some other evil-bastards monstrous plan to set off a nuke somewhere.

      ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!! ~darylluke.

    4. Absolutely...I think that new secretary of in kuwait meeting with heads of state?

      I can only imagine what you are going through. My husband and I invested all of our savings and borrowed to the hilt...had multi billion dollar investors on the table...had the land...12 locations, spent time and money in geotechnical and architectural design and studies and more....then we have people who have been standing in our way, paying to keep us out of the market...million dollar investors walked off of the table after 20 years of research, design, planning, and even went to school to obtain a master degree in food marketing to please the banks....and still they continue to pay off our lawyers to keep our case of fraud out of the courts.

      I am fedup...and I imagine...and I will never give up because this is bigger than I am...and this path is one that is hardly traveled. I do understand and sympathize. This is how I found out their methods, their infiltration, their ability to own the courts, judges and lawyers...

      My resolve, is that it is going to happen...they can't stop this train...our One Creator always finds a way of making our project relevant in more ways than one...and it's coming...just as your's is coming.

    5. Darrylluke, could you supply the link to support this statement?

    6. Look in comments section of current Fulford news.

  54. Comment above deleted to put in the live link:

    Darylluke, I found the Greenspan comment at ZeroHedge on the 23rd:

    There will be a significant market event, Something big is going to happen

  55. A great uplifting article on increasing your vibrational awareness.



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