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Obama's National Defense Stunner

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Obama's National Defense Stunner
By Frank V. Vernuccio, Jr, J.D.
9 February 2015

The White House has unveiled its 2015 National Security Strategy (NSS). It is a remarkable document, in that it ignores facts and unblushingly proclaims positions that are precisely the opposite of what President Obama has done and intends to do.

The Administration alleges that “Today, the United States is stronger and better positioned to seize the opportunities of a new century and safeguard our interests against the risks of an insecure world.” The reality couldn’t be further from the truth.

U.S. armed forces are reaching historic low points, at a time when their enemies are reaching their highest points. The Army is close to the smallest it has been since 1940, the Navy, since 1915. The Air Force is the smallest it has been in history. Our intelligence assets are demoralized and diminished. Our equipment, both strategic and conventional, is increasingly obsolete and overused, our personnel, exhausted.

The Russians now have a ten to one advantage in tactical nuclear weapons and, for the first time in history, an advantage in strategic nuclear weapons as well.

The NSS goes on to promise that NATO will be strengthened. Yet Mr. Obama unilaterally and very quietly withdrew all American tanks from Europe early in 2014. The White House also surrendered to Moscow’s demands regarding the scheduled development of anti-missile defense system in Poland.

In the Pacific, the U.S. Navy is in crisis. For the first time since the end of World War II, it does not have a carrier available for duty in the East Pacific, at a time when China is becoming a major naval power.

Opponents of appropriate defense spending make the uneducated argument that today’s weapons are more capable than their predecessors, so fewer numbers are needed. They neglect to mention that countermeasures to our ships, planes, and tanks are vastly superior to what they have ever been, meaning that the advanced capabilities don’t negate the requirement for adequate numbers. They also neglect to mention that both Russia and China are now our equals in military technology, or that the U.S. defense industrial base is a mere shadow of what it once was. A prime example: there is only one plant in America capable of building tanks, and the President has repeatedly attempted to close it down.

The disingenuousness of the document is similar to the startlingly incorrect statement Mr. Obama made in the State of the Union address, when he alleged that “The shadow of the crisis of terrorism has passed,” despite all evidence to the contrary. The NSS promises to “lead” the world in the fight against terrorism. In practice, the administration’s premature withdrawal from Iraq led to the rise of ISIS, and a similar practice is now taking place in Afghanistan. The release of terrorist leaders from Guantanamo Bay certainly does not ease the fight against terrorism. The President’s support for so-called “Arab Spring” movements allowed Al Qaeda and Moslem Brotherhood influence to expand throughout the Middle East. Mr. Obama’s vanished “red line” in Syria illustrated his lack of resolve.

The document goes on to state that commitments to our service members will be kept. Yet this administration has repeatedly sought to cut benefits to them.

The documents notes that it is “Striving for a world without nuclear weapons and ensuring nuclear materials do not fall into the hands of irresponsible states and violent non-state actors.” In reality, the Administration has vigorously fought against bipartisan Congressional attempts to stiffen sanctions against Iran’s nuclear program, and has done nothing of significance in response to Moscow’s violation of arms control measures. The lack of success in dealing with North Korea on its nuclear program is crystal clear. And by the way, if sequestration cuts go into effect this year, Pyongyang’s army will be larger than America’s by 2016.

The NSS promises to enhance homeland security. Yet by failing to maintain security on America’s borders, it allows an open door for terrorist to enter the nation. It also promises to “Promoting a prosperous, secure, and democratic Western Hemisphere by expanding integration and leveraging a new opening to Cuba to expand our engagement.” In reality, the President has done nothing to counter the growing Russian, Chinese, and Iranian military presence throughout Latin America.

The document discusses working with allies, but this White House has barely ever missed an opportunity to cast America’s allies aside. Consider the surrender of British nuclear information to Russia during the New START treaty discussions, the refusal to lodge even a diplomatic protest when China attacked the Philippine exclusive economic zone, the ABM-related betrayal of Poland and the stunning downgrading of U.S. relations with Israel.

There are two vital issues raised by this exceptionally hypocritical document. The first is the significant threat to national security by the many inept actions made by this White House over its tenure. The second is the record of constant duplicity of an administration that continuously states one thing, and then does precisely the opposite.

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